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Machiavelli said that the Prince will retain the outer form of traditional institutions, while changing their inner substance.

The Clinton Revolution, with its Jewish occupation government of Jews, feminists, lesbians, homosexuals, and Negroes (a minority within a minority) show how this is done. It also shows how America could be turned into a Nazi state.

The trick is to run a totally disgusting candidate, in a three-way race, against 2 or 3 other totally disgusting candidates, all of whom are so totally disgusting that no one wants to vote for anyone, but our candidate is a secret "Nazi".


Since all candidates are equally disgusting, but our candidate is marginally less disgusting, or a marginally better liar, than the others, our candidate gets elected. Since he was elected fair and square, with a minimum of cheating, or less cheating than the other candidates, this gives him the right to cram his policies down the country's throat, absolutely regardless of what they are, and no matter how few people want them, even if he breaks every single campaign promise.


If that's not "Democracy", what is? Since when has lying been a bar to holding public office in a "Democracy"?


Now. The first step is to fill all public offices with "Nazis". First to be appointed will be Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, to get the inside dope on interest rates.


First, we speculate that stock, bond and land prices will fall, then we raise interest rates and shrink the money supply, causing a depression, blaming everything on the policies of the past administration, the "Haters".


Then, at the bottom of the crash (and we will decide where the bottom is), using credit backed by our Federal Reserve notes (which do not cost us anything to print – on the contrary, we will print them for nothing and loan them to the government at 3 or 4 % interest, an infinite return on our investment), we purchase a controlling interest in the American communications media, particularly television, newspapers, magazines, book distribution.

Then we speculate that stock, bond and land prices will rise, after which we lower interest rates and expand the money supply, causing a boom. Of course, this must be done gradually, because we need a buyer for every seller, but that can be arranged through propaganda. For example, we tell them that the future lies in electronics stocks when the prices are already far too high and we are already selling; that sort of thing.

We now have a stranglehold on the American mind that can never be broken. Just as Americans do not walk because they have cars, they do not think or feel, because they have television.


Of course, under our administration, there will be a slight change in emphasis. "Holocaust Survivor is Tormented by Neo-Nazi Thugs in a Berlin Suburb" will become "Survivor of Allied Terror Bombings Meets the Jewish Financial Criminals Who Caused the War", or, possibly, "Survivor of Mass Rapes in the Congo is Tormented by African Immigrants in a Brussels Suburb". "Brilliantly Intellectual Racially Mixed/Gay/Negro Couple Ridicule Bigoted White Neighbours" will become "Racially Aware White Couple Ridicule Self-Hating Liberals and Race-Traitors", etc..

There will be no censorship. Writers whose material does not meet our standards will not be successful and will starve. That is the free market!


Americans do not understand freedom, and do not believe in it. They are totalitarians with democratic principles. This is all quite natural since they live under a dictatorship themselves, a dictatorship of the Supreme Court. I defy the advocates of democracy to point to one single major change in American public life – the legalization and acceptance of homosexuality, integration, abortion, pornography, near-total non-white immigration, miscegenation, sky-high crime rates, etc – that was ever decided by anyone's "vote". They are all the result of Supreme Court decisions.


Under the dictatorial power arrogated to itself under John Marshall, America is what the Supreme Court says it will be, no more, and no less. Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, and they hear only those cases they want to hear. They rule any way they want to rule, and are accountable to no one. If the Supreme Court decided tomorrow that hereditary monarchy and slavery were constitutional, they would be. If the Supreme Court decided tomorrow that cannibal barbecues on the White House lawn were constitutional, they would be. These decisions would be implemented by Federal agents with ruthless and often gratuitous violence, even in the face of bitter opposition by the entire American people.


Laws the Court approves of (exclusively non-white immigration, etc.) are allowed to stand, while laws they do not like (segregation, even if totally voluntary), are declared "unconstitutional".


So, the real key to power in America lies in the Supreme Court. Naturally, Supreme Court justices are all lawyers, and what is more, half of them are Jews. They will do anything for money. So we make them an offer they cannot refuse. We increase their pension benefits. Presto! Nine Jew-lesbian Affirmative Action Negro judges appointed by our horseshit "Democratic" American Presidents take early retirement (followed by a quick swim to Israel), and we appoint nine "Nazis".


It is now discovered that slavery is constitutional, since it was constitutional when the Constitution was written. Segregation (universally practised by our slave-holding Founding Fathers) is also constitutional. All laws to the contrary are null and void. Fortunately, the services of the Negro are no longer required.

Hitler's National Socialist system from 1933 to 1945 was the most popular government in history, and had very little need to use terror tactics against anyone. American imitators will not be so lucky.


Fortunately, a ready-made Federal Gestapo of arsonists, hit-men, and goons are just itching to give all our enemies the "Waco Texas Treatment". Federal agents are all mercenaries, and will always serve the highest bidder. You don't believe it? Just wait.

Americans are cruel, stupid, self-righteous people. Inflamed by television propaganda (formerly a monopoly of the Jews), they commit mass atrocities in a frenzy of religious righteousness. The slightest hint that they have done anything wrong is met with screams of indignation.


The shoe is on the other foot now. America is swept with an iron broom…




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