Note: "No signature" but "Himmler's initials with handwritten note" -- where is the note?

The "letterhead" is typewritten -- the initials are not Himmler's -- etc.

I know I'll be accused of seeing only what I want to see, but the same must necessarily be true of the Americans as well.

For example: where is there any proof that this is a "report from Himmler to Hitler" at all?

At this rate, anybody who captures a typewriter can "prove" anything.

Oh well, at least they're both "copies", not "copies of copies" or "copies of retyped 'certified true copies' of copies", which is more common.


There are 2 "reports" - one in Times New Roman and one on something that looks like Himmler's typewriter, with characteristic type face.
The advantage of "copies" is that they do not need a letterhead or signature.

This is page 1 of "report" in Times New Roman
"Letterhead" is typewritten
These are supposed to be "Himmler's initials" at the top right (the squiggle that looks like an "M". The other stuff is probably a Roman numeral 12 = XII 42).

Page 2 of Times New Roman "report"

Page 4 of Times New Roman "report" with Himmler "initial", upper right, apparently accompanied by the scribbled word "initial", in English! (very faint, probably pencil)
-- or am I imagining things?

Note once again: "200 spades, shovels, and saws", 5 lines from bottom --
also "2 bicycles" (2 lines up) -- !!

I kid you not!

Note: the figure of 363,211 is the total for the 4-month period put together -- almost 91,000 a month.
Yet the SS and Ordnungs-und-Sicherheitspolizei are said to have lost a total of only 174 men killed in combat over the same period
("eigene Verluste, 12 a, gefallen")!
These figures do not impress me as credible.

Unless it was "Juden evakuiert", altered to "Juden executiert" and a few digits added; for example, "Jews evacutated, August", and some much lower figure, for example, "3124", retyped to show "31246"; that would make sense.

Page 5 of Times New Roman "report"
Bearing all this mind, ask yourself:
is the Times New Roman document a rough draft for the Himmler typewriter document?

Page 1 of Himmler typewriter "report" , with yet another ridiculous "initial" or squiggle or whatever at upper right.

Page 2 of Himmler typewriter "report"
By this time it must be obvious that the page numbers at the bottom have been added by the Americans.

Page 3 of Himmler typewriter "report" -- "200 shovels, spades and saws", again, 6 lines from top
"2 bicycles", 4 lines from top

Page 4 of Himmler typewriter "report"
"Typewritten signature" by "Himmler" = "gez. Himmler"
in all its glory



The real McCoy

Name of document: NO-1128.

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