I don't suppose it occurs to people that the Jews are placing the world upon the horns of a dilemma.

Let's be logical. Either Hitler gassed the Jews, or he didn't.

Let's say he did.  


Hitler: Guilty

The Jews say the Germans killed 2/3 of the Jews in Europe. If that is true, it means that American intervention in Europe -- which cost us a trillion dollars and 250,000 lives -- saved 1/3 of the Jews in Europe from certain destruction.  

I repeat: If Hitler gassed 2/3, then we saved 1/3. The Jews can't have it any other way.  

That being the case, do we get any gratitude? Of course not. Instead, all of the accusations that used to be made against the Germans are now made against the White Race as a whole.  

The Pope is guilty for the Holocaust (or so the Jews say).

Christianity is guilty for the Holocaust (or so the Jews say).

Western civilization is guilty for the Holocaust (or so the Jews say).

We are all guilty for the Holocaust (or so the Jews say).  

Maybe some day life will be discovered on other planets, so that we can hear about how Martians and Venusians are guilty for the Holocaust.  

Our guilt for the Holocaust can never be erased (or so the Jews say).

Centuries, eons, ages, may pass, but our guilt for the Holocaust will remain (or so the Jews say).

When our culture, nation, and race have become extinct through immigration, abortion, race-mixing, the constant promotion of homosexuality and Zero-Birth Rate as a way of life, etc. etc., our guilt for the Holocaust will remain, unextinguished for all time (or so the Jews say).  

When all the industry is in China and all the Chinese are in Europe; when car-theft, drug-pushing, and whoring are the only gainful occupations left; when our sons have all become AIDS-infected drug addicts or drag queens; when our daughters have all become race-mixing, guilt-obsessed field sluts, aborting their own children and adopting Africans instead, our guilt for the Holocaust will remain, unextinguished for all time (or so the Jews say).  

No country lives in the past. No country spends all its time worrying about something that happened in a foreign country fifty years ago. Whatever Hitler did to the Jews, it was a matter between foreigners. It's not only something other nations had nothing to do with, it's something we put a stop to, at considerable cost to ourselves.  

Hundreds of millions of people have been killed in the twentieth century (usually because the Jews wanted it that way), but no matter; only Jews are important.

Only Jews have rights; only Jews have feelings.   I have 4 children educated in Catholic schools. They know nothing about the Christian religion. They know nothing about the Bible. They know nothing about the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. They've never heard of Communism or Stalin. But they know all about Auschwitz. They know all about homosexuals, transsexuals, transvestites, condoms and AIDS, because they learn it in school!

They never once visited Waterloo, one of the world's most famous battlefields, located right outside Brussels;

or "Flanders' Fields", where millions died;

they never visited Ghent;

or Antwerp;

or Brugge (Bruges), the "Venice of the North";

with some of the most beautiful public buildings



and art treasures

in all of Europe; but they saw "Swindler's Mist" with the whole school and visited Auschwitz twice.]


This is all that is left of the religion that produced thousands of martyrs and built the cathedrals of Europe.  
This is the world that tens of millions of people died for.

The Jews say they want a G-d world. But what they have given us is a filth world, an excrement world; in short, a J-w world.  

It used to be that the Jews only wished to destroy the German. That day is finished. Now they want to destroy us all.

All law, all morals, all art, all culture, all religion, must be perverted and destroyed to suit the Jews. Why?

Because of the Holocaust. Because a foreigner killed foreign Jews.  

I have faith in my children. They are good children. But I see no future for them. They remind me of goldfish swimming in a sewer.

They seem to think it perfectly natural that their future should be blotted out for the benefit of billions of Africans and Asians; that the world should be filled with disease to avoid interfering with the pleasures of deviants; that there should be no future for White children.  

If you have 4 children and are White, people treat you like a sex-fiend, like you can't control yourself. So many children!!!

But all the other races can have 8 or 10, and that is wonderful. We are supposed to feed them, care for them, cure their diseases, admit them as immigrants, provide them with a modern standard of living; we must LITERALLY prefer them over our own children!

And what is the excuse for it all? Because a foreigner killed foreign Jews!

No matter where in the world we live, we can't write our own immigration laws without interference from the Jews. We can't even expel illegal immigrants without interference from the Jews, because it reminds them of "when they were being rounded up for the Holocaust", etc. etc..  

The cave paintings at Lescaux and Altamira are among the most beautiful artistic creations in history, and they are 20,000 years old. Yet the race that created them is doomed to extinction.

What is our guilt? Is it some crime we committed? No. We are being destroyed for an act of kindness. We took pity on the Jews.  

This means that we are doomed to become extinct as a race because of something some foreigner did to a load of foreigners 50 years ago!  

So what is the lesson to be learned from all this? That the Jews are ungrateful?

Of course not. Jewish ingratitude has been proverbial since Biblical times.

Every act of kindness shown to them becomes a new injustice to be expiated through eternal atonement (and hundreds of tons of gold).


No. The real lesson of the Holocaust (assuming that it is an historical fact) is that, with Jews, partial killing and pogroms DO NOT WORK.  

If you could kill 90% of them, it would teach the remaining 10% absolutely NOTHING. They would NEVER understand that they had it coming to them TO ANY EXTENT AT ALL, even 1%.  

The lesson of the Holocaust is that partial killing of Jews does not work -- it must be ALL or NOTHING.   Really, we should thank the Jews for making matters so clear to us.  

Since killing all the Jews is impossible and should not be attempted -- but since the Jews never seem to learn anything and since Israel is a failure -- perhaps the Jews will be kind enough to colonize the moon to escape anti-Semitism?

(Arrow = capital city and stock exchange)

Perhaps it could be paid for out of reparations collected from the Palestinians.  


Now let's look at the other horn of the dilemma.  


Hitler: Not Guilty

Of course, the above only applies if the Holocaust is a "proven fact", i.e., if Hitler really gassed the Jews.  

If it's all lies -- and a filthy, disgusting, degrading pack of lies at that -- then the situation is incomparably worse.      


11 JANUARY 1998

(Many thanks to the Nizkoprophagists, who were stupid enough to save this and post it in one of their lie and spy files. Personally, I lost it in a computer error many years ago and have been looking for it ever since. What this proves is that whatever you do, the Jews will be spying on you and keeping a record of it for 3,000 years, with a load of lies. Maybe that's what's in the Dead Sea Scrolls -- "anti-Semitic remarks" by the Pharoahs.)


The Jews and the world just can't get along,
We're never right, they're never wrong,
etc. etc., etc., etc.
When we put the yids on ice,
Missing them will be paradise...

Holocaust disco

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