Amazon blurbs on the Lebensborn and the so-called "Master Race" "breeding program". Note the many contradictions.


Lebensborn by Jo Ann Bender FICTION - TRASH
Blurb from

In the summer of l941, an elite SS force under the command of the charming but cruel Major Reinhardt Hurst takes over a small French village. Antoinette Gauthier, her family, friends, members of the Resistance, and even their pets, find life difficult under the exacting SS rules. For Antoinette, it means being a servant for Major Hurst and his officers as they take up residence in her home. She succumbs to his advances to learn their secrets for the Resistance, only to have Hurst later discard her. Then, finding herself pregnant, she is sent by Hurst to a Lebensborn home, where the residents believe she is a spy and treat her shabbily. At the SS Party House next door, she works in the kitchen and later discovers a wounded British pilot hiding in the woods behind the home. The tension builds as Antoinette is commanded to join one of the Nazis' wild parties. She agrees in the hope it can help her to rescue the pilot and, together, they can escape.


The Lebensborn Experiment by Scott Grant FICTION - TRASH

Blurb from In this work of fiction, real events in history are used to tell a story of the Norwegian women who were forced to bear blonde blue eyed children for Hitler's Aryan race in quest of pure blooded Aryans. There were many victims, not the least of whom were the orphans some of whom were murdered by angry Norwegian men after the German defeat.

Blurb from Hitler's Third Reich was a war based on eugenics. To clear the way for his Master Race he had to first implement forced sterilization and then mass genocide, but running concurrently was his organized effort to use thousands of blonde haired, blue eyed "Aryan" women throughout Europe to procreate the "Pure" Aryan race. This historical fiction, using created characters...


My Enemy's Cradle
by Sara Young FICTION -TRASH

Blurb from A powerful story of love and deception set against the true events of one of the most secret and terrifying of Heinrich Himmler’s wartime projects – the Lebensborn Nazi breeding programme.

Cyrla’s neighbours have begun to whisper. Her cousin, Annika, is pregnant and has passed the rigorous exams for admission to the Lebensborn, a maternity home for Aryan girls carrying German babies. Annika’s soldier has disappeared; the Nazis confiscate fatherless children [!]. Cyrla, sent from Poland [!] to hide with her Dutch relatives [!], has been warned that her neighbours know she is half Jewish [!]. She won’t be safe for long.

A cruel twist of fate places Cyrla with the terrible choice between certain discovery in her cousin’s home and taking Annika’s place in the Lebensborn [!]. If she takes refuge in the enemy’s lair, can Cyrla fool the doctors, nurses, guards and other mothers-to-be? How will she escape before they discover she is not who she claims? [!]

[See also the Arthur Brauner trash film Europa Europa, in which a Jewish boy manufactures a fake "foreskin" and "hides" in the Hitler Youth!]


Master Race - The Lebensborn Experiment in Nazi Germany by Catrine Clay & Michael Leapman TO BE DISCUSSED

Cruel World: The Children of Europe in the Nazi Web by Lynn H. Nicholas TO BE DISCUSSED


Lebensborn : la fabrique des enfants parfaits : Ces Français qui sont nés dans une maternité SS
[LEBENSBORN : THE FACTORY OF PERFECT CHILDREN : THE FRENCH MEN AND WOMEN BORN IN AN SS MATERNITY HOSPITAL] [no link available] Erwin, Gisèle, Walter, Christiane are almost 70 years old today. These French men and women, marked forever by their strange heritabe, were born in an SS maternity hospital. 

Their secret can be traced back to one of the most terrifying Nazi projects undertaken between 1935 and 1945: the creation of a "superior  race", the future élite of the 3rd Reich. This book describes the creation of special nurseries, the  Lebensborn, by the SS. Both parents were selected according to their “Aryan racial purity”: tall, blonde, blue-eyed. The infants were abandoned there, then adopted by model families. Their true identity was then falsified.

These children, now adults, unveil their history for the first time since their birth in a Lebensborn establishment, to the parent company of the organisation, as well as their breath-taking attempts to trace their parents, decades later.

A unique search which sheds light on a dark part of French history [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].

German women writers on the Lebensborn are recommended for their empathy; German male writers tend to be more technical, often completely missing the point.

