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Dear Mr. Porter,

As a Christian of Jewish ancestry who is staunchly pro-life, I felt compelled to comment about the content on your Web site. First of all, I agree with you that many Western "democracies", including the United States, have become the exact mirror image of the Nazi society that the Jewish people have rightly condemned.

[COMMENT: What I actually said (somewhat out of context) was: “By some pathological process of psychological projection, our Jewish ‘democracies' have now become the exact mirror image of the (largely imaginary) ‘Nazi' society which they pretend to hate so much. If a ‘Nazi' society is a society obsessed by race; in which every conceivable decision of public, national, and cultural life is dictated by some crackpot racial theory; in which genocide is routinely practised, with millions of innocent victims, in an atmosphere of general public indifference; in which grotesquely cruel and unethical medical experiments are routinely practised by quack doctors in the service of some commercial interest; in which the bodies of murdered persons are salvaged, re-sold and utilized for commercial purposes; in which might is right, and human life has no value; in which brutal and cruel wars of aggression are launched on the apparent whim of the moment, without declaration of war; in which government routinely spies upon its citizens; in which dissent is routinely crushed, books burnt, and ordinary people persecuted and imprisoned for the expression of personal opinions; in which the news media are tightly controlled and routinely censured, becoming a mere vehicle of ideological propaganda; in which the school system is perverted into a mere instrument of propaganda; in which the cultural achievements and religious traditions of thousands of years are routinely perverted, destroyed, and ridiculed; in which the infliction of suffering is a form of entertainment; in which government is by a self-appointed minority of psychotics, perverts, and criminals; then our Jewish-dominated ‘democracies' are the most ‘Nazi' societies in the history of the world.”

Actually, I should have said INVERSE mirror image. America is becoming a totalitarian state, but it is not a National Socialist state; it is a reflection of our own propaganda. The United States of Phariseeism is doing everything it accused the National Socialists of doing, but it does not necessarily follow that the National Socialists actually did all these things. See comment on "Human Soap" * , below. - C.P.]

However, as my father grew up in Berlin while Hitler was in power, I must take issue with your description of Nazi society as "largely imaginary." I can assure you it was not.

[COMMENT: The Germany of the 1930s was an open society, and a very popular tourist destination. Millions of Germans, including factory workers, travelled abroad, while millions of foreign tourists cycled, walked and otherwise travelled throughout Germany; their impressions are a matter of record. See ORDEAL IN ENGLAND by Sir Philipp Gibbs, pp. 110-128, 165-199, and the February 1937 National Geographic. Millions of other foreigners attended the Berlin Olympics. National Socialist achievements were the envy of the world. Many respected Germans have published highly positive studies of this period; see KRIEGSURSACHEN-KRIEGSSCHULD, by Helmut Schröcke, Verlag für Ganzheitliche Forschung, D-25884 Viol, Nordfriesland, Postfach 1; see also VERHEIMLICHTE DOKUMENTE, Was den Deutschen verschwiegen wird, Edited by Erich Kern FZ-Verlag, Paosostrasse, 2, D-8000 MUNCHEN 60. Those who disagreed with National Socialist policies were free to emigrate ("Germany - Love It or Leave It" [?]). Zionists were encouraged to emigrate to Palestine and were allowed to deposit their savings with the government and draw upon credits to buy farm machinery manufactured in Germany. See THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT by Edwin Black. A secret referendum on policy was held every year, always achieving over 90% (95% in an Allied-sponsored referendum in the Saarland in 1935). Policies strongly opposed by the public and churches, such as euthanasia, were dropped. In 1939, there were said to be 50,000 German refugees scattered about the globe, out of a population of almost 65 million; 3 years after the creation of the Irish Free State, there were said to be 100,000 Irish refugees, out of a population of 3 million. Perhaps these statistics are not correct; I don't know. At any rate, millions of Communists and unemployed were converted to admirers of Hitler because of the success of his programmes: The only significant resistance came from a very vocal -- but very small -- minority in the Churches, and, in the form of treason, from aristocratic snobs in the officer corps; this latter group almost certainly helped cause the war, and then caused Germany to lose it: about half the generals in the Russian campaign, for example. In the early 1930s, my grandfather had two young German dinner guests, one of whom was pro-Hitler, the other anti-Hitler, who got into an argument. The "anti-Hitler German" became very angry and pounded his fist on the table shouting, "Hitler will NEVER be Chancellor of Germany, because HE IS NOT A GENTLEMAN!" Some time later, this same "anti-Hitler German" wrote my grandfather a letter praising Hitler to the skies. We assumed it was because he thought his mail was being censored and he wished to avoid internment in a concentration camp; but it is also possible that he was sincerely convinced by the success of Hitler's programmes. Millions of others were indeed convinced. This possibility is forgotten. My grandfather never replied, and we never heard from him again. No doubt this proves he was "gassed". - C.P.]

