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Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWff9w2jjV4
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx8s2Fr56dE
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws21QP0o_2M
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCUbEXUfPHQ
Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzOLru2ZWTQ


This is the best Internet video presentation on the Lebensborn. It is like a sandwich: the truth in the middle, the lies at both ends.

It opens with the following lugubrious opening statement, no doubt intended to be properly terrifying:

GLOOM AND DOOM: “It is the central theme of eugenics – fewer children from the unfit, more children from the fit. And in Hitler’s Germany, the fittest of all were men and women with blonde hair and blue eyes and without a trace of Jewish blood. Under a programme called the Lebensborn, men and women with these traits were encouraged to have thousands of babies.  Their offspring are now in their fifties and sixties, unwitting symbols of Adolf Hitler’s plan for a “Master Race”.  

[Thousands of babies! In a country of 80 million people! Shocking!]

THE TRUTH: 1 min. 39 seconds into Part 3, Paul Lerner of USC says, however: “The Lebensborn homes were clearly not stud farms. The women who went into the Lebensborn homes were already pregnant.They went there to have their babies in a clean and safe setting”.

EXPLANATION: As an elite police and paramilitary organization, it is a matter of course that the SS would have its own hospitals, including maternity hospitals. The reason for admitting non-SS women into the Lebensborn was to prevent abortions and suicides caused by prejudice against unmarried pregnant women. For example, the Ministry of Defense had a regulation prohibiting any man who had fathered an illegitimate child from becoming an officer or NCO, even if he married the mother afterwards, and even if she was only a few months pregnant at the time of marriage! The Ministry of Education had a regulation prohibiting any unmarried pregnant woman from remaining in a teaching position, and so on. This was the state of affairs all over the country. Himmler lacked the authority to change these things.

These women were commonly thrown out of their homes, were unable to work and were reduced to complete destitution. We are not talking about “loose women” who “slept around” or produced one illegitimate child after another; Himmler had no interest in protecting such people.

All candidates for admission to the Lebensborn had to identify the father of the child, and had to sign a written statement under oath saying that she had had no other sexual relations during the relevant time period, rendering absolutely certain the identity of the father; the father had to acknowledge paternity and contribute to the costs. If these conditions were met, they were assured of complete anonymity, including false documents which were replaced with complete and correct ones at a later time, on a case-by-case basis. Many of these same women found employment in the Lebensborn homes, where they received nursing training and sometimes stayed for years.

The Lebensborn produced a maximum of 200-300 babies per year born to non-SS women in SS maternity hospitals, women who got pregnant in the ordinary way, with men they loved, who took their babies and went home, and raised them like anyone else. About a third put their children up for adoption, although this was not particularly encouraged.

That the Lebensborn prevented a certain number of abortions and suicides is beyond dispute. The Lebensborn protected their privacy, found them employment, and protected them for years. Everything was done for them.

There was no obligation in return. Those who rejected NS ideals were free to take their children and leave whenever they wished, with no repercussions. They could stay up to 5 months on average, some stayed a year. The children could remain a year, sometimes two. All medical care, in 2-bed rooms, was free of charge, although very expensive. All children were changed 6 times a day and bathed twice.

At the same time, the NSV (National Socialist Welfare Association) took complete charge of 25,000 illegitimate children between 1936 and 1939, but less luxuriously, in 3-bed rooms, and without anonymity.

There was no increase in the illegitimate birth rate during the NS period. Women rejected by the Lebensborn simply went to the NSV.

Since it was an SS institution, women seeking admission ot the Lebensborn had to meet SS standards.

There had to be a "selection principle" (Ausleseprinzip) anyway because there were so few places.

The term "Master Race" was never used in connection with the Lebensborn. The term used was "rassische Elite".

The Lebensborn was never "secret" -- since it employed hundreds of people and advertised openly -- and was never a "breeding experiment".  Lebensborn medical costs were invoiced openly to the local Krankenkassen [social security funds].

LEGEND: Also in Part 3, Larry Thompson of the US Naval Academy then claims: “The SS kidnapped an estimated 200,000 Polish children” [correct total: 2,000 children maximum from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia].

EXPLANATION: The source for the figure of 200,000 is a newspaper article published in Poland in 1947; in 1947, the Poles were still talking about "10 steam chambers at Treblinka", with 7 million deaths!

According to Lilienthal and Koop, most of the "Germanized" children were in fact of Germanic origin, usually orphans.

Some of these orphans had allegedly been taken away from their ethic German parents by the Poles and placed in orphanages after destroying the records. It is virtually certain that this did occur in some cases. Some of them were fathered by German soldiers; others were the orphans of partisans executed by the Germans.

The execution of partisans is legal under international law (although Volker Koop calls it "murder").

There is no need to defend this sort of thing, but the fact remains that the Germans were the only military force in history to take responsibility for any orphans created by the own actions at all.

