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I am a professional translator of German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese into English. I have translated thousands of commercial, legal, financial, and technical documents for over 100 commercial clients in several different European countries.

My revisionist translations include the Walter Lüftl Report and both versions (long and short) of the Germar Rudolf Report, as well as STALINS VERNICHTUNGSKRIEG by Joachim Hoffmann (with considerable editing by other people), published in English as STALIN'S WAR OF EXTERMINATION, and a variety of articles and books by Carlo Mattogno and Jürgen Graf. I am a Member of the Institute of Linguists, London. I am American by birth,

but presently stateless by virtue of formal renunciation of citizenship on 8 November 1984.

I am also a Hoaxoco$t revisionist. (In the 1984 Pavlovian double-talk of the Jews, I am a "Hoaxoco$t Denier".)

We call it the "Hoaxoco$t" because it is a hoax, and it costs plenty. In addition to the jillions of dollars already paid out, directly or indirectly, in cash, goods, and services to Hoaxoco$t "survivors" and the racketeer state of Israel since 1945, with new, improved "Hoaxoco$t survivor" rip-offs, shake-downs, protection rackets, extortion rackets, blackmail schemes, and related swindles being invented and refined almost every week; one would need a computer to calculate the number of unprovoked "air strikes", invasions, bombings, burnings, sinkings, shellings, confiscations, expulsions, tortures, book-burnings, beatings, arrests and detentions, both with and without trial, all caused by the insane delusion that we are fighting "Hitler" every five seconds, in the need to prevent yet another "Hoaxoco$t"(for the umpteenth time).

Hitler's crimes are unique (or so we are told), but there is a "Hitler" under every bed. Even Galtieri of Argentina ("las Malvinas son nuestras") was compared to Hitler -- not to mention Saddam Hussein, Noriega of Panama, and the democratically-elected (3 times) President of Serbia, a parliamentary state with several opposition parties. But I digress.

I became a "Hoaxoco$t denier" between 1976 and 1978, when I noticed that the chemical reactions described in Hoaxoco$t literature are all incorrect, and all contradict each other.

Gas chamber executions occur under the judicial proceedings in California. For example, the technology of gas chamber executions was described fairly accurately by rapist Caryll Chessman in his best-selling book CELL 2455, DEATH ROW, which I read as a small boy. When Chessman was executed, it must have been one of the biggest news stories in California since Pearl Harbor. This technology is described again every time there is an execution. Many years later, reading the "confession" of Josef Kramer ("He gave me a bottle containing about half a pint of salts. I think they were salts of cyanide... I introduced a certain quantity of salt through a tube... they breathed for about half a minute before they fell to the floor"), my immediate reaction was "where is the acid?".

One might also ask how they plugged the hole, etc. etc. But again I digress.

The mere fact that it requires one to one-and-one-half hours to cremate a corpse, even in the most modern crematory oven, should be enough, in itself, to bring down the whole Hoaxoco$t house of cards. Indeed, one of my worst errors as a revisionist was to over-estimate the capacity of crematory ovens; ovens I thought capable of 16 cremations a day (as compared to hundreds or even thousands per day, according to the Jews) were, in reality, capable of merely 3 or 4.

My 1978 essay on the subject, THE CHEMISTRY OF THE HOAXOCO$T, has very little value today compared to hundreds of other papers by many other people, particularly, Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Friedrich Berg, and Walter Lüftl, and in some respects is rather poor; but it shows how I became a "Hoaxoco$t Denier". I did not do so frivolously.

The essay contains at least one error. Zyklon was not "weak", but the evaporation rate was extremely slow. It was slowed deliberately to make it less dangerous to human beings.

The reaction to this particular paper, which was widely reproduced, was dramatic (death threats, hysterical phone calls, etc.). One group was so kind as to give me a "trial" in my absence. They had a whole list of crimes I had committed -- being "scum" was one of them -- after which I was duly found "guilty" and "sentenced to death", with "sentence to be carried out by a team of our specialists within one year" (20 years ago).

In 1978, I thought the Holocaust was a lie, but I still thought it was an intelligent lie; I was wrong.