My father told me of the book burnings

[COMMENT: If I understand correctly, the National Socialist book burnings were purely symbolic: ONE copy EACH of several hundred books was burnt publicly. Many of these books could still be bought in bookstores, but were not displayed prominently. The National Socialists were amateurs at book burning, as you should know. “Democratic” Germany burns books by the ton, literally. For example, 14, 000 copies of STRITTIGE FRAGEN ZUR GRUNDLAGEN DER ZEITGESCHICHTE burnt by court order; my own NICHT SCHULDIG IN NÜRNBERG ordered burnt, the printing plates, stencils ordered destroyed, etc. even though the book was printed in England. More books are prohibited in Germany today than under Hitler.

There are 15,000 prosecutions in Germany today, every year, for “thought crime”, the totally non-violent expression of opinion. It is a crime in Germany today to say the most obvious things, for example, that other countries had concentration camps, too. You can get five years for it. It is called “relativization” of the “crimes of the National Socialists”. Virtually any German citizen or resident can be imprisoned at any time; so can foreign tourists. It is astonishing what they do publish, but at considerable risk; other countries are not much better. If “Holocaust Denial” laws are not “Book Burning”, then what is? Jews invent and demand these laws; are you a hypocrite?

Despite the symbolic book burnings, very real censorship, and the emigration of a few traitors, most of Germany’s best actors, actresses and producers (Emil Jannings, Heinrich George, Werner Krauss, Hans Albers, Otto Gebühr, Carl Raddatz, and, of course, Veith Harlan and Leni Riefenstahl), painters (Wolfgang Willrich, Walther Hoek, Herbert von Keyl-Hanisch, Oskar Just and many others), sculptors (Arno Breker and several others), woodcarvers (Georg Sluyterman von Langeweyde and Rudolf Warneke), engravers (Werner Graul), playwrites (Gerhard Hauptmann), novelists (William von Simpson) architects (Wilhelm Kreis) and even jazz musicians (Teddy Stauffer, Erhard Bauschke, Kurt Widmann, Heinz Wehner, Kurt Hohenberger) remained in Germany, producing thousands of modern masterpieces in only 12 years. Hundreds of National Socialist films are so good that they are still shown occasionally on German television; the last film released during the war, UNTER DEN BRÜCKEN (Under the Bridges), about bargemen on German rivers, is so peaceful that you would never even dream there was a war going on (listed on the Internet as "one of the best 100 romantic films of all time".

For examples of National Socialist art, click here, here, here or here (may be slow to load). For examples of Hitler's own art work, click here or here. When Hitler became Chancellor, his paintings became quite valuable, far in excess of their intrinsic value, as a result of which he prohibited all speculation in these works. To me, this indicates a man of some integrity.

To “prove” that no country can be artistic without Jews, the "idealistic" American “liberators” burned every copy they could find of certain German films (for example, KOLBERG and JUD SÜSS, both based on true stories (there is also a British version of Jud Süss, made in 1934, but nobody cares, because the British weren't “Nazis”), destroying thousands of sculptures, demolishing beautiful monuments and public buildings at a time when millions of people were homeless, burning millions of books, and depriving competent people of all employment for years after the war, or imprisoning them for decades, purely for their ideas. It's the same story every time America goes to war. If this is "freedom", what is totalitarianism? - C.P.]


he witnessed and the disappearance of his Jewish neighbors, who used to come to his parents' home for dinner (My grandmother was a Jewish convert to Catholicism, so they had a number of Jewish acquaintances). When my father asked what happened to their Jewish friends, his parents exchanged guarded looks and replied, "They went away on a trip." It was a "trip" from which they never returned.

[COMMENT: This is a non-sequitur, i.e., my cat disappeared last week, therefore, my cat has been “gassed”. It is true that many Jews were interned, left Germany after the war, and did not return; others undoubtedly died. They were not gassed. A capital punishment website

has two articles on American gas chambers. Do you see any similarity between these complex, expensive installations and the crude National Socialist “gas chambers”? The National Socialist “gas chambers” cannot have functioned in the manner described. Same with the crematory oven capacities and procedures. Should you wish to pursue the matter, please enclose the following at your earliest possible convenience:

a) an autopsy report proving that one single concentration camp inmate ever died as the result of inhalation of cyanide gas;
b) an engineering report proving that the structures alleged to have functioned as "homicidal gas chambers" could in fact have functioned as such;
c) a chemical study proving that the evaporation rate and properties of Zyklon were such as to permit the gassing procedures described by so-called "eyewitnesses";
d) an engineering report proving the possibility of the alleged cremation procedures;
d) a diagram of the alleged "gas chamber" at Auschwitz II showing the exact location of the "Zyklon introduction holes" in the roof which apparently never existed;
e) a series of other engineering and chemical reports sufficiently refuting the questions raised by Faurisson, Butz, Leuchter, Rudolf, Ball, Berg, Mattogno, Graf, Irving, Weber, Crowell, Walendy, and many other people far more knowledgeable and better qualified than myself.  - C.P.]

