Excerpt, translated by C.W. Porter

(Resolution adopted by the unanimity of its members [i.e., there was not one single abstention], at the Congress of the Socialist Party of Chile, signed in the city of Chillán, 24-25 November 1967).

FIRST: The Socialist Party, as a Marxist-Leninist organization, plans to take power as a strategic objective to be fulfilled by the present generation, creating a Revolutionary State, liberating Chile from economic and cultural backwardness, and initaiting the building of Socialism.

SECOND: Revolutionary violence is inevitable and legitimate. It is the result of the repressive, armed nature of the class-state. It is the only path leading to the taking of political and economic power, and its subsequent defense and reinforcement. Only by destroying the bureaucratic and military power of the bourgeois state can one consolidate the socialist revolution.

THIRD: Peaceful or legal methods of struggle (aggressive, ideological and electoral protest, etc.) do not, in themselves, lead to power. The Socialist Party considers them limited instruments of action, incorporated into the political process which is carrying us towards armed struggle. Consequently, any alliances established by the Socialist Party are only justified to the extent that they contribute to the realization of the strategic objectives set forth above.

COMMENT: As we can see, the anti-democrartic subversives who believed in taking power by force are precisely those who, today, babble about "democracy" and "Human Rights". The only problem they ran into in reaching their objectives was that the Armed Forces moved first, and, what is more, the great majority of the citizens of this country insistently demanded their intervention.

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