"Deutsche Mutter, bist du bereit ...": Die Kinder aus dem Lebensborn [GERMAN MOTHER: ARE YOU PREPARED..“ THE LEBENSBORN CHILDREN] by Dorothee Schmitz-Köster

"This book is a treasure trove for all those who are unsatisified by both cliché-ridden illusions and unemotional inspections of records and files relating to the Lebensborn, but who also wish to confront the present-day consequences of the monstrous attitudes of National Socialist Germany." (Der Tagesspiegel)

"The author allows the women concerned to speak for themselves – women who, until now, were hardly ever permitted to express themselves, in any other publication on the Lebensborn. These women provide a haunting picture of everyday life in the Lebensborn and National Socialist racial policy in Germany." (TAZ)

The Lebensborn Myth. Using a single Lebensborn home as an example, Dorothee Schmitz-Köster confronts the working methodologies, ideology and daily life of the SS Organisation – and confronts the myth of the „National Socialist breeding establishments“. The author describes the women who gave birth in the Lebensborn or who worked there. And she describes the children who were born there: illegitimate children whose fathers‘ identities were concealed; "Norwegian Children", who were brought, first to Germany, and then, after the war, to Sweden; Lebensborn children who grew up in the DDR. Their biographies show the manner in which the Lebensborn has produced effects extending right down to the present day. Many of these children have conducted long research procedures in attempts to discover the identity of their fathers, where they were born, and what happened to them [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter]


Kind L 364: Eine Lebensborn-Familieng...[CHILD L 364: A LEBENSBORN FAMILY HISTORY] by Dorothee Schmitz-Köster

Illegitimate and unwanted --- that’s how Heilwig was born in 1938 – as «Child L 364» in a Lebensborn home.  Heinrich Himmler accepts her. Four years later Heilwig‘s mother married SS General and Himmler confidant  Oswald Pohl. Pohl adopts the girl, and Heilwig grows up in the highest circles of NS Germany. Then comes the end of the war  – and bitter defeat. The family flees from the Red Army, the adoptive father is sentenced to death at Nuremberg and exected in 1951. Heilwig is almost completely ostracised. Because of her adoptive father – and her birth in the Lebensborn, of which she was never before aware. When she finally meets her real father at the age of 18, she accepts her fate. And when she gets married, everything is all right. Until she confronts her own children with her past and all the old wounds are opened … Dorothee Schmitz-Köster, based on interviews with Heilwig Weger and her family, as well as archive documents and other documentation held by private persons, has written a dramatic biography of life in the shadow of the Lebensborn. A story of ostracism, shame and silence – and a contribution to contemporary German history [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter]


"Dem Führer ein Kind schenken": Die SS-Organisation Lebensborn e.V.
[TO GIVE THE FÜHRER A CHILD: THE SS ORGANISATION LEBENSBORN E.V] by Volker Koop [NOTE: not be confused with Guido Kopp]

The Lebensborn was found by Heinrich Himmler in late 1935, with the objective of assuring the future of the German people through „racially and biologically valuable“ descendents.  Although the actions of the Lebensborn were not, by and large, not conducted in secrecy, present-day information relating to the organisation is very sparse and even inaccurate. The installations were not “mating centres” – apart from the wives of SS members, the women who gave birth in these homes were mostly unmarried mothers --, nor did the organisation serve charitable purposes – they were, after all, part of inhumane population policies of  the National Socialists. One of the darkest chapters in the history of the Lebensborn was its participation in the so-called “Germanisation actions”, in which suitable children from the occupied territories were kidnapped, robbed of their identity and “Germanized” [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


Der ' Lebensborn e.V.': Ein Instrument nationalsozialistischer Rassenpolitik

Even today, the Lebensborn e.V., founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1935, is surrounded by a mesh of legends. The truth is: the homes permitted unmarried mothers to give birth to their children in secrecy, and were then allowed to raise them themselves – in the National Socialist sense. A total of over 8,000 children were born in these homes. The action was later extended to “racially valuable” children from the occupied territories
[book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].

Whatever its other faults, Germany, in Norway, was the only country in miltary history to take full responsibility for the ilegitimate children fathered by its solders.

