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Dear Sir or Madame,


Thank you for your letter regarding my alleged "anti-Semitism".


I trust that I am not so lacking in sense or feeling as to be capable of such a sentiment.


Fortunately, while hatred of Jews is illegal, immoral, and fattening, no law yet forbids us to hate the English.


It appears that the "crime" of anti-British "hatred" – if it existed – would be committed by a very great many people.


In 1982, the nation that would never dare to "provoke" Negro rioters by squirting water on them – "racialism"!!! --  sank a ship carrying 1200 naval conscripts in a fight over two rocks the British had forgotten they had.


The ship in question, the Belgrano (ex-USS Phoenix, built in 1939), was so old that it was to be turned into a museum at the end of the year; was armed with a single gun with a 14-mile range, as against the 20-mile range of guns on British warships; and was sunk without warning, without declaration of war, in international waters -- i.e., outside the 200-mile British so-called "exclusion zone" -- with two torpedoes from a nuclear submarine, while heading back to Argentina! The officer responsible for the sinking, Capt. Wreford-Browne, returned to Britain as a "war hero", and was rewarded with a medal.





[headlines in British tabloid press, i.e., The Sun, etc..]


Prior to this incident, in which 366 Argentinans were burned alive or drowned, and which was obviously calculated simply to start a war, not a single British subject had yet been killed, because the Argentinans took the Falklands by firing their weapons in the air after 17 years of negotiations, although they were killed by the dozens in so doing (source of information: Financial Times, 3 April 1982. Other sources dispute this, and maintain that only one Argentinan was killed. What is beyond dispute is that no British subjects had yet been killed).


The British then complained that the Argies were using "kamikaze" tactics. It is beyond the comprehension of the British that their actions cause others to hate them.


The IRA then killed 11 British soldiers in two bombings.




"Murderous and cowardly!!!", screamed the Brits, "a massacre without mercy!!!" [quotation from Margaret Thatcher, the only Prime Minister in history to cry in the House of Commons when her own son got lost in the desert with his girl friend during a car race].


Whether that is murder, I leave to you; but cowardly it most certainly it was not. The British will never understand why their enemies always accuse them of hypocrisy.


Inflicting suffering on others is a form of entertainment in Britain; it is called "aggro". But it is considered an injustice to be on the receiving end, even 1%.


Mothers of soldiers killed by the IRA are pictured weeping; but others feel the same way too.


The Brits forget that; no matter.


Britain is great again!!! Brits rule OK!!! With a boot in the groin.


Having proven their "greatness" by murdering hundreds of foreigners on the South Pole, the most degenerate nation in Europe may now devote itself to serious matters. These are, in order of importance:


a) kissing the ass of black immigrants and giving them millions of pounds;

b) getting drunk as pigs at football games and killing and injuring people; and

c) telling everybody how "caring" they are.

Fortunately, there is a political party operating legally in the United Kingdom – Sinn Fein,  55 Falls Road, Belfast – whose aim is the extirpation, within certain narrow limits, of this noxious breed of humanity.


I trust this meets with your approval, since it is not "anti-Semitic."





Pithecanthropus erectus
alive and well in Britain


Another woman sent me a lengthy "poem" written upon the birth of her infant son.


Synopsis: in the past, she had always hoped that her son would fight for his country, but now she didn't any more, because she was afraid that some people might not be "grateful" (!).


I replied in a single sentence, as follows:


"Dear Mrs. Rogers,


I consider it highly unlikely that your son will be conscripted into the naval forces of a South American country only to be murdered by the English, but if that should occur, I can only hope the Argies will be duly grateful".

Ten-year old victim of British mob violence


NOTE: The relevance of the above discussion is that it is untrue that we cannot "hate" people; we can "hate" them as much as we like, and we can kill them by the millions. We just cannot protest the Jewish role in the destruction of civilization.

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A curse for England, false and base
Where nothing can prosper but disgrace
Where crushed is each flower's tender form,
And decay and corruption feed the worm . . .
The winners shout, the losers curse
Go with Old England's black funeral hearse . . .

- William Blake