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How can people be stupid enough to talk about “white homelands” and all the rest of it after the destruction of the Confederacy? There is only one solution, and that is: revolution Pinochet style. Control the head of the octopus, you control the tentacles.

It’s a shame more whites do not understand Spanish. There are probably 100 videos on youtube entitled "Thank You Pinochet", "Homage to Pinochet", "Pinochet Saved Our Country", etc. etc. There is a Pinochet Foundation, probably a museum. There are marches, demonstrations, ceremonies, tributes, people on talk shows. Pinochet is respected.

Pinochet had iron nerve. And people are allowed to defend him. They go on talk shows and defend him, and they are listened to with respect. His whole family have remained loyal and defend him constantly. There’s a lot more freedom in Chile than in Spain, where millions of people still love and revere General Franco, but are ridiculed and oppressed.

Same situation, but Franco wasn’t as lucky. The Spanish Civil War was the result of a coup d’état that failed. The rebels (i.e., Franco) had 2 choices: give up, and allow the Marxists to ruin the country, or fight. They fought. It seemed utterly hopeless, but they fought on. And in the end they won. They never gave in one single inch. It can be done. The mistake of the Confederacy was to believe that “independence” can ever be achieved except by seizing control of the central government: Washington.

Francisco Franco
Went for the goal posts, and won

Jefferson Davis
Defended the 300-yard line, and lost


Cut off the head of the rattlesnake, and the problem is finished. Cut off his tail, you’re right back where you started.

Amazing that the Jews and liberals would hate us enough to want to promote tens of millions of Mexicans and niggers taking us over. What is the logical conclusion to this? Either we rise up and kill them and grab the reins of power forever or the millions of mud people they are using against us will bring down the system and throw the world into complete chaos. I guess they don't really have a choice but to kill us, and that is the only way they can do it. It's not going to end pretty for anyone, where this is headed, not one person, "them" included. This world is like the [expletive] Twilight Zone, I swear to God.

This world is hell, we are here because we did something bad in our past lives.

The scariest thing about South Africa is not that they were tricked into giving up their country and consenting to their own genocide -- which is shocking enough -- it's the fact that they haven't been radicalized yet. I have yet to hear of one South African that was radical, have you? They all seem to still want to be nice to the niggers and don't even seem angry, it's like they're still in denial even though they are being raped and slaughtered in real-time. Is this the fate for all of us?

All the advice, all the bad experiences, in the world won't help an alcoholic stop drinking. It has to come from the inside, they have to "hit bottom", they say.
Some drunks never get there. There are a lot of white racists in South Africa but they are only radical up to a point. I have yet to hear one say that the niggers have no RIGHT to wreck the country. That they are not competent to run it, yes. But it stops there.

Everybody knows that, anyway. They are pussy-whipped. The South Africans could have been a nuclear power. They were almost self-sufficient in small arms. They had a monopoly on dozens of precious and rare metals. And they gave it all away to play World Cup Football...

 In the chapter NIGHTMARE in WHITE POWER Rockwell describes a nigger revolution where the niggers in the army join the blacks. He even cites quotes where they say they will do this. This was back then. We are in much deeper [expletive] now. It's not looking good for us at all. What a [expletive] place this is, this planet earth. Sigh.

I think most people can see we're right but won't admit it. What we need is what I prefer to call "pre-emptive genocide". The reaction is always the same: "Oh, we couldn't do that". But they can see we're right.The other races (mostly nigs and Latrinos) advocate our genocide every day in the week. "Kill the Boer", etc, "Off the pigs", "Rape the white bitches, cut the white throats" (an actual quote from a nigger named Leroy Jones, quoted by Eldridge Cleaver, nigger "civil rights leader" and convicted rapist of white women, who claimed he only raped nigger women for "practice". That was 48 YEARS AGO).

Do you think that white South Africans could take the country back if enough of their heads were in the right spot or is it too far gone?

