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Robert Wolfe: The Chutzpa

Robert Wolfe: National Archive Head Fakes Captions to National Holocaust Poster Exhibit

By Carlos W. Porter


Documents compiled, translated, and captioned by ROBERT WOLFE for a poster exhibit in 1990, with introduction by HENRY J. GWIAZDA II, ISBN 0-911333-92-4: Available as a booklet for $ 3.50, or a complete poster exhibit for $50 plus $3 shipping and handling. Available from: National Archives Trust Fund, NEDC, P.O. Box 100793, Atlanta Ga. 30384.
BE SURE TO SPECIFY ITEM # 6059, HOLOCAUST EXHIBIT (available from or elsewhere at outrageous prices or the National Archives for $3.50; astonishingly, the original language is listed as "German". Lies have long legs. The present review is based on the 1990 edition, which may or may not differ slightly from the 1993 edition available today).

The intended propaganda impact of this production should not be underestimated. "In 1978, following the broadcast of the television miniseries Holocaust" [a human soap opera and admitted work of fiction] "the National Archives prepared an exhibition entitled 'Holocaust: The DocumentaryEvidence'. Robert Wolfe, currently Assistant Director, Center for Captured German and Related Documents, selected the items in the exhibit from the captured German records and the World War II war crimes records in the Archives. In 1990, he revised this material for a poster series of the same title. In commemoration of the anniversary of U.S. participation in World War II, the National Archives Office of Public Programs is making the material available as a booklet" [from the introduction by Henry J. Gwiazda]. The poster exhibit consists, we are told, of "21 original documents – including German-language texts, transcripts, and photographs … reproduced along with brief captions that explain the significance of each… The flexible exhibit can be installed easily in almost any space… The user may choose to display all 17 posters or to hang a small selection of them. The package has been designed to enable schools, libraries, historical societies, and other groups to adapt the material to their own audiences, educational goals, and budgets. The posters, which are printed on heavy paper and packaged in a sturdy cardboard mailing tube, may be dry-mounted, matted, or framed for exhibition [bold print:]

Plan Your Own Exhibit or Educational Program Now – Order Today.

"During the 12 years of the Third Reich – between Nazi assumption of power in Germany on January 30, 1933 and unconditional surrender on V-E day, May 8, 1945 – the Jews of Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe were subjected to discrimination, loss of citizenship and property, exile, and near extermination.

[COMMENT: like the Palestinians]

So that the world will never forget, Days of Remembrance

[COMMENT: which really ought to be called: Days of Forgetfulness]

are observed each spring in locations around the world." [from inside back cover blurb].

What is most astonishing about it all is that Robert Wolfe obviously cannot read German. How do these people get these jobs? What is certain is the National Archives do have people who CAN read German, and these people -- whoever they are -- are prepared to lie -- and lie brazenly -- in the face of all the evidence, which is right there in black and white in front of them.

For example: P. 20: letter from Reinhard Heydrich to Hermann Göring dated November 11, 1938:

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "On November 9, 1938, Nazi-instigated and condoned anti-Semitic violence broke out throughout Germany", followed by a partial translation: 'In numerous cities looting of Jewish shops and businesses has occurred. […] [DELETED SENTENCE]. The reported figures: 815 shops destroyed, 29 department stores set afire or otherwise destroyed, 171 dwellings set on fire or destroyed, give… only part of the real destruction…'[continuation of partial translation, blah, blah, blah]. [caption] "Report: Action Against the Jews…"


