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  Noted for its parasitic feeding habits aided by a prehensile proboscis and sharp claws, Heebus jeebicus is also remarkable for its extraordinarily thin skin and tall tail, or Holocauda.

  Cunning and cowardly in nature, H. jeebicus is adept at provoking larger animals into combat with each other, while stealing provender from them both.

  The subterfuge employed to accomplish such a result is the so-called HOLOCAUST (from the Greek holos, total + German Kot, excrement, or possibly kotzen, to vomit).

  The HOLOCAUST tall tale is intended to intimate that whenever people "hate" (i.e., whenever racial differences are recognized and discussed), Jews are eventually murdered (allegedly a great loss for Mankind).

  According to this theory, Jews, the arbiters of all morality (i.e., they stick their noses into every body else's business), are the eternal victims of all "hatred", a belief gratifying their masochism, self-pity, and paranoid schizophrenic tendencies.

  I have discussed the HOLOCAUST in a a modest booknik, Made in Russia – The Holocaust, together with a video of the same name; both are basically a photocopy reproduction of prosecution evidence, testimony, and documents from the First Nuremberg Trial, "proving" a load of lies that nobody believes any more: like steaming and frying people to death in special "steam chamber", and "frying chambers", killing 840,000 Russians in 30 days with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine (i.e., worked by one foot; it worked like a bicycle, but it had only one pedal), and making socks out of Jew Hair.

  The cover of Made In Russia – The Holocaust (or MIRTH for short) shows two happy, healthy, well-groomed and well-fed individuals, one of them wearing a wrist watch and the other holding a towel, sitting in front of a swimming pool diving board. The high dive is clearly visible behind them. The text reveals that this is a detail taken from a larger photo, which is also reproduced, showing concentration camp inmates, all of them healthy and some of them overweight, at Mauthausen, a notorious concentration camp alleged to have been equipped with "gas chambers", taken after the Liberation, on May 8, 1945.

These are the people who scream that they were mistreated, tortured and gassed, to anyone who will listen.

  Contrary to my anticipations, H. jeebicus failed to respond with his usual explosion of incoherent fury.

Instead, people called me to say, "Gee golly, your book is absolutely amazing. Did the Germans really have pedal-driven brain-bashing machines to make human soap? Did they really make socks out of Jew hair?"

  When I told them the book was nothing more than a collection of obvious lies, they couldn't quite understand. People are stupider than I thought. Result: very poor book sales.

  Dismayed by this lack of appreciation (an honour is always without profit in its own country) I wrote to the authorities in Canada, including the public prosecutor's office, expressing the opinion that unprovoked physical attacks and persecution were the best thing that could happen to an ideological movement of any kind. Had they put MIRTH on their list of banned "hate materials"? If not, could they remedy this situation as soon as possible? Also, could they arrange for a little raid on my office, with the usual headlines about how I am a bigot, fascist, hater, Nazi, liar, etc. etc.. Just a little bit?

  The result was a sarcastic letter in which they said they hoped that that I would be successful in provoking someone else into persecuting me. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

  Regarding the socks made of Jew hair ("proven" at Nuremberg with Soviet forgeries) I was able to show that Negro hair may be felted (and thus made into socks) but that other hair cannot be felted.

  I sometimes amuse myself imagining a couple of "Master Race American Style" soldiers trying on a pair of this "evidence", which no one has ever seen, but which was believed nonetheless:


  RUFUS: Man, whuffo' yo' got them ugly lookin' thangs on yo' feets??!!

  RASTUS: Hey man, dat be de human hair socks whut be made out ob Jew hair!

  RUFUS: Man, yo' sho' is stupid. Ain't you hip, dat Nee-gro hair can be felted, but dat uddah hair cain't nebba be felted? Dat on account ob how nigga hair be flat; issue fum de epidermis at a right angle, be spirally twisted, widdout de central duckt. Hair itself be covered wid plenty ob rough, pointed filaments whut adhere loosely to de shaf' ob de hair. Dat be de reason fo' dat deah.

  RASTUS: Mus' hab been took fum sum ob dem Black Jews we's  allus hearin' 'bout.

  RUFUS: Sho' nuff! Y'all got soul socks!

(Tap dances)

  Fo' a fingah-poppin', foot-hoppin',

Feelin' in yo' feet,

Soviet evidence can't be beat

Slip dat evidence on yo' feet,

Go cool-walkin', jive-talkin'

Down de street. WHUT??!!!

  RASTUS: Mah athlete's foot got dandruff!!!



Parenthetically, it appears that the woolly hair of the Negro, associated with special sweat glands, is an adaptation to the heat of a tropical climate (see 1928 Encyclopaedia Britannica, "Evolution of Man").

While we are on the subject, we all know that scientists can determine the sex of a skeleton (for example, an unidentified murder victim), but can they determine the race of a skeleton?

  Well, of course, they can. One of the standard tests is, or used to be, to fill the cranium with sand or shot, then pour the sand or shot into a measured beaker to determine the cranial capacity, since races differ in the size of their brains. Tables of comparative brain sizes may be found in many books on forensic science -- such as "Legal Medicine and Toxicology" by Many Specialists; Edited by Frederick A. Frederick A. Peterson D.M., LL.D., Walter S. Haines, A.M., M.D., and Ralph W. Webster, M.D, Ph.D., Philadelphia and London, W.B. Saunders Company, Second Edition, 1923, vol. I, pp. 140-142, (graphics).