In 1988, after 10 years of research, I published MADE IN RUSSIA, THE HOLOCAUST, a collection of 400 pages photocopied from the Nuremberg Trial transcript and related archives, "proving" a whole load of lies that nobody believes any more (i.e steam chambers, vacuum chambers, trapdoor chambers, quicklime chambers, electrical chambers, human soap, trees as murder weapons, human hair socks, human hair mattresses, plus an exclusive line of leather goods made out of human skin which no one has ever seen)., etc. etc. etc.

To my amazement, there was almost no reaction to this book, then or later. Almost the only reaction at all came from an otherwise intelligent person who said, "Your book is absolutely amazing. Did the Germans really have pedal-driven brain-bashing machines to make human soap?" When I attempted to explain that the book was nothing more than a collection of obvious lies, he couldn't quite understand. People are stupider than I thought they were.

I would have thought that my sarcasm was unmistakable, but no, people took it all absolutely seriously. My printer and bookseller told me my irony just went over people's heads.

Many other people understood the intent of the book, but kept silent, for reasons best known to themselves. My own theory is that MADE IN RUSSIA is so amazing that people don't know what to think, so they don't say anything. Perhaps I am right, perhaps wrong.

In 1988, Ernst Zündel and video cameraman Jürgen Neumann, produced a 90-minute video in which I commented upon a number of more or less worthless Nuremberg Trial "documents", most of which did not duplicate material from the book.

An interview with myself by Ernst Zündel, produced in 1988, was not released until the early 1990s; I believe it is video number 7, sandwiched in between David Irving and Rudolf Hess. (A greater compliment, unless it is an accident, can hardly be imagined).

In the same year, 1988, I published NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG, which originated as a series of corrections to NUREMBERG AND OTHER WAR CRIMES TRIALS by Richard Harwood (David McCalden), following essentially the same format. This book, with approximately 1000 references, was more successful (Update September 2012: All orders to BM BOX 5581, LONDON WC1N 3XX, cheques/POs payable to 'British People's Party' ).

In 1992, I did a series of articles on Japanese war crimes for purposes of comparison, entitled JAPS ATE MY GALL BLADDER, and undertook to translate NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG into a variety of foreign languages, with corrections and re-translations supplied by a wide variety of people (available from Historical Review Press, PO BOX 243, Uckfield E. Sussex TN22 1ZY, England) or (Update September 2012: BM BOX 5581, LONDON WC1N 3XX, cheques/POs payable to 'British People's Party').

More recently, I co-authored a number of derivative books with Vincent Reynouard, in French, based essentially on the same material, but using the French version of the Nuremberg transcript as a basis. The first of these was called DELIRE A NUREMBERG, and was said to have sold quite well.

On April Fool's Day 1998, after 17 months of proceedings before 4 courts and a total of 7 judges, beginning with my appearance before an examining magistrate in Verviers, Belgium on 4 November 1996 in answer to "international letters rogatory" (a procedure normally used in the pursuit of international car theft rings, etc.), I was convicted of "incitement to racial hatred" in Munich Germany, and fined an odd sum of money (probably the most they thought they could collect in view of the fact that I am self-employed and have 4 children) ending in 20 pfennigs. The Germans are very exact.

For 17 months, the German courts ignored everything I introduced in reply to the avalanche of subpoenas, summonses, certified letters, certified translations, demands for payment, etc.. Jokes, insults, sarcasm, refusals to appear, demands for the production of evidence, irrefutable legal arguments, refusals to pay, etc. were all ignored -- like a computer continually displaying the same error message.

Intrigued by the date of my final conviction, and in an effort to determine whether or not the Germans are really as stupid as they would very often seem to appear, I sent the Munich State Prosecutor's Office a 10 pfennig-piece Scotch-taped to my Final Statement to the Court (in which, for the third or fourth time, I refused to pay anything -- there are 11 files of these proceedings on this site), asking them to deduct 10 pfennigs from the amount owing, and send me a receipt for it. They did. I haven't heard from them since. They spent a fortune prosecuting me, including mountains of certified translation work, German into French, French into German, German into English, English into German, wasting 17 months of their time, then they sent me a receipt for 10 pfennigs.

