Only In America: “Consent” to Your Child Having Unnecessary Surgery or Go to Jail!

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UPDATE: As of 5/14/2015, this is the latest news from Chase’s Guardians…


Heather has been arrested for protecting her son from court ordered genital mutilation and 4.5 year old Chase has been handed over to his psycho-circumcision obsessed father Dennis!!!!!!!
‪#‎FreeHeather‬ ‪#‎SavingChase‬


We are devastated and we will update as soon as we know more.

As soon as Hunker filed the emergency motions this morning, Federal Judge Kenneth Marra acted fast. He has scheduled a hearing on all the motions for this Monday, May 18 at 1 pm in the federal courthouse, 701 Clematis, Room 4, West Palm Beach.

We will gather outside of the court house at noon to show our support for Heather and Chase and to urge Judge Marra to protect Chase from a forced medically unnecessary circumcision.


In what is possibly one of the most egregious cases of judicial overreach and spiteful parenting that I have ever seen, a judge in Florida is seeking to hunt down a mother and child in order to force her to “consent” to unnecessary surgery on the boy’s genitals.

The History: How We Got Here

The child is four year old Chase. Chase’s parents were never married. Initially, his father, Dennis Nebus, showed no interest in claiming paternity or having anything to do with Chase. When he did finally step up and admit paternity, they signed an agreement that if Chase needed to be circumcised, his father would arrange and pay for the procedure. And for several years, that was the extent of the situation. Nebus showed no interest at all in taking the necessary steps to have Chase circumcised for nearly two years after the parenting plan was signed.

From the parenting plan, entered into the court’s records January 6, 2012:

5.13 – Circumcision of Minor Child. The Father is responsible for scheduling and taking the minor child to the procedure. The Mother can accompany the minor child if she chooses. The Father will also bear any and all cost associated with the minor child’s circumcision. Mother agrees to and shall timely execute any and all documents reasonably necessary to effectuate the circumcision of the minor child.

Until… Chase’s mother, Heather Hironimus, did some research and found out more about circumcision. She found out what the surgery entails. She found out the risks of the surgery. She found out that what she had previously heard about the supposed “benefits” of surgery was simply untrue.

Heather became a part of the movement for genital integrity rights. The genital integrity movement, often called “intactivism”, is made up of people who believe that all individuals… male, female and intersex… deserve to make their own decisions about whether they make any permanent modifications to their body.

At this point Chase was three years old. Circumcision now usually requires general anesthesia (and its attendant risks) on top of the other known complications and risks of the procedure.

But then, in December 2013, after dragging his feet for nearly two years since the parenting plan was filed in court, and 3-1/2 years after Chase was born, Nebus decided Chase must be circumcised.

He was so insistent on this that he took Hironimus to court to force her to agree to consent to having Chase circumcised.

“I Wouldn’t Want to Bear That Burden…”

In order to get Florida Medicaid to have specialists examine Chase (and to try to get them to pay the bill for the surgery), Nebus made a claim that Chase had a medical issue called phimosis. (See the section “Phony Phimosis Claims below.)

Court records show that Dr. Charles Flack (a pediatric urologist) testified that the surgery was not medically necessary for Chase. Dr. Flack testified to the Florida court that he wouldn’t have his own son circumcised in a similar situation because of the risks of anesthesia. “If he’s not having any problems, I wouldn’t want to bear that burden if, God forbid, something happened,” said Dr. Flack, according to court records.

And in May of 2014, the judge in this case, Jeffrey Dana Gillen (Fifteenth Circuit, Palm Beach County, Florida) went way over the line in his blatantly biased decision for the father.

Not only did he order that Chase had to undergo a medically unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedure on his genitals, he also ordered that:

Heather was not allowed to ever tell Chase that she is or ever was opposed to him being circumcised.

The child would be in the custody of his father for two days prior to and twelve days after the unnecessary procedure.

At what point does a judge get to tell us what we are allowed to tell our minor children?

Luckily, less than a week later, the Fourth District Court ordered an emergency stay to allow an appeal of the decision.

Please note: during the trial, Nebus was unable to repeat his false claims about phimosis. The expert witness, Dr. Flack, flat-out stated that Chase did not have any medical conditions requiring circumcision. Nebus simply claimed that circumcision was “just the normal thing to do.” Which does not explain why he did not make arrangements for the child to be circumcised the time that the parenting plan was filed in January of 2012… instead waiting nearly two more years until he knew that his ex-girlfriend was now opposed to the surgery.

