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Irma Grese, Victim of Lies

Irma Grese

Part II

By J. Bellinger

Moving on to the Introduction of Brown's book, I will address the most salient points: So that we may conclude this part of the argument once and for all, let us now approach the question of whether or not Ms. Grese was actually in the SS.

Referring to page 3, we read:

"Although women did serve in substantial numbers as functionaries in the camps, the actual structure of the SS has made it very difficult at times to create a clear record of their participation. However, while women were HIRED as EMPLOYEES of the SS, they were NOT actual members of the sacred order....Technically, the female guards were classified as SS-Gefolge (SS-Followers) and were thereby an auxiliary group. As employees of the Reich (Reichsangestellte), they were compensated for their service via a governmental wage agreement."

"The SS did not train them to become administrators of the camps; in fact, FKL Ravensbrueck (Frauen Konzentrations Lager), the only major women's camp in the Third Reich, was managed by male SS-Officers. In all cases, the women merely served within the SS ranks at the behest of their male superiors....The SS Aufseherinnen appear in significant numbers only toward the end of the war...."

And finally, on page 5:

"The SS, originally conceived as and bound by a form of mystic brotherhood as well as by the corresponding impulse that Germanic men must defend their women and children, were hardly disposed to integrating women fully into their Schwarze Korps (Black Corps).
In fact, the prospect of female SS-Supervisors dispensing orders seemed completely[ contrary to everything that the SS-men and their elite formation stood for......One can imagine that it would be difficult to find SS commanders who had acknowledged, much less valued, SS-Aufseherinnen assigned to their guard units."

So now, let's kill a few birds with one stone......

One; (A "survivor-witness" stated that Miss Grese ordered an SS-man to shoot a prisoner dead.) We may clearly see by the above that the witness was indeed LYING, and that no such incident ever occurred.

Two, I also maintained that, due to her position as a mere employee, and one who was paid by the State and NOT the SS-this 18 year old girl had absolutely NO authorization to perform "selections" for whatever reason on her own authority.
Again, I am proven justified and correct. In fact, when we consider that her other job duties consisted of working in the mail room and answering telephones, this charge appears beyond ludicrous--in fact, it is asinine.

Continuing in my examination of the book by Brown, let's move on to chapter 1, which the author begins with a spurious Rauschning quote:

"My teaching will be hard. Weakness will be knocked out of them (children). A violently active, dominating, brutal youth-that is what I am after."

Needless to repeat, the quote is spurious and Rauschning plagiarized from a French novelist.

Moving on, on page 9 the author refers to a number of books and authors who refer to Irma Grese, often mis-spelling her name. Of course the reason for this is that survivors, such as Olga Lengyal, Gisella Perl, et al, had merely read about Miss Grese during the trial and undoubtedly hit upon the idea that a book would be in order recounting their "experiences" with Miss Grese, much as we saw dozens of O.J. books appear before, during, and after his trial. Notoriety breeds sensationalism. Undoubtedly some of these individuals did happen to know Miss Grese, but it is also indisputable that they greatly exaggerated their alleged experiences for the purposes of selling books by the use of cheap sensationalism. Smut sells.

The rest of this chapter is hardly worth mentioning, as the author goes off on a tangent, attempting to psychoanalyze Miss Grese with his endless suppositions, imaginings, and creating spurious scenarios. His time would have been served to much better advantage if he tried to psychoanalyze "survivors" and their fantastic lies, tall tales , exaggerations, and fabrications.

Proceeding on to chapter II, a few sections are worth addressing. On page 19 the author quotes from a letter written by another "survivor" who states:

"I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no man should witness. Gas chambers built by LEARNED engineers. Children poisoned by EDUCATED physicians. Infants killed by TRAINED nurses. Women and babies shot and burned by HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE graduates."

And they say that a mind is a terrible thing to waste! Unsurprisingly, the author of the letter is not named, but he/she sure had a wide range of experiences! Who could this mystery person be, who saw gas chambers actually built by German engineers! Could he be thinking of those same alleged "gas chambers" at Auschwitz!?! Those great marvels of "engineering" where a can of pellets were supposedly cast down through holes in the roof? Naw, can't be....was it Treblinka, where the "gassings" were even more primitive than at Auschwitz? Naw....oh, well, I give up. However that is not all.
He also claims to have seen doctors actually poisoning children.....Strange that no specifics are offered. And then, he refers to homicidal nurses, and women and children shot by high school and college graduates. I wonder if he went up to each of these alleged executioners and asked to see their degrees.

When it comes to the Holocaust, no accusation is considered too ridiculous; they all border on Holy Writ.

Finally, on page 22, we glean a factual item of interest: The author writes:

"Irma Grese was apprenticed as an assistant nurse's aide in Hohenlychen from early 1939 until mid-1941 under the tutelage of the hospital director."