Schicksal Lebensborn. Die Kinder der Schande und ihre Mutter [FATE LEBENSBORN: THE CHILDREN OF SHAME AND THEIR MOTHERS ]  by Käre Olssen und Ebba D. Drolshagen

The arrival of peace meant the arrival of suffering. Following the withdrawal of the National Socialist occupiers, thousands of Norwegian children were insulted, mistreated by their fellow Norwegians. They were considered "Children of Shame", since their mothers had allowed themselves to become pregnant by German soldiers. Hstorian Kåre Olsen describes the fate of people for whom the war was never over, and sheds light on an almost forgotten chapter of modern military history.

About the author: Kare Olsen, born in 1952, is a historian and archivist in Oslo, where she was responsible for handling the inquiries of Norwegian children applying to see their Lebensborn birth records, for the purpose of learning more about their origins.

 Das Endlose Jahr – Ein Lebensborn-Schicksal [THE ENDLESS YEAR: A LEBENSBORN FATE] by Gisela Heidenreich



Lebensborn by Will Berthold FICTION - TRASH

Above: The Myth

Below: The Reality

Der Lebensborn: Frauen zwischen Mythos und Macht [The LEBENSBORN: WOMEN BETWEEN MYTH AND POWER] by Katherine Biesecke
An astonishing book: In disregard of historical prejudice, Katherine Biesecke has succeeded in persuading women to speak whose lives were changed forever by their Lebensborn experiences. The author provides the reader with carefully gathered information, concisely presenting the necessary factual material in a highly readable way. A framework of factual and historical material provides a backdrop against the carefully gathered personal material is discretely presented, accompanied by large numbers of remarkable "Thank You Letters to Reichsführer H.Himmler".

The author has succeeded in writing a quiet, personal, and, at the same time, a highly informative book, characterised by a complete absence of spectacular value judgements and condemnation. The women are allowed to speak for themselves; readers are invited to use their own judgement and form their own opinions. The fact that the author’s DDR background is somewhat apparent at times -- although not very often -- adds a certain piquancy to the author’s highly readable, biographically-oriented approach.  

The book is very well worth reading, both for its depiction of the women’s own view of historical events, as well as for the women’s own gripping experiences [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


Vater: Deutscher: Das Schicksal der norwegischen Lebensbornkinder und ihrer Mütter von 1940 bis heute [FATHER: GERMAN. THE FATE OF NORWEGIAN LEBENSBORN CHILDREN AND THEIR MOTHERS] by Kåre Olsen und Ebba Drolshagen


Kinder der Schande. Ein "Lebensborn-Mädchen" auf der Suche nach ihrer Vergangenheit.7444 893) [CHILDREN OF SHAME: A „LEBENSBORN GIRL“ IN SEARCH OF HER PAST] by Kjendsli, Veslemoy:


Ohne Fehl und Makel: Ein Junge im Lebensborn-Heim [WITHOUT FLAW OR DEFECT] by Manfred Theisen FICTION - TRASH
a mixture of thriller and love story ["ein Mix aus Thriller und Liebesgeschichte"]
Subsidized by the Luxembourgish government [!], although the author is a young German with next to no knowledge of Luxembourg.

Search results inside this book:
Page  248 ... Aufgabe dieser indogermanischen Herrenrasse war die Unt…[the task of this Indo-Germanic Master race was the subjugation of all non-Aryan races...]  

Page 273 …konnte an seiner Spitze stand der als Herrenrasse glorifi… [Natural selection had enabled Man to  develop into a strong and assertive being; at the top stood the Ayran of  Indo-Germanic origin, glorified as the Master Race [Herrenrasse], etc. etc. blah blah blah] [amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


Blonde Kinder für Himmler: Der Lebensborn e.V. im Dritten Reich [BLOND CHILDREN FOR HIMMLER: THE LEBENSBORN E.V. IN THE THIRD REICH] by Evi Weissteiner

The racial ideology of National Socialism required the extermination of life without value on the one hand, and the promotion of the Master Race [Herrenrasse] on the other hand.  To pursue the latter aim, and to care for mothers and children with good genetics [guten Blutes], the Lebensborn e.V., an  SS Organisation, was founded by Heinrich Himmler in 1935. The organisation was directly subordinate to Himmler personally. Strict selection [Auslese] and secrecy were two of the highest commandments of the organisation. For this very reason, rumours of possible SS "stud farms" arose even while the Nazis were still in power – rumours which were to persist stubbornly to the present day. Despite the fact that these rumours were merely groundless allegations, the Lebensborn was  in no way the „charitable association” it was referred to in the final judgement of the Nuremberg Lebensborn Trial. This volume discusses the activities of the Lebensborn in Germany as well as in the occupied territories to the East and West, with particular emphasis on Norway, where the organisation acquired unique importance [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