The Americans or British would simply have firebombed the whole area and left the survivors to starve, whether orphans or not.

In his lengthy "Tag der Freiheit" speech, given outside Posen on October 24, 1943, Himmler claimed that the toughest, stubbornest, most dangerous military resistance in Poland was always led, not by Poles, but by ethnic Germans, usually with a German military or administrative background and perhaps one Polish parent -- men who had come to identify themselves with the Poles and who rejected their German origins.

Such people were considered highly dangerous, precisely due to their German background and German traits: competence, efficiency, bravery, loyalty (to whatever cause) and obedience, in contrast to the chaotic, rebellious, conspiratorial Poles: "If they are allowed to work their effects, several German sons will die; if they are not allowed to work their effects, then only one person dies" -- them.

So their children, in many cases, were taken way and sent to Germany to make Germans out of them. The total numbers involved were very low, 3 here, 5 there, probably no more than about 2,000 for all of Eastern Europe put together. Children accepted for "Germanization" were placed with German families who loved them and treated them extremely well. Those who were rejected often ended up in "apprenticeships" on farms or were sent to labour camps, although they were not killed. It does not appear that any attempt was made to return them to their parents (if they could be found).

The Poles and Czechs had very similar programs for the forced integration (or "Polonization" or "Czechisization") of Germans for 20 years; the Russians had “Russification” to “russify” the Poles.

In pointing out these things, I don't wish to imply that two wrongs make a right, only that there were two wrongs.

The most disgraceful part of the whole story concerns, not the Germans, but the Norwegians. This is the best part of the entire production.

FAKE FILM FOOTAGE:  20 seconds into Part 2
, we are treated to a particularly shameless bit of fake film footage:

You know those nurses' trolleys with 4 wheels and a white towel on top, that they use to carry syringes, medications and thermometers around on? Well, the Americans took one of these trolleys and piled about 3 or 4 babies on top of it -- all higgledy-piggledy, like pigs in a litter -- pushed it past the camera, then they spliced the film to make the trolley look like a conveyor belt! The viewer is now shown hundreds of human babies, all piled up on top of each other, travelling past the camera at high speed, from left to right, like mineral ore in a mine or rock quarry.

The first few frames, showing the actual trolley, have been cut off.  

This is actually a composite of 2 fake pics in one: a combination of the "human baby conveyor belt" fake pasted in against a background of the "huge pile of human babies all stacked up higgledy-piggledy on a table" fake.

These 2 fakes are usually shown separately; here they are combined.

Ask a neo-natal nurse what she thinks of this strange "baby-minding technique"; you can't even breed puppies this way.

Since no Lebensborn home ever had beds for than a few dozen infant children at any one time, one wonders where the composite fake pics were concocted.

This fake film footage is then interspersed with film clips taken from "The Triumph of the Will" showing huge mobs of half-naked teen-aged boys marching, cooking hot dogs, wrestling, boxing, etc. while some lugubrious announcer implies that the entire German nation -- 80 million people, including Austria and the Sudetenland -- were involved in a "secret Nazi breeding experiment", i.e., that human beings were being bred like stock animals, after which, naturally enough, these human "stock animals" were to "conquer the world" in huge hordes, like Ghenghis Khan.

LIE: Part 2 calls the Lebensborn "a secret breeding experiment", an "attempt to allow his racially valuable SS men to reproduce with  similarly pure Aryan women”, adding that  “all children born within the confines of the Lebensborn are technically the property of the SS” (these claims are ALL LIES).  

LIE: Part 5 says: “In almost every case, the children had no idea that they were the product of an SS breeding experiment”. “These children, who were born to rule the world, may never escape their legacy”.

The Lebensborn was never "secret" -- since it employed hundreds of people and advertised openly -- and was never a "breeding experiment". If it was “secret”, how did pregnant women know where to apply? And if the Lebensborn homes were "clearly not stud farms", in what way, then, was the Lebensborn a “breeding experiment”?
Not one single scrap of evidence has ever been produced that even one single male and one single female were ever purposely paired off for mating purposes according to some racial or genetic theory, much less forced.

The message of most anti-Lebensborn propaganda seems to be that it is "immoral" to have children; particularly "immoral" to have white children; and grossly "immoral" to be concerned with the health of your children. Sex itself -- life itself -- are "immoral" if they result in the reproduction of healthy people.
How sick is this?
Bibliography (none of the specialist books on the subject have been translated into English):
"Der Lebensborn, e.V,", by Georg Lilienthal (the classic)
Deutsche Mutter, bist du bereit” ["German Mother, Are You Prepared?"] by Dorothee Schmitz-Köster
“Dem Führer ein Kind Schenken” by Volker Koop
Der Lebensborn: Frauen zwischen Mythos und Macht [ [“The Lebensborn: Women between Myth and Power”] by Katherine Biesecke

(excerpts translated by C.W. Porter)


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