"The Chief of the Security Police II B 4 – 5716/3638 g Please indicate above reference and date in your answer. Berlin SW 11, 11 November 1938 Prinz Albrecht Strasse 8,. Telephone: A 2 Flora 0040 {stamp:] SECRET EXPRESS LETTER To Minister-President General Field Marshal Göring. For the attention of Ministerial Director Dr. Gritzbach Berlin W8, Leipziger Strasse 3. Regarding: Action against the Jews The reports received from state police offices so far give the following overall picture as of 11.11.1938. Looting of Jewish shops and businesses has occurred in numerous cities. Severe measures were taken to prevent further looting in all cases. In addition, 174 persons were arrested. [Es wurde, um weitere Plünderungen zu vermeiden, in allen Fällen scharf durchgegriffen.Wegen Plünderns wurden dabei 174 Personen festgenommen.] The extent of the destruction of Jewish businesses and dwellings cannot yet be expressed in figures. The figures in the reports are as follows: 815 businesses destroyed, 29 department stores set on fire of otherwise destroyed, 171 dwelling houses set on fire or destroyed, but, insofar as this does not involve arson [soweit es sich nicht um Brandlegungen handelt] [i.e., deliberate arson on the part of the Jews] it represents only part of the actual destruction. Due to the urgency of the reporting, the reports have thus far only been able to restrict themselves to general statements, such as 'many', or 'most businesses destroyed'. The indicated figures should therefore be multiplied several times. 191 synagogues were set on fire, another 76 were completely demolished. In addition, 11 community centres, cemetery chapels, and the like were set on fire and another 3 were completely destroyed. Approximately 20,000 Jews were arrested, in addition to 7 Aryans and 3 foreigners. There were 36 fatalities; serious injuries were also reported. The dead and/or injured are Jews. One Jew is still missing. Among the dead Jews were one Polish national, in addition to 2 Polish nationals among the injured. [handwritten signature:] Heydrich

COMMENT: Wolfe's translation ghost-writer forgot to translate the second and third sentences in the second paragraph: The document provides no proof that the violence was Nazi-instigated and/or condoned. Would the Jews really burn their own property, presumably to collect the insurance? Or have I misunderstood something? Of course, there's no proof of that, either.

[Note: There is no proof of it, but it is a reasonable supposition, and personally I believe it. Their property is known to have been very heavily insured, which is why Göring levied a heavy fine on the Jewish community to compensate the insurance companies. How else could the Jews collect the market value of their property? Who is going to pay the full market price for property owned by people known to be desperate to emigrate? The Jews had everything to gain in this situation, while the National Socialists had nothing to gain and everything to lose, and they knew it: this is why looters and arsonists were arrested, as shown by this document.]

Page 22: Transcribed telegram proving that the Jewish community, represented by Jewish councils, cooperated with the National Socialists in occupied Poland on September 21, 1939. Wolfe appears to believe that use of the word "Endziel" [final objective] indicates the existence of a plan to exterminate the Jews as early as September 21, 1939. This is contradicted by his own claim on page 27, according to which the plan was only drawn up at Wannsee on January 20, 1941. The document on p. 22 is a retouched carbon copy without letterhead, stamp, or signature, and contains no mention of extermination. It is not worth translating.

Page 25: Document 1553-PS, invoice for deliveries of Zyklon:

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "This invoice of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schaedlingsbekämpfung – (German Association for Pest Control) – records the shipment of 390 canisters of Zyklon B cyanide gas to be used 'for disinfection and extermination'… etc. etc.

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: [DEGESCH LETTERHEAD] "To Obersturmführer Kurt Gerstein, (1) Berlin, Leipzigerstrasse 31/32, Invoice no. [blank] [!] Frankfurt am Main, 31 May 1944. "On 31 May, we sent the following shipment by ordinary freight, from Dessau, accompanied by an army consignment brief from the army garrison administration of Dessau, to Auschwitz concentration camp, Department of Disinfestation and Epidemic Disease Prevention, Station Auschwitz,: DGS 50185/97 = 13 cases ZYKLON B hydrocyanic acid, without irritant, [each case] containing 30 cans = 390 cans, x 500 g. per can x 195 kg x unit price 5 DM kg = 975 DM, gross [weight] 832.00 kg, tare 276.25 kg, net [weight] 555.75 kg. The labels bear the inscription "Warning: No Irritant"

COMMENT: The word "extermination" does not appear in the document. The term is "Abteilung Entwesung und Seuchenabwehr."

[NOTE: Due to the fact that "Seuchenabwehr" is a compound word, Wolfe can lie with virtual impunity, because if you look it up in a dictionary, it won't be there. You have to look up "Seuche" [epidemic] (without "n"), then look up "Abwehr" [defense], then combine the two, presumably with some knowledge of German grammar.]

Page 24: Letter from Bishop Hilfrich of Limburg dated August 31, 1941, protesting against euthanasia.

