Nazi "Master Race" Hybrids Have a Reunion

Comment by youtube viewer: “The only sin the Nazis committed in proclaiming themselves the Master Race was to steal the title from the other, well known, self-proclaimed 'Master Race'”.

Hitler and the Master Race Part 1

Fake Lebensborn film footage appears at 3:20 in part 2 of the above series, "Hitler and the Master Race", below:

It is obvious that babies cannot be piled up on top of each other on a huge table and then sorted out, because you're going to get them mixed up.
Perhaps it's coincidence, but "Robert Capa", a Hungarian Jew pretending to be some kind of American ex-patriate after stealing the name of a real Italian-American film producer, Robert Capra, also showed up to take propaganda pics at the Lebensborn.
"Capa" (the name thief, not the Italian-American), today, is quite well-known for a number of fakes, mostly of the Spanish Civil War.
Many of his fakes are analyzed in detail in a recent book entitled SOMBRAS DE LA FOTOGRAFÍA, by José Manuel Susperregui.

A German woman writer on the Lebensborn remarks:

"One month later, in June 1945, the war photographer Robert Capa came to Hohehorst [a Lebensborn home near Bremen] on assignment from LIFE, an American illustrated magazine, to photograph the 'Norwegian children' -- which he obviously did with profound contempt. The photo essay published in August 1945 shows sulky blonde infants peering distrustfully into the camera, with a short text which spoke of 'Nazi bastards' 'grown pig fat' from too much oat meal, and sun and care, from 'Nazi nurses'.

From "Deutsche Mutter, bist du bereit", by Dorothee Schmitz-Köster, p. 247 (excerpt translated by C.W. Porter)

Most Lebensborn fake film footage uses the following trick.

You know those nurses' trolleys with 4 wheels and a white towel on top, that they use to carry syringes, medications and thermometers around on?

The Americans took one of these trolleys and piled about 3 or 4 babies on top of it -- all higgledy-piggledy, like pigs in a litter -- pushed it past the camera, then they spliced the film to make the trolley look like a conveyor belt! The viewer is now shown hundreds of human babies, all piled up on top of each other, travelling past the camera at high speed, from left to right, like mineral ore in a mine or rock quarry.
The first few frames, showing the actual trolley, are usually cut off, but sometimes not.

There are 3 or 4 examples of this "trolley-trick" fake film footage on Search and ye shall find.

(Typical example, actually a composite of 2 fake pics in one: a combination of the "human baby conveyor belt" fake pasted in against a background of the "huge pile of human babies all stacked up higgledy-piggledy on a table" fake. These 2 fakes are usually shown separately; here they are combined.
Lasts less than one second viewing time. Blink and you'll miss it.
Should be viewed in motion to appreciate the diabolical cleverness (or stupidity) of this little fiendish little trick.
On, this segment appears about 20 seconds into Part 2 of the History Channel "History's Mysteries" series on the Lebensborn (in 5 parts), or
32 seconds into Part 2 of the Spanish version of the same production, posted on under the title "Los Niños Perfectos de Hitler".
Appears immediately after this image, which is much harder to miss:

Ask any neo-natal nurse what she thinks of this strange "baby-minding technique"; you can't even breed puppies this way.
Since no Lebensborn home ever had beds for than a few dozen infant children at any one time, one wonders where the composite fake pics were concocted.
The message of this whole production is that it is "immoral" to have children; particularly "immoral" to have white children; and grossly "immoral" to be concerned with the health of your children. Sex itself -- life itself -- are "immoral" if they result in the reproduction of healthy people.
How sick is this?


Part 1:  
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:


These fake pics are usually interspersed with film clips taken from "The Triumph of the Will" showing huge mobs of half-naked teenaged boys marching, cooking hot dogs, wrestling, boxing, etc. while some lugubrious announcer implies that the entire German nation -- 80 million people, including Austria and the Sudetenland -- were involved in a "secret Nazi breeding experiment", i.e., that human beings were being bred like stock animals, after which, naturally enough, these human "stock animals" were to "conquer the world" in huge hordes, like Ghenghis Khan, inevitably including...

your own beloved home town...

of idyllic...

Podunk, Iowa.

6:00 A.M.

The dreaded "knock on the door".

