If I see a magician saw a woman in half on stage, I don't have to tell you how the trick is done to say I don't believe it. A person who believes everything he sees is a fool.

One wonderfully clever and inventive person who pestered me for weeks seemed to say that:

a) when airplanes smash into things they don't get all smashed up, they just goop around the edges of stuff like chewing gum;

b) when they do smash into things and get all smashed up, that's different so it doesn't count;

c) those 10 or 11 or 19 "suicide" pilots were all wonderfully skilled pilots, with multiple flying licenses;

d) anybody who can fly a Cessna can fly a gigigantic jumbo jet, all you have to do is point it where you want to go, and there you are;

e) comparisons are never valid and should never be used;

f) no one is entitled to ask a question unless he has a very good idea what the answer is (but in that case, why ask?);

e) the 14th St bridge is stonger than the Pentagon since it has load-bearing capacity;

f) the Pentagon is stronger than the 14th St bridge since it is bomb-proof and is on the ground;

e) aluminium is stronger than steel, which is why the planes flew straight through the WTC buildings and all the other stuff got gooped through the windows;

f) reinforced concrete is stronger than steel (which seems strange, since it is the steel that holds the concrete together) and the Windsor Plaza Hotel would have collapsed too, if it had been built of solid steel, like the WTC; very careless of them;

g) since the Pentagon is stronger than the WTC, all the bits and pieces just got gooped through the hole --- shllluurrrp (giant sucking noise);

h) they built the world's highest and strongest structures out of very inferior material without ever considering the possibility of aircraft collision, which seems quite odd, but there is nothing abnormal about this; etc. etc. etc.

He never did explain why the hole in the Pentagon is round in shape.

He never explained why the steel beams all got cut up into bite-size pieces and why the concrete in the floor pans all turned into fine powder, but no doubt he has a pat answer ready and is obviously prepared to argue the hind leg off a mule. Nor did he explain the molten steel in the basement of the two towers that didn't solidify for 100 days, or the thermate/thermite residues. etc. etc. etc..

No doubt he is also prepared to claim that there are authentic videos of the suicide pilots entering the planes, Arabic names on the passenger lists, proof of ticket purchase, and all the rest of it. OK, there are a few bits of junk at the Pentagon which some people claim to be able to identify as airplane parts, other people claim they are something else. I don't pretend to know.

At this rate it will soon be illegal to say you don't believe that Jack the Ripper was the Duke of Clarence unless you are fairly certain that you know who Jack the Ripper really was.

He never did tell me which government agency he works for (this was not sarcasm). I assume he is well paid to waste so much of his time.
I tried to draw him out and find if he had any silly ideas about other topics, but he wouldn't fall for it.

It is obvious that our enemies are prepared to lie, lie endlessly, and lie shamelessly. They claimed "pilotless plane techology" was impossible, then they admitted it existed and was being used in Afghanistan, then they claimed Saddam Hussein had it and could attack America with it, and I'm supposed to believe anything else they say?

We have goverment agencies editing the Wikopedia, Zionists inventing special software (called the "Shofar") to tell other Zionists which blogs to infiltrate and cram with their lies, claiming that "the Palestinians never existed, but that the gas chambers did", without ever identifying themselves as Jews, a whole society and government that lies about everything, and I'm supposed to waste time with stuff like this?

Aircraft are smashed to bits by anything they hit, at any speed, all the time; we all know this.
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Fake CNN Footed Blasted: Total Destruction [video of cars, trucks, planes, etc. being smashed to bits at comparatively low speeds, etc. -- removed by jewtube. ]

The story is told of a British resident in India who hired a local artisan to work for her, and when he kept asking her how to do the job, she said, "Just use your common sense". He said, "Madam, common sense is a rare gift of God. All I have is a technical education."

Or, as George Orwell said, "You would have to be a member of the intelligentsia to believe something like that. No ordinary person could be such a fool."


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