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HIM: ... Several people have fled from Sweden to the USA seeking and being granted political asylum because they wanted to home-school their children and Swedish law recently having made it illegal.

The rapidly increasing amount of garbage we have to occupy ourselves with at work, except actual work, has reached absurd levels: politically correct "role playing games", "team building", "psychology tests" and "evaluations", obligatory lectures by cross-dressing/homosexual/trans-gender sub-species of the human race, being "observed" at our daily work by the "Stagepo" (i.e. "State Gender Police"), so that we don't "offend" and "victimize" any of the officially protected social groups, lectures on "democratic values" everyone is forced to agree with, etc., etc. ad nauseam.

ME: You're kidding me, you can't be serious. You're a member of a serious profession, for Christ's sake, what's that got to do with cross-dressing and all that tripe?

HIM: Unfortunately, it's all too true. None of that rubbish has of course anything to do with the job, but these Communist change agents think everything is politics and they're using their influence and power to try to indoctrinate the workforce into their collectivist, Communist mindset.

The issue is quite complicated to explain in just a few sentences, but the gist is, the [undertaking] belongs to the state sector in Sweden, i.e. it is wholly owned by the political region in which it is located. That makes me a government or state employee and the [undertaking] is providing a service to the public, just like a hospital or a fire department.

However, they don't want people, and especially their own employees, to know this, because with such an employment comes certain legal rights, duties and responsibilities. For example, I have the right to talk to any reporter or journalist and criticize the wasting of financial means (provided partly by taxes, of course) within the company, or expose any abuse of power and/or authority, without the [undertaking] being allowed to as much as touch a hair on me. This is because it is my right, and, in fact, my duty to report such abuse of authority and power, since the [undertaking] is state-owned, which ostensibly means "The People" own it, and consequently they have a right to know what is being done with their money. It's "public service".

But as I said, the leadership don't want their employees talking to reporters left and right about what goes on behind closed doors, and therefore they lie and deceive them as much as they can.

I have taken the pains to find this all out because I was accused by a colleague of being "disloyal" to my employers and the [undertaking], and if, in fact, I am disloyal that's cause for getting fired. Of course none of them had any idea what such an accusation meant. I got really angry and told my boss that she's incompetent to even consider such an accusation being genuine, since she knew NOTHING of the circumstances in which that accusation was levelled. After a few weeks of research I was called into her office again. It turned out she also had done some homework, and ended up apologizing to me for the whole affair twice.

And all this PC bilge that's been going on for decades now is part of the state's long-term Judeo-Bolshevik agenda to indoctrinate their employees and intimidate and terrorize into silence those of them who might be critical and wanting to voice their criticisms publicly. This is Sweden in the Brave New World in the year 2012 in the age of the Kali Yuga.

ME: The only real conclusion to be drawn from all this is that a real Hoaxoco$t is what we need: death to all Jews, commies and faggots. At least the politicized ones. Just kill them all, anybody that messes with politics. They shouldn't be allowed to graduate from school, to start with.

Tell them, "Ok, you can work in a bar or operate a cement mixer, but don't mess with politics or you'll be sorry". It's what they're doing to us, so why not? Plus immigrants and niggers, the obnoxious ones, anyway. All the Marxist scum.

What we need more than anything else is an absolute sense of moral righteousness, that we are absolutely right. No more moral relativism, no more wishy-washy bilge. And why not?

If we can drop napalm and white phosphorous on children on the other side of the world, why can't we shoot a few scumbags who are actually hurting us and destroying civilization here?

No more nationalist schizophrenia. Nationalism is a big part of the problem. Killing people far away is patriotic, but HERE, no, how could you? Dreadful, shameful.

HIM: Well, I agree. And sooner or later that's what's going to happen anyway. THEY want it, and have the ability and influence to provoke it. The question will be: who will be alive to build the new civilization and what kind of civilization will it be? It will depend on the character of the survivors...

ME: Most people still believe that bilge about the "collapse of Communism". It didn't collapse, it changed form, like a virus.

Lenin said, "There will be astonishing concessions, and when the capitalists' guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist". They took us over the same way they took over all the coalition governments in history, China, Poland, Czechoslovakia. First, they occupied the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, then the armed forces and police, then they confiscated all the guns, and then it was finished: Cuba, Viet Nam, same story. Coalition, wonderful, democracy, can't fight them, that's not "Democratic". Well, I don't believe in democracy, never have. There are only 2 things you can do with a Communist, you can kill him or you can let him go.

Of course, I'm speaking of the intellectuals, the leaders, not some miserable bricklayer or fisherman making a subsistence living and getting robbed by landlords or middlemen.

HIM: Maybe we our only hope is for the Chinese to come over here and kill off our traitors and degenerates, since we don't have the balls to do it ourselves.

ME: It will happen. I don't know what the Jews are playing at, but they are not rational. It's in their blood to corrupt and destroy. The Chinese will make short work of them, them and the niggers and queers, too. And if you think the Chinese are tough, you should see the Koreans. They are nobody to mess with.

HIM: Really? How's that?

Because they've been on constant combat-ready duty since 1950. Ready for war at any time, hand to hand combat, anything. For this situation, they blame the United States, among others, and quite correctly so, too. The Korean War devastated the whole country. Plus, in martial arts, they are the only people who really hurt their students. I've seen it. Plus, I know somebody who taught English in Korea, and he said they are tough as nails. They are like robots. In Korean jiu-jitsu, called "hapkido", they are trained to use anything as weapons, they can throw ordinary coins so hard and so accurately they will kill you. They practice with sticks, canes, ropes, dishes, plates, any object. They are the only people in America who almost routinely shoot nigger shoplifters...

Go thou and do likewise...

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