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Holoco$$t Hate Propaganda:
The criminalisation of German Medicine.

By J. Bellinger

Proceeding along to Chapter 22 in the book, The Avengers," let us evaluate the material therein:

Zohar begins this chapter by referring obliquely to the short lived "Euthanasia Program" which was "euthanised" by order of Adolf Hitler shortly after the pilot program was instituted, after repeated and vigorous protests by both Catholics and German veterans. Without passing judgment or arguing whether it is more humane to allow euthanasia in cases of the terminally ill at their request or at the request of their families, if the subject is incapable of expressing his or her needs, or permitting them to live until nature "takes it course" after months of agonizing suffering , we will simply refer to the written text in Zohar's book. He writes:

"At the end of June 1945, about seven weeks after the German surrender, an American officer was passing through Kaufbeuren, a small town some 60 miles south of Munich, when he noticed a large, gloomy building with a sign over the gateway: "Mental Home. Nursing Establishment. No Admittance." …the officer asked a local boy what went on at the "Home." The lad shrugged and said, "That's where they get killed." Who were "they," the officer wondered. He reported the incident, and the Army Medical Corps sent 2 officers, Major Linick and Captain Murphy, with a score of men to investigate. When they entered they came upon horrors difficult to imagine.

It was indeed a home for the infirm and feebleminded. There were subnormal children, the mentally deficient of all ages, and weak old men lying in their bunks. The majority were near death, their hearts beating feebly.

COMMENT: Well, when old people are infirm and near death their hearts usually DO beat feebly. Is the author possibly suggesting that the Nazis were somehow responsible for their mental infirmities, old age and it's corollary—approaching death? Back to the text:

"There was also a squad of nurses, who did not seem at all worried or embarrassed by the sudden arrival of the American soldiers. Some of the nurses calmly took the officers to the morgue and showed them several bodies in coffins. One of the officers asked the head nurse, whose name was Woerle, if they had all died of natural causes. "No," she replied, "we killed them."

The Americans could hardly believe their ears.

COMMENT: The Americans could hardly believe their ears? In JUNE, 1945, after Belsen, Dachau, and all the attendant barrage of unpleasant publicity and propaganda cascading throughout not only Europe, but the entire world?!? Well, after reading this, the author of this essay can hardly believe his EYES.

"The coffins had not been nailed down and they saw that some of the bodies were children—not yet cold."

COMMENT: They must have known the Americans were coming, so they arranged this museum of horrors for their entertainment, along with setting the stage for their future show trial and hanging.. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

Now, according to Zohar: "The establishment was a home only in name, just one of many murder factories where the Nazi program of "euthanasia" was carried out."

COMMENT: REALLY, Mr. Zohar? Does Mr. Zohar really expect us to believe that the Nazis were incapable of eliminating the "unerwuenscht" in Germany proper after 6 years of experience and gas chambers which could allegedly eliminate millions in months? Is he also asking us to believe that the Euthanasia Program was continued in direct defiance of Hitler's express prohibition? Did he stop to reflect what this might mean as far as the alleged extermination of the Jews is concerned? And why exactly would the Nazis need to maintain these rather useless "homes" to dispose of their alleged victims when they had Dachau, which was close by? After all, haven't exterminationists told us again and again that homicidal gas chambers had been constructed at Dachau, Mauthausen, and other locales? Oh what a web they weave….

"I killed about 210 children over a period of 2 years," Nurse Woerle coldly declared. "I was paid an extra 35 marks a month for it. Have I done anything wrong?"

COMMENT: Apparently the inmates had taken over the asylum.

"Another of the nurses, Olga Rittler, admitted that she had killed between 30 and 40 subnormal children."

COMMENT: These are curious admissions, to say the least, especially since Mr. Zohar has already informed us of the following, previously cited: It was indeed a home for the infirm and feebleminded. There were subnormal children, the mentally deficient of all ages, and weak old men lying in their bunks.