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "…Bishop Hilfrich complained that even children at play chattered knowingly about the smokey [sic] chimney and sickly smell and that implausible [!] death certificates had been received…"

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: "Bishop of Limburg, Limburg/Lahn, 13 August 1941. To the Reichsminister of Justice, [no address] [reception stamp: Reich Ministry of Justice, 16 August 1941] With reference to the memorandum filed by the President of the Fuldau Council of Bishops, Cardinal Dr. Bertram [m crossed out, many illegible handwritten markings] (sub-paragraph IV, pp. 6/7), I consider it my duty to provide the following as a concrete illustration of the destruction of so-called 'useless lives'. Approximately 8 km from the little town of Hadamar, on a hill immediately above the town, is an installation which, having earlier served for a variety of purposes, most recently as a clinic and sanatorium, has been converted or set up as a site in which, according to general belief ["nach allegemeiner Überzeugung"], the above mentioned euthanasia [programme] has been deliberately carried on for months, approximately since February 1941. The fact is known beyond the governmental district of Wiesbaden, because death certificates have been sent to the locations of residence in question from a registry office in Hadamar-Mönchberg (The installation is called Mönchberg because it was a Franciscan cloister until the secularization of 1803.) Buses carrying large numbers of such victims arrive in Hadamar several times a week . School children in the area are familiar with these vehicles, and say, Here come the murder boxes'. After the arrival of such vehicles, the citizens of Hadamar observe the smoke rising from the chimney and are constantly tormented by thoughts of the poor victims, all the more so when they are annoyed by revolting odours depending on the direction of the wind." [first page only]

COMMENT: The word "implausible" does not appear in the document. Euthanasia was openly practiced and admitted, and was stopped after protests like this one. Crematory ovens do not smell or emit smoke. The document is covered with handwritten markings which to me are illegible and appears to be a first draft, but it bears a reception stamp. The letter suggests a form of legal procedure which might prove highly expeditious: if you want to know whether anyone is guilty of murder, just ask all the local school children! The letter must have been answered. Where is the answer?

Page 24: Letter from Hitler dated September 1, 1939, authorizing euthanasia:

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: …"Hitler's order authorizing certain doctors to kill persons deemed incurably ill…", the implication apparently being that the Nazis themselves declared people incurably ill, and then killed them

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: "ADOLF HITLER 1 Sept. 1939 Reichesleiter Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are assigned with responsibility for broadening the powers of certain doctors, to be indicated by name, so that persons deemed incurably ill according to the standards of human judgement may be granted a merciful death subject to the most critical evaluation of their condition."

COMMENT: According to a recent radio broadcast, 40% of all deaths of terminally ill persons in Holland today are by euthanasia. Of course, that is all right, because the Dutch are "anti-fascists".

Page 26: Gas van document 501-PS, the "gas van letter" allegedly sent by Untersturmführer [SS Second Lieutenant] Becker to Obersturmbannführer [SS Lieutenant Colonel] Rauff dated May 16, 1942.

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: …This report states: "I disguised the wagons as house trailers by painting… windows like those often seen on farmhouses in the countryside".

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: "Army postal service 31 704 [stamp: SECRET REICH MATTER] To: SS Obersturmbannführer Rauff Berlin, Prinz Albrecht Strasse 8. Repairs on the vehicles in group D and C are finished. While the vehicles in the first series can be used even if the weather conditions are not too bad, the vehicles in the second series (Saurer) get completely bogged down in rainy weather. For example, if it rains for even half an hour, the vehicle cannot be used because it simply skids. It can only be used in dry weather. The question arises of whether the vehicles can only be used in a stationary position at the execution location. The vehicle must first be driven to the location, which is only possible in good weather. The execution location, however, is usually located 10 – 15 km away from the roads, and is therefore only accessible with difficulty due to its location, and in damp or rainy weather it is not accessible at all. If the execution victims are driven or transported to the execution location, they immediately notice what is going on and get agitated, which ought to be avoided insofar as possible. There is only one other possibility, that is, to pick them up at collection stations and drive away with them. I have had the vehicles in Group D disguised as caravans by installing one window [Document 501-PS] on each side of the smaller vehicle, and two windows on each side of the larger vehicle, like the ones often seen on farmhouses in the countryside. The vehicles have become so well known that not only the authorities, but the civilian population as well, refer to the vehicles as 'murder vehicles', as soon as these motor vehicles come in sight. In my opinion, it cannot be kept secret for long even if disguised. The Sauer vehicles which I transported from Simferopol to Tagschrog suffered damage to the brakes en route. At the SK in Mardupo it was found that the sleeve on the oil air-pressure brake was broken in several places. Through persuasion and bribery at the HKP, it was possible to turn out a mould permitting the casting of two sleeves. When I…" [first page only]

