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(As noted elsewhere, last paragraph, I was named after my grandfather, who was born in Shelbyville, Indiana.
These stories about how I'm a Mexican or something always give me a big laugh. -C.P.)

My grandfather, Don Carlos Porter.
Gran bandolero, bandido desesperado y fumador de marijuana mala.
No Spanish-speaking person would have a name like this.
"Don" is a title, not a name.

My grandmother -- graduation pic from her 1896 Stanford yearbook.
Let one Mexican in, and there goes the whole university.

My daddy -- a nice illiterate Mexican fruit picker if there ever was one.
Photo courtesy of Mayor's Chambers, City Hall, South Pasadena, California.

My mother: the cutest little Stanford graduate from Ann Arbor Michigan that ever sold tamales by the side of the road.

El escritor: delinquente juvenil y pachuco de los más cachondos.


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