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Having flooded America and Europe with coloured immigrants on the pretext that they would do our "dirty work" for us, the capitalists are now moving all jobs to the non-White world, leaving us to fight over the crumbs.


There is an aspect to this problem which the capitalists have forgotten.


There is only one thing which makes anything cheaper in a foreign country than it is at home, and that is the exchange rate between the two currencies. For example, at 200 yen to the dollar, Japanese cars would be cheap, but at 1 yen to the dollar, they would be ridiculously expensive.


There are two types of exchange rates: free rates (preferred by the capitalist democracies) and fixed rates (preferred by all nationalist economies and dictatorships). Free rates also exist under dictatorships, but are called "black market rates".


Prices are low in the non-white world because their currencies are worthless. Their currencies are worthless because they have abandoned fixed exchange rates. They have abandoned fixed exchange rates because of a deal with the Western capitalists.


In the 1950s, there were 8 Mexican pesos to the dollar. Then, due to high inflation, Mexico wasn't cheap any more. So, they devalued to 12 pesos to the dollar. This was under the old system of fixed rates, which was later abandoned. Then in 1982, due to mismanagement of their oil revenues and other problems, there was a financial panic and crash in which the peso fell to 1000 to the dollar with violent fluctuations. Of course, Mexican officials all had bank accounts in the United States.


At that time, it was theoretically possible (using dollars) to buy very valuable assets in Mexico for a fraction of their real value. This was offset by the risk that the peso might continue to fall to 2000 or even lower, and that any profit in pesos would be blocked by exchange controls or otherwise confiscated or nationalized. [It eventually fell to 12,000 to the dollar, so they introduced a new currency, the "New Peso".]


By some curious coincidence, this is exactly the manner in which the Soviet Union was industrialized in the 1930s, and this is exactly the manner in which Jews and other foreign capitalists bought control of Germany during the inflation of the 1920s. In fact, come to think of it, this is the way in which the Mexican railroads and oil industries were built and developed in the first place (under Porfirio Díaz, overthrown in 1911).


In other words, it was a political deal in which the foreign capitalists got caught in their own trap and lost their money.


At the same time, these countries are taking out hard currency loans to pay for Western infrastructures which would never be sold to them for local currency. This adds to the sum total of bad debt in the world. China, for example, is acquiring total nuclear technology from France, and not in Chinese play money either. Oh well, let them blow each other up.


This is also the reason for the destruction of South Africa. A period of chaos will drive the prices down and destroy the exchange rate, after which the niggers can be bought off (value of Rand in 1973: US$ 1.15; value of Rand today: 16 US cents at most, sometimes half that. Value of Rhodesian dollar in 1973: US$ 2.00; value of "Zimbabwean" dollar today: 2 or 3 US cents). [2007 update: worthless. According to a recent news item, the government decided to print trillions of dollars worth of worthless new currency, but could not even afford to pay for the paper!]


What would happen if America used the same methods? I think it would go something like this:


Let us assume that when the revolution comes, our industrial plant is obsolete, and that most Americans are unemployed. Let us assume that there are 200 yen to the dollar.


Presto! We introduce fixed exchange rates, with the death penalty for all black marketeers.


We devalue the dollar to 1 yen. This makes Japanese products ridiculously expensive. Capitalists with yen make huge speculative profits (since the yen is now worth 200 times as much), so we shoot all the capitalists (that's what the Chinese would do, so why not?)


Then, at 1 yen to the dollar, America is so absurdly cheap from the Japanese point of view that the Japs build thousands of new factories in America. At the same time, we contract huge debts that we don't intend to pay.


Then we nationalize all foreign investment. We now have all new industrial plant at no cost to us, built by the Japanese. Then we devalue again and shoot the Jews; not because we are "anti-Semitic", but for "economic wrecking" and "social parasitism". That's what the Chinese would do, so why not?




1992 (revised 2001)


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