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Ian Smith arranged a sell-out through his Big Boss man, Boss Lilford, of the Rhodesian Front, to a nigger named Canaan Banana, who promptly handed over to Mugabe. Nobody wanted this sell-out. One person said, in public, to one of the Rhodesian Front officials at a public meeting, "What about the paralyzed soldiers at St. Giles Hospital?" And the answer was, "They will just have to take their chance".

The biggest adversary of a sell-out was a newspaper called PROPERTY AND FINANCE. Smith destroyed it in a libel action, demanding 20,000 Rhodesian dollars in damages. It was a responsible financial paper. The editor had to appear in court the day after his son was killed in battle. He said, "My only son was killed yesterday in a no-win war declared by this government". The court awarded Smith the money anyway.

After that, Smith's way was clear. A lot of people thought he was always a liberal, and just deceived the electorate to stay in power. To me, there was nothing to negotiate. I couldn't understand why they thought a settlement was so important...

People don't know the truth about Ian Smith. He was always a liberal. It's a shocking story. Pity the niggers haven't taken his ranch away. He deserved it. His no. 2 man Boss Lilford was killed. Whites always have their good nigger. In Rhodesia it was Canaan Banana. “He's really a good nigger, he's going to save us from that devil Mugabe”. Banana lasted about 6 months. Nomen omen. We've got to quit caring what people think of us. That's the virtue of the real hard core Nazis and skins. They don't care...


One problem is the media. 20 years ago there was a big panic over the whales, it was SAVE THE WHALES! every 5 minutes. Then it was the redwoods, and the rain forest. SAVE THE RAIN FOREST! Then came the Y2 hoax, Global Warming, the wind farms, and tons of other crap. OK, I haven't heard about the whales or the rain forest for 20 years, does that mean the Japs and Indonesians aren't killing them or cutting them down? Huge panic over AIDS, then it's completely forgotten. Are people still dying? What of? Huge panic over the tsunami, went in the hospital for 5 days, when I got out, it had been completely forgotten. No attention span, no follow-up. It's "Nugentitis": an inability to stick with any one idea caused by inflammation of the brain box, caused in turn, by too much brain-wanking. In our case, caused by the media. In Nugent's case, he causes it himself.


Maybe the student debt crisis is a good thing. Only a college graduate or student could believe anything as obviously stupid as the idea that handing over absolute political power, and I mean absolute power, to foreigners, to your enemies, to people who hate you, is going to lead to “world peace”. Actually they can't even tell you what it's supposed to lead to, except that it's going to be wonderful and you mustn't question it. “Diversity”. In past centuries people like that were hung, drawn and quartered.

You point out some obvious solution to some simple problem, like too many prison gangs, one gang has 50,000 members, OK, segregate the prisons and deport all foreign prisoners. “Oh, no, we could never do that”, “Well, why not?” “No, no, we could never do that”. No reason why.

In the UK they say they're broke, but deporting foreign prisoners would save half a billion pounds a year. They privatize the hospitals saying it's going to be more "efficient", so they sell the hospital to some private company that rents it back to you at rack-rent prices and you can't even hire your own painters or electricians! They're the only people allowed to paint your office, so they charge some huge fortune to paint a small office or put in a light socket! "Efficiency", see.

If you question it, you get, “Oh, no, we've got to have the Free Market”. But it's not a free market at all. There's nothing like that on any kind of real free market. It’s racketeering, a kickback, graft. Do you have to use a painter or electrician contracted by your landlord? No, only if he's paying. And it's not "market rates", either. It's hundreds of percent higher! So “Vive le student debt” and to hell with college. Let the pinko dreamers operate a cement mixer or something.


I 'm sick of hearing all these attacks on uniforms. Why do the police wear uniforms? Postmen? Ambulance drivers? Security guards? They must be good for something. Of course they must show uniformity, they must fit properly, and look neat. The minute you put a uniform on, something changes inside your head. You're no longer just an individual, you're part of something larger than yourself. One for all and all for one, etc.

You don't attack 5 guys in uniform, because if you're part of a mob, you don't know whether the guy next to you will back you up. But 5 guys in uniform always know that every other guy wearing that same uniform will back him up. Every group that quits marching and quits wearing uniforms, ends up quitting entirely. Our enemies know this. That's why they hate them.

I asked one group, whether they knew any group that wore uniforms, went on marches, carried flags, etc. and they said, "If you knew how many people ask us that". But no. All these outfits do when they abandon their uniforms, is go out of business. They lose all their members, and in the end they just sell books through the mail. I've seen it over and over again. Oh, no, we should be respectable, etc. No uniforms.

You know what I think? I think our enemies hate uniforms simply because they are effective, one of the most effective of all tools. They are intimidating. Done properly, they demonstrate discipline, fearlessness.

Another thing, all these objections against uniforms are all one-sided, did you ever notice? The Black Muslims wear uniforms, the Black Panthers wear uniforms, the Mormons wear what is in effect a uniform, businessmen and the Mafia wear what is in effect sort of uniform (black silk suit, etc.), lots of jewellery. They want to be recognized for what they are.

Let's all cuss the skinheads and neo-Nazis and skinheads and "uniform freaks" while ignoring something like this.
Note the baggy coats and trousers which permit the concealment of copious quantities of weapons, drugs and shoplifted goods.
Oh well, at least they make a very clear target for somebody with a machine gun.


If you go in a joint and you see 5 big rough looking guys wearing business suits and ties but all exactly the same colour, that's a uniform. You know they're security.
In a bar, they might all wear black T shirts saying SECURITY. Criminal gangs have their tattoos, motorcycle clubs wear uniforms, and so on. Every group does something to set itself off from outsiders, also to recognize each other in a fight. Nobody criticizes that. When you quit wearing uniforms you may as well fold your tent and silently steal away. The real reason we are against uniforms is because our enemies don't like them. When you wear a uniform, you can't run away, you can recognize each other in a fight. It shows you're not afraid.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94wSq5ETrgA Look at this perfect marching order. You don't try to intimidate men who can march like this.


Examples of Falange uniform, with flag. The symbols on this flag date back to the days of Ferdinand and Isabella. It's not "Nazi", but it's a uniform.
It's a national flag, with national traditions. What's the matter with that?

My political ideas are very crude. To me, governments, of whatever kind, are like street or prison gangs. People join gangs for protection, but once you join, you've got to do what they say. Same for white nationalism. They won't respect us until we can protect them, which means uniforms and tough guys, skinheads or whatever.

If they want us to protect them, then they've got to do what we say. If they don't, we expel them, parachute them down into downtown Detroit late at night. Let the niggers they love so much take care of them. Hal Turner had a lot more sense than Nugent. So if Turner was crazy and was an agent, then what can we expect from Nugent, who is an admitted agent and even crazier than Turner?

Another thought on skinheads. I know people complain about the image, but who are they to complain about the skinheads? To me, that's blaming the effect instead of the cause. Skinheads are a logical, natural reaction to being under attack by what seems like the whole world.

Even the worst and craziest Nazis are no worse than anybody else, the hippies, New Left, commies, etc. I don't know a lot of skinheads, but from what I've seen, I think they are of average intelligence, not entirely stupid at all. Besides, why the double standard? Why can't people say, “Oh, not all skinheads are bad, you can't generalize, some of my best friends are skinheads”, etc.? That's Nugent's game with the niggers, why can't he play it with the skins?

I think I said this before, but when Matt Koehl said that the Storm Troopers couldn't use racial invective anymore, he lost all his Storm Troopers and within two years the Party came to an end. It became a mail order book operation. Nugent is the only person I've only heard of who didn't think that this decision by Koehl was a disastrous mistake. I've seen this over and over, with the VMO in Flanders, CEDADE, a similar party in Spain in the 1980s run by Pedro Varela, the Falange, over and over. You have to wear uniforms, not necessarily Nazi uniforms, but uniforms. They intimidate people. They're meant to. You have to. That way they don't attack you.

What's more, they've got to fit, they've got to look neat, they've got to be pressed, and they've got to be UNIFORM = all the same. You can't have one guy showing up wearing the shirt but not the right trousers or footwear. They've got to be told, look, either you're in uniform, or you're not. If we say black slacks, don't show up wearing blue jeans. If we say black combat boots, don't show up wearing cowboy boots.

In the 1960s, William L Pierce is said to have said that "Eventually Matt Koehl will turn the Party into a religion, and that will be the end of the Party". Truer words were never spoken.

The White Citizens' Councils removed the word "White" from their name, so what happened? They went bankrupt, out of existence. The only person I know of who never changed his style and never did this, is David Duke. Say what you like about him, but this is a fact. (Actually, the same is true of Dr. Pierce and Ed Fields.)

One weakness everywhere you look is the question, "OK, what do we do when we get together?" It used to be very simple: put on a uniform, make signs, go out on the streets and raise hell. Then they started saying, "Oh, no, you can't do that", everything everybody wanted to do was wrong, so everybody left. People need an outlet for their enthusiasm, their hostility. Rockwell said people are converted by fighting.


Turner was and is a nut case, I got fed up with him years ago. He was an obvious informant, somebody you wouldn't trust anyway, a spoilt child, an attention seeker, always throwing temper tantrums, then promising to turn over a new leaf, then going on another wacko tangent, quitting, coming back, apologizing, whining and crying and demanding help, then insulting and abusing the people who helped him, always complaining, etc. He would do anything to gain attention for one fleeting moment. Totally unstable. Informants are low-life scumbags to start with.

He's like Harold Covington, another alleged FBI informant, at the time of the Greensboro shootings. Both extremely jealous, dishonest, always quitting, always squabbling, quarrelling, throwing tantrums, founding grandiose new parties, then quitting, coming back, etc. Completely unstable people. Turner claimed that Colorado church shooter Matthew Murray and Omaha mall shooter Robert Hawkins were both Jewish, and that both shouted "We killed Christ, and we'll kill you too!", before opening fire on crowds of people shortly before Christmas, citing a load of news articles.

When people pointed out that the news articles did not say this, and where was the proof, he kept crowing about how "the whiners had been proven wrong", for about 3 weeks. I could tell you a lot of stories. Shortly before the Obama inauguration he claimed he had a satellite drone bomb (with picture, looked like a frisbie with wires) and that "all systems were go" and that a gang of white "terry-wrists" were going to massacre the crowd or something, I forget what, you just don't pay any more attention to somebody like that. 

What's the point of bragging if you're not going to do anything? If you want to prevent a crime, you report it. If you want it to succeed, you shut up about it. But no, he says "all systems go", implying that the white resistance was going to assassinate the Big-Nig. What's the point of that? That's letting it happen (if it's real, which it obviously was not), but ensuring that it will fail. Either way, you're a traitor. I never looked at his site again.

He was always demanding money and then insulting everybody who tried to help him, then apologizing, then he'd start the whole routine all over again. A complete nut. He also showed a silencer somebody sent him. What's the point of that? Anybody knows how to improvise a silencer. What's the point of that? And if you've got one, either you use it or you do not. What is the point of sending it to a nut? So if Turner was a nut, what can you expect of John de Nugent, who is far crazier and who has repeatedly ADMITTED that he is a police informant?

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