We do not pretend to know whether or not Mr. Obama is a "natural-born American" for Constitutional purposes, but there must be some problem, or else he would be able to obtain an authentic birth certificate (or certified copy of the same, issued by the same authority) like anybody else; the birth certificate posted on his website is an obvious forgery. The document reproduced here is allegedly an authentic Hawaiian birth certificate. Note that the document is dated "1930", yet was prepared on a computer. It appears to be a "certified true copy" allegedly prepared in 2002, according to the ink stamp on the reverse.

From document shown below, reversed

Note ink stamp on reverse, with facsimile signature, reading "I certify that this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file at the Hawaii State Department of Health, Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., State Registrar", with separate date stamp.

From document shown below, reversed
Date stamp, "Sept. 9, 2002"

From document shown below, reversed

another example

By contrast, Mr. Obama's alleged "birth certificate" lacks all of this. It is not an original, it is not an authentic "certified true copy" issued by the agency having issued the original, the registration number is blacked out, it lacks embossing seal, ink stamp with facsimile signature, authentification, fold, and date of authentification. All Hawaii birth certificates must be sent through the post, and are required to show a fold. It is inconceivable that any official agency would issue a modern copy of a document, without the signature, stamp and seal of the official issuing and authenticating the copy.

Any particular reason why nobody in Hawaii can produce an original birth certificate, prepared on a typewriter, or even a photocopy of the same?
What's the matter -- did the dog eat them all?


We are interested in this problem partly because this entire website is largely concerned with false documents and historical falsifications and fakes (for example, click here).

More to come.

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For more on the "birth certificate" fraud, see http://obamacrimes.com/


[Admittedly simply a post to a blog, but the fact of the matter is that all this conjecture is Obama's own fault. He could release his documents, school history, etc...practice the transparency that he promised, and then these rumors and "maybes" would end. Maybe the reality of Obama is worse? Who are you Obama? Jennifer]

Mar 30, 2010

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2010 8:30:01 AM by big black dog

The smartest genius President evah is nothing more than a carboard cutout. A fraud. Doesn't exist. We don't even know how he did in school because to this day his transcripts are sealed. Turns out now that when he was an instructor at the Chicago, his colleagues who were actual Professors didn't like him and didn't want him. Obama's position was obtained through political channels.

Is the President's resume accurate when it comes to his career and qualifications? I can corroborate that Obama's "teaching career" at Chicago was, to put it kindly, a sham.

I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about "Barry." Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn't even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn't have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).

Consider this: 1. President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a "lawyer". He surrendered his license back in 2008 possibly to escape charges that he "fibbed" on his bar application. ...
4. A senior lecturer is one thing. A fully ranked law professor is another. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, "Obama did NOT 'hold the title' of a University of Chicago law school professor". Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Chicago.

5. The University of Chicago released a statement in March, 2008 saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) "served as a professor" in the law school, but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed in 2008.

6. "He did not hold the title of professor of law," said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law.

7. The former Constitutional senior lecturer cited the U.S. Constitution recently during his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.
10. By the way, the promises are not a notion, our founders named them unalienable rights. The document is our Declaration of Independence and it reads: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

11. And this is the same guy who lectured the Supreme Court moments later in the same speech?

When you are a phony it's hard to keep facts straight.

For a constitutional senior lecturer, it's also noteworthy that Obama doesn't know what car insurance covers.

UPDATE: Doug Ross updates with this: “Most Transparent President Ever” Has Bar Records Redacted This Week, Leaving Only Traces of His Existence Some Betamax Videos and a Fraternity Pin

President Obama's Occidental College transcripts have never been released. His Columbia transcripts are, likewise, AWOL. And his Harvard Law transcripts also haven't been made public. Finally, it's reported, he never published any articles while at Harvard, yet somehow served as Editor of Law Review. That would make him unique among editors, according to insiders.

Even John "D Student" Kerry was guilt-tripped into releasing his transcripts.

Curiously, since I relayed a report of Obama's "teaching career" at Chicago (he was apparently never a law professor, as some have claimed), the Illinois Bar has decided to partially redact what little public information it had available on its website related to the President's legal status.

UPDATE #2: Another from Doug Ross: Rub a dub dub, how many IDs does one profile need?

An anonymous tipster points out that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of Illinois has gone through some amazing contortions maintaining a single database record for a retired attorney named Barack Obama.

Obama is only transparent in the sense that his past is invisible.
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