Der Lebensborn - Lebenshilfe ALS Rassepolitik: Das Beispiel des Heims "Friesland"

Bachelor Thesis presented to the faculty of the History of National Socialism and the Second World War at the University of Hildesheim (foundation) . Bibliography of 11 sources. Language: German. Abstract: The public notion of the activities of the Lebensborn e.V. have always been veiled in mystery, due, in large part, to the association’s deliberate policy of secrecy. Many people only learned of its existence as a result of the Nuremberg Trials, but reliable information remained scarce. A wide variety of myths are in circulation regarding the Lebensborn, even today, most of them to the effect that the association functioned as a “breeding institution”, for the purpose of producing the modern, new type of Aryan Man under the leadership of the SS.

The maintenance of secrecy regarding its activities, binding upon the association as a result of its commitment to the protection of unmarried, pregnant women against social condemnation, led to the circulation of numerous rumours. Was it the objective of Himmler’s SS to intervene in the evolutionary process by means of controlled reproduction? Did the SS collect suitable human material for the purpose of just such a targeted intervention to help create perfect Aryan children? In what way were these SS "mating attempts" conducted? Or was the Lebensborn really just a kind of "luxury whorehouse" for SS big shots, in an attempt to spread their genetic material as far and wide as they could, on the instructions of racial researchers?
Were young women really prepared to "give the Fuhrer a child” without regard to the moral attitudes of society?

[book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter]


Himmlers Kinder: Zur Geschichte der SS-Organisation "Lebensborn e.V." 1935-1945 [HIMMLER’S CHILRDEN: ON THE HISTORY OF THE “LEBENSBORN E.V.” SS ORGANISATION] by Thomas Bryant  “POLITICALLY CORRECT” ALLIED PROPAGANDA

The author of this book, Dr. Thomas Bryant [of German nationality, despite the name] has concerned himself with a topic concealed under the Third Reich. "Himmler‘s Children" describes the methods employed, first to expand the Germanisation into Central Europe, due to Himmler’s belief in a Greater-German Reich the borders of which were to expand far to the East, and, secondly, since it was his intention to compensate for military losses of „Ayran blood“ by means of conditions resembling those of a stud farm.

The Reichsführer SS, referred to as „loyal Heinrich“ by Hitler, already visualised, in his mind’s eye, the existence of the many divisions which would be required to pacify the new German Reich into which the peoples of the East were to be integrated following victory in the current war.

As a trained agronomist, Himmler had the perfidious idea of creating the new Aryan Man in the creation of conditions resembling those of a stud farm, driven at all times by the insane idea that only “pure Ayran blood” was worthy of life. To ensure the realisation of these objectives, he devised the the "Lebensborn e.V.", an SS organisation,

Provided that they were of solely „pure blood” (i.e., blonde and blue-eyed), women were to be able to have their children in homes shrouded in secrecy. Whether or not they were married was immaterial. The only important thing was for them to bear children, and under no circumstances to consider abortion. The organisation used unmarried women for support, since unwanted pregnancy often resulted in the severest forms of social reprisals.

These actions, of course, were based on the above mentioned ulterior motive, repeatedly mentioned by Himmler in his "secret speeches“, namely, that women should bear children to ensure a continued supply of Aryan children.

Rarely have I seen so much perfidious nonsense, so many inhuman ideas all gathered in one place. It should be particularly noted that the author, Dr. Thomas Bryant, has taken care to ensure the greatest objectivity, since the  very secrecy of the Lebensborn e.V. has caused a great many errors to be reported as fact and have been accepted as such by the public.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the actual circumstances of this megalomanical course of action should take advantage of the opportunity to become correctly informed by means of this book [book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].

[The author, who is only about 33 years old, spends most of his time -- not teaching, although he is apparently a professor -- but in advertising and making himself available as a “public speaker”, and is obviously attempting to build himself a future in BRD politics, for orthodox “politically correct” views are naturally de rigeur.]  


