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Inmates with swimming pool


Cover photo: healthy concentration camp inmates in front of swimming pool with sprinkler system, high diving board, and wearing wrist watches, photographed at Ebensee, Mauthausen, on May 6, 1945. Pictures appear in BILLER AUS DEM KRICH, Editions St. Paul, Luxembourg, photograph 257, no page number; on the same page. Photograph 258 shows overweight inmates posing with "living skeletons"; photograph 260 shows overweight, healthy, happy, smiling inmates on locomotive; this same photograph was also published in the Luxembourger Wort, May 6, 1985, p. 18; republished in the Luxembourger Wort on 21 April 1990, page number unknown. It is respectfully submitted that these photographs are incompatible with the myth of Nazi barbarity and cruelty.

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Updated 4 October 2016

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On a related subject:

Yes, Virginia, there are Jewish ritual murderers. The reality of Jewish ritual murder has been repeatedly proven in modern trials using modern rules of evidence.
For examples of untranslated books on the subject (table of contents only):
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Shortly before World War I, the Russian Empire was shaken by the bestial murder of Andrei Yushchinsky, a 13-year-old boy, whose exsanguinated body, bearing all the traces of a Jewish ritual murder, was found in March 1911 on the outskirts of Kiev. The ensuing trial, held in the autumn of 1913, attracted wide attention not only in Russia, but also in Europe and even in the USA. A Jew named Mendel Beilis was the only defendant. Although he was eventually acquitted by the jury, the same verdict also said that it was basically a ritual murder, one committed at a Jewish brick factory.
This book was written by G.G. Zamyslovsky, a member of the Russian State Duma, who served as a civil prosecutor (or “civil plaintiff”) at the Beilis trial. In addition to the description of Yushchinsky’s murder, it contains a lot of other valuable information, including a detailed account of two famous ritual murder trials which took place in the Russian towns of Velizh and Saratov in the 19th century.
The Velizh case occurred in 1823, when the mutilated and exsanguinated corpse of a little Christian boy was found in a forest. After a lengthy trial which fully complied with modern standards of justice, the Jewish defendants were acquitted, but the ritual nature of the murder was still firmly established.
The other case occurred in Saratov in 1853 and dealt with the ritual killing of two Russian boys. This time, the Jewish defendants were found guilty. Two of them got 20 years of hard labor, and one, 18.
Also included in the book is the expert opinion of Roman Catholic Priest I.B. Pranaitis, a high authority on the Talmud. He acted as an expert during the investigation into Yushchinsky’s murder and was fully convinced that Jewish ritual murders were real and had been practiced for many centuries by sadistic Jews.
The Murder of Andrei Yushchinsky is written in the best traditions of such famous Russian writers of the past as Tolstoy, Chekhov or Dostoyevsky and will become a valuable addition to anyone’s personal library.

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September 2016

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Unknown to most, the reality of Jewish ritual murders has been repeatedly proven in modern court proceedings according to modern rules of evidence. This happened in Russia many times during the 19th and 20th centuries, far removed from any medieval obscurantism.
One of the most famous trials occurred in the Russian town of Velizh in the early 19th century after the mutilated and exsanguinated corpse of a little Christian boy had been found in a forest. Although the Jewish culprits would be eventually acquitted, the ritual nature of the murder would still be firmly established. This trial is described in detail in this book, along with many other cases of ritual murders perpetrated by inhuman sadists from the fanatical Jewish sect of the Hasidim.
A Memorandum on Ritual Murders was written in 1844 by V.I. Dal, a famous and highly respected Russian linguist, and close friend of Alexander Pushkin. Dal’s mammoth explanatory dictionary of the Russian language is still in print.
In addition to describing the Velizh trial and over 130 other cases of Jewish sadistic atrocities, Dal quotes passages from the Talmud which justify murders of Christians, and provides accounts of baptized Jews about rites and practices of their former brethren. Dal narrates facts of the Velizh trial that Jewry hoped would be suppressed forever, like the outrageous and neurotic behavior displayed by the Jewish defendants, so extreme so as to be comical. As Dal puts it, “all they displayed during their interrogations was denial, blatant lies, fear and malice”.
Dal told the truth here because no one could censor him. In Czarist Russia, one could speak freely on this subject, which is no longer the case in the present-day “democratic” Russian Federation.
This book constitutes a valuable historical record of the Jewish ritual murder question from the 19th-century Russian perspective.

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September 2016

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Answers to and from readers of the Lasha Darkmoon site on the shooting and drowning of criminal invaders

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Oh, well, let them shoot their ridiculous "Hoaxoco$t" fairy tales in the ass by helping to prove that thousands of Germans were also tortured, starved and threatened after WWII, to produce all those ridiculous "confessions" everybody keeps talking about. For the most ridiculous of these "confessions", click here or here.

If Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also:

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