Personally, I am very fond of Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories, and I’ve even got a few of my own. After all, it only takes a few minutes to invent these things.

Now, the sine qua non of any good Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory is that it must not reflect negatively upon Pretty Boy Prince Jack of Camelot, and it must not be overly anti-Communist, i.e., it must be expressed entirely within the frame of reference of left-wing liberalism.

For example, we sense instinctively that the following will simply never do:

a) Having firmly ensconced the Communists in power in Cuba using the same methods that proved so successful in China (placing an embargo on the sale of arms and ammunition to anyone fighting them),  left-wing cells in the State Department dream of going on to bigger and better things in terms of even more extensive Communist subversion and treason. Finding themselves thwarted by Kennedy, a woolly-minded liberal but certainly no Communist, the President is eliminated by a team of State Department “black-op” specialists and an expendable fellow-traveller is framed for the crime.

b)  Flushed with success over the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, JFK dreams of going on to bigger and better things with a “Missile Crisis” over Viet Nam. He is regretfully eliminated by patriotic elements in the CIA in the belief that this is the only way to avoid nuclear war -- sooner or later.

c) As the Belgian Congo collapses into chaos, with mass looting, terror, torture, murder, cannibalism and rape spreading throughout the country. JFK – despite his refusal to provide promised air support to Cuban refugees fighting at the Bay of Pigs – provides U.S. military aircraft and money to the U.N. in its illegal invasion of Katanga, the only peaceful province of the country -- a region with no linguistic or cultural ties to North Congo -- led by secessionist Moise Tshombe, the only black African leader anywhere on the continent who is a college graduate, an anti-Communist, and a Christian, enjoying the respect of both white and black. Tschombe declares he is " withdrawing from chaos" but is refused a visa to visit the US to plead his cause (although there are no legal grounds to exclude him), while Holden Roberto and other Angolan Communist guerrilla leaders are granted visas to visit the U.S. by special order of Robert F. Kennedy, although their entry is formally and explicitly barred by Federal law. Tshombe resists U.N. aggression for over two years with an army of Africans trained and led by European professional soldiers -- Tschombe's famous "white mercenaries" -- recruited from all over Africa and Europe, very few of whom ever got paid. The Katangan Air Force is destroyed on the ground by the U.N. in a sneak attack in violation of a truce in December 1962, after which the whole country is totally destroyed in an orgy of pillaging, looting and rape, a situation which persists to this day.  JFK is eliminated by a 3 South Africans formerly employed by Tschombe in the Congo.

d) Chaos in the Congo quickly spreads to the adjacent Portuguese colony of Angola, where thousands of whites and Africans are raped, tortured and murdered in a few days, plunging the most poverty-stricken country in Europe into a full-scale war, fought for 13 years with great determination and courage, partly in the mistaken belief that the Americans would come to realize that both countries were fighting the same enemy, Communism -- the U.S.A. in Viet Nam and Cuba, and Portugal in Africa. JFK is eliminated by 3 Portuguese immigrants having lost their families in Angola.

[Note that the number “3” seems to be a sort of lucky number in these things.. - C.P.]

e) Same scenario as above: JFF is eliminated by 3 ex-members of the “P.I.D.E.”, Portugal’s dreaded “international “ secret police force, in the hopes that JFK’s successor would prove more anti-Communist.

f) Since JFK’s father was a bootlegger, it seems reasonable to assume that JFK enjoyed access to Mafia connections, as in fact he did. He is eliminated in a 10-million Mafia hit for welshing on a 200-million dollar gambling and prostitution deal in the Caribbean.

[COMMENT: Why the Caribbean? Because it is exotic, another sine qua non in these fairy tales. Besides, it sounds plausible. - C.P.].

g) That JFK’s sex life very much resembled that of dictator Sukarno of Indonesia (Sukarno suffered from sexual mania caused by terminal syphilis, and demanded to be furnished with 2 young women per day everywhere he went; since Sukarno was a big shot, the women were duly supplied), was no secret to anyone in Washington for 30 years, but was covered up by the Press. JFK is eliminated by 3 CIA agents just in time to thwart a KGB/Mossad blackmail plot gravely jeopardising American security.

h) Same scenario as above. JFK is eliminated by 3 government agents whose wives and/or daughters have been humiliated, abused and degraded by Kennedy.

i) Same scenario as above. He is eliminated by 3 Secret Service officers fed up with risking their lives so the President of the United States can screw around with prostitutes all over the country.

j) JFK’s pledge to put a “Man on the Moon by 1970” is perceived as a threat by space aliens planning to use the Moon as a base for an invasion of the Earth. JFK is eliminated by 3 space aliens assuming the form of human beings, and an inconsequential Earthling is left holding the bag. The invasion is called off when the aliens decide that Earthlings are simply not worth bothering with.