Yes, definitely. There would be other problems -- mainly, they'd be back where they started 20 years ago -- but the answer is yes. There's a series on youtube called ELITE POLICE or THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST COPS, or something, there are several of them, and one is about South Africa. All the elite police are white. All the elite positions in their military have to be white, because the niggers are incompetent. If the situations were reversed, the niggers would overthrow YOU just as soon as they saw you were weak, or incompetent, which is much the same thing. People say we can't overthrow the government. Well, when the Mexicans take over the country, they'll be overthrowing governments every day of the week. There was one government in Ecuador or someplace that lasted less than 24 hours. But “we can't do it”, we are told. Like hell, we can't.

They could take the country back. Easy, all they need is another Hernán Cortés, and an ideal... There are still whites in the military, aren't there? Nigger political power is an illusion. They couldn't even pretend to run the country for one minute without white support. Mainly Jewish corporations, but just the same...

I haven't mentioned Pinochet before, but I'm serious. He had the right idea. Democracy is a fraud. Jews don't bother with democracy, they go right to the top. They don't like a restaurant? You think they try to convince individual people not to go there? Of course, not. They contact the suppliers, the advertisers, the media. Never with any substantive argument, usually, but you see the difference. We'd be marching around outside with picket signs for 2 days or writing letters to the editor that wouldn't get printed. After a week we'd be tired and we'd forget about it and the restaurant would still be in business. I don't believe in democracy and never have.

Admittedly military rule in the US would be terrifying, because the army is full of degenerates, but the other branches of service aren't quite so bad. There is a lot of dissatisfaction. Our real enemy is the ideal of democracy. Our nigger president fired half his chiefs of staff for refusing to fire on US citizens. That is the prelude to civil war: a split in the military. So....

If "democracy" means killing Communists, then I'm for it.
¡Viva Pinochet!

A big factor in the mess we're in was when the Jews decided to pretend to switch sides. They dominate the right now the way they used to dominate the left. Ayn Rand wasn't the only one, but she made the most impact on the public. Amazing that you can destroy a race, a civilization, just with a few stupid ideas. Hitler said propaganda can make heaven look like hell and vice versa.


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Disclaimer: I do not wish to be perceived as blaming Jefferson Davis for losing the American "Secession War" (as J.M. Spaight correctly calls it) or as defending everything Pinochet ever did. It is obvious that Pinochet made many mistakes. We must learn from them and avoid repeating them.

As of yet, no reasonably objective or neutral full-length military-political study of the Pinochet regime is available in English.

For Portugal, fortunately, we have Salazar: A Political Biography, by Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses. Don't pay ridiculous prices for it used. It is being reissued in the USA at reasonable prices.

I do not entirely trust Stanley G. Payne on Francisco Franco and Paul Preston, not at all.

On Mussolini, we are fortunate to have the works of Renzo de Felice.

Salvador Allende was elected by a minority and was opposed by most of the country for three years, including a truck strike that paralyzed the country. If truck drivers aren't "workers", then who is? It was obvious that Allende, and/or powerful groups allied with him, were preparing for a Communist coup by violence, and most people realized it.
The army and air force moved first, decisively. They went for the jugular, a quick knock-out. The "mistakes" were made later. Assuming that even half of it is true, which of course, would not normally be the case.
It is ironic that, of all the 20th century's "great dictators", Hitler should have been by far the most beneficial, and, in many if not most ways, the most realistic and moderate. Yet Hitler is the target of the most lies.

The 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica ("War", if memory serves) says that the purpose of war is to impress upon the enemy the fact of one's own invincible power.
Inflicting casualties alone cannot do this, since only the living can admit defeat.
Well, we're still alive, so let's go. Fight and no surrender.

How Allende Destroyed Democracy in Chile by José Piñera
The Chillán Agreement (excerpt, translated by C.W. Porter)
How Allende Destroyed Democracy in Chile (excerpt from COMMUNISM: A BRIEF HISTORY by Richard Pipes

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