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Legalization of drugs is suicide. Of course, small quantities of marijuana or hashish, maybe, but that's just the foot in the door. OK, alcohol is legal, but it's still regulated, and individual counties or states can ban it completely if they want. But what the libertarians want is complete "deregulation": if a 10-year old wants to buy heroin or crack, why not? Anything else is an "Initiation of the Use of Force" according to the philosophy of Ayn Rand!

Plus, with alcohol, even if it's legal, it is still very heavily regulated, and can be prohibited entirely by any county or state, as the voters prefer.

If you legalize small quantities of marijuana, OK, maybe, but you're still going to have to prohibit the use of it while operating a motor vehicle, and you're still going to have to jail the pushers, at least at some point. How much will be legal? An ounce? A ton? 10 tons? So you're back where you started. It seemed like the legalization of homosexual relations wouldn't change anything either, but it did. In America, everything is taken to an insane extreme, absolutely immediately.

I was disgusted with Ron Paul for wanting to legalize the illegal immigrants and legalize drugs, and John de Nugent had a whole page about how Mao Tse Dung shot all the pushers and sent the addicts to work camps in the mountains where they were never heard of again. Everybody knows opium destroyed China, destroyed the Chinese people. There were 10 million addicts. They could be seen lying around on dung heaps in every village, their lives were completely wrecked. You'd be doing them and the country a favour by shooting them.

But if -- as the fact is -- Nugent proposes to do NOTHING about immigration, THEN that's what will happen in America!

Drugs, immigration, graffiti and crime all go together. Lisbon is covered with graffiti. Oh, isn't that colourful, “street art”. Then you get mugged.
There was no drug problem under Salazar. Or none that anybody noticed.

John de Nugent is a Ron Paul imitator. He imitates anybody who's making money saying anything. It's double-think. His tough-guy talk is just an act.

Nobody has ever defended the British role in the Opium Wars. But now, according to the psychopathological “philosophy” of “Libertarianism”, borrowed from the Soviet Jewess Ayn Rand, they'll have to!

According to the libertarians, if they want to be consistent, the Chinese had a "right" to smoke opium. Thus, the Emperor was guilty of "Initiating the Use of Force" by prohibiting the trade, and the British were simply "Supplying the Free Market" and "Protecting the Individual Rights" of the addicts!

Drugs will destroy America. About 4 years ago, a woman got 99 years a few years ago for cutting off her baby boy's penis with a pair of scissors and flushing it down the toilet; it was never found. Of course, according to the philosophy of libertarianism, you'll no longer be permitted to jail her for possession of crack; rather, you've got to wait for her to do something like that! Otherwise, it's an "Initiation of the Use of Force"!

And, of course, you’re going to get more and more of this, since there will be more and more addicts, as the prices fall.

When the Mexicans take over America, the "Zetas" will legalize all drugs -- of course, so they can reinvest the money more easily -- but you're still going to have them beheading people and burning them alive, just out of business rivalry! So the prices will fall -- of course -- but that will just mean more addicts! How is this going to help? I think a really tough government could wipe out the cartels and drugs but it would take tremendous ruthlessness.

The cartels and drug gangs have one weakness: all their members know they're going to end up dead, often tortured to death or even burnt alive by other gangs. So offer them life internment with protection, or death upon capture if they don't surrender. Then, if they don't surrender, shoot them! Just draw up a list and shoot them all when you capture them. Such a program could finance itself through confiscation of assets. Fight fire with fire.

Essentially, this is the way Mussolini wiped out the Mafia. The "War on Drugs" is a no-win war like Korea or Viet Nam or the Bay of Pigs. What did people expect? But it doesn't have to be that way.

[On drugs, see The War We Never Fought, by Peter Hitchens.]

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