As a member of the Hitler youth, my father was ordered to spy on his parents

[COMMENT: I am sure this happened occasionally, but I would be surprised if it was general practice; National Socialist Germany was not Soviet Russia. In any case, what do you think would have happened in the United States if enemy radio broadcasts posed a real threat to national security during wartime?
Let's not be naïve. Millions of people listened to these broadcasts. - C.P.]

and report them to the government if they listened to foreign radio broadcasts.

[COMMENT: Listening to foreign radio broadcasts was admittedly a wartime criminal offence punishable by death by shooting or guillotine. There is nothing in international law prohibiting wartime governments from taking measures of this kind. Incidentally, spreading propaganda -- the "circulation of enemy proclamations dangerous to the interests of the belligerent concerned" -- bribing or encouraging soldiers to desert, etc. are “war crimes” punishable by death under international law. “Failure to report a felony” makes one an “accessory after the fact” under the laws of many countries, including the U.S., even in peacetime. It should be noted that Allied propaganda was only effective in Germany during the first few years of the war; from 1944 onwards, its only result was to make the Germans fight harder than ever, as result of American "unconditional surrender" policy, atrocities by our glorious Soviet ally, and publication of the Morgenthal Plan to "pastoralize" Germany.

Again, just incidentally, before I forget, in 1994, the President of peacetime [!] "democratic" [!] Germany, Richard von Weizsäcker, publicly called upon children to spy upon their parents and vice versa and denounce them for "right-wing views". Germany also has a toll-free number which Germans may call to report each other for "right-wing" opinions: 011-49-1805-234566. "Right-wing" means anything anybody doesn't like particularly, even if everybody knows perfectly well it's true. There's no definition. So in actual fact... - C.P.]

He also told me that Nazism was as much an attack on Christianity

[COMMENT: There were various currents in National Socialism, most of them compatible with Christianity if interpreted in a certain way. Probably 99% of all National Socialists were fervent Christians; there were only a few anti-Christian National Socialists, such as Karl Frank. Martin Bormann was anti-Christian, but never took any specific measures to prohibit or combat Christianity; Hitler was Catholic. Priests were forbidden from joining the Party; that's all. Heinrich Himmler was also a devout Christian, who said “anybody who doesn't believe in God is stupid”. The Bible does not advocate racial equality and does not even oppose slavery. John 8:44 is one of the strongest “anti-Semitic” utterances in all printed literature, an inspiration to Martin Luther and Julius Streicher. It is true that National Socialism has a certain pagan influence, but the Catholic influence is probably stronger.

Update 2007: The German researcher Werner Maser has shown that Hitler was extremely well read in the classics, and that National Socialism is essentially derived from Stoicism. Epictetus, for example, taught that health, wealth and possessions are of no importance, and that virtue resides in the Will, which should direct us to abstain and endure. Hitler talked this way all the time. The Stoicism of the Renaissance was largely influenced by Cicero, whom many people still read. Whatever one thinks of Stoicism, it is neither pro- nor anti-Christian. Seneca is considered by some to have been a precursor of Christianity.

See also:
(dubious authenticity of "Table Talk" and other Hitler "anti-Christian" quotes); and
"Hitler: Christian, Atheist or Neither?".

Note: The second of the three articles cited above, otherwise excellent and very objective, contains what I believe are two errors: Hitler did not "start WWII" and Jews were not persecuted "for their religion". Most Jews are not religious, and, in the modern world, it is the non-religious Jews who cause most of the trouble. Jews were -- and, throughout history, usually have been -- persecuted for their actions.
The reading list in a linked article includes Hermann Rauschning's notorious forgery, VOICE OF DESTRUCTION/aka HITLER SPEAKS, so perhaps everything needs to be re-examined. That is my point.
It is ironic, but typical, that the accusations made against Hitler, in this respect and many others, are in fact far truer of Lincoln, a man worshipped by most Americans as a virtual saint; see, for example, AMERICA'S CAESAR by Greg Loren Durand, 1072 pages, 46 dollars, available from
Post Office Box 386
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533

and THE REAL LINCOLN by Thomas Dilorenzo.

as it was a deliberate plan to exterminate the Jews.

[COMMENT: There is no evidence of any “plan” to exterminate the Jews or anyone else. The only people with any “plan” of “extermination” were the British, the Americans, the Soviets, and the Jews; see WHAT TO DO WITH GERMANY, by Louis Nizer, GERMANY MUST PERISH, by Theodore Nathan Kauffman, etc. President Roosevelt laughingly drew a cartoon of a “castration machine” to wipe out the German race in accordance with Kauffman's suggestions (see, for example, NUREMBERG: THE LAST BATTLE by David Irving). Historically, mass murder is a Jewish character trait, not a German one; the Bible contains 137 descriptions of mass murder committed by Jews on God's orders. See also THE REVOLT by Menachem Begin. - C.P.]