On 23 September 1998, the Belgian social security system took me to court and bankrupted me, making it impossible for me to work; two lawyers advised me to disappear. I am now separated from my family for the first time in 26 years. On the bright side, this renders me conveniently judgement-proof for further proceedings; all they can do is imprison me. I sometimes wonder how many years they have sentenced me to in absentia without telling me about it.

On October 22, 1998, LE MATIN, a daily newspaper published in Liege, Belgium, printed six large articles about me and my "trial" (top of front page, all of page 2, large article top of page 3), calling for my imprisonment and hinting subtly that I deserve to be killed. Vincent Reynouard and I replied to this in a 25 page brochure entitled CARLOS PORTER REPOND A SES ACCUSATEURS.

Although the Germans have no authority with which to arrest me at present, I am under no illusion that they will fail to "get me" sooner or later.

For those who fail to see a pattern in recent events, I shall make it as clear as I can: The Pedro Varela case in Spain shows that you can be accused of "genocide" even if all you have ever done is dispute the authenticity of the Diary of Ann Frank. Varela was (and, by some miracle, still is) a book-seller specializing in revisionist and National Socialist literature.

The Pinochet Case in London shows that if you are accused of "genocide" you can be arrested and extradited anywhere in the world.

The unprovoked NATO war of aggression against the sovereign state of Serbia shows that if you are accused of "genocide", you will be accused of every possible atrocity and bombed into the Stone Age without a declaration of war.

This creates the precedent, and the authority (although it is totally illegal) to arrest revisionists and nationalists, anywhere in the world, at any time. This is the 1984 international totalitarian terror state of the future, predicted by Aldous Huxley in his 1950s essay BRAVE NEW WORLD REVISITED.

For example: if the Spanish Constitutional Court (just as an example) upholds Varela's appeal on the grounds that the law under which he was convicted of "genocide" is unconstitutional, the Government of Spain will be guilty of "aiding and abetting in genocide", and Spain can be bombed. Any nation-state which attempts to assert its sovereignty or independence in any manner whatsoever, can now be bombed.

Whatever is happening in Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) is the collapse of a multicultural, multiracial state. Europe is the ex-Yugoslavia of tomorrow. The message is very clear: resistance to the dictates of the multiracial dictatorship of tomorrow (excuse me: of today) will be met by "death from above".

The inevitable result of all of this can only be the following:
a) a huge increase in international terrorism (for example, blowing up embassies and killing tourists);
b) a huge increase in the international arms race (since every two-bit country in the world -- Haiti, Panama, Somalia, etc. etc. -- will require nuclear weapons and nuclear missile delivery systems to prevent arbitrary attack by the United States -- which really means: by Israel -- at any moment.;
c) a frantic search for cheap new weapons which can be employed by weaker countries (which probably means: biological weapons); and
d) a huge upsurge in regional nationalism, at least in the Balkans, since every ethnic, national, and religious group in the region has some claim against some other (and there are hundreds), every one of which has been encouraged by NATO's ignorant, destructive, and hypocritical support of Albanian claims to Kosovo.

For example, Greece has a centuries-old claim to half of Albania. If the Albanians have a right to part of Serbia (and Kosovo is part of Serbia, whether anybody likes it or not), then why don't the Greeks have a right to part of Albania? And so on, ad infinitum.

What is doubly ironic is that the crimes of which Serbia stands accused are the same crimes in which Israel has always specialized: Israel is a torture state, the "ethnic cleanser" par excellence.

Let us hope that the above-mentioned upsurge in nationalism spreads generally, accompanied and strengthened by the knowledge that the Hoaxoco$t is a lie, all lies, and nothing but lies.

Carlos W Porter

May 15, 1999.

Note: the predictions marked in red above came true, but not quite in the way I imagined. I was not expecting the President of the United States, with 25 Zionist "neocon" advisors, to telecrash 4 airplanes, blow up 3 buildings, fake an anthrax scare and start 2 wars in less than a year. Terrorist, heal thyself.

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"Well, flesh-fly, it is summer with you now;
Your winter will come on."

- Ben Jonson


MAY 18, 2004

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