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In Hungary recently these filthy Jews tried to introduce a law making it legal for minors to put up their photos and films of themselves having sexual intercourse. Guess who would benefit from that little scheme? Paedophiles and rapists would be allowed to legally abuse, terrorise and traumatise teenagers. And they tried to introduce this law in the midst of the country-wide riots last autumn, hoping nobody would notice...

I remember an ex-best friend of mine and I having a discussion a few years back and I was telling him if things are allowed to go on unchecked like they are now very soon  paedophilia will be not only legal, but a human right! He said I was paranoid. Needless to say we're no longer friends since a few years now, due to him realising/finding out – not from me – that I have politically incorrect opinions about certain chosen ones. He called me everything in the verbal abuse encyclopedia, from Nazi, Fascist, racist, homophobe, "hater" to even Communist and Marxist at a particularly inspired moment! I told him then that he can pidgeon-hole me as much as he likes but he will never find the right one for me.

These filthy, low scum who have the nerve to call themselves human; these degenerate, corrupt, disgusting creeps trying to exterminate all of us – I wish they burn in Hell forever. And I know they ultimately will, all of them.

It is my opinion the White Aryan race – and all the spiritually noble, aristocratic races – are experiencing a culling right now; a culling of genes. There is a process of weeding out defective, degenerate, corrupt, impure genes going on right now and the Jews are chosen for that dark task. That's what they are chosen for, but they are not aware of it, at least not all of them. Many are aware of it and they are doing their task. We should do our divine task and purify our blood and spirit; that is OUR task. The Jews will never get out of this material, physical prison we call earthly life, whereas we will, when we are pure enough, and the Jews are our tool to complete this spiritual purification. They are the 'satan', i.e. the 'adversary' that is sent our way to be the resistance by which we will transcend ourselves. Without resistance there is no wisdom to be gained.

The more a true spiritual aristocrat realises their task, the more they end up on a collision course with the Jew. It's only logical: if you don't speak out and resist brainwashing, social engineering, physical and spiritual poisoning you have no problems with the Jew. As soon as you start to wake up and smell the coffee and see the state of everything around you and above all who is behind it all, THEN your battle really begins. 

I'm at the point of accepting with a calm mind and spirit the accusation of "anti-Semite".