Many people in concentration camps and Nazi prisons were Christians who had protested Hitler's atrocities

[COMMENT: Which atrocities are you referring to? Please be specific. Excuse my ignorance, but apart from the "Röhm Putsch", I really can't think of any. In 1939, there were a total of 22,500 inmates in a total of 5 German concentration camps (according to other sources, even less, 7,500); most of the inmates were Communists or common criminals. Most were released after about five months. Communists were released if they promised to stop attempting to overthrow the government by violence. The Communist threat in Germany was very real: the Iron Front had an armed membership of 100,000 men. There were at least a dozen Communist uprisings in Germany before Hitler came to power. One in Berlin alone killed 1,500 people. There were also a quarter of a million suicides, often of entire working-class families. The first concentration camps in Europe were built by the Poles in 1922 to imprison ethnic Germans. Concentration camps are not illegal under international law and were not invented by the Germans. - C.P.]

, including Detrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor who had participated in a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler.

[COMMENT: Attempting to assassinate the head of state is a criminal offence in all countries. In the US it is a felony even to THREATEN to assassinate the President. This offence is interpreted very broadly, and many people have been imprisoned for it who probably never intended to take action. - C.P.]

A dear friend of mine is a Polish immigrant who was sent to a concentration camp; he has the tattoo engraved [!] on his arm to prove it.

[COMMENT: Insofar as I know, Auschwitz was the only camp to practice the tattooing of inmates; I do not believe the practice was general, if it existed at all, since many inmates were released after a few months. The transcript of the First Nuremberg Trial contains almost no reference to the tattooing of camp inmates. As for the Poles and Jews, they have published too many lies for my liking: see STORY OF A SECRET STATE, by Jan Karski/Karsky, pp. 348-51; THE BLACK BOOK, The Nazi Crime Against the Jewish People, Prepared by the Jewish Black Book Committee, World Jewish Congress, Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee USSR, Vaad Leumi, Palestine, American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists, and Scientists, 1946, pp 270, 280, 313, 339, 356, 364, 3745, 378, 408; THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS, Raul Hilberg, Holmes & Meier, 1985, vol III, pp. 795-6 (green spots); (the documents are mostly Communist “war crimes reports”, “affidavits” and “photocopies”, most of the sources are Communist propaganda). Incidentally I spent 9 days on a Polish ocean liner in 1973, and it seemed that about half the passengers were showing me their “concentration camp tattoos” and claiming to be “Holocaust survivors”; this was out of 700 Poles selected entirely at random, almost 30 years after the war. I don't believe it. - C.P.]

He was in a camp reserved exclusively for Christians.

[COMMENT: It wasn't Auschwitz then, which camp was it? - C.P.]

He told me the treatment there was so horrendous that many prisoners committed suicide by throwing themselves against the electric fence

[COMMENT: This is a staple of Holocaust literature; tell it to the Palestinians. - C.P.]

. He also said that he saw fellow inmates burned alive by Nazi guards.

[COMMENT: This is a serious accusation, one which requires proof. Otherwise it constitutes the sin of “bearing false witness against one's neighbour”. This kind of hearsay is the crudest kind of wartime propaganda. - C.P.]

Another friend of mine, Hilmar Von Campe, is a former German soldier who fought for the Nazis in World War II. His experience as a victim of Nazi propaganda, which brainwashed an entire nation to devalue all human life,

[COMMENT: I do not believe that “National Socialist propaganda brainwashed an entire nation to devalue all human life”. Where is the proof of this assertion? Sauckel's “Exploitation Speech”? It's only an example, but it's a serious question. The complete translation is posted on this site. See also NATIONAL ARCHIVES HEAD FAKES CAPTIONS TO NATION-WIDE POSTER EXHIBIT. How do YOU translate “Seuchenabwehr”? My dictionary says “prevention of epidemics”. National Archives head Robert Wolfe says it means “extermination”. What do you say?

In actual fact, the National Socialists had good relations with the Chinese, Japanese, Hindus, Arabs, Zionists, and South Americans, the French, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Hungarians, everyone, in fact, except the British and the Poles, and even that wasn't from lack of trying. Even the Czechs committed fewer acts of sabotage during the war than the Germans themselves. The Czechs were the only pro-Soviet national group in Eastern Europe.