Like Cockroaches, They Fled the Light

On May 15th, 2014, Nebus filed to get a gag order on Hironimus. The team of intactivists known as “Intact America” and “Chase’s Guardians” had been very effective at contacting the media and making it known throughout the U.S. and internationally what was happening in that courtroom in Florida.

Honestly, if he was so certain that he was truly justified in having his son receive a medically unnecessary cosmetic procedure, he wouldn’t have been so anxious to hush everybody up.

On May 21st, 2014, there were protests outside of the courthouse to try to stop the gag order and to raise awareness of the risks of circumcision, both generally and especially in Chase’s case. The protests were peaceful and well attended.

On May 24th, 2014, a brief was filed with the appeals court to attempt to reverse the lower court’s ruling.

Nebus is relatively well-to-do. Hironimus is a single mother who was working as a waitress. Nebus began throwing motions right and left in an attempt to discourage Hironimus. He even went so far as to complain to GoFundMe that the page set up to help Hironimus with the legal fees was a “scam”. That word freaks GoFundMe out and in July 2014, the page was removed.

On October 31, 2014, Chase turned four. In November 2014, the appeals court refused to hear the appeal and the internet exploded with news about Chase, the gag order and the ridiculous ruling. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with supporters Chase and his mother.

There was a new fundraising page on YouCaring set up to help Hironimus deal with the costs of the constant frivolous motions by Nebus. Celebrities were even getting in on the action, tweeting and Facebooking the fundraising information to help her.

Sadly, that page also fell victim to being accused of allowing a scam to operate and shut the page down to protect its other fundraising pages. Intactivists set up a direct PayPal account through Doctors Opposing Circumcision. (Latest fundraising can be found at Chase’s Guardians.)

In January 2015, protesters took the protests directly to the doctors who purportedly willing to perform the unnecessary cosmetic procedure on the child. At this point Chase, at 4, was vocally objecting to the circumcision. His wishes, however, meant nothing to Nebus or Judge Gillen.

Three days of protests outside the office of Charles Flack led to that office stating that they definitely were not going to participate in the procedure. In fact, Flack flat out told demonstrators that he would not perform the surgery over the protests of the mother, court order or not.

That was not enough, though. An alleged coworker/friend of Nebus posted this on Facebook:

This perfectly illustrates the attitudes of Nebus and Gillen.

In January, Intact America also sent out letters to every pediatric urologist in Florida, pointing out the ethical problems of performing an unnecessary surgery on a child who is vocally objecting and over the objections of the child’s mother.

The case started to attract nationwide attention.

The Doctors did a survey on the ethics of circumcising a four year old.

Parenting Magazine did an article on their website.

Articles began springing up all over the internet:

Florida circumcision case brings attention to changing advice for parents

When the Sunshine State(s) Said ‘Cut’

There Will Be “Serious Psychological Consequences”

A psychologist even reached out to Chase’s Guardians and gave this advice for Hironimus:

This is a truly terrible situation which will undoubtedly have some degree of traumatic impact on Chase. The literature is very clear that even in situations where the child loses a body part due to illness (and is thus able to prepare himself psychologically), it carries serious psychological consequences.

The psychological literature specific to circumcision suggests that children often experience this act as serious violation of their bodily integrity and often develop symptoms that are commonly seen in children who have been sexually abused.
As terrible as this situation is, it is critical, in my opinion, that Chase be prepared for his surgery. He should absolutely know what will happen to his body. If possible, he should meet with a child psychologist so that he can prepare himself for this loss and should certainly meet with a psychologist following the surgery. Even when young children know surgery is necessary (obviously not the situation in this case) they often view surgery as a breach of parental trust. In their minds, the parent failed to protect them.

What often happens next is that children can’t tolerate having these negative and aggressive feelings toward their caregivers. To manage these feelings they direct them inward and often become depressed. I think it is very important that Heather understand that this event is likely to change Chase emotionally and psychologically.

If I were in her position (and had no other options to protect the boy) I would directly inform Chase that she tried her best to keep him whole. I’m not sure if this would lead to anything more than a contempt charge but I would suffer whatever personal consequence was handed down in order to communicate this message.

