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Introduction by C.P.

Note that in this version, all reference to Hitler's territorial concessions, peace proposals, disarmament proposals -- his two years wasted at Geneva making peace offers to a world that was not interested -- are here deleted. Thus, having omitted all reference to everything that could establish the speaker's credibility, by the time the reader gets to his threats against the so-called state of "Czechoslovakia", the reader is no longer prepared to believe them! Oh, there's just Hitler making threats all over the place for no reason at all.

No nation ever guaranteed the continued and perpetual integrity of the Czechoslovakian state. The Munich accords were generally-worded agreements promising to solve future problems peacefully, a promise which was in fact actually kept by Hitler.

For example, as for Poland, Hitler never made any territorial demands on Poland: on the contrary, he offered to guarantee the 1919 borders with Poland. The Poles replied that this was ''insult to their honour and a threat to their independence''. Danzig was never a part of Poland, and was not part of Poland in 1939: it was a so-called ''free city'' under the nominal control of the League of Nations (see Letter 13).

His "broken promises" were the result of changing circumstances and broken promises or provocations by other people.

David L. Hoggan describes the manner in which the spirit of the so-called "Munich accords" was in fact violated, not by Hitler, but by Neville Chamberlain, within 2 days of his arrival home in England, a fact which embittered Hitler and the German people.

Under international law, any time a nation splits into 2 or more parts as a result of secession, all international treaties between those now-independent statelets and other nations must be re-negotiated. Thus, if the Confederacy had been permitted to secede from the USA, all treaties between the USA and France, England, Spain, Mexico and other nations would have ceased to apply. English diplomats would have had to negotiate one treaty between England and the USA, for example, and another between England and the Confederacy, and so on and so forth. This is obvious.

Thus, "Czechoslovakia" ceased to exist upon the secessation of the Slovaks and any international agreements with them or the Czechs would have ceased to apply, if they had ever existed.

All of these areas had been part of the Autro-Hungarian Empire for 900 years, and had fought in the Austro-Hungarian Armies. At Versailles, a few Czechs with American citizenship showed up and acted as if they had won the war, produced a few fake maps and claimed the right to dictate terms! Yet it was obvious that these states could only survive as trade partners of Germany and Austria!

As protectorates of Germany -- what bits were left, instead of having been returned to Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine and wherever else their citizens were stolen from -- the Czechs and Slovaks continued to use their own currencies, paid no import-export duties on their trade with Germany, never did German military service and were never bombed. They were also covered by the highly generous German social security system, which was highly popular. All in all, they did very well out of the situation.

The artificial Czech slave-state was set up solely to be able to bomb Germany in the event of war, and the Skoda armaments factory was one of the most important in the world. The Czechs were the only pro-Soviet nationality in Eastern Europe, with 25 airports built by the Soviets, an obvious threat to German security.
It is obvious that the situation, as it developed later, was inevitable.
For further information see Not Guilty at Nuremberg.
See also The War that Had Many Fathers by Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof.
(It is interesting to note that at least 100,000 Ruthenians emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Canada, and inundated the Canadian and British Parliaments with exactly the same complaints that the Germans were making, at the same time, for about ten years. The Poles hated the Czechs so much that they cooperated with the Germans to regain the Polish territory of Teschen, which was honourably handed over to them by the Germans! See Schultze-Rhonhof's DVD in German,1939: Der Krieg, der viele Väter hatten.)
Forced War: When Peaceful Revision Failed by David L. Hoggan (soon to be republished in English), and many similar works.

- C.P.

(Note: When I say that David L. Hoggan's book The Forced War is to be re-published, that is, of course, merely on the word of Mark Weber [!], who cannot ordinarily be believed.
He told me this about 4 months ago.
Let's see if that lying, parasitic bastard keeps his word for once.
If he does, I shall be happy to delete this notice, with copious apologies.)
9 June 2016
See what I mean? It's been a year and half, and The Forced War has never been republished.
Nothing Weber says can be believed. The problem is that the IHR received a 7.25 million dollar donation from an heir to the Edison family fortune who lived in Switzerland, which Weber more or less stole (I don't know the legal details, I assume he gained control of the corporation and paid himself a salary off it), so everybody else quit in disgust, and Weber hasn't done a stroke ever since! That was about 30 years ago. Anybody who ever worked with the IHR can confirm this.
Why not contact Weber and tell him just what you think?
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18 November 2017
It is now two years and a half.


6 September 2018

9 July 2020

Four years.


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On 22 February, before the representatives of the Reichtstag, for the first time, I expressed a fundamental demand of an unalterable kind.

The entire nation listened to me at that time, and they understood!

One statesman did not share this understanding. He has been removed, and now my promise, that I made at that time, has been kept!

For the second time, I spoke before the Reichs Party Congress about this same demand.
And once again, the nation heard this demand.

Today, I appear before you once again and speak for the first time before the people itself, just as in the time of our great struggle, and you know what that means!

For the world, there should be no more doubt: now, it's no longer a Leader or a man, this time the entire German people is speaking!

If I am the speaker for this German people, then I know: in this second, the entire nation of millions of people agree with me, word for word. Affirm it and turn into an oath!

May the other statesmen examine whether that is also the case with them!

The question which concerns us most deeply in these last months and weeks is well known: It's not so much a question of Czechoslovakia, the problem is Mr. Benes!

This name unites everything that moves millions of people today, that makes them desperate or fills them with fanatical resolution.