Hitler’s political career lasted 25 years, during which time he wrote two 500-page books and made at least 5,000 speeches (warning: the mendaciously-labelled "speech" of "39.08.22" on the site linked to here -- and even marked with an asterisk, as if it were the most important of the lot -- is a dishonest translation of a famous forgery, L-3, while the speech labelled "38.09.26" has been mendaciously "edited" to distort the meaning. Over half of the latter speech is missing, even though it is not even very long: about 45 minutes. The first half of the speech throws a different light on everything, including the war, and, in my view, vindicates Hitler almost entirely -- but they can't be bothered to quote it. OK. I'll translate it myself, transcribed off tape. And what's more, I'll provide the full German text). Hitler's speeches have been collected in two or even three different 4-volume sets of books; his sentence structure is long and complex (for another selection, click here or here). There are also thousands of issues of official National Socialist newspapers over a 20-year period. Yet the only quotations ever cited to prove Hitler's wickedness consist of 3 short paragraphs (or even single sentences) taken out of context from MEIN KAMPF (the “Big Lie”, “15,000 Jews held under poison gas”, “a maggot exposed to the light”), 2 short sentences taken out of context from the above-mentioned September 26th 1938 speech on Czechoslovakia (“My last territorial demand”, “We don’t want any Czechs”) and a single sentence taken out of context from a January 30th 1939 speech on Poland (“the destruction of the Jewish race in Europe”). All the rest are from proven forgeries (L-3, the Hossbach protocol, Hermann Rauschning) and a few notes from other people (“The victor in war will not be asked whether he told the truth”, from Ra-27), etc.. One must assume that all the other -- quite voluminous -- material is either exculpatory or innocuous, as indeed it appears to be. The term "Lebensraum" was used, as often as not, in relation to a demand for the return of German colonies, a demand put forward to be accepted or, most likely, dropped, as part of a peaceful political settlement with Great Britain.

The National Socialists did not use the term "Master Race"; that is American propaganda; sorry.

One really would not expect the Marquis de Sade, for example, to enjoy a reputation for unparalleled depravity based on half a dozen sentences from proven forgeries, and then to discover that he also wrote half a dozen totally innocuous books that nobody ever bothers to read. Surely there is something funny going on here.

led him to become a champion for the rights of the unborn. I encourage you to visit his Web site,

[COMMENT: I have seen his website and I strongly agree with him, but if he believes in the “Holocaust”, then he has been the victim of some brainwashing himself. Further, he seems to believe that the post-war expulsions, rapes, murders, and enslavement of up to 15 million Germans were in some way justifiable, which is unacceptable by any moral standard. The Germans did not gas the Jews and were not responsible for the war, on the latter subject, see THE FORCED WAR by David L. Hoggan; or, in German, WAR DEUTSCHLAND ALLEIN SCHULD? available from FZ-Verlag, Paosostrasse, 2, D-8000 MÜNCHEN 60, and many other books. I agree most especially with von Campe where Augusto Pinochet is concerned. It takes courage to defend General Pinochet and von Campe is to be highly commended for so doing. [Note: the Von Campe file on Pinochet seems to have disappeared, and at present (17 May 2005) I find little of interest on his site -- mostly apologies to Jews, etc. He provides no proof of any "Hoaxoco$t", that Germany started the war, or that National Socialism was as bad as he says it was. He hardly discusses the matter. He supports Bush in his "war on terror" and believes that Hugo Chávez [!] is a "threat to America"[!] . I despise Bush and admire Chávez. When was the last time Bush got 116 out of 120 seats in a fair election? As far as I can tell, Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chávez all followed somewhat similar policies economically; for this they had to be destroyed. - C.P.] But the same argument applies just as logically to Hitler. Of the two, Hitler is by far the greater figure, and was far more successful, until he was forced into war by the British and the Poles, with secret promises of American assistance. Pinochet was also far more violent, but he was lucky enough to have the C.I.A. and S.A.S. on his side until he was no longer needed.

Pinochet believed in privatization and the "free market".

According to Soviet archive documents, Stalin was planning to invade Europe with an army of two million men -- 300 divisions with 24,000 modern tanks, backed up by thousands of modern aircraft -- by July 7, 1941 at the latest. The tanks and aircraft were built in factories constructed on credit by John Deere, Henry Ford and thousands of other "free market" Western capitalists, including Germans, and never paid for. It is estimated that had it not been for the German invasion on June 22, 1941, Stalin could have overrun all of Europe in a matter of weeks.

Thanks, "free market capitalism", we really needed that!

Update August 2007: Anybody who doubts that Pinochet enjoyed (and probably still enjoys) considerable support can just go on and search for "homenaje a pinochet", "gracias pinochet", or "pinochet discurso"; you'll find a ton of stuff, most of it pro-Pinochet. On the other hand, if you search for "homage to bush", "thanks bush", or "bush speech", most of it is anti-Bush. OK, so where is Pinochet now that we need him? I admire Pinochet for overthrowing the government, not a bad idea at times, but not necessarily for anything he did later.
The Bible [Eccl. 3:3] says "There is a time to kill and a time to heal "; it doesn't say:
"There is a time to privatize everything and a time to torture people". - C.P.

See STALIN'S WAR OF EXTERMINATION by Joachim Hoffmann and ARE THE RUSSIANS TEN FEET TALL? by Werner Keller. See also ICEBREAKER: WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR? and TAG M (recently translated as THE CHIEF CULPRIT), by Victor Suvorov (a perfectly astonishing writer) and numerous books by Anthony C. Sutton, particularly THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY; NATIONAL SUICIDE: MILITARY AID TO THE SOVIET UNION; WESTERN TECHNOLOGY AND SOVIET MILITARY DEVELOPMENT; WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION; WALL STREET AND FDR, etc; see also MAJOR JORDAN'S DIARIES. Many of the atrocities for which the Germans were, and are, blamed, were, in fact, committed by Soviet agents provocateurs.

