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Richter Kunert
Landgericht Muenchen I
Nymphenburger Strasse 16
D-80335 Muenchen

Spa, 5 November 1997

Landgericht Muenchen
Az. 18 Ns 112 Js 11637/96
Fax: (089) 55 97 43 54


Judge Kunert

May it please the Court:

I was unable to appear for trial on October 10th 1997 due to severe cranial injuries and concussion sustained while experimenting with the pedal-driven brain-machine used in the murder of 840,000 Russian prisoners of war at Sachsenhausen prison camp, as described in the Nuremberg Trial transcript (IMT VII 376 - 377 [416-417 of the German transcript]),

We know that the "pedal-driven brain-bashing machines" existed, because they are described in the "confessions" of SS man Paul Waldmann (Document USSR 52).

The document is a type-set "War Crimes Report" written by the Soviets. The "confession" is type-set in Russian, with a type-set "signature" by Paul Waldmann, also in Russian.

We know that the "confession" was voluntarily given, because it says so. We know that the document is authentic, because it is "certified" by the Russians as a 'certified true copy".

My injuries are attested to by a "doctor's certificate" re-typed by myself. The signature is typewritten because it is a "certified true copy', certified by myself.

If this kind of thing is good enough for the Nuremberg tribunal, then it is good enough for you.

Please notify me of my next trial date, so that I may appear as soon as you have assembled the evidence required to prove your case, as described in my letters of 1 September and 5 September 1997.


Carlos W Porter

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