It's a Nazi Storm Trooper.

"Ve haf determined zat your daughter Zelda hass purrfekt genetic material for Sturmbahnführer Heinz. She vill appear at ze Polizei Kommisariat at 8.00 A.M. tudd-day. Dun't vurry. She vill nut be harmed... if... she... kooperates."

This is what the term "Master Race" implies, at least subconsiously, to most people.

That's a lot of mileage out of a simple mistranslation of a single word, used 8 or 9 times, added to a maximum of 200-300 babies per year born to non-SS women in SS maternity hospitals, women who got pregnant in the ordinary way, with men they loved, who took their babies and went home, and raised them like anyone else. About a third put their children up for adoption, although this was not particularly encouraged.

That the Lebensborn prevented a certain number of abortions and suicides is beyond dispute. The Lebensborn protected their privacy, found them employment, and protected them for years. Everything was done for them. There was no obligation in return. Those who rejected NS ideals were free to take their children and leave whenever they wished, with no repercussions. They could stay up to 5 months on average, some stayed a year. The children could remain a year, sometimes two. All medical care, in 2-bed rooms, was free of charge, although very expensive. All children were changed 6 times a day and bathed twice.

At the same time, the NSV (National Socialist Welfare Association) took complete charge of 25,000 illegitimate children between 1936 and 1939, but less luxuriously, in 3-bed rooms, and without anonymity.

There was no increase in the illegitimate birth rate during the NS period. Women rejected by the Lebensborn simply went to the NSV.

Since it was an SS institution, women seeking admission ot the Lebensborn had to meet SS standards.

There had to be a "selection principle" (Ausleseprinzip) anyway because there were so few places.

Incidentally, the term "Master Race" was never used in connection with the Lebensborn. The term used was "rassische Elite".

The Lebensborn was never "secret" -- since it employed hundreds of people and advertised openly -- and was never a "breeding experiment".


Nazi "Master Race" Hybrids Have a Reunion

“60 years ago Germany’s Nazi government conducted a mass genetic engineering program to try to create a master Aryan race. ... the Nazis tried to breed a master race... a whole generation of blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies to try to populate their Thousand Year Reich... “  


Lebensborn! Fucking For Hitler Where Was His Missing Right [?]
COMMENT BY ONE YOUTUBE VIEWER: "The idea that the lebensborn program used special aryan "studs" to produce a "master race" has been discredited by many historians."

--- similar to above, many distortions, with a few lies

--- = pure lies, PRAMEN ZIVOTA, in Czech

--- = more of the same, complete fiction

The film, 'The Spring Of Life', brings to light a little-known operation of the Nazi SS, started just before the outbreak of World War II. Through the careful selection and re-education of young women, it was the Nazi's mad dream to create an Aryan 'master race'

Comment on the 1997 film "Lebensborn" by a self-proclaimed "queer, disabled nerdfighter and feminist" whose "life revolves around TV shows [and], being awesome" [i.e., obnoxious]:
"As much as I kind of like my new history teacher, while we were doing the role of women in Nazi Germany and Lebensborn she completely avoided the fact that the majority of these women were raped. The closest she got to it was something like “the women were made to have sexual liaisons with SS officers”. She also talked about how amazing it would have felt to be honored by Nazi soldiers/Hitler Youth if you’d won a Motherhood Cross. She never once talked about how these women were completely oppressed and were forced to simply become baby making machines."

--- In English – many distortions, with absolutely no references.  “The Lebensborn was in fact providing conditions in which young girls could in fact be served by SS studs”…many other lies, including the lie of the “200,000 Polish babies”. “The Master Race would become gods” etc.

---  = “Nazis tried to “breed a Master Race -- a whole generation of blonde-haired blue eyed babies to populate their thousand year Reich”.

"Lebensborn", apparently a "History Channel" production [ one of“History’s Mysteries”] formerly available on youtube in 5 parts

Deleted in English – still available in Spanish, under the title “Los Niños Perfectos de Hitler” (mostly English with Spanish subtitles)

History’s Mysteries
English language introduction (deleted in Spanish version of the same film, on youtube now)


 Part 1:  
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: Part 5:

Lugubrious opening statement, no doubt intended to be properly terrifying:
“It is the central theme of eugenics – fewer children from the unfit, more children from the fit. And in Hitler’s Germany, the fittest of all were men and women with blonde hair and blue eyes and without a trace of Jewish blood. Under a programme called the Lebensborn, men and women with these traits were encouraged to have thousands of babies.  Their offspring are now in their fifties and sixties, unwitting symbols of Adolf Hitler’s plan for a “Master Race”.  