When all the initial Soviet, largely American-made, equipment was destroyed in the German invasion, it was replaced by the United States at a cost of 11 billion dollars (the whole war only cost 37 billion). All the Soviet missiles, fighters, and fighter-bombers built after the war were copied from German prototypes made available by the United States, the only exception being a heavy bomber copied off the B-29. The simple fact of the matter is that, far from trying to "conquer the world", the Germans saved Europe from Communism, and would have destroyed Communism entirely, but were stopped from doing so by the United States. Instead, we got the Cold War, Korea and Viet Nam.

I repeat: Hitler would have destroyed Communism -- partly by force, and partly by converting millions of Communists (see above).

The Soviets were also permitted to purchase uranium ore in Canada, shipping it out of the United States, by air, at American expense, through Great Falls, Montana, allowing them to explode their first nuclear device in September 1949, with the help of atomic secrets supplied by German-Jewish or Russian Jewish immigrants. 54 years later, under the influence of 25 Zionist "neocon" advisors to an American President, it was allegedly discovered that a 10th rate Arab state, already decimated by American sanctions, possessed "Weapons of Mass Destruction", so we needed ANOTHER war! It's not even a coincidence that both Gulf Wars coincided with the Feast of Purim, a Jewish holiday of vengeance. For American atrocities in the First Gulf War, see THE FIRE THIS TIME by Ramsey Clark. - C.P.]

At the end of World War II, my grandmother, who had tried to keep my father's Jewish ancestry a secret throughout his upbringing

[COMMENT: There are many good reasons for keeping one's Jewish ancestry a secret; a sense of decent shame being one of the most obvious.
Ever heard of the "neo-cons"? Jonathon Pollard? The Rosenbergs? The reason Jews were persecuted in National Socialist Germany was because they do not make loyal citizens of any country they have ever lived in. They did not make loyal citizens of ancient Egypt; they did not make loyal citizens of Poland or the Baltic States or Imperial Russia, or of hundreds of other nations or principalities throughout history. In the end, they didn’t even prove loyal citizens of the Communist systems which they worked so hard to set up, which is why the Communists turned against them and Communism was allowed to “collapse”! They do not make loyal citizens of the United States of America -- the most pro-Jewish country in the history of the world -- so how much loyalty could be expected of them in a system explicitly critical of them? That a certain amount of injustice is involved in such measures is inevitable; there is injustice either way. - C.P.]

, discovered that they were both on a list of people who were next in line to be sent to a concentration camp.

[COMMENT: Perhaps this is why 150,000 people with at least some Jewish ancestry served in the German Armed Forces (see HITLER'S JEWISH SOLDIERS by Bryan Rigg). - C.P.]

Nearly a victim of the Holocaust himself

[COMMENT: This is a non sequitur; not all Jews were deported, and not all those deported died. 75,075 Jews were deported out of a total of 225,000 Jews in France; this is an official figure from the Serge-Beate Klarsfeld Foundation in Paris ("Mémorial de la déportation des juifs de France", no page number); most of these were stateless or foreign nationals. When they didn't return to Paris to be “registered” at the "Ministère des ancients combatants" as “still alive” by the end of 1945, they were officially listed as “gassed”. Simone Veil, later President of the European Parliament, was thus listed, under her maiden name. Between 60 and 70% of all Dutch Jews were deported, but only about 20-30% of all Belgian Jews. The Germans never even deported all the Jews available to them! In any case, their labour was required for the war effort. Virtually all belligerent nations intern enemy aliens during wartime; it is a "belligerent right". By virtue of numerous international Zionist "declarations of war" against Germany, beginning on February 24, 1933, Jews fitted into that category very well. Instead, they were allowed to emigrate all over the world, changing their names like crazy (as they always do). According to David L. Hoggan in THE FORCED WAR, 15% of all Jews who emigrated in 1933-34 even returned by 1939! This is because Jews shared in the prosperity of National Socialist Germany, although they no doubt disagreed with the racial aspects of National Socialism. There were no gas chambers, and not one Jew was ever gassed. If you disagree, prove it. - C.P.]

, my father became a vigorous defender of the right to life. This is a legacy he has passed on to me.

In the interest of truth, I respectfully request that you retract any statements on your Web site alleging that the Holocaust never happened

[COMMENT: Unfortunately, this is typically Jewish. You offer no proof, you know nothing of revisionist literature, you have apparently read nothing else on the site, yet you demand a retraction and an apology. When the Jews, Poles, Soviets, British and Americans retract their lies and apologize to the 15 million ethnic Germans expelled, tortured, raped and slaved to death after the last war, when the Jews apologize to the Palestinians, or the Irakis, when the Jews stop dragging us into new wars to suit them every five minutes, well… in any case I have no “false statements” (see below) to retract. - C.P.]

or that those who suffered under Nazi society were "imagining things."

