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Why Support "Holocaust Revisionism"?
Introduction to Revisionism
* "Holocaust or Hoax: The Arguments" (by Jürgen Graf)
* The Luftl Report
The Leuchter Report
* The Rudolf Report
Lies and Facts (by Germar Rudolf)
* Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy (by Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno)
* My Banned Holocaust Interview (by Carlo Mattogno)
* Just Call Me Meyer (by Jürgen Graf)
* The Illustrated Auschwitz Lie (text only)
* The Illustrated Auschwitz Lie
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We also recommended:
Cremation of leg of lamb at beach using Hoaxoco$t methodology. Result = failure
For another index to some good on-line videos, see: (Loose Change, Century of the Self, etc.)
See also:
Aaron Russo on 911 R.I.P.
911 Flight 93 Rare Film Footage LINK RESTORED
Poison Dust (depleted Uranium - government betrayal of US servicemen)
911 in Plane Sight (complete, with German subtitles)
SPIN: The Art of Selling War
"It Was Torture"
"Hate" African Style (this video keeps getting deleted and posted elsewhere. Note that it was filmed in a church and that not one nigger disagrees with him. Yeah, well, two can play that game. To every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So be it.) LINK RESTORED
(The call for the extermination of all whites begins at 7:20. Note the delusion that Africans created all world culture.)
See also: "Exterminate Whitey" LINK RESTORED


Forced Diversity or Invasion?

Two Minutes of Hate

YouTube Potpourri: The Legacy of Carroll Quigley (article from Alex Jones)
7/7 Ripple Effect (highly recommended)
Prof. Steven E. Jones 911 WTC Lecture LINK RESTORED
9/11 Coincidences
Adolf Hitler Discovers Revisionism and Holocaust Denial LINK RESTORED
Not So Cool Facts About Israel LINK RESTORED
Ernst Zundel Interviews Carlos Porter NEW
Made in Russia -- The Holocaust (full length) NEW(correct date: 1988) (25,000 views in 3 years!) LINK RESTORED
Carlos Porter Presents "Made in Russia -- the Holocaust" (Part 1 of 12) filmed 1988
Mirrored Here (probably more reliable)

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Many thanks to the people who post these things - Does anyone have the first generation video of "Made in Russia"???

America R.I.P.-- Killed by "NeoCon" Zionists




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  2. FREE ERICH PRIEBKE says Julius Streiker (updated 2 Dec 2005)
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    Translation of the above into Russian
  11. Alphonso Grahame on Japan (updated 5 May 2005 and 27 October 2005)
  12. J.M. Beard on the Gas Vans and Cremations (updated 24 November 2005 and 15 January 2006)
  13. SHOFAR by Joe Biernacki (updated 18 May 2004) WITH GRAPHICS (new January 2007)
  14. Comments from Christian Half-Jewish Revisionist Sympathizer
  15. A Spanish-speaking Catholic asks about Edith Stein (updated 25 April 2005)
  16. R.J. Copeland responds to Carlos Porter's article 'Chemistry of the Hoaxoco$t'.(With comments by Germar Rudolf).
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  18. Guns, Freights and Alcohol - The American Dream by V.A. Grant
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  21. Part-Jewish Pro-Lifer Demands a Retraction and an Apology
    Translation of the above into Russian
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  23. Praise from a Former Enemy
  24. An Alternative Interpretation of a Paragraph in the Himmler "Secret Speech" (with digression on the nature of fascism)
  25. On the Einsatzgruppen Reports, etc. (updated 25 June 2007 with NEW GRAPHICS)
  26. From the Eastern Front (more or less)
  27. From a Former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer on Irma Grese
  28. From Siegfried Verbeke (by jail mail) in Durance Vile
  29. From Chicago Dave: Skunkie and the Leo Frank File (updated 7 August 2001)
  30. Right of Reply (from (with digression on alleged Belgian atrocities in the Congo) BROKEN LINKS CORRECTED
    (updated 4 October, 2007)
  31. On Zim-Zim the Magnificent (HOLOCAUST DENIAL by John Zimmerman)
  32. Fritz Berg on the Vergasungskeller document
  33. Fritz Berg on Poison Gas as Fuel
  34. On Hitler's Health and American Thievery in Europe (Letters from and to Ernst Zundel, November 2004)
  35. Italian translation team announces English translation of Ariel Toaff's "Blood Passover"
  36. Declaration of Anti-Semitism (from a Hungarian)
  37. On the Chemistry of the Holocaust (from an Australian) (with comments by Robert Faurisson and Fritz Berg)
  38. Miscellaneous Comments on Timothy McVeigh
  39. On the "Master Race" (and the Caroline Islands)
  40. On Alex Jones et al; Did the Nazis Burn the Reichstag?
  41. Through the Kactological Canal with Gun and Camera (JFK for Masochists)
  42. [deleted]
  43. Open Letter to an Australian Historian
  44. From a Japanese-American on the Korean "Comfort Women"
  45. The Incredible Argon Hoaxoco$t (hey, something that would actually work for a change) -- from a professional welder
  46. Hoaxocost "Auschwitz Tattoo Hoax" Gets a Quick Jab in the Arm (followed by a quick kick in the arse)
  47. On so-called "Libertarianism"
  48. ...Now that you mention it.. Ron "The Producer" Paul: The Biggest Four-Flusher, Faker, Liar and Betrayer in the History of "Dark Horse" Politics... in short, a typical "Libertarian" (originally written in 2011)
  49. More on the Great "Hoaxoco$t Auschwitz Tattoo Hoax": Curiouser and Curioser
  50. On Henrik Holappa and John Henry "de" Nugent
  51. The War of the Footnotes: An Open Letter to David Irving
  52. The Infamous (and Ridiculous) Tipping-Floor Gas Chambers (plural) at Buchenwald- sorry I didn't notice this for 30 years
  53. Boycott Amazon