Above all else, please communicate to Heather that surprising Chase with this surgery is among the most psychologically damaging things that can occur in this already traumatic situation. She should also communicate that while she cannot be there for him following the surgery, she will be thinking of him. Sending him with a “transitional object” from mom, such as a stuffed animal, could be of help to reinforce this connection.

Unfortunately, following this very sound psychological advice would result in a contempt charge from the judge who is hellbent not only on having Chase cut but in preventing his mother from giving him any comfort whatsoever.

In February, 2015, it became known that Dr. Subhash Purinak of South Florida Pediatric Surgeons was going to be performing the unnecessary cosmetic procedure on Chase. Once again, intactivists headed out to raise awareness of the injustice being planned.

Phony Phimosis Claims

On February 18th, 2015, without notifying the mother of his plan and without her consent, Nebus took Chase in for a pre-surgical appointment. He did this without even involving the very court that was upholding his right to have his son’s penis surgically altered for non-medical reasons.

Remember how Dr. Charles Flack testified that it was not medically necessary for Chase? He did not have phimosis. (Keep reading to see how it isn’t even possible for a child Chase’s age to be diagnosed with phimosis.)
However, Nebus continues to circulate rumors that Chase was being circumcised due to phimosis. This was somehow diagnosed because Chase has begun urinating down his leg when he was with his father.

How is this possible?

Chase’s regular pediatrician refuses to diagnose Chase with phimosis. This is because Chase, as a normal, healthy 4 year old does not have phimosis!

Phimosis cannot be diagnosed for a four year old on the basis of a non-retractable foreskin (the claim being circulated). It is normal for a four year old to have a non-retractable foreskin. The foreskin naturally retracts at a wide range of ages.

While it can sometimes happen as early as age three, it is perfectly normal for it to not happen until puberty (or even later). As long as the boy is able to urinate without problems, it is perfectly fine (and in fact, the norm) to have a non-retractable foreskin at age 4.

Dr. Charles Flack, the original court expert, testified that Chase does not have phimosis.

Dr. Subhash Puranik, who is willing to do the circumcision despite the lack of medical necessity, has not diagnosed Chase with phimosis.

Hironimus’ lawyer went to court to object to Nebus scheduling this appointment without any notice or consent from the mother. They asked again for an emergency motion to stop the unnecessary surgical procedure. They were denied.

No one seemed willing to entertain the idea that Chase was having continence issues in his father’s care because he was absolutely terrified of having his penis surgically altered. Chase is now 4-1/2 and his body image is well set. Changing such a personal part of his body so drastically can lead to nothing but trauma for this child.

In addition, how did Nebus know that Chase’s foreskin wasn’t retracting? Care of the intact penis is for the parent to do nothing more than wipe the penis off like a finger when the child is still in diapers and needing that type of care. Retraction is never a part of proper intact care.

Judge Gillen blocked pertinent information from Florida DCF from being admitted in the court battle over the issue.

This information was that Nebus was allegedly physically manipulating Chase’s foreskin during his parenting time to the point that Chase returned to his mother after each visit visibly distressed and traumatized.

Alarmed, Hironimus filed charges with DCF in January of 2014. When Nebus failed to cooperate with DCF they closed the case for lack of evidence. In February, still concerned for her son’s safety, Hironimus once again filed with DCF to attempt to protect Chase from the physical and emotional trauma of having his foreskin physically handled by Nebus. However, Florida DCF is chronically overburdened and understaffed, so when Nebus once again refused to cooperate, they again closed the case due to lack of evidence.

Judge Gillen refused to allow this information into court because of DCF’s inability to get the necessary evidence. This shows that in Florida, you can apparently avoid child abuse charges by refusing to cooperate with investigators if you are a white, affluent business owner.

And where does Nebus keep getting the phony phimosis diagnosis that he is apparently using to defraud Florida Medicaid into paying for the specialists and the cost of the unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedure?
That would be Dr. Adam Cutler, of West Boca Raton, Florida. Nebus pays Hironimus a mere $200/month in child support for Chase’s care. He apparently defrauds the state of Florida and the U.S. government by paying these funds from his business (Excalibur Marble and Tile) so that he can claim his child support as a “business expense”.

Chase qualifies for Florida Medicaid because Hironimus gets only $200/month in support.

However, Nebus somehow has the money to pay out of pocket for Chase to see Dr. Cutler. This is because Cutler is willing to do what Chase’s regular pediatrician and two pediatric urologists refuse to do. He diagnoses Chase with phimosis, which is not even physiologically possible at Chase’s age, and puts it into the medical record so that Nebus can then attempt to defraud Florida Medicaid by having them pay for the unnecessary surgery.

“She’s Going to Sit Behind Bars”

On March 6th, 2015, Judge Gillen stated that Hironimus had no more choice in the matter. His statement in court? “She IS going to sign the paperwork authorizing Chase’s circumcision or she’s going to sit behind bars until she does.”


The Sun-Sentinal, the paper covering the proceedings in court, has been so upset by the egregious behavior of the judge in this matter that even the paper has had its attorneys file a request for an emergency motion to have the order declared unconstitutional. Their request was denied because “it did not fit the definition of an emergency because it didn’t involve ‘matters of life and death or instances of irreparable harm.’”

I’m not sure on what planet a foreskin can be replaced after circumcision, but apparently the courts thought that having cosmetic surgery on a four year old’s genitals wasn’t “life or death” or “irreparable harm”. Ludicrous.

The so-called “father” may not understand the harm (more likely he just doesn’t care, as long as it hurts his ex). The courts may not understand what they are doing…. but individuals all over the world do see it.

Hironimus’ original lawyer, Taryn Sinatra, quit the case. During the course of the trial, she gave birth to her second son and had him circumcised (as was her older son). She even assured Hironimus repeatedly that if Chase did have to be circumcised he would be “just fine”… calling in to question the effort she has truly putting forth on behalf of young Chase.

As of today, however, Chase is safe. According to her new attorney, while legally in his mother’s custody, Hironimus and Chase entered the care of a domestic violence shelter.

Given the emotional abuse being instigated by the spiteful actions of Nebus (and the alleged sexual abuse of the child due to the unnecessary physical manipulation of his foreskin during visitations), this is a very appropriate place for them to be.

Judge Gillen responded by ordering U.S. Marshals to hunt her down and bring her before the courts.

For now, Chase is safe from unnecessary surgery. But our country remains at the mercy of capricious judges who think that they have the rights to order us what we can (or must) do to our bodies or to our children’s bodies.
It doesn’t matter what you think about routine infant circumcision (I will address that issue in other posts). Chase is not a newborn. His so-called “father” had every opportunity to have him circumcised when he was a newborn or young baby.

He failed to do so until he became aware that his ex-girlfriend was opposed to it. At that time he decided to use his son as a pawn in his efforts to hurt his ex.

That isn’t parenting.

That isn’t parental choice.

That’s abuse.

(NOTE: If you would like to assist Chase and his mother in their attempts to secure Chase against physical and psychological harm from an unnecessary cosmetic surgical procedure, please go to Chase’s Guardians and donate to her legal fund. Judge Gillen has forbidden her to do any fundraising on her own behalf in an apparent attempt to get this matter settled by having her run out of funds.)

On the issue of consent – it is only valid if it is informed and Heather was not informed by Dennis Nebus the so-called father, or by the notary or lawyer who drew up the parenting agreement. They, by calling it a point of ‘parenting’ deceived/defrauded her with a control issue and intent to harm the infant/minor child, who in fact is the only one who should be required to assess whether he wishes to consent to destruction of the 5 layer organ and nerve plexus which is an ontological structure of his genitals. The foreskin is associated with every neurological system of the human and primate body.

Why did Judge Jeffrey Dana Gillen and Dennis Nebus not care enough to research the issue? They likely have 25 times the resources to do so available to them. Do they wish to remain wilfully ignorant to be able to hurt as they have been hurt? To behave on impulse, reaction and compulsion (among the psychopathology caused by circumcision)?

I hope this case is finally put to superior court and results in an injunction against circumcision for Chase until he is 21 or whatever the legal age of consent is in Florida.

Oh, I totally agree that the original consent was a farce… but I think that the idea (of the first comment) blaming Heather because Nebus never bothered to follow up on that clause is pretty dumb.

If your children’s father would try to have a finger removed from your child, would you tell your child it was ok, or would you move heaven and Earth to have the procedure stopped? She is not trying to delay it. She is trying to stop it from happening.

In some cases that surgery might be necessary. When it is, nobody objects. She wouldn’t either. But in her child’s case, it is not necessary. If the kid was really sick and in pain, he would be happy to have any surgery as long as it stops the pain.
Quit the bullshit!

“If she was that great I’m sure they would have been still together.” How can you read this article and still try to pin it on this poor woman? This ” father” is abusive, the child even wets himself in his presence out of fear. The father pays only a pathetic 200 for child support, and he had no part in this child’s life in the beginning. Not to mention, he’s trying to scam the government into paying for the surgery. Plus, based on the Facebook post by his friend, this is all just a game to him. He and his friends laugh about it, and are in it for the attention and to control the innocent people around them. He doesn’t care about the child’s welfare, and he has no respect for the mother or all the people who do care. He should be thrown in jail for abuse.

If HE were that great she might never have left him. He sounds like a summa control freak, unintelligent, and she’s better off without a mutilating idiot anywhere near her.

This horrific barbarism is enough to make me want to cry and I cry at very little anymore. I can ‘t believe that the court is helping to ensure that this child is going to be mutilated and in my eyes abused sexually. The court should be throwing the dad and all of the doctors performing circumcisions in prison for what would be clearly seen as a crime if not for religious biases and people being ignorant about how science doesn’t support circumcisions for healthy boys and is in the process of self correcting like it is supposed to do.

One issue I do have with the write up is that the following sentence could be seen as a reason to denounce all of the info as rhetoric: “in Florida, you can apparently avoid child abuse charges by refusing to cooperate with investigators if you are a white, affluent business owner.”

The reason I say this is that, as a child welfare worker, I am intimately aware that in many states, parents don’t have to cooperate with child welfare and little can be done about it. I could get a call that a kid is being beaten with a hot iron and if I go to the family’s house and am not allowed in and am told to go away, unless I happen to catch a glimpse of the kid having injuries or the police get involved, there isn’t anything further I can do except go back a few more times to try to get cooperation and it doesn’t matter what race or income class someone is in, however, I can say that most of those parents that fail to cooperate see their kids as objects that they own and can use as they see fit (which sounds just like this dad).

If it is so important to him for the child’s sake, what would be the harm in waiting until the child is a little older and can make a fully aware decision. I love in a sarcastic manner how the dad thinks because it is common for baby boys to have their genitals mutilated, he wants his boy to be mutilated too, so he will be “normal”.

Surely, he knows that normal is not always the correct thing to be. Maybe the mom should ask the police to do a welfare check when the kid is at dad’s and make sure they know that the dad may be hurting the kid’s penis by trying to unnecessarily pull back his foreskin. By the way, me and my wife were directed to do this by an actual pediatrician and skin doctor when we were trying to break the cycle in our families and were first becoming educated about the matter. Also, if the dad isn’t handling the kid’s health properly now, I’d be arguing that even if he is instructed properly, he won’t properly care for the kid’s wound and could cause him great harm.

This story does well to expose Dr. Adam Cutler of West Boca Raton who diagnosed Chase with phimosis, which is not even physiologically possible at Chase’s age, and puts it into the medical record so that Nebus can then attempt to defraud Florida Medicaid by having them pay for the unnecessary surgery.

This practice is widespread in Florida and, if other Medicaid States that do not cover neonate circumcision were to be investigated, the result would be a national scandal. Medicaid officials have to be aware of this enormous fraud. Why haven’t they done something to stop this lucrative, multimillion dollar scheme?

This article will reveal the tip of the iceberg:

The $111.8 million in this Florida scam (with $6,000 boy “phimosis” circumcisions is just the beginning… [apparently defunct = censored by united kikedom]

There is a name for a parent demanding that unnecessary, potentially dangerous, emotionally damaging medical procedures be performed on children in their care. It’s called “Munchausen by proxy.”

Kike father, kike judge, kike lawyer = 1 classic railroad job.
Moral of the story: when you see trouble coming, change jurisdictions.
It's a civil agreement under Florida law.
Let them try to enforce a Florida civil agreement in Wyoming, or Texas, or Maine (if they can find you).
That kike Gillen may think he's God, but he's nothing but a piddling little family court judge in a state court, not even a Federal court.
Fuck him. Fuck Florida. Just move a few states away and start over. Before it starts.
Unless you've robbed a bank, they usually drop it when they realize you're no longer in the jurisdiction.
Fuck them. Travel light.
What crime -- what misdemeanour -- had Heather Hironimus committed by failing to fulfil some horseshit "civil agreement" under Florida law?

Sorry to swear.
-- More to come --

Satanic Judges Turn America into Soviet Socialist Talmudic Hell

Personal Notes on the Chase/Heather Hironimus Case by C. Porter



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