[COMMENT: OK. Do YOU believe in the “human soap”? That's the title of the article, HUMAN SOAP - AMERICAN STYLE. Did the Germans abort their own children, “harvest” the body parts, and sell them to the highest bidder? No; they subsidized the family. They encouraged marriage, raised the birthrate, created employment, and discouraged homosexuality and pornography. Thanks to a five-year starvation blockade by the British with a total of 800,000 deaths and infant mortality rates of up to 85% (many of them AFTER THE WAR, since the starvation blockade was maintained for nine months to force signature of the Versailles Treaty on June 28, 1919), followed by Versailles, the Great Inflation, and the Depression, the National Socialists inherited a generation of rachitic, tubercular children, mothers unable to lactate, and nearly seven million unemployed, yet produced a generation of healthy, happy enthusiastic children, mothers, industrial workers, farmers and soldiers. Membership in the Hitler Youth (which was copied off the Boy Scouts and English boarding schools) was entirely voluntary until 1939. Probably 95% of all German young people joined voluntarily. If the “steam chambers” were a lie, if the “vacuum chambers” were a lie, if the “quicklime chambers” and “quicklime trains” were a lie; if the “electrical chambers” were a lie, if the “gas chambers” are a lie, then how many other lies are there? - C.P.]

My family is a living testimony [!] that this is not the case.

[COMMENT: Another non sequitur. Your father is alive, so that is proof of a “Holocaust”! If anything it proves the contrary. If there was a “Holocaust”, why are there so many “survivors”? - C.P.]

I would appreciate a response, along with an apology [!]

[COMMENT: Isn't that just like a Jew? - C.P.]

for your false statements

[COMMENT: What false statements? The site contains approximately 600 graphics of original documents, thousands of exact references and dozens of translations and articles. Which statements do you allege are false? - C.P.]

about events that still cause my father great pain

[COMMENT: Tell the Palestinians about “Jewish pain”. Maybe they're interested, I'm not. It's hard to think of anything more contemptible than using self-pity as a weapon against the world, but that is the Jewish stock in trade, and has been for 3,000 years. See also JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION, THE WEIGHT OF THREE THOUSAND YEARS, and JEWISH FUNDAMENTALISM IN ISRAEL, by Israel Shahak, a Bergen-Belsen survivor and resident of Israel. Shahak offers some very interesting quotes from the Talmud while we are at it. See also THE JEWISH RELIGION: ITS INFLUENCE TODAY by Elizabeth Dilling (hundreds of pages photocopied from the Talmud, in English, permitting every possible kind of filth and degeneracy (for example: sexual intercourse with girls three years and one day old, boys at least nine years old, but not one day younger, bestiality, etc. etc., photographically reproduced, with underlining. It is not true that these passages have been quoted out of context by anti-Semites. The same material has been posted on the Internet with a search engine and index -- in both graphics and html; see (defunct; see the Wayback Machine).

For enlargement, click here here

For enlargement, click here


I asked an Orthodox Jewish supporter of mine (see Letter 20) what HE thought of these passages from the Talmud, and his response was that the responses of "sages" had been confused with the religious texts themselves. I say: what kind of "religion" produces "sages" like that? It's not just one example; there are hundreds. - C.P.]

Thank you very much.



JUNE 2003

Update: Astonishingly, this exchange of correspondence went on for months and we became friends. She was very interested in Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Walter Lüftl, Dr. Richard Krege, everything. It was something absolutely new to her. She is a Protestant convert from Catholicism, bitterly resentful of Jewish efforts to eradicate Christianity from American public and cultural life, anti-Israel, and opposed to the war on Irak. After I explained that I was not accusing her father of lying, but, rather, of being mistaken about certain things, she even apologized for her initial attitude, saying "I can be fooled as easily as anyone else, and if I have been believing a lie all these years, I want to know it... I am praying to know the truth." She also thanked me for "forcing me to think long and hard about things I had always taken for granted". I sent her a copy of Karski's STORY OF A SECRET STATE (which she said was "weird"), and she sent me a copy of a booklet about the Federal Reserve Board. Apparently she is a writer herself of some kind. I believe that anyone can be made to understand the revisionist point of view provided he/she is interested enough simply to ask questions.