COMMENT: In fact, if these tales had any truth to them, why were children already noted as being housed there when the allies arrived? In fact, if these tales had any truth to them, Zohar would have reproduced documentation proving that these nurses were paid to euthanize human beings for 35 marks a month. He also would have provided proof as to where these checks originated and who or what agency approved them. Of course, this was not and will not ever be done, for the tales are either completely fabricated or murder was committed on private initiative, in violation of German law. But this does not deter the author. He writes:

"There were also DOCTORS at the Kaufbeuren "Mental Home."

COMMENT: Fancy that---DOCTORS!--Gasp!--at a medical institution! A sure proof of genocide!

"One of them told the Americans that experiments were carried out there to improve the German race."

COMMENT: How? By killing people? This must have been the infamous Dr. Jekyll, of course, which is "proven" by the next quote:

"The sick…were given a lethal injection…."

COMMENT: Which undoubtedly transformed them into Mr. Hydes. Others, the author blandly informs us,

"Were left to starve."

COMMENT: Perhaps this was a Jenny Craig forerunner?

"The Americans found the records and files of the establishment, and an examination of them showed that it came directly under the Ministry of the Interior, that the poison for the injections was sent directly from Berlin, and that the patients came from all over Germany."

COMMENT: And does the author reproduce any of these documents for the reader?--Of course not.

"They also discovered that the inhabitants of Kaufbeuren were well aware of what went on inside this "home."

COMMENT: Then they must have been a race of supermen and women suitable for the likes of Marvel Comics. Perhaps these people had x-ray eyes and super-auricles where they could hear and see behind cement walls. Perhaps they could also leap buildings at a single bound and were faster than a speeding bullet. Being unusually candid, Zohar next writes:

"The 18 American soldiers who had entered this hell on July 3 made a combined request to be allowed to shoot the "murderers" (Quotations-jb) immediately. It was, of course, refused."

COMMENT: Apparently they were allowed to carry on as usual by beating the staff of the hospital. The legal lynching could come later. Zohar notes:

"What was so horrible about this one in particular was that there were still men and women, 2 months after the collapse of the Reich, continuing to carry out orders given when Hitler was alive."

COMMENT: Unfortunately, Mr. Zohar is confused here. In fact, as already noted, Hitler rescinded this order quite early in the war—in 1940. Thus, if there were any killings done at this institute, they were in defiance of this order. Also, perhaps Mr. Zohar can inform us exactly WHO, 2 months AFTER the war, by his own admission, was paying these attendants their usual 35 mark a month fee? Next, Zohar poses a question:

"One wonders how much longer the "experiments" and the "treatment" would have gone on if the Americans had not forced their way in."

COMMENT: One also remembers what he wrote about these same Americans wanting to shoot people out of hand. Seems they wanted to continue "treatments" in their own "morally superior" way. In fact, the last thing any normal person would have done in Germany in July 1945 would be to continue a euthanasia policy which had been repealed years earlier, especially in view of the way the media was carrying on about German "brutality," and clamoring for the arrest of all "Nazis" and Nazi "sympathizers."

Zohar next goes off on a tangent trying to prove his warped perception of the original Euthanaisa program, which really does not concern us here. Of course, this is only meant to serve as an introduction to his later references to SS doctors, who had little or nothing to do with these Irrenanstalten. In fact, his depiction of the so-called T-4 program is a flagrant distortion of known facts, but is in accord with the usual propaganda legends surrounding this program, all of which are meant to be symbolic preludes to Auschwitz. As is usual in such cases, the purported head of this T-4 program, Professor de Crinis, allegedly "committed suicide" in 1945! The name of Dr. Werner Heyde (Dr "Jekyll de Crinis and Mr. . Hyde!--IF this were not so serious it would be extremely funny) is also mentioned. Zohar claims that his signature was found on thousands of "legal death warrants" which he allegedly signed, on the basis of "false diagnoses." Of course, Zohar does not know and can not prove that this was the case at all. He also claims that Heyde was responsible for the deaths of 1200 Jews in Buchenwald in 1941, on the basis of these "false diagnoses." Zohar, was, however, careful not to claim that these 1200 Jews had been "gassed," but died after "lethal injection," or abspritzen. And what happened to Heyde? Zohar writes:

"Heyde was in charge of a hospital for the SS at Wurzburg. When the Allies drew near, the hospital was evacuated to Grosten Castle in Denmark….Heyde was captured by the British and sent to a POW camp at Gadeland, in Schleswig-Holstein. However, when the "doctors of death" were put on trial at Nuremberg, Heyde was not among them. He had escaped from custody by jumping from the military police jeep taking him from Frankfurt to Wurzburg."

COMMENT: This was some feat, or perhaps the Allies wanted him to "jump ship." I find it difficult to imagine how this man could have jumped out of a moving jeep without being noticed. After all, was this "dangerous criminal" unguarded and not hand-cuffed? Moreover, Zohar alleges that Heyde soon went underground and was supplied with false identity papers, just like the members of the Jewish Brigade. He assumed the identity of a man long deceased, whose name was Fritz Sawade. According to Zohar:

"Heyde took up his old profession, despite the fact that as "Fritz Sawade" he had no medical diplomas….In 1954, as a result of a quarrel with Sawade, a colleague of his, Professor Kreutzfeld, the head of a clinic for nervous disorders at Kiel, wrote to the chairman of the Regional Board…."

COMMENT: In fact, Heyde had been denounced by one of his colleagues, but it would be another 5 years before he was located and brought to "trial" on trumped up charges that he had been responsible for the deaths of 12,000 people during the war. Apparently this did not include his wife and child, who were murdered by the Soviets in Berlin in 1945. In fact, the "Meinungs Industrie" in Germany had long been preparing for a series of show trials about this very time, and had already arrested a number of other doctors accused of similar offenses. Two of the doctors, Friedrich Tillmann and Dr. Bohne, deserve special mention. Zohar writes:

""…Dr. Bohne, released on bail, promptly took advantage of the opportunity to flee to Argentina. On February 1964, 10 days before the trial was at last due to open, Dr. Tillmann—also out on bail—"fell" from an 8th story window in Cologne and was killed instantly."

COMMENT: So even Zohar acknowledges the extreme improbability of Dr Tillmann 'committing suicide." As the piece d'resistance, he writes next of the fate of Dr. Heyde:

"On the following day, Werner Heyde was found dead in his cell, hanging from a wall radiator." (!)

COMMENT: Here, then, is unambiguous evidence that accused National Socialists were being systematically murdered in Germany after the war by persons unknown while in custody and awaiting trial! Apparently unaware of the can of worms he had opened, Zohar compounds the matter by referring the case to none other than the Jewish German prosecutor who engineered the Auschwitz trials and the capture of Eichmann and Richard Baer---Fritz Bauer! Bauer, with typical chutzpah, declared the following, placing the blame for the deaths of the doctors on the German Medical Association!--Just as members of the Jewish Brigade attempted to cast suspicion on to the British for their own crimes. Bauer told Zohar:

"The German Medical Association had come to a "secret decision" that the trial of Heyde and his accomplices must not take place, as it would have disgraced the whole medical profession."

COMMENT: As if sub-rosa plotting to throw accused people out of windows and strangle them in their cells would NOT disgrace the medical profession! How, in fact, did Bauer learn of this "secret decision" and after having learned of it, why did he not publish it in the newspapers and bring charges against the culprits involved, as was his duty? The truth, of course, is that the whole scenario is bogus! Imagine the members of the German medical profession meeting in some sort of nefarious "Star Chamber" and passing judgment upon these two old men! And who, pray tell, was commissioned to carry out the murders? While such tales are absolutely worthless as evidence of an actual crime, they do much to explain the typical Jewish "mind-set" as exemplified by Bauer's rather lame explanation. After all, it was BAUER, and not the post war German medical profession, who was co-operating closely with the Israeli Mossad. What is crystal clear, however, is that these men WERE murdered. Bauer denied that Heyde committed suicide, but German detectives investigating the case, saw matters differently. One of them said:

"I am quite certain that Heyde did not commit suicide."

However, their explanation was no better than Bauer's, for they attempted to cast suspicion upon some mysterious "Boys from Brazil" assassination squad determined to silence Heyde should he attempt to testify for the prosecution. This theory is also untenable, for it is a known fact that all prison guards in Germany are rigorously scrutinized for any possible past ties to National Socialism, and if found justified, these people are released from service. In fact, no agency was scrutinized as thoroughly as the police during the years of "denazification."

It is clear that the assassins were somehow associated with either the prosecution or with the police. After all, both men had been under strict guard and confinement, as was Richard Baer, the former commandant of Auschwitz. Further facts are also available which argue against suicide, namely the following statement: "After his (Heyde) death, a quantity of pills and medicine was found in his cell. He could easily have used them to kill himself….So why should he choose to hang himself—if he had really decided to end his life?

COMMENT: Indeed. Why? And WHY would prison authorities allow the accused to keep medicines of this nature in his cell if not as a silent inducement and hope that he WOULD commit suicide? Having failed to take advantage of this Rommel-like offer, concerned individuals apparently decided to act on their own days before the opening of the trial.

Whose purposes were being served by the deaths of these individuals? And were these cases unique? Not at all. In fact, they were quite common, as the following shall prove. According to Zohar:

"Hans Eisele had been the head doctor at Buchenwald, and was sentenced to death in 1945 for his part in the massacre of prisoners."

COMMENT: In fact, Eisele was sentenced to life imprisonment and was later released by the authorities and recharged with crimes for which he had already been charged and released, thus violating the principle of double jeopardy, quite common in cases of accused Germans, as may be seen by examining the case of Ilse Koch. Eisele, learning that the authorities were planning to re-arrest him, fled to Cairo, where he opened a clinic. Less fortunate than Eisele was Dr. Erich Wagner, his deputy at Buchenwald. Dr. Wagner was likewise compelled to avoid persecution in Germany by assuming a new identity. He, too, was later taken into custody by German police and placed under heavy guard. On March 23, 1959, he too, was found dead in his cell, after allegedly slashing his wrists with a razor blade. Of course everyone knows that it is common procedure in penal institutions to allow accused criminals the luxury of owning razor blades! Thus, there is little doubt that this man was also murdered. Moving along to the next victim, Zohar writes that in 1962, the infamous Hermann Langbein, Communist, ex-Auschwitz inmate and privileged Auschwitz functionary, director of the Auschwitz Survivors Organization and orchestrator and manipulator of the Frankfurt Auschwitz show trial, received a post card which stated:

"Yes, the man you are looking for is here. His address is: Doctor H. Sch,, c/o Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health,….Ghana."

The, man, Zohar informs us, was Dr. Horst Schumann. In his book "The Destruction of the European Jews," Raul Hilberg writes of Schumann:

"The (sterilization) experiments were carried out in Auschwitz by Dr. Horst Schumann, on women and men. As Schumann moved into Auschwitz, competition in the experimental blocks was shifted into high gear." (P. 607).

Now it really would be beyond the purpose of this essay to discuss this so-called Auschwitz sterilization program in depth, but it may briefly be said that the first traceable date of this program is given as July, 1942. The date is important for a number of reasons:

1. According to many authors, the alleged extermination program had already been decided upon and instituted by this date, so why were the Nazis experimenting with sterilization if the real intent was genocide?

2. Apparently this program may have been instituted in response to the widely publicized book written by the American Jewish author Kaufman, entitled "Germany Must Perish," where he openly advocated sterilizing the entire population of Germany.

3. These experiments seem to have been designed to compliment the work being done in the field of genetics as well, whereby increased births and fertility were the subjects of concern.

4. Finally, such schemes may have concerned attempts to find an easy and painless method of sterilization legally ordered by courts , as well as providing a means of painlessly sterilizing those with inheritable birth defects.

That being said, let it be noted that is all Hilberg writes concerning Schumann. Zohar, however, is much more generous with details. He writes:

"Almost a saint, in fact, was this doctor who had settled with his family in a remote part of West Africa, several days journey from the nearest town. Malaria, mosquitoes, torrential rains, the sticky heat of the tropics, and no other white man for 10 miles around. Dr. Schumann had built a hospital with 40 beds and a bungalow where he lived with his wife and 3 children. He would show visitors the statues of the World Health Organization which were on one of the hospital walls, and there they could read that a doctor has the obligation to raise humanity to the highest standards of health. The authority and skill of the good doctor, a hale, slim man with long, gentle hands, had soon earned him a good reputation. The President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, had spent three days at the hospital while on an official visit, and had heartily congratulated its creator."

COMMENT: So much for the facts of the case. Now, on to Zohar's morbid fantasies:

"However, this advocate of humanity's well-being, this great friend of the colored man, had not always displayed such noble sentiments."

COMMENT: Well, neither had Leopold and Loeb, but Jewish authors seek to exonerate the one of the pair who went on to become a doctor later in life. Go figure. However, it is admitted that there is no pertinent comparison between these two criminals and this German doctor. Zohar, though, apparently believes that the following is evidence of Schumann's criminality, simply because the doctor had written years before:

"With regard to men, castration has proved to be the best method. It takes no more than six or seven minutes, and is surer and quicker than sterilization by X-rays."

COMMENT: Obviously pulled out of context, these statements of fact can hardly be classified as "criminal." Yet, Zohar, as is usual in such instances, outdoes himself when he writes:

"In 1939, as the young and brilliant director of the "Euthanasia Institute" at Grafeneck, he had caused the death of 80,000 people "as it was necessary to free the hospital beds for German war-wounded"—according to his own statement made after his extradition from Ghana."

COMMENT: Of course the doctor never stated anything like this when he was actually IN Ghana….only AFTER his extradition when in the hands of those who already are under suspicion for having committed multiple murders! Take it for what it is worth, as this is an old canard which has never been proven by any convincing evidence.

In fact, as Zohar warms up to his latest case, Schumann's work is now referred to as "fiendish." However, in spite of all his name calling and bizarre scenarios, Zohar is unable to provide convincing evidence for his claims. Schumann was, however, deported from Ghana after President Nkrumah was deposed, after pressure by Jewish and German agencies. In 1966, Schumann, now tired and in his 60's, and after years of faithful service to the people of Ghana, arrived in Germany handcuffed to two detectives. As of this date, this author has been unable to locate any information on his fate after arrival. Which now brings us to the case of Karl Babor. In this case, there may be some truth in the accusations made against the doctor, for he had been accused of administering lethal injections to the terminally ill while camp doctor at Gross Rosen. However, such actions, even if true, have no relevance to the claims of genocide and murder by homicidal gas chamber, falling instead into the category of euthanasia. Zohar, however, adds insult to his charges by claiming, among other things, that Babor was "an assassin," mentally unstable," a sado-masochist," and "a mental case." But if there were any truth to these charges, the Americans would undoubtedly have found him at Kaufbeuren—as an inmate, rather than as a doctor! Apparently he was not so mentally unstable as alleged, for he successfully completed his medical studies in Vienna and received his degree in 1949, and later set up a practice in Gmunden, where he lived quietly with his wife and daughter until 1952. Babor was soon denounced by former inmates of concentration camps and fled. By 1963, estranged from his wife and daughter due to the persecution he had to flee from in his own country, Babor appears to have finally become mentally unhinged after years of isolation and self-deprivation. He ran an ad in the personal column of a Viennese newspaper, seeking to meet a young woman for purposes of marriage, explaining that his wife had died in an automobile accident and his daughter was studying in Paris. He even signed the letter with his real name. The two people corresponded for over a year and then the woman accepted his offer of marriage and a paid trip to Addis Ababa, where he was currently residing. Apparently the two had never exchanged photos during their long correspondence, for the woman soon found to her annoyance that Babor was definitely not her type. Later, of course, she described him as looking "sinister," half mad" or a "character out of Edgar Alan Poe's stories." According to her, Babor was a moody person, alternating between fits of anger and depression. (As if he did not have reason!) Because Babor preferred to stay at his home rather than socializing among the elite of Addis Ababa, his newspaper lover grew bored and imagined that he preferred the crocodiles to her! In fact, when Babor quite honestly told this woman that he had once served as a doctor in a concentration camp, this was the last straw as far as she was concerned. Undoubtedly she had been influenced by the outpouring of propaganda regarding the camps. Yet for all her fears, Babor paid for her return to Austria, which should have been the end of the case. Unfortunately for Babor, however, it wasn't, for his newspaper fiance did a remarkable thing when she returned to Austria: She went immediately to the office of Simon Wiesenthal! Wiesenthal, in turn, notified Hermann Langbein and it was only a matter of time before that "lang Bein" of his pointed in the direction of Israel and the Mossad. Not surprisingly, a short time later, Babor's body was "discovered" or what was left of it, in a river full of crocodiles. It was said that he had "committed suicide" by shooting himself through the heart! His clothes were found neatly folded on the bank of the river. All indications appear to show that he was executed, Mafia style, and was now, "sleeping with the crocodiles."

Which finally brings us to the case of Josef Mengele. According to Zohar:

"Josef Mengele was the chief doctor at Auschwitz, the one who made the "selection."

COMMENT: Actually, the chief doctor at Auschwitz, and Mengele's superior, was Dr. Wirtz. It is true that Mengele performed selection duties, but most of the doctors were called upon at some time or other to participate in this necessary activity of sorting out those capable of working and those who were not. According to Zohar:

"Sometimes "right" meant the showers, sometimes "left," but the "showers" always meant the gas chambers."

COMMENT: Actually, the showers always meant "the showers," but Zohar does one better by claiming:

"In the early days, the killing was done with revolvers, but this method proved too noisy and took too long, and a technically satisfactory method had to be devised."

COMMENT: It is not quite clear exactly what Mr. Zohar seems to be implying here. If we take these words at face value, they imply that a program of genocide was decided upon and the method initially chosen to implement this plan was shooting by revolvers. However, Zohar's reasoning seems a bit faulty here, to say the least. He cites noise as being one of the factors which prompted a search for new methods of mass murder. After all, who was in close enough proximity to hear such shooting, if this is in fact true? And even if such shooting was heard, how would this in any way have affected the outcome of the genocide plan? Would the people who noticed the shooting have failed to notice crematoria and the burning of corpses in the open before the cremas were completed or when they broke down? But let us not dwell on these minor points. Zohar continues:

"Mengele seemed to enjoy killing people."

COMMENT: In fact, there are no documented cases of Mengele personally killing anyone at Auschwitz. Apparently Zohar cannot resist delving into the absurd, for he next writes:

"The file on him contains not only proof of his having sovereign power over so many people, but also proof of murders by shooting and lethal injections, sometimes because a prisoner refused to write home describing Auschwitz as a life of bliss."

COMMENT: Even Mengele never referred to Auschwitz as a "life of bliss!" I for one would love to review this file referred to by the author, for I am convinced that all of these grotesque charges are completely unsustainable and based upon rumors instigated by dour, incorrigible inmates. Zohar does prove, however, that there is no end to the nonsense fabricated by inmates with grudges on their shoulders, when he repeats unsubstantiated trash like the following:

"Survivors testified that they had seen Mengele snatch babies from their mother's arms and throw them into the flames, and stab a child of 14 to death."

COMMENTS: This is interesting. Let us address the first accusation first:

Is it believable that Mengele snatched babies from their mother's arms and threw them into flames? Exactly how, when, and where could this have happened? If we are to believe this, we must believe the following: That Mengele accompanied new arrivals to the showers and "gas chambers." Yet, we are told here that Mengele threw children ALIVE into the flames after snatching them directly from their mother's arms, which would, of course, have caused a full scale riot to break out. Such irresponsible action on his part would have cost Mengele his job. This scenario is also at variance with the standard tales told concerning Auschwitz, namely, that the only reason the "extermination program" was effective was because the people never had a clue as to what was going to happen to them! Apparently the only person who never had a clue was Mengele himself, for with all his supposed powers of life and death in Auschwitz, he never had enough intelligence to dispose of survivors who lived to tell tall tales about him later! This story, by the way, came from a female Russian Communist, via an "affidavit." Take it with a grain of salt and recite a prayer of exorcism. Now as to the second charge of stabbing a 14 year old to death---there is not one shred of convincing evidence to support this irresponsible charge. We have no name of the alleged victim, as is usually the case, nor of the person who made the charge. For all we know this is simply another anonymous accusation among thousands made during and after the war. Yet Zohar cannot resist the impulse to add insult to injury when he writes the following:

"From each convoy of prisoners he used to select between 100 and 150 strong, healthy people who were then shot and their bodies sent to the Bacteriological Institute to be cut up and used for the culture of bacteria. Horse carcasses were usually provided for this purpose but Josef Mengele was fond of horses."

COMMENT: One can only be amazed at these ridiculous tales perpetuated by Communists and Zionists after the war. It appears that people were contending with each other as to who could produce the most palpably absurd stories! Considering that ALL strong, healthy people were DEMANDED by the Reich for labor, this nonsense about killing them for purposes of bacterial testing is truly astonishing. And why shoot them? Did they not have gas chambers for this very purpose? What a web they weave….Truly, however, Zohar outdoes himself with the following offering:

"Mengele took several pints of blood from healthy young women, and when they were too weak to stand he had them thrown alive into the incinerator." Page 220.

COMMENT: What a dastardly villain this old Mengele was! Apparently he had nothing better to do with his time than behave like Boris Karlof in a B rated Dr. Frankenstein movie! Actually it is a waste of good and valuable time to attempt to "refute" such idiotic tripe as this. In the first place, one could not "throw" adults into these crematoria ovens, as is described above, but what are facts compared to the sick fantasies of holohoax "survivors." Testimony such as this actually is an INSULT to people who really did undergo terrible privation and suffering in the camps. It mocks them and belittles their experiences along with impugning their own honesty. This does not deter Mr. Zohar, though, as he soon becomes rabid in his obsession with Mengele. He writes:

"Nothing pleased him more than the death throes of people burnt by acids, cut up alive, licked by the flames—the death twitches of this human debris made him laugh out loud."

COMMENT: I too, am laughing, but for entirely different reasons. Such trash belongs in an issue of Tales from the Crypt, where it undoubtedly originated. It is simply astonishing that an author in this day and age has the temerity to write such grotesque lies, the publication of which lends credence to a charge that both the author and the publishers are insane in the truest clinical sense. In our next selection, Zohar appears to have consulted with the Jewish novelist who wrote "The Boys from Brazil," Ira Levin, when he writes:

"Mengele carried out experiments specializing in hunchbacks, cripples, and other deformed people.'

COMMENT: But have we not been told over and over again that these people were immediately "gassed' upon arrival in Auschwitz? Is it not possible that Mengele was experimenting on these unfortunate individuals in order to both alleviate their conditions or prevent such infirmities from plaguing future generations?

"He finally sent their skeletons to the Anthropological Museum in Berlin…"

COMMENT: Which have NEVER been located, by the way.

"He wanted to discover the secret of enabling German women to produce fine Aryan twins, handsome, blue-eyed, and fair."

COMMENT: In that case, he should have been experimenting with Nordics.

"So hundreds of twins, on arrival at Auschwitz, were "set aside" for his horrible experiments. Those who did not die on the operating table lingered on painfully for weeks, under the watchful and amused eye of Mengele."

COMMENT: Say good night, Ira. Of course, Mengele's eye must be "amused," otherwise these tales from the Crypt would lose their emotional impact. If writers such as Zohar would spend just a FRACTION of the time they used in collecting old unsubstantiated horror tales in favor of scouring archives for a little EVIDENCE to support these ridiculous stories, they might be able to present a glimmer of a case. They have certainly had the benefit of years of research to uncover such evidence, yet have come up with nothing but this sorry horror genre script of impeccably inferior quality. Considering that they have failed miserably in this attempt, if ever an attempt was made, which is extremely doubtful, people of intelligence can only conclude that these are all a pack of unsubstantiated lies and gossip. Undoubtedly Mengele WAS conducting research in the field of genetics and twins, but in an effort to eliminate birth defects. He also appears to have been interested in fertility research, which is understandable due to the huge losses Germany sustained during the war. There is also no doubt that Mengele kept detailed files on all of these legitimate experiments, yet not ONE of these files has ever been offered in evidence as substantiation of these claims made by survivors. Mengele often referred to these detailed files and would never have deliberately destroyed them after so many years of work.

We may omit the details of the search for Mengele after the war, but should note that it is not surprising that the man fled after catching wind of these monstrous accusations leveled against him by former inmates. Once again, the ubiquitous Jewish communist, Langbein, was instrumental in framing the case against Mengele, according to Zohar, who notes:

"His file on Mengele also contained the testimonies concerning the (alleged-jb) atrocities he had committed, detailed accusations…"

COMMENT: And so on. Langbein's routine is familiar by now. Find a few "survivors," obtain their written "eyewitness testimony" and then let loose the hounds of hell. Moving along to the final major points from this chapter, we will now be confronted with a very unusual scenario, strikingly reminiscent of the case of Karl Babor, cited above. Zohar relates details describing how a Jewish woman was dispatched to track and corner Mengele in South America, while a squad of Israeli hit men stood by to assassinate him:

"No one knew that Nora Aldot's real name was Nourit Eldad and that she had an Israeli passport….In the report made public a year after her death, Nora Aldot was said to be a member of the Israeli Secret Service and to have arrived at Bardiloch with a large group of Israelis who went to stay at a different hotel from her. This version is to some extent borne out by a letter that an old friend of Nora's wrote home: "Nora has gone with a large group of Israelis to spend some time in the mountains around Baroche." Who were these Israelis? When Prime Minister Ben-Gurion had given the green light for Operation Eichmann, he had also set Operation Eichmann in motion. While one group of Israeli agents went after eichmann, another began looking for the "Angel of Death." Was Nora Aldot a member of this group?"

COMMENT: This is, of course, a rhetorical question which will most likely never be answered. Yet, I have one of my own: Was Karl Babor's "fiance" Jewish? One might certainly be concluded to think so, considering how she ran immediately to the office of Simon Wiesenthal upon arriving in Vienna. Does or did the Mossad plant women and other agents in Germany, Austria, and South America, in order to spy on the German community? Or were these incidents simply coincidental? Regardless of what the situation may have been, it is a fact that Nora never returned to Israel. It is also a fact that she went through two failed marriages—the second being particularly bitter and acrimonious. Thus, she was a prime target for unscrupulous criminals who prey upon women who have gone through the emotional distress of surviving two failed marriages, coupled with the panic, despair, and loneliness which are the usual by-products of these estranged and failed matrimonial unions. Thus, it is quite apparent that Josef Mengele had nothing to do with this woman's unfortunate death, which was most likely either an accident or the work of criminal lotharios and scoundrels from her own country. However, this has not prevented the professional "Nazi" hunters from capitalizing on these coincidental occurrences and utilizing them as propaganda. After, all, "Nazi hunting" can be a costly business.

But as one "Avenger" confided to Mr. Zohar:

"You can be quite sure that if we ever succeed in laying our hands on Mengele, there won't be a repetition of the Eichmann trial. We'll shoot him on the spot, like a dog. And that's no more than he deserves, believe me."

COMMENT: In fact, what Mengele DESERVED was a fair trial—something neither he nor any of his countrymen had a chance of receiving from the nation of Israel.