[COMMENT: Is this a joke? A reductio ad adsurdum? I don’t think so. Not when you read ALIEN AGENDA (subtitled THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS AMONG US; other editions are subtitled INVESTIGATING THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE AMONG US), by Jim  Marrs, one of the most successful kactologists in America (from K.A.C.T.U.S., “Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorists of the United States”), author of CROSSFIRE, basis for the film “JFK” (by half-Jewish left-winger Oliver Stone), placing the film squarely in the “fiction” category. - C.P.].

So much for some “bad” JFK conspiracy theories. Now, let me show you how to turn a bad Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory into a good one.


“JFK’s collaboration with the A.D.L. and the Communists to destroy America through uncontrolled non-white immigration is perceived as a threat by patriotic elements within several government agencies, concerned with the probability of widespread infiltration, subversion and left-wing chaos arising as the result of such a policy. The first two brothers are eliminated by assassination, while the third – an alcoholic nincompoop and total non-entity – is simply left to destroy himself.” 


“JFK’s courageous efforts to eliminate the cruelty and racial discrimination inherent in American immigration policies is perceived as a threat by America’s Right-Wing Fascist Establishment and Military-Industrial Complex, and this idealistic fighter for human rights and justice is eliminated -- together with his brother -- by a team of rogue government agents with Ku Kux Klan and neo-Nazi connections, thus destroying America's last chance for racial and social justice.”

NOTE: The only problem with this one is that the kactologists are not particularly anxious to stress the role of the Kennedy family in the destruction of the country through mass non-white immigration.

Everybody has heard of PROFILES IN COURAGE and WHY ENGLAND SLEPT (both largely ghost-written), but nobody has ever heard of A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, ghost-written and published by the A.D.L. over JFK’s name in 1958 – an effort which finally culminated as the 1965 Immigration Act authored by Jacob Javits/ Emmanuel Cellar (a close Kennedy associate), with the enthusiastic and close collaboration of both surviving brothers.



Ordinarily, the kactologists are quite intolerant, and the slightest hint that you think Oswald shot Kennedy is met with screams of indignation.
But there is one exception.
They don't care if you say you think Oswald shot Kennedy, as long as you claim that Oswald was a "Right Wing Fascist", with or without the added ingredient of one or more "anti-Castro Cubans".
To me, the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theory Industry is a left-wing intellectual movement, originated largely by Jews (Lane, Epstein, Weisberg, Stone, etc.) intended to:
a) deny that their hot-pants matinee idol President was shot by a Communist sympathizer, (i.e., in the jargon of the anti-revisionists, they are "Kennedy Assassin Communist Sympathizer Deniers");
b) persuade ordinary people to accept left-wing liberal social programmes, and
c) promote the destroyers of our race as great national heroes.
Where b) and c) are concerned, the intent and purpose of kactology rather resembles the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
It s worth noting that "JFK" producer Oliver Stone and actor Kevin Costner, who played Jim Garrison in the film, visited Cuba in 2001, praising Castro and "Cuban Socialism", a system so oppressive that hundreds of thousands of people have risked death by shark attack, drowning and exposure -- not to mention lengthy terms of imprisonment -- to escape it.
In reference to this experience, Stone said: "We should look to [Castro] as one of the earth's wisest people, one of the people we should consult."

Oliver Stone with Fidel Castro

If leftists are willing to "deny" that Communism is a failure (an obvious fact), then they will be willing to "deny" that Oswald was a Communist (a small matter by comparison).
(They also "denied" that Castro was a Communist, although he was known to the police all over Central America -- or at least Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia -- since 1948, when he participated in Communist-inspired riots at the Foreign Ministers Conference in Bogotá, Colombia, at the age of 21, capturing a radio