Perhaps they should have been [anti-Semitic]. In 1865, Jefferson Davis entrusted Jewish Confederate Secretary of the Treasury, Judah P. Benjamin, with all the remaining gold in the Confederate Treasury, on the condition that Benjamin should run the blockade, take the gold to England, invest it, and use the proceeds to assist needy Confederate veterans, widows and orphans. Benjamin reached England in safety with the gold, which then promptly and completely disappeared. [See: Hoggan, DAS BLINDE JAHRHUNDERT, pp. 581-2]. Not a penny was ever seen again, not even when the State of Mississippi dedicated 20% of the State budget to the purchase of artificial arms and legs [See: THE BONDAGE OF THE FREE: THE STORY OF CIVIL RIGHTS by Kent Steffgen, p. 97, citing, in turn, THE ANGRY SCAR by Hodding Carter, p. 43]. Perhaps this should have taught them a lesson .

With typical Jewish chutzpah, Benjamim said, "A river runs between these men and me: a river of blood and time and liquid gold." Other people's gold, course!

Judah P. Benjamin, statesman, financier, diplomat, and thief


Judah P. Benjamin on two different Confederate 2-dollar bills:
the first real American "Jewbuckniks".



Bondage of the Free: An Examination of the Civil Rights Movement
by Kent Steffgen
Probably one of the best books on the subject ever written.
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