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- C.P., 4 August 2013

Answers to and from Readers of the Lasha Darkmoon site on the Shooting and Drowning of Criminal Invaders

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(updated slightly)

Imagine there's no bullshit
No commie millionaires
With 270 million invested
In real estate, antiques and shares

Imagine no bullshit "philosophers"
No fake"capitalist" commie Jews
Communizing America through immigration
While they clean up we lose

Imagine no "outsourcing"
The way it used to be
Imagine a living wage,
Our very own industry

Imagine a replacement birth rate
A healthy middle and working class
No abortion or pornography
Not just "peddle  your ass"

Imagine healthy children
No "gay marriage" too
Imagine a healthy family
Minus the filthy Jew.

Imagine the old-fashioned virtues
It's easy if you try
Imagine love and devotion
Motherhood and apple pie.

Imagine all the commies
Machine-gunned on a beach
Suum cuique dare
= Give what's due to each