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Did you ever wonder why new supermarkets are built right next door to supermarkets that have gone bankrupt?


Itís because the money is borrowed. If I borrow 90% of the money for a project and make 10% per year, I have doubled my money. If it's not profitable, I repudiate the loan.


This probably accounts for 90% of all economic activity, most of which serves no purpose other than to destroy the environment and provide short-term employment for non-whites (until they get on welfare, which takes them a while).


The wonderful thing about debt is, no matter how much you have, you can always acquire more. All you have to do is promise to pay more interest.


If a small town wants to put in a sewer system, do they pay for it out of taxes? Of course not. They hold a bond drive. If interest rates are 4%, they apply the tax revenues to the interest for 25 years, and borrow 25 times as much money. To pay off the principle would require tax increases of thousands of percent.


This system makes everybody happy. The taxpayers get a sewer system they don't have to pay for and the lenders get a return backed by the "Taxing Power of the State". The insolvency of the system doesn't bother them.


Now, studies have shown that, to the average white idiot, the characters in his favourite TV programmes are more real to him than his own family and friends. He cares more about TV than the future of his own children. When he loses his job because his company has moved to China, and he can't get another because he is not a homo or some other species of protected wildlife, he uses his unemployment money to pay the light bill and watches more TV than ever.


There was no TV in South Africa until 1975, because they couldn't decide what language it was supposed to be in (Afrikaans or English). 20 years of TV was all it took to make the toughest whites in the world, the Boers, efface themselves from history like beer spilt on a bar.


This will only stop when there is no more money to pay the light bill. When that happens, the influence of TV will vanish in a second. Viewers all over the world will awaken as from a hypnotic trance (literally). This can only happen in a financial depression.

Thus, it is the duty of every racially aware person to bring about a depression as quickly as possible. That means we must all borrow as much money as possible.


Of course, it would be defeating the purpose of such an exercise to pay back the principal; that won't cause the debt bubble to burst. And it would be stealing to use the money for our own selfish pleasures (besides, anything we buy with our ill-gotten gains will be seized by bailiffs).


So, the trick is: We borrow the money from Jewish-owned finance companies promising to pay high rates of interest, divert the money to the racial struggle in cash contributions, then default on the loans.

If 1,000 racists borrow $1,000 each, that's one million dollars. Of course, that's not enough, because they can take us to small claims court. So we borrow $10,000. For $10,000 they have to hire a lawyer. That's 10 million Jew buckniks for the cause.


If it was logical for Pretty Boy Floyd to rob banks because the banks were going broke and the depositors were losing their dough, it is even more logical for white racists to rob finance companies, because they have no depositors. They borrow their money from your pension fund, sometimes even overnight. This is money you'll never see, because your company will declare insolvency and start a subsidiary in the "Pacific Rim countries" or Central America with the same name. The money is yours already. Why not take it?


Look in the paper. "$1,000 Over the Telephone", "$10,000 in 24 Hours", etc. The system is begging to be ripped off. All industry is being moved to China, and will eventually be nationalized. The financial advisers know this, but only care about short-term profit. To them, six months is a very long time. If the investment produces a total loss in 2 years or 5 years, they donít care, because they'll have sold their stock by then. When the Chinese get ready to blow up the world with technology we sold them, to be paid for using money we lent them (your money), the investment managers will re-invest in American armaments industries and manage their funds from a bomb shelter. Wars are Jews' harvests.


 Just as whites can play jazz, but lack natural rhythm, we can also lie, cheat, and steal, even though we lack the innate cunning of the Jew. If anything, we lie better than the Jews, because our lies lack the mentally ill exaggerations which typify Jew lying. Look at the Gettysburg Address. Every sentence contains at least one lie, sometimes 2 or 3, but it has dignity. No Jew could lie like Lincoln.


One of the best con-men I ever knew was the son of the National Socialist consul in Barcelona. His technique was to take out large numbers of unsecured loans for small sums which were never repaid. He would agree to anything and sign anything. Proof that Aryans can compete with Jews in any field.


Now, the trick to robbing your creditors is, always owe at least 5 times your assets, and make sure your assets never exceed whatever it costs to sue you.


I know someone whose liabilities were absolutely phenomenal. He had assets of $50,000. He made an offer in compromise of $25,000 which was accepted. Why? Because it would have cost $50,000 to sue him, he would have spent the $50,000 defending himself, and there would have been nothing left to collect.


I know an accountant who stole 2 million dollars (this was in England, but the accounts were in dollars). There was a perfectly clear case against him. There were 60 witnesses, including myself; there were thousands of false accounting documents bearing his personal signature; there was an oral confession before 3 auditors; the man who helped him steal the money and divert it to other purposes (the man with the $50,000 in assets described above), turned Queen's evidence in return for civil immunity. The police recommended prosecution. The prosecutors delayed for 3 years because they couldnít be bothered with "such small cases", then dropped it because of the "age of the offence". The accountant's professional liability insurance wouldn't pay because "it didn't cover fraud", yet the opinion of the liability insurer that the accountant's actions constituted "fraud" was considered merely an "unproven allegation", so the same person is still practising as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the most highly respected professional body of accountants in Britain. Yet, if the same man stole a six-pack of beer he would be arrested. If he held up a market with a water pistol and took a hundred dollars, he would go to prison.




There is no truth and no justice in the money system, the political system, or the legal system. I don't think we owe it a duty of truth or justice. I think our duty is to destroy it -- not just by "any means necessary", but by "any means possible".


It wasn't "necessary" to burn 80,000 Irakis to death while they were attempting to retreat under American promises that they would be allowed to withdraw, but it was done.


It wasn't "necessary" for the Americans to burn 1 million Japanese to death while they were trying to surrender for a year, but it was done.


It wasn't "necessary" for the followers of Nelson Mandela to necklace thousands of helpless, harmless blacks in South Africa, but it was done. So I will let the humanitarians lecture me on morals next week (leave a message).




Aryans regard it as honourable to rob banks and die in a hail of bullets, but we regard it as dishonourable to lie on a loan application. How many times does the system lie to you? Who voted to flood America and Europe with non-whites? No one. But the Jews say we live in freedom. That's a lie. How did the Jews get their power to lie? By borrowing (granting themselves credits while manipulating interest rates in their favour).





Loan default is only a crime if you make false statements on the loan application (such as going to 10 different finance companies and denying that you have other loans). Make sure they can't trace the money, or every loan will become a "substantive offence" in a RICO indictment Ė another Jewish concoction.


Now, when you racists start getting large anonymous cash donations, just remember, see, I donít know nuthin' about it, see -- I pay my debts, and I always tell the truth.



1994 (revised 2001)



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