COMMENT: The word "painting" does not appear in the document. The verb is "anbringen", to install or affix. I have always wondered how the pressure buildup would be handled in a vehicle of this kind; now we know: the gassing victims, or gassing overpressure, simply broke the windows, and that took care of the overpressure! Apparently the idea of "windows" on a "gas van" was a bit thick even for Robert Wolfe's ghost-translator, so the gerund in English was simply altered to "painting"! The Jewish victims were allegedly fooled by a feat of artistic trompe-l'œil trickery which presumably also caused the cabin of the truck to become invisible, much as half the house disappeared behind a bookcase in the Diary of Anne Frank. This must be one of the most ridiculous documents in the history of the world. On May 16, 1942, the highly mechanized and mobile German army had been fighting in Russia for 11 months, including one entire Russian winter, but their fiendishly clever 'murder vans" got stuck in the mud if it rained even half an hour! The document is signed by an Untersturmführer only. Since thousands of German documents were captured, couldn't we have something from an Obersturmbannführer at least? This one document is more or less the only proof we have of the existence of any "gas vans" at all. Of course, in the real world, nothing takes place in a vacuum, and nothing can be accomplished with only one document. For example, if an invading army needed to find documentary proof that I have worked as a translator in Belgium, it would find, not one document, but literally tens of thousands: order forms, invoices, payment vouchers, bank statements, credit slips, receipts, complaints, corrections, loan agreements, reminders, lawyer's letters, court judgements, threats of seizure and distraint against people who don't pay, tax, accounting and social security records, debits, credits, deductions, accounts with suppliers, agreements relating to the purchase, delivery, and repair of supplies and equipment, registered mail receipts, delivery vouchers for texts, documentary materials, and supplies, all in duplicate or triplicate, not only in Belgium, but in foreign countries as well. I would estimate that in 10 years of translation work I must have generated at least 40,000 documents, 75% of which I have never even seen, quite apart from the translations themselves. Yet we are supposed to believe that the Germans killed millions of people in "gas chambers" and "gas vans" on the basis of one or two documents, usually copies, signed, if we are lucky, by a subordinate! The booklet and poster exhibit contains not one single document relating to gas chambers or even crematory ovens – not one.

Page 27: The Wannsee Conference document, January 20, 1942.

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "At an interagency meeting chaired by Reinhard Heydrich, officials of several Nazi government agencies and representatives of the SS and police formalized the 'final solution of the Jewish question', already in full operation [!] since the German invasion of the Soviet Union in late June 1941…"

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: Page 2 of the document very clearly states: "preparation for the Final Solution". The significance of this is that it proves that Wolfe absolutely cannot read German. The document contains no mention of extermination.
This is the copy with the typewritten SS-rune (there are at least two different versions of the document).

Page 28: the Mauthausen "Death Books". Placing the cause of death in quotation marks in the caption – "angina", "heart attack", "kidney insufficiency" -- does not prove that these people were murdered. There were two witnesses from Mauthausen at Nuremberg. The first, Lampe (IMT VI 206-217, German text), described all sorts of atrocities but did not mention a gas chamber, while the second, Boix, two witnesses later, mentioned "gas chambers" repeatedly, in the plural (IMT VI 300, 307, German text). Nobody noticed the contradiction; nobody asked Boix where they were, how many there were, or how they functioned. The gas chambers are like Heaven; you're supposed to believe in them, but you're not supposed to ask where they are. They work in a mysterious way their wonders to perform. Glory glory Hololujah.

On page 29, Wolfe mentions the "presumably oral Commissar Order". The order was in writing (see Documents PS-2542, PS-3718, USSR-151, C-50, USSR-351, OKW(A) 301-376, OKW(A) 301(d), etc.). That it was never put into effect was admitted even by General Paulus, who testified as a prosecution witness at Nuremberg for the Soviets, straight out of a Russian prison camp (IMT VII 330, German text), as well as by many other witnesses

Page 30 is an Einsatzgruppen report. That these documents are forgeries is apparent from the fact that they mention Katyn as a German crime (NMT IV 112, Einsatzgruppen, "green series"). Wolfe continues to ignore John Ball's research relating to Baba Yar just as he ignores Ball's research with relation to Auschwitz.