JULY 26, 2004

See also: Recommended Reading

PERSONAL NOTE: The three German-provinces of Belgium (Eupen-Malmédy, Sankt Vith, etc.) were part of the Prussian Reich until incorporated into the Kingdom of Belgium without a plebiscite in 1919. Farm labourers in these provinces were never covered by any kind of social security system until the German occupation 1940-1945. The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg never had an income tax [lucky them!] until introduced by the National Socialists; the income tax code written by the National Socialists was still in use when I left Luxembourg in 1989. The National Socialist Gauleiter for Luxembourg, Gustav Simon, is, of course, insulted in all the Luxembourgish history books and newspaper articles, but in Luxemburgish tax literature he is spoken of with great respect. Gauleiter Gustav Simon was in fact the author of the Luxembourg income tax code, continually reprinted in a two-volume set of books, virtually unchanged since 1945 [changes to the text were indicated in footnotes], with the original introduction by Gustav Simon. I used to have a copy of it, because it was still used by the Luxembourg tax authorities * . It appears that, under the National Socialists, and, later, at least up until 1989, if they didn't believe the information provided on your income tax returns, they made you swear an oath that you were telling the truth [!]. (If you are an American, you really have to laugh). Tax evasion was not a criminal offense [what this means, or meant, in practice, if it is true at all, is anyone's guess; most laws are not worth the paper they are written on, in any system, including our own. It is the method of enforcement that counts]. This is the "Nazi totalitarian state" we are always hearing about. Compared to the I.R.S., it sounds almost like Heaven...

* I also had a copy of the I.R.S. SPECIAL AGENT'S HANDBOOK, made available through the Freedom of Information Act, and reprinted in Volume II of TAX FRAUD: AUDITS, INVESTIGATIONS, PROSECUTIONS, by Robert S. Fink, with Stuart E. Abrams and Elliott Silverman, 1982, published by the Matthew Bender Co., 235 E. 45th St., NY, NY, 10017, and let me tell you something, there is no comparison. Nothing is more absurd than Americans bragging about all their "freedoms".... just search for UNITED STATES v. JACK PAYNER, 447 U.S. 727 (1979) and see what you think... America has been a totalitarian state -- off and on -- since 1861, with various patches of freedom here and there. These "patches" are constantly moving, changing and diminishing, like sunlight moving over a landscape on a cloudy day with a storm approaching; yet we attack all other systems, both past and present, verbally and militarily, in the name of "freedom".

See also: THE GERMAN REVOLUTION by H. Powys Greenwood (very neutral; very good discussion of the extraordinarily complicated religious problems of National Socialist Germany); INTO THE DARKNESS by Lothrop Stoddard; LOOK TO GERMANY by Stanley McClatchie; and WARNINGS AND PREDICTIONS, by Viscount Rothermere (1939); Rothermere visited Germany and Italy many times over a fifty-year period and knew both Hitler and Mussolini. Rothermere will be discussed in another article, along with ORDEAL IN ENGLAND by Sir Philipp Gibbs.

On the deliberate starvation policies followed by the Allies during and AFTER both World Wars, see:
THE POLITICS OF HUNGER by C. Paul Vincent; THE REVOLVER REPUBLIC by George Eric Rowe Gedye; GRUESOME HARVEST by Frank Keeling; and three books by Victor Gollanz, remarkably, a Jew and the son of a rabbi: SHALL THE CHILDREN LIVE OR DIE?; LEAVING THEM TO THEIR FATE: THE ETHICS OF STARVATION, and IN DARKEST GERMANY; see also OTHER LOSSES and CRIMES AND MERCIES by James Bacque.
For a unique compilation of quotes by contemporaries on all aspects of National Socialism and the war, both before and afterwards, see WITNESS TO HISTORY by Michael Walsh, available from

For a unique collection on the Jews as seen by history's greatest men, see ANTI-ZION by Bill Grimstad, available from the same source as above; also on line at

A good collection of Hitler speeches in a cheap edition is entitled MY NEW ORDER, available used from You have to read about 250 pages or so before you get to the really good ones. Also contains reviews and comments on these same speeches, quoted from major newspapers, completely distorting their meaning.

See also: INTO THE DARKNESS by Lothrop Stoddard
Best short and most readable description of everyday life of National Socialist institutions and legislation, and how they effected the ordinary person.
Most objective biography of Hitler

Recommended websites:

On this site:

The Survivors


PS. In one of her messages, this person told me that she had been inspired by THE HIDING PLACE, by Corrie Ten Boom, published in 1971. The book is a novel often described as an autobiography.

This is admitted in the French and Dutch Wikipedia entries, but concealed in the English entries:

"Elle a raconté sa vie à John and Elizabeth Sherrill, qui en ont fait le roman The Hiding-Place (1971) (nl: De schuilplaats, fr:La cachette) sur les périples de la famille Ten Boom avant et pendant la guerre. Ce livre est souvent présenté comme une autobiographie."


"She told the story of her life to John and Elizabeth Sherrill, who wrote a novel based on her story, called The Hiding Place (1971), on the Boom family's adventures before and during the war. This book is often presented as an autobiography."

At any rate, assuming the Jews she hid were members of the underground, or otherwise wanted by the authorities of an occupation government, this sort of activity is punishable by death under international law.

The Meaning of "'War Crime" and 'War Criminal" in Pre-1945 International Law by C.W. Porter