Ten million Germans found themselves outside the borders of the Reich, in two large settlement areas: Germans, who want to return to their homeland! This number of ten million is not just a bagatelle. That's a quarter of the entire population of France. And if France never gave up its claim to the few million Frenchmen in Alsace-Lorraine for forty years, than we had the right -- before God and the World -- to continue to assert our claim to these ten million Germans.

My comrades! There is a limit beyond which concession-making must stop, because otherwise it would become merely a pernicious weakness.

I would have no right to stand before German history if I simply and indifferently surrendered these ten million Germans.

I have already taken enough sacrifices upon myself as a result of relinquishing German claims. Here was the limit beyond which I could go no further! 

How correct that was, has been proven by the plebiscite in Austria. The result at that time was a glowing recognition, an acknowledgement, such as the others would certainly never have hoped for.

We alone have experienced it: For democracies, a plebiscite is superfluous or even harmful the moment it doesn't lead to the results the democracies were hoping for.

Despite all this, this problem was solved, to the happiness of the entire great German people.

And now the last problem confronts us: a problem which must be solved, and which will be solved! It is the last territorial demand which I intend to make in Europe, but it is the demand which I will not abandon and which will, God willing, be fulfilled!


And then came England. I told Mr Chamberlain what we considered to be the only possibility of a solution. It is the most natural thing in the world


And now England and France have finally issued the only possible demand to Czechoslovakia: he has been requested to release the German areas and assign them to the Reich.

Today we have exact reports of the talks conducted by Mr Benes at that time. In view of the French and British demand that he quit propping up the country without a change in the status of all those people, without an abandonment of Czech claims to the Sudetenland and an assignment of these areas to Germany, Mr Benes found a way out of this dilemma.

He indicated that he was willing to release these areas. That was his declaration, but did he do so? He didn't cede the areas, rather, he is now expelling the German populations!

And this is where all the playing around has got to stop! Mr Benes had hardly spoken, before he initiated a campaign of military subjugation -- but worse than ever -- all over again.

We see the horrendous figures: In one day, 10,000 refugees; the next day, 20,000; one day later, as many as 37,000; again, two days later, 11,000; then 62,000; then 76,000; now it's 90,000, 107,000, 137,000 and, today, 214,000! Entire stretches of land were depopulated. Localities were burnt down as they attempt to smoke the Germans with grenades and gas.

But Mr Benes sits in Prague and thinks: "Nothing can happen to me, after all I've got England and France backing me up!"

But now, my national comrades, I believe that the time has come when it's time to talk about paying the bill for all this.

When a person tolerates all this disgrace, all this misery, for twenty years -- as we have done -- then it cannot really be disputed that he is a peace-loving person. When a person has the patience that we showed on that day, one really cannot call him a war-monger. After all, in the end, Mr Benes has seven million Czechs behind him, but here stands a nation of over 75 million!

The memorandum

I have now presented a memorandum with a last and final German proposal to the British government. This memorandum contains nothing more than the realisation of what Mr Benes has already promised.

The content of this memorandum is very simple: every district which is German judging by its people and which wishes to be German, is to be ceded to Germany; of course, not just after Mr Benes has succeeded in expelling perhaps one or two million Germans, but rather, now, and I mean immediately


The content of this memorandum is nothing more than the practical implementation of everything that which Mr Benes had already promised, with, of course, more extensive international guarantees.

Mr Benes now says that this memorandum constitutes a "new situation". And what does this "new situation" consist of? It consists of that which Mr Benes has already promised, but this time, as an exception, it would be kept! That's Mr Benes' new situation.

How many things has this guy promised during his lifetime? And he never kept a single one! Now for the first time something is to be kept by him. Mr Benes says: we cannot withdraw from this area. Mr Benes has also understood the transfer of this region to mean that it was to be ceded to Germany in terms of legal title, but simply violated by the Czechs.

That's all finished now. I have now demanded that now -- after twenty years -- Mr Benes should finally be forced to keep to the truth. The region is to be transferred on 1 October.

Mr Benes is now placing his hopes on the world! And he and his diplomats make no effort to hide the fact. They declare: It is our hope that Chamberlain will be defeated, that Daladier will be replaced, that upsets will occur all over. They are setting their hopes on Soviet Russia, since he still believes that he will be able to evade the fulfilment of his obligations. And there I can only say one thing: Now come two men confronting each other. There is Mr Benes. And here am I!

We are two men of different types: while Mr Benes was shirking his duty travelling around the world during the greatest national struggle in history,  I was doing  my duty as a decent German soldier. And today I am standing opposite this man as the soldier of my people!

I have only one more thing to declare: I am grateful to Mr Chamberlain for all his efforts. I have assured him that the German people wishes nothing else than peace.

But I simply declared that we could be pushed beyond the limits of our patience. I furthermore assured him -- and I repeat it here -- that the moment that Czechoslovakia solves its problems -- that is, when the Czechs solve all their conflicts with all their minorities -- peacefully, of course, instead of through oppression -- at that time I shall take no further interest in the Czech state. And I guarantee him that! We don't want any Czechs!

Germany's patience is at an end

Alone, similarly, I wish to declare before the German people that in relation to the Sudetenland Germans my patience is now at an end. I have made Mr Benes an offer which is nothing more than the fulfilment of what he himself has already promised. At this point, the decision is his: peace or war!

Either he accepts this offer or we will go in and take our freedom personally!


And so I ask you, my German people, get in step behind me. Man for man, woman for woman. In this hour we wish to form a common will. If our will is stronger than misery and danger, then it will destroy misery and danger once and for all. We are determined! Mr Benes is free to choose!


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