[Thousands of babies! In a country of 80 million people! Shocking!]

Part 1 (Spanish)

Part 2 (Spanish)

Part 2 calls the Lebensborn "a secret breeding experiment", an "attempt to allow his racially valuable SS men to reproduce with  similarly pure Aryan women”, adding that  “all children born within the confines of the Lebensborn are technically the property of the SS (LIE). 

In Part 3 (Spanish)

1 min. 39 seconds into Part 3 of the English version, Prof. Paul Lerner of USC says: The Lebensborn homes were clearly not stud farms. The women who went into the Lebensborn homes were already pregnant.They went there to have their babies in a clean and safe setting”. Larry Thompson of the US Naval Academy then claims: “The SS kidnapped an estimated 200,000 Polish children” [correct total: 2,000 children maximum from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia].

Part 4 (Spanish)


Part 5 (missing from youtube in Spanish),

says: “In almost every case, the children had no idea that they were the product of an SS breeding experiment. “These children, who were born to rule the world, may never escape their legacy”.

QUESTION: So if the Lebensborn homes were "clearly not stud farms", in what way, then, was the Lebensborn a “breeding experiment”?


Chapter 19 of "Lebensborn" a lie-novel by lie-novelist Will Berthold (in German); tearful; violins; ALL LIES.
Some teary middle-aged faggot --is this the author? -- with long hair, filmed in what looks like a book store, sobbing about the "crimes" of the Lebensborn.
Translation of youtube blurb: "The story of the Lebensborn, the "association" by means of which the National Socialists attepted to 'reforest' the Nordic race, is hardly believable, but is the almost unbelievable truth.  This novel, written by Will Berthold according to authentic material [LIE], unveils one of the most macrabre crimes ever stage-managed by a government. The deepest elements of human nature were misused on official order. The sufferers were chiefly the women who became the mothers; because their children, barely born, were taken away by the State [LIE]. And the sufferers were the children, who never knew their fathers and mothers [LIE]..."

One viewer comment: (translated into English): "Gullibility is the Achilles heel of the Nordic race."

Finishes with the following "anti-racist" propaganda message:

“Basically we are so close to being identical, all humans are so close to being identical genetically, that [at this point they show you a little infant Negro] the differences between individuals are far greater than the differences [here they show you a little infant Oriental] between ethnic and racial groupings”.
QUESTION: Are human beings equal, or are they not? If so, why are Jews “Chosen”?
Why do blacks, Jews, illegal immigrants, homosexuals etc.  need special privileges?
QUESTION: If eugenics is a pseudo-science, why have the Jews always practiced it?
The Jewish writer Nathaniel Weyl (a member of MENSA, an organization requiring, I believe, a minimum IQ of 165 for membership), claims that 500 years ago, Jews were not known for their intelligence.
The Jews owe their superior IQ, he says, to 1,500 years of selective breeding for intelligence! Every Jew has always dreamed of having at least one son become a rabbi, and at least one daughter marrying a rabbi. Rabbis have always had very large families.

It is also true that we share at least 96% of our DNA with chimpanzees.
It is a fallacy to argue that, because two different things have something in common, there are no differences.

One of the articles in the 1928 Encyclopaedia Britannica says:

"The fact that a human being has more in common with a bumble bee than he does with a barnacle does not prove that Man is an insect."

The program finally notes: “How different the lives of the Lebensborn children would have been if they had been allowed to take their place as the rulers of the world, a racially pure aristocracy”.

[Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the Jews Rule OK! All's right with the world!
400 Israeli warheads aimed at all the capitals of the world to blackmail us into supporting Israel?
Jews control every electoral campaign in the country, every Presidential election?
Central banking? The Fed? Pay-Day Lending? Advertising? Hollywood? Pornography? The ecstacy trade?
No problem! Perfectly normal! Iss gutt, awready!
Back to sleep.]


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