Lebensborn - Segen Und/Oder Fluch? by Richard Naegler APPARENTLY FAIRLY OBJECTIVE SHORT THESIS

The Lebensborn Virus by J. Carlton Ross and John Sanchez  SCIENCE FICTION ABOUT THE FUTURE - TRASH

In the year 2030, life for many is oppressive, chained to the wheel of Authoritarian Consumerism, a self-perpetuating bureaucracy and self-serving justice system gone berserk. The same old problems and solutions fester upon the darkening horizon due to inaction by world leaders who have adopted a policy of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Well, someone has a plan - a plan there will be no turning back from. Computers rule absolute and the ability to control perception is their impetus.
Who will control it all? And, if someone wrests control, will there be resistance and if so, how and by whom?
Billy Washburn, a former ward of the Internal Enforcement Division (IED), is now living a free and easy life-style with a group of leftover Outlaw Bikers and Homeless People. He is a hacker by trade and spends his time diverting supplies to the group’s mountain hideaway. One day he comes across a set of computer discs wherein a racist Professor lays out his plan for world domination by cloning "The Great Hero" and supplanting his engrams onto the memory components of the world's super-super computers thereby controlling world finance.
A group of nefarious fascists, who seek out the discs to further this conspiracy, kidnap Billy's beloved Anisia. They demand the discs or they will kill her. Billy must save Anisia but he also knows he must thwart this "Lebensborn Virus" or the world will fall into tyranny. It seems he has a choice; hand over the discs and risk the future of the world or save his Anisia.
Or is there a third option?...


Au nom de la race Lebensborn by Hillel Marc

[Here the authors mistakenly claim that the mail forwarding addresses made available to Lebensborn mothers upon request were "assignation addresses" used by "Nazi stud farm" "breeding partners". In fact, they were the home addresses of Lebensborn employees and one Lebensborn office. Wouldn't it have been a bit crowded?]


Lebensborn (Spring of Life, in antiquated German) was a Nazi programme set up by SS leader Heinrich Himmler that provided maternity homes and financial assistance to the wives of SS members and to unmarried mothers, and also ran orphanages and relocation programmes for children.

Lebensborn by Alexandre Ployé FICTION 384 pages in French – out of print

Der Lebensborn e.V: Eine Darstellung der Aktivitäten des Lebensborn e.V. im Kontext der nationalsozialistischen Rassenideologie [The Lebensborm e.V.: A Description of the Activities of the Lebensborn e.V. in the Context of National Socialist Racial Ideology] by Claudia Sandke

Master’s Thesis ... Introduction: The National Socialist ideology was characterised by the racial dogma of the Aryan Race, reflected in the murder of millions of allegedly "inferior“ human beings on the one hand, and propagated the reproduction and protection of the “racially valuable” Aryan Race on the other hand. The Lebensborn e.V. was an instrument of National Socialist racial policy, which assumed a mysterious role within the framework of this doctrine during the Second World War. The public only became aware of the existence  of the association as a result of the Nuremberg Trials. The so-called Race and Settlement Main Office Trial, which opened on 20 October 1947, indicted four leaders of the Lebensborn e.V. for crimes against humanity, among other things. The indictment describes the objective of the association: to weaken hostile nations while simultaneously increasing the German population. Heinrich Himmler, head of the association, had justified the founding the association on the grounds of protecting unmarried mothers and their children from social ostracism.  Remarkably, the judges shared Himmler’s views and not only acquitted the association on all charges, but acknowledged the charitable objectives of the association. In the years following the judgement, increasing numbers of rumours began to circulate with regards to the association. Even today, discussion relating to the Lebensborn has ranged from tales of a “breeding institution”, all the way to allegations that it was an “SS bordello”. In particular, the charitable, though dubious, objective of the association -- acknowledged by the judges -- is attracting increased attention. Scholarly research has paid little attention to this topic so far...
[book not available in English; amazon book blub translated by C.W. Porter].


Am Lebensborn: Gedichte [AT THE LEBENSBORN: POEMS] by Karl Heine-Borsum [POEMS, YET!]

The lebensborn Plot by Brian Harris -- OUT OF PRINT UNOBTAINABLE


Example of "Master Race" propaganda at its most intelligent:
"Surf Nazis Must Die"
Stupidity prize for about 10 whole seconds


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