Since this was written on 26 January 2006 Skunkie has incorporated much of this material (even the notes) into one of his own source files in an effort to prove that Frank was guilty. I wish him luck, because I would much prefer to believe that myself.

Steve Oney's book has rendered Golden's book out of date or incomplete, but to my knowledge there is nothing in Golden's book which is actually untrue. Golden was even correct in asserting that Mary was not a virgin, but only because she was sexually assaulted in some manner (her sexual organs were badly injured but there were no spermatozoa).

I defy Skunkie to prove that Golden says that Mary "slept around".

Skunkie seems to imply that a fat, ugly, cigar-smoking Jew with a conviction for mail fraud in 1929 cannot write a good book in 1965. On the contrary, I think that such a person can write an excellent book; I just would not ordinarily expect it to contain the truth.

But if Golden is essentially wrong, it is up to Mary Phagan and other writers to prove it. Golden is the kind of Jew I dislike most; but I see nothing actually untrue in his book. It is simply less complete, less detailed, than Oney. On the other hand, Golden has some very valuable insights and there are some things he describes even better with Oney.

If we are not willing to read books by Jews, we are not going to get very far in trying to understand them.

I think it is safe to say that most revisionists are philosophically opposed to National Socialism (or at least, the more negative aspects of National Socialism), but they are able to look at the various technical problems involved in the Hoaxoco$t -- the "gas chambers" which cannot be hermetically sealed, the insufficient ventilation, the humidity and low temperatures involved, the slow evaporation rate of Zyklon, the insufficient cremation capacity of the ovens, the size of the elevator at Auschwitz II, the problems involved in removing the bodies, the flimsy wooden doors opening inwards into the "gas chambers", the windows, keyholes and drains, ordinary non-explosion-proof light switches, lack of Zyklon introduction holes in the roofs, the impossibility of cremation in pits, etc. etc. etc. -- and see that the Hoaxoco$t is a lie.

Similarly, I should think that, regardless of one's attitude towards Jews, one should be able to look at the facts in the Leo Frank case (the distances, time factors, notes, elevator, etc.) and see that Frank cannot have been guilty.

If a fat, ugly cigar-smoking Jew isn't good enough for you, read Mary Phagan, and see if you can find any real discrepancy as to the facts. I couldn't.

I respect Mary Phagan. She does not distort the facts, she does not lie, she does not smear Frank as a person. She simply seems to believe that in describing the same facts as everyone else, one will automatically believe Conley instead of Frank. It seems to be simply a question of viewpoint.

Mary Phagan has written a very valuable book, partly because she is a member of the family, but, in particular, because she is responsible and precisely because she believes that Frank was guilty. Presumably, this is the best case that can be made.

Phagan is extraordinarily fair-minded and reproduces large amounts of material hurting her case, i.e., indicating that Frank was innocent, for example, the complete text of the Slaton commutation file (pp. 170-208) and the complete 1982 Alonzo Mann affidavit (pp. 247-57). Even Steve Oney doesn't do that, although in all other ways Oney is far more complete and detailed. The full value of Mann's affidavit can only be appreciated if read in full.

One of the advantages to Oney's book is the extremely detailed index; if you follow the name of a witness far enough through, you can see which witnesses admitted to perjuring themselves, and which did not. It is obvious that the defense had no power to compel perjury, or the sworn admission of perjury -- sometimes perjuriously so -- but that the prosecution did.

Since perjury in a capital case was a capital offense under Georgia law, it is unlikely that sworn affidavits admitting to perjury (such as signed by George Epps and many others) could be purchased with "bribe money".

If you want to decide whether Phagan is correct or not, read and compare the books and forget about Skunkie's garbage.

11 April 2006

"A pic of garbage is a pic of garbage."

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