Page 31: letter and report, with photo of test subject having died during a fatal medical experiment, written by Dr. Sigmund Rascher to armamentsführer Heinrich Himmler, dated April 5, 1942.

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "…The subject died. Himmler noted in green pencil: 'sehr interessant' (very interesting)."

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: Dr. Sigmund Rascher, Munich, 5 April 1942 Reichsführer, I enclose an intermediate report on the under-pressure chamber experiments conducted in Dachau concentration camp so far. May I most respectfully request that the report be kept secret. SS Reich Doctor Professor Gravitz inspected the experimental arrangements a few days ago. Since time was short, it was not possible to conduct a demonstration experiment for him. SS Obersturmbannführer Sievers took one day of his time to inspect some of the most interesting standard experiments, and will perhaps soon make a report on them. I believe that you would find these experiments extraordinarily interesting! Wouldn't it be possible to conduct a few demonstration experiments for you during one of your visits to southern Germany? If the experimental results obtained so far continue to be confirmed in future, they will result in entirely new scientific discoveries, simultaneously leading to absolutely new concepts in aviation. In view of the intended efforts of Dr. Sievers, I hope that the Air Force will place no further obstacles in my way. I am very much indebted to Obersturmbannführer Sievers for showing great interest in my work. I would like to thank you most sincerely for the realization of my proposal to conduct experiments of this type in the concentration camp. With the sincerest wishes for your well-being, I remain, Yours faithfully, Heil Hitler! [Handwritten:] With thanks, Dr. Rascher. [Page 2] First Intermediate Report on Under-Pressure Experiment in Dachau Concentration Camp The objective was to determine whether the theoretically determined values on survival time in a low-oxygen, low-pressure atmosphere were in accordance with the results obtained in practical experiments. It has been stated that an aviator who parachutes at an altitude of 12 kilometers suffers extremely serious [bodily] harm, and probably even death, from lack of oxygen. Practical experiments on this topic were always interrupted after 53 seconds due to the appearance, both in the present and in the past, of extremely serious altitude sickness. 2. Experiments relating to survival time for a human being above the normal respiratory threshold (4.5 – 6 kilometers) were never conducted at all, since it was found that the test subject would necessarily suffer certain death. The experiments conducted by myself and Dr. Romberg showed that: Death did not result from lack of oxygen or low atmospheric pressure during experimental parachute jumping at either 12 or 13 kilometers altitude. A total of 15 extreme experiments of this type were conducted, in which none of the test subjects died. Extremely severe altitude sickness appeared, accompanied by unconsciousness, but with complete capacity for action when an altitude of approximately 7 kilometers was reached. The electrocardiograms performed naturally revealed certain irregularities during the experiment, but the curves returned to normal by the end of the experiment, and showed absolutely no pathological changes even over the following days. The extent to which bodily attrition might appear in the case of constantly repeated experiments will only become apparent upon concluding the series of experiments. Extreme, fatal, experiments were conducted on specially assigned test subjects, since this type of control, which is extraordinarily important in practice, would otherwise be impossible." [second page of report only]

COMMENT: I have never understood the accusations made against Dr. Rascher, and have no idea how much truth or falsehood they may contain [except for the ridiculous "body heat experiments", in which I do not believe]; I am therefore not in a position to discuss them. The document nevertheless appears to imply that very few test subjects actually died. All nations, including the United States, have carried out medical experiments resulting in death, the Americans even while the Nuremberg Trial was still continuing. The difference is that the Germans used criminals in concentration camps, while the Americans used foreign laborers who were too ignorant to understand the consent forms they signed for a few dollars. Dr. Rascher was shot by the SS. How many German aviators really had to bail out at altitudes of 12 kilometers (about 5 miles)? Wouldn't it have been simpler to equip high-altitude aviators with a breathing apparatus, which they probably wore anyway?

Page 32: the "brutal suppression of the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto". I'm sorry. To me, the Holocaust means gassing millions of people in gas chamber and gas vans, shooting or starving them by the millions, killing them with all sorts of sadistic tortures, etc. etc. It doesn't just mean hanging or shooting a few people, or putting them in concentration camps. So how do pictures of the Warsaw Ghetto "prove the Holocaust"? Would the Americans have tolerated a full-scale armed uprising in 1943 by Japanese-Americans at Tule Lake or any other American concentration camp?

Page 33: Arbitrarily labeled and/or doctored aerial photographs of Auschwitz, ignoring John Ball's research.

Page 34: "Statistical Report, Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe", by Dr. Richard Korherr, pages 9 and 16.

THE DOCUMENT ACCORDING TO ROBERT WOLFE: "…The last half-page of the report, shown here, says in part, 'In sum, European Jewry since 1933… will soon have lost half its substance,' through murder and immigration [sic]". (The word "and", for some mysterious reason, appears in italics in the text by Robert Wolfe.)

WHAT THE DOCUMENT ACTUALLY SAYS: Only two sentences are reproduced from page 16: "The flow of Jewish population movements from the European countries outside the German [sphere of] influence is of a largely unknown magnitude. As a whole, European Jewry will soon have lost half its effective strength since 1933, that is, in the first decade of the German National Socialist show of strength."

COMMENT: Is Robert Wolfe really so ignorant as to be unaware of the difference between immigration and emigration? How do these people get these jobs? One can interpret this document any way one likes, but it contains no mention of murder.

On the contrary: the words "Evacuation" or "Emigration", including the various verb forms, are used 15 times!

Page 35: Two pages from Himmler's "secret speech". Surprisingly, "Ausrottung" here is translated, correctly in my view, as "Extirpation", rather than "Extermination". The reason why this is correct is because "Extirpation", like "Ausrottung", can be used figuratively or literally, while "Extermination" can only be used more or less literally, i.e., one can extirpate an influence or an idea, but one cannot exterminate it. In German, "Ausrottung" applies to both, and is in fact used figuratively in this same speech. The quote in the right-hand column of Wolfe's text does not match the page reproduced above -- further indication, although not proof, that Wolfe simply cannot read German. It should be noted that there are 21 documents, but only 17 posters, i.e., not even one page per document has actually been reproduced. The typescript is 116 pages long, bears no signatures, stamps, or handwritten markings, and contains not one single sharp S (ß), a standard letter in the German alphabet.

Page 36: Photographs of a motley crew of more or less obscure individuals alleged to be "Holocaust survivors": an American congressman, a Hungarian actress, a certifiably insane writer photographed in the company of a reptilian-looking businessman, and the inventor of the hydrogen bomb! Are these the Michelangelos, the Leonardos, the Bachs, the Dantes, the Mozarts, the Dürers, the Shakespeares, of the Jewish people?
If this is the best the Jews can come up with, I feel truly sorry for them, and I mean that.

Finally, first things last, the crudity and stupidity of the introduction by Henry J. Gwiazda II (apparently an African obsessed with the evils of "racism" in general, and "white racism" in particular) are such as to devote 5 full centimeters (on page 7) to a quotation from Document L-3, Graphics of Document L-3, a forgery which was never even accepted into evidence at Nuremberg, 250 copies of which were nevertheless distributed to the press as an authentic document. (IMT II 286-293). Why not reproduce this document as a poster, including the FBI laboratory stamp? How about a poster exhibit on African, Zionist, or "democratic" atrocities? On page 6: "…The sheer numbers suggest one reason why the Nazis developed the crematorium to dispose of their victims."

COMMENT: Crematoria were developed by the British in the late 1880s, one of the first modern cremations being that of the body of a horse, without any smoke or odor, "sickly" or otherwise.

Page 7: "…It was as part of this program at mental institutions that the gas chamber and crematorium were developed."

COMMENT: Gas chambers, of course, as everyone knows, were developed by the Americans in the early 1920s.

Page 15: Another photograph with an arbitrarily concocted caption. Everything in the background has been blown up by the Americans, but the inmates in the foreground have, of course, all been "murdered" by the Germans. Could we have a bit of proof of that? Or is that too much to ask? So in the end, we are back where we started. If Robert Wolfe and the National Archives possess any "proof of a Holocaust", they can publish it and prove it.

September 28, 1998

Update 10 December 2005: How about a national poster exhibit using some of the pics shown here?