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(Article from first war, pics from second war -- no need for new article -- C.P. 2007)    

On January 17, 1991, the United States began an unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq, causing hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths (OK – how many people do YOU say were killed in 100,000 air raids?); hundreds of billions of dollars worth of property damage; incalculable ecological and environmental damage; and a civil war in Iraq, as a result of which millions of people are now refugees.

The pretext for this was an act of "aggression" by Iraq against Kuwait, i.e., that some Arab billionaires had lost a fraction of their personal wealth (most of which is invested abroad). I weep for you, the Walrus said, I deeply sympathize.

In reality, nobody cares about Kuwait; nobody cares about Arabs; and nobody cares which Arab sells us our oil. There is only one thing Americans care about, and that is Jews.

The Gulf War was a war to destroy everything standing in the way of Israeli domination of the Middle East, and Jewish domination of American and European political and cultural life.

This was made possible by two lies: a religious lie, that Jews are God's Chosen People, and a historical lie, that Hitler gassed Six Million Jews.

The first is made possible by Christianity; the second is made possible by Jewish control of the mass media.

Under legislation written by Jews, causing "mental harm" to an ethical, racial, national, or religious group is a "Hate Crime" which causes "suffering" and constitutes an attack upon human dignity.

At some suitable distance, however, the same ethical, racial, national, or religious group, for example, Iraqis, may be killed, maimed, crushed to death under collapsing buildings or blown to bits.

Thus, the criterion is one of mileage: morality varies inversely to the proximity of the "suffering".

The minimum mileage required is presumably that at which screams of pain become inaudible without Jewish Electronic Amplification (JAMP).

Now. I have been looking at a globe, and I find that Israel is really quite far away, in fact, almost as far away as Iraq (it is even further if you travel the other way.)

On this basis, all that is required is a pretext, i.e., an act of "aggression" by Israel, and that nation of self-pitying, hysterical cowards may be disposed of quite inexpensively: since with one bomb, half the country would have a heart attack.

So the question arises, what constitutes "aggression"?

Well, as luck will have it, nothing in international law defines "aggression", and all attempts to define "aggression" have failed.

Nothing in the Briand-Kellogg Pact which "outlawed war" in 1928 defined "aggression"; nothing in the Nuremberg Charter defined "aggression"; nothing in the U.N. Charter defines "aggression".

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of Torture.
And to the gulags and secret prisons for which it stands,
One nation, under Fear, with Zionist subjugation and slavery for all."


Thus, aggression is anything we want it to be, and everybody else is an "aggressor" if we say so!

This simplifies things.

For example:

If Panama invaded the U.S. and kidnapped President Bush in violation of the USA-Panama extradition treaty, Panama would be the aggressor. The contrary does not make the U.S. an aggressor.

If Iraq bombed Washington to punish us for our aggression against Panama, Iraq would be the aggressor. The contrary does not make the US the aggressor.

To American service personnel, I have only this to say: If you are stupid enough to put on a JOG [Jewish Occupation Government] uniform and leave your family and go thousands of miles away and kill thousands of people just to please the Jews, well, I hope you get killed. If not this time, the next.

I am sorry if that offends some people, but that is my opinion and I will stick with it.

Hitler was right when he said "The victor in war will not be asked whether he told the truth." This is an authentic statement, from Defence Document RA-27.

Paradoxically, the slogan of "Operation Desert Storm" -- "Mess with the Best, Die Like the Rest" -- is not considered in violation of the Genocide Convention or national "Hate Laws", provided that the "Best" is not taken to mean or to include the White Race.

To which I say, why shouldn't the White Race be the "Best"?

My dictionary defines "Aryanism" as a belief that the Aryan race possesses superior, if not unique, capacities for government, social organization, and civilization, not to mention science, technology, and medicine. To me, this is a proposition so obvious as to require no proof.

There is another subtlety I am unable to fathom. If I blow up a building with a pipe bomb and kill 2 or 3 people, I am a "terrorist".

If I fly over a city and flatten it with napalm, phosphorous, and cluster bombs, killing 2 or 3 hundred thousand people, I am a "war hero" and worthy of praise.

If this is so, I prefer terrorists: they kill fewer people.





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