Such contradictions! "Survivors" usually describe Miss Grese as a fiend, a sadist, or worse. Yet when we find one verifiable FACT about Miss Grese, it turns out that she was interesting in nursing and alleviating the suffering of those who were ill! Strangely, a survivor's memoirs confirm this accurate image of Miss Grese. I refer to Fania Fenelon in her book, "Playing for Time" , where Miss Grese is referred to as an "angel." Miss Fenelon honestly describes her as being solicitous of her health and urging her to overcome the typhus she was stricken with at Belsen.

This is the difference between a truthful person and a liar.

Let us now examine chapter 3 of Brown's book on Irma Grese, where events will take an interesting turn. On page 26 Brown reproduces for us the recruitment advertisement distributed by the SS asking for female volunteers to serve at Ravensbrueck.:

Application for Aufseherin

"You have only to watch over prisoners; consequently, applicants, who should be between the ages of 21 and 45, don't need professional training. The salary of Aufseherinnen, who become employees of the Reich, is determined by (Schedule) TOA IX and a step raise will be given after a three month probationary period. Community food allotment as well as a "well-furnished official residence" and service clothes (fabric and fatigue uniforms) are assured....."

So, here we have an official communication listing the nature and qualifications required to fill the position of Aufseherin. Note that the requirements do not indicate:

"Sadists wanted" or "position will require participation in selections for murdering Jews and other undesirables in gas chambers."

In fact, even to SUGGEST that the SS had this idea in mind when recruiting teens like Irma Grese is possibly one of the most ludicrous ideas I have ever heard in my life! Really! Remember that Miss Grese was still only a teen-ager when she was accepted into job placement. The duties required of the Aufseherin, as one may clearly read for oneself, was of such a benign nature that the applicants did not even require any special training! In effect, they were baby-sitters. Any suggestion beyond that is absurd.

As a matter of fact, the requirements of an Aufseherin were far less exacting than the requirements in the United States today for females who apply for positions in our Penal System-and yet the German Concentration Camps were full of hardened criminals.

Remarkably, Brown also states:

"Because service as an Aufseherin was now a wartime occupation, the supervisors were assigned as employees of the Waffen-SS. During the early recruitment period (prior to 1944), candidates could not have any criminal convictions and had to be able to pass a medical examination performed by a garrison physician."

Well! How curious! We have heard over and over again from hate propagandists, what criminals the SS were, and in particular Irma Grese, yet the SS absolutely prohibited the employment of any person with a criminal record. How curious indeed....One might be tempted to think that if one is planning to commit heinous crimes, such as those of which the SS and Miss Grese have been accused, one would hire degenerate conscienceless CRIMINALS to do it, and then simply kill them after they had carried out the dirty work, thus eliminating ALL witnesses to the crimes.......

But we must not think such thoughts, as they are blasphemy and heresy in the world of the Holocaust Kingdom.

On page 27, we may note yet another pertinent observation. The author writes:

"The war itself may have had a great deal to do with Fraeulein Grese's employment dilemma. After floundering between her unsuccessful efforts to become a nurse and her low-income position as an unskilled machinist, she ostensibly did attempt to reenter the nurse trainee program once more prior to entering the SS."

Aside from the author's error in remarking that she entered into the "SS," (He should have written "entered into the SERVICE of the SS), one may see that Miss Grese obviously preferred to become a nurse, yet this option was not open to her. Coupled with the fact that her position as an unskilled laborer was a low-paying job with little chance of promotion or increase in wages, how enticing the advertisement must have been for service as a "baby-sitter" in a camp! AND a possibility for promotion with a wage increase AFTER the short probationary period. This being the case, is it any wonder why Miss Grese opted for an undoubted temporary position as a matron? And let us keep in mind that Miss Grese, who was only 18 years of age at the time, was still scarcely more than a child when she was accepted for the position of Aufseherin.

Moving along to page 30, the author digresses to recount another tale from a "survivor." I thought it interesting and will include it here.

"Shortly after Irma Grese had completed the program, a young French political prisoner witnessed first hand what Ravensbrueck "basic training" was like:

The beginners usually appeared frightened upon first contact with the camp, and it took some time to attain the level of cruelty and debauchery of their seniors. Some of us made a rather grim little game of measuring the time it took for a new Aufseherin to win her stripes. One little Aufseherin, twenty years old, who was at first so ignorant of proper camp "manners" that she said "excuse me' when walking in front of a prisoner, needed exactly four days to adopt the requisite manner, although it was totally new for her."