The White man has a very large brain in relation to his body size, and a much more complex brain structure.

 The cranial capacity of a microcephalic idiot is about 1000 cubic centimetres, probably the minimum viable brain size for a human being. By contrast, the largest gorilla brain rarely exceeds 600 cc and is usually less; a chimpanzee brain is about 390 cc. Pithecantrophus erectus possessed an extremely primitive brain of about 900 cc, while Rhodesian Man (a prehistoric jungle bunny only 200,000 years old) had a cranial capacity of about 1200 cc. An Austrialian aborigine possesses a massive cranium with an extremely small brain case of about 1350 cc, while the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon cave men in Europe possessed brains of about 1500 cc, equal to that of modern Europeans. Therefore, the most primitive members of the Negro race today possess a cranial capacity somewhere between that of a pin-headed idiot and a European cave man. This has been upgraded somewhat by interbreeding with other races, to the immense loss of the White Race, which receives no benefit for the genetic material lost.


 Since realism on the subject of race renders one ipso facto criminal, let us move on to a legal subject. Under the Hobbes and Travel Acts, a simple act such as riding on a Greyhound bus ("interstate travel in furtherance of a criminal enterprise") or – if you don't leave the state – making a phone call ("using an interstate facility in furtherance of a criminal enterprise"), or worse yet, two phone calls (a "pattern of racketeering", or, perhaps, by way of variation, "two substantive counts of wire fraud", or, even worse, "engaging in an ongoing activity making use of interstate facilities"), can lead to very long prison sentences (20-40 years), which may run consecutively with counts for "conspiracy", "aiding and abetting", and "engaging in a pattern of activity" (5 years per count).

 Remember that the authorities don't need a conviction to charge you with these "substantive offences"; all they want is a pretext to obtain an indictment. You can be ACQUITTED of the "substantive offences" and still be convicted of "using an interstate facility" or "engaging in a pattern of activity", or "conspiracy".

 JOG – the Jewish Occupation Government – doesn't need a conviction for anything on the indictment (they get the indictment just by calling one Grand Jury after another until they get one that will agree to indict you). The trick, from their point of view, is to get as many counts on the indictment as possible, then plea bargain. So, to avoid risking 60 years, or even 80, or 150, you plead guilty to 5 years, and serve 2 – for nothing -- for "using an interstate facility".

 Don't talk to me about "the land of the free", it's the Land of the Talmud. Any resemblance to the procedures used at Nuremberg is deliberate and intentional, and all such "crimes" are purely verbal. For example, double jeopardy is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States. So the Jews invent 5 different names for the same thing and turn it into 5 crimes, even if they never existed before. For example, you rob a state bank protected by the Federal Bank Deposit Insurance Corporation; that's two crimes: "state" bank robbery and "Federal" bank robbery. You might get 2 years for state, and 5 years for Federal – consecutively. They'll move you to a Federal prison when you complete the "state" part of your sentence. But you only robbed one bank. Maybe you got one hundred dollars, a thousand if you're lucky.

 Generally, you should NEVER PLEAD GUILTY, because it makes appeal infinitely more difficult.

Remember that the Fifth Amendment is personal, and cannot be claimed to avoid incriminating other people. If it is apparent that your answers will incriminate others, you will not be permitted to claim your right to remain silent at that point. You must REFUSE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS PERIOD, AND AGREE TO NOTHING. The Fifth Amendment or privilege against self-incrimination should be claimed explicitly by name.

 Remember than an unsworn false statement to a Federal officer is a felony punishable by five year's imprisonment and a $10,000 fine (Title 18, "False Statements"). Of course, they're the only witnesses to what you said, so DON'T TALK TO THEM. Many people carry a typed card saying "I decline to submit to any interrogation on the grounds that it may tend to incriminate me. If I am free to go, I am going. GOODBYE. If I am under arrest, I want a lawyer. My lawyer's name is… I want to see my lawyer RIGHT NOW. I refuse to submit to ANY interrogation so DON'T TALK TO ME". You pull it out and hand it to them. Then you LEAVE IF YOU ARE FREE TO GO, AND IF NOT, SHUT UP.

 Finally, remember: most people who are convicted are convicted ONLY and SOLELY because they TALKED TO SOMEONE ABOUT THE CASE: NO OTHER REASON.

 That the Jews are well aware that Hitler was legally elected is reflected in their current efforts to criminalize legitimate political and racial expression as "Race Hatred", a term applied to all actions undertaken by persons of European descent claiming equal protection under the Genocide Convention and the Civil Rights laws.

 According to this theory, racial hatred -- R.H. for short – is more horrible than halitosis – more dreadful than B.O. – a greater threat to civilization than dandruff or the atomic bomb; yet abhorrence, abomination, antipathy, detestation, and loathing are still legal; a point not to be forgotten.

 Nor is it a crimen atrocissimus to "hate" New York in June, or a Gershwin tune, or Brussels sprouts. However, in compliance with the law, and out of a respect for the sensibilities of those whose melanism approaches the energy wavelength absorbance extreme of the achromatic spectrum – sho' nuff! -- I shall henceforth eschew vulgar and offensive colloqualisms such as "nigger", in favour of the Latin terminus technicus Iggernus (of the variety Iggernus vulgaris).

 May it please the Court.





Sources of information: CRIMINAL DEFENSE TECHNIQUES, Edited by Sidney Bernstein and Robert M. Cipes, Matthew Bender Books. See also RACE, by John R. Baker.


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