From Volker Koop,  “Dem Führer ein Kind Schenken”
(excerpt), pp. 232-34


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"Dem Führer ein Kind schenken": Die SS-Organisation Lebensborn e.V.
[TO GIVE THE FÜHRER A CHILD: THE SS ORGANISATION LEBENSBORN E.V] by Volker Koop [NOTE: not be confused with Guido Kopp]

The Lebensborn was found by Heinrich Himmler in late 1935, with the objective of ensuring the future of the German people through „racially and biologically valuable“ descendents. Although the actions of the Lebensborn were not, by and large, conducted in secrecy, present-day information relating to the organisation is very sparse and even inaccurate. The installations were not “mating centres” – apart from the wives of SS members, the women who gave birth in these homes were mostly unmarried mothers -- nor did the organisation serve charitable purposes; they were, after all, part of inhumane population policies of the National Socialists. One of the darkest chapters in the history of the Lebensborn was its participation in the so-called “Germanisation actions”, in which suitable children from the occupied territories were kidnapped, robbed of their identity and “Germanized” [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


For a short time the interest of the politicians and public were distracted by this chapter of German history, even if it then triggered trash like the film Lebensborn or other absurd publications. Access to the homes was prohibited, and such secrecy must necessarily lead to speculation, which then offered rich material for pseudo-scholarly treatment of this chapter of the NS dictatorship. It initially served rather to satisfy a presumed need of the public , whose sexual fantasies were aroused by Lebensborn stories.

Interestingly enough, this form of “treatment” occurred in a time in which the moral notions were according to today’s standards designated as inhibited. Lady Chatterly and Lous Hagen’s book possessed the same entertainment value for many people. Hagen had for example in his 1951 book Follow My Leader publicised a version according to which potential mothers had to wait until the tenth day of their period in a Tegernsee youth hostel, and were then physically examined by a physician after which they were mated with an SS man (63). The latter, acting as stud, had to perform this “patriotic duty” several times a day with different women. Upon determination of pregnancy, the girl, according to Hagen, could return home or go a Lebensborn home to await delivery.

Sensational eports in magazines like Illustrierte Revue (1958) or Arthur Brauner’s 1961 film, Lebensborn, starring Maria Perschy and Joachim Hansen in 1961

[Note: Brauner was a Polish-born Jew -- born in Warsaw to Jewish parents -- who made a total of 13 feature-length films the same year he made this one, an average of one film very three weeks. Naturally, he specialised in the Hoaxoco$t, and is almost always described as a "German film producer".
Brauner's made over 300 films, nearly all of them Hoaxoco$t-related. -C.P.]

led to an increase in the number of cinema goers, because they satisfied the craving for sensation of the public although they had little to do with historical truth. The film was obviously oriented towards publications which could be found in many German media during the early years after the war, such as the Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung of 24 December 1949, which read: “in this [Lebensborn homes] film ‘racially valuable high-quality girls’ on the basis of a voluntary decision bore the children of Germanic giants, at state expense, without the conclusion of marriage. It was mentioned that it was possible to procreate a perfect nobleman in a biological laboratory” (64).

For a long time, the little which was known about the Lebensborn in the Bundesrepublik inspired authors like Will Berthold

[Will Berthold's Hoaxoco$t lie-book is pictured above. This kind of literature is very profitable. -C.P]


and well-known Berlin film producer Arthur Brauner to provide adventure-filled tales intended chiefly to satisfy the craving for sensation on the part of the public at large. The 4 January edition of Der Spiegel published supplement to Brauner’s film Lebensborn, in which the opening scene was described as follows:

“A bull-like SS-Obersturmbannführer struts his stuff before admiring group of BDM girls at a summer camp. ‘Comrades’, he snarls, ‘are you really National Socialists? With all your heart? Completely dedicated?’ ‘Yes’, shout the maidens. ‘I thank you, comrades! If I now enter you into a list since you are ready to found a new race and to give the Fuhrer a child.’ The girl rush up to a table to be included in the list of breeders” (65).

Brauner’s advertising strategy was to brag that he possessed the “courage of a German film producer” who dared to depart from the comfortable path of profit-making sob-story film production and “ruthlessly shine a light on the one of the darkest chapters in the history of the Thousand Year Reich”. There could be no question of this, as Der Spiegel noted at that time. The faulty documentation was unable to dampen Brauner’s enthusiasm after the Munich Illustrierte Revue published a Lebensborn report by the serial author Will Berthold.

Berthold claimed that he had written, not a novel, but “rather, the nearly incredible truth”. This was what Brauner also obviously claimed or even surpassed, with a dozen film scripts depicting “Hitler’s breeding plans” (Der Spiegel) on the example of an “experimental group” of thirty BDM girls. Now Der Spiegel again: “The bed comrades are selected by the home leader based on ‘scientific criteria’. To the question of an SS man: ‘Making children has little to do with love, right’, the breeder whispers: ‘I have nothing against love between suitable partners. But there’s no longer any place for sultry, sensuous eroticism’.

Serious consideration of this part of German history only with Georg Lilienthal’s study Der Lebensborn e.V. – Ein Instrument nazionalistischer Rassenpolitik in 1985,

but even by 1995, when the documentary situation of serious descriptions was fimally possible, many publications caused confusion instead of shedding light,. One of these was Catrine Clay’s Herrenmenschen – Das Lebensborn Experiment der Nazis [Master Race: The Lebensborn Experiment in Germany], which cautiously did away with all reference to documentary sources (66). Clay had already researched a BBC documentary film and thought she had proved that 200,000 blonde, blue-eyed children had been examined and sent to Germany for Germanisation from Poland alone. There were actually many such cases, not just in Poland, but the magnitude alleged by Clay is far from any contact with reality. The questionable “factuality” of the book is apparent from the first few pages of the book. According to her, on 3 May 1945 a 10-man patrol of C-Company of the 86th Infantry Division had gradually but very carefully moved along the main street of Steinhoring. On the edge of the village they stumbled across a Lebensborn home and allegedly found the following:

“On the floor of a large sunny room, quite comfortably furnished, they found about forty babies and toddlers, some wailing and some quite silent, some dressed and some almost naked, but all obviously hungry and bewildered. In rooms upstairs were more babies and children, amounting to perhaps three hundred in all, from new-born to the age of six. There were a few mothers and some who would soon be given birth, as well as a corps of young nurses, many of handsome appearance. The women were sullen and resentful at the Americans’ intrusion and would not answer questions addressed to them in German. The soldiers had no way of knowing it then, but they had stumbled across the vestiges of the Nazis’ grandiose scheme to populate Europe with a master race of Nordic peoples, specially bred to keep lesser mortals in subservience until gradually eliminating them” (67).

Such claims are in no way proven. The documents on the conditions in the Hochland home in the Landesarchiv Hannover upon the arrival of the Americans show that the above description is untrue.

On 21 January 2000, the Los Angeles Times published an article claiming that about 11,000 children were born in the Lebensborn homes by women “who had been mated with SS-elite officers”. Such a claim is pure nonsense. Such “mating” may have occurred in individual cases [although there is no proof of this. -C.P], but not as a rule – and never in the Lebensborn homes.

( pp. 232-34)

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