Now, I do not know for certain whether the account by this prisoner is true, nor do we have any way of ever verifying yet more tales from the Holo-Hood, but assuming that there is truth to the account, I only ask:

Are there not standard procedures which ALL law enforcement officials are bound to obey in the exercise of their duties? And how is duty in the camps, which were teeming with hundreds of criminals, if not thousands, any different from conditions in similar penal institutions through out the world? Can anyone think of any Penal Institution which allows for fraternization between the guards and inmates? And would not women and young girls be considered more vulnerable in such situations? I think there is little more to add to this argument, but the "witness" has not yet finished her recital of horror tales. They begin to slip into the realm of the absurd in no time at all. Observe:

"It seemed that liaisons between SS of opposite sexes were encouraged..." Source? Proof? Alas, we are given none. And more:

"...and they lived in a kind of promiscuity some might call "primitive," although their situation was anything but primitive. It appeared that all Aufseherinnen, married or unmarried, had one or more constant SS lovers...In addition to the lovers and shop talk, their diversions (especially around solstices and equinoxes) were monstrous eating and drinking bouts, after which they were so far gone that men and women were unable to recall with whom they had spent the rest of the night."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there we have the CLASSIC "witches-Sabbath" narrative, replete with lurid descriptions of orgies, coupled with occult references to the "solstice and equinoxes" from a sexually repressed prisoner! It is all so obvious one need not be a Freud or Jung to figure it all out.

Resuming my critique of the book "The Beautiful Beast," by Daniel Patrick Brown, let us pick up on page 48, where we can dispose of his claims in rather rapid succession:

"In laying out its case, the prosecution gave the court eye-witness testimony that "this 100 pound German girl invented new methods of torture. One of them: she waited until a pregnant woman was ready to give birth, then tied her legs together and watched the agony."

COMMENT: Well, it is certainly debatable as to whether behavior such as this can be described as a "novel" method of torture. At any rate, this is simply another lurid tale which has no basis whatsoever in reality and which this author has seen endless variations of the same tired theme, always applied to other accused. One really does not know whether to laugh or weep over the pathetic image this nonsense evokes.

On page 49, Brown appeals to yet another "eyewitness" for this curious tale:

"Amazingly, Grese did grant Lilika Salzer the chance to know that her sisters were still alive……Lilika and her twin sisters all survived the holocaust (What! You mean Mengele didn't sew their humps together—as has been alleged by other "eyewitnesses?!?--jb) …and, from Lilika's perspective, Grese was unquestionably instrumental in the salvation of the 3 Salzer girls. Nevertheless, Lilika was quick to remind me that in spite of this, "she (Grese) was a bitch!"\

COMMENT: Well, there's gratitude for you!

Next the author offers another description of Grese's alleged pistol, courtesy of Isabella Leitner:

"Not only was Irma Grese always dressed in immaculately and impressively tailored SS uniforms, she also wore a silver-plated pistol that she frequently used."

COMMENT: Naturally the author avoids the question of HOW frequently—and it is also noteworthy to mention that not ONE other witness was ever able to describe this miraculous pistol, though they surely would have noticed had this firearm really been silver-plated. Ergo — another lie. But this author has already addressed at least some of the claims of Leitner and was able to prove that this woman, like a number of other "eyewitnesses" such as Trieger and Kopper, appears to have suffered from mental instability.

On page 50, Brown irresponsibly repeats yet another canard when he writes: "Another "accessory" used by Irma Grese to torment prisoners was a "huge dog." A Russian (Jewish-jb) inmate named Luba Triszinska (who was also known as Charlotte Klein) provided the Luneberg court with a written deposition which stayed that Grese used to ride a bicycle accompanied by a big hound…….Grese ordered her dog to attack…unfortunate creatures. As one might suspect, many of the victims of Grese's vicious attacks did not survive the ordeal."

COMMENT: One might also suspect that this whole story is one pack of lies from beginning to end, for Grese never HAD a dog at Auschwitz or any other camp! Note that this allegation was simply submitted to the court as a written deposition which the court took judicial notice of. Also, one might wish to ask Mr. Brown exactly how many women Grese allegedly set her mythical dog upon in a feeding frenzy. One might also be tempted to say that Brown, like his witness, ain't nothing but a hound dog, just cryin all the time….

Picking up on page 51, Brown next quotes 2 witnesses who claimed that Miss Grese beat them both unconscious and left them lying on the ground. This also sounds preposterous. Imagine this 100 lb woman terrorizing 30,000 women and beating others unconscious with her little cellophane whip. Well, we can leave all of this behind for now and proceed to an item of greater interest on page 52, where Brown repeats yet another canard concerning Miss Grese's award for meritorious service. He writes:

"For her "splendid work" in exterminating inmates, the SS rewarded Grese with a medal for "meritorious war service."

COMMENT: Of course Brown never actually reproduces this document for the reader, and one suspects that this document is no longer available or non existent. It is quite clear that Miss Grese NEVER received an award for "exterminating inmates." This charge is not only ludicrous and offensive, but a gross slander. And as his list of alleged atrocities continues, the allegations become more and more outrageous to the point where Brown finally exclaims:

"The house servant also noted that Grese's lovers were eventually disposed of in the gas chambers."

COMMENT: House servants??? In Auschwitz? And does Brown provide a NAME for this "house servant? For even ONE of these alleged lovers? No, the idea was and is to portray Miss Grese as a ruthless and perverted female termagant ---the proverbial Black Widow, who devours her mates after draining them of their love fluids. In the often insane, surreal and psychotic world of the holocaust "survivor" no tale is too preposterous, extravagant or lurid to serve up as fare to the gullible, uninformed public. These types of behavioral disturbances are usually precipitated by women suffering from hysteria, as Freud astutely noted in his essay "Dora." And most of these women, according to Freud, happened to be Jewish. Take these tales for what they are worth—grist for the loony bin. They might even have had some entertainment value were it not for the sad fact that a young woman's life was terminated as a result of these fantastic lies and absurd stories. This being duly addressed, we have only 2 more allegations to discuss within this chapter. The first being the allegations of one Edith Trieger. Trieger claimed that in August 1944, she saw Miss Grese ride by the barracks on her bicycle during a camp lock-down. For those unfamiliar with a lock-down, which is common in most any penal institution throughout the world, this descirbes locking the inmates in their cells or barracks, usually for some infraction or for a completed or attempted escape. Violation of lock-down—especially in war-time-is an offense which is severely punishable. At any rate, Trieger swore under oath that Miss Grese happened to catch a woman in violation of the lock-down and ordered her back to her barracks. According to Trieger, and ONLY Trieger, the woman apparently did not move fast enough to suit Miss Grese, who then pulled out her pistol and shot her. Then, she remounted her bicycle and rode off like Margaret Hamilton in the Wizard of Oz, leaving her alleged victim lying in a pool of blood on the ground. Trieger testified that she had been secretly observing all of this action from inside her barracks, but, alas, there is a problem with this. Trieger's barracks were more than 150 feet away, and the camp was in lock-down, which meant that all windows were closed and SHUTTERED. Did Miss Trieger have x-ray vision? Perhaps she could also leap tall buildings at a single bound….Proving that she was "faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive", Miss Superwoman claimed to have rushed out of her barracks immediately after the alleged shooting while the camp was still in lock-down, and then applied the tried and true "mirror test" to conclusively determine that the shot woman was dead. How she happened to have a mirror in her possession, which was contraband, was never explained at the trial, nor did anyone have the presence of mind to inquire. Neither did anyone have the presence of mind to ask how it was that Miss Grese was able to shoot this woman, since she did not even carry a firearm until TWO MONTHS before the Auschwitz camp was vacated!!! This would place the date when she received her pistol in NOVEMBER 1944—NOT August! The court which tried Miss Grese was apparently undisturbed that Trieger could offer no date for this alleged shooting, nor could she even provide an identity of the alleged victim! Clearly the real victim here was Miss Grese, who had to endure sitting through this pack of lies day after day after day. The author of this essay is of the opinion that at least one element of Miss Trieger's testimony was true—namely, that she had been confined to her barracks and was allowed to peer out of windows. The barracks in question would have been Auschwitz's Mental Ward Barracks, where the psychologically disturbed were allowed to peer out of the window 24 hours a day, if it suited them. This Mental Ward at Auschwitz is indeed a fact, and is it not odd that the Mentally Ill were not immediately "gassed" as we have often read so many times in the literature, but instead were housed, fed, and treated with decency in the psychotic ward?

Brown next refers to the notorious snoop, sneak, and informer, the Nuremberg "officia"l Psychiatrist G. M. Gilbert, a Jew, as he struggles to find an explanation for these "horrible crimes."

Certainly he appealed to the right source, for he quotes from one of Gilbert's essays sporting the revealing title, "The Mentality of SS Murderous Robots." Now THERE is an impartial source for you!

Thankfully, our final quote closing this sorry chapter shall be taken from the former statement of the Prosecutor at the Luneberg Trial, who, when seeking a scapegoat for the deplorable conditions which existed at the Belsen Camp at the time of liberation actually had the audacity to assign blame to Miss Grese for this state of affairs, remarking that she claimed these conditions "were caused by everybody other than herself!!!" Was this man seriously suggesting that Miss Grese was to blame for conditions in Belsen? Miss Grese? A 20 year old young woman who was nothing more than a lowly Aufseherin, whose primary duties were opening mail and answering telephones?! Yes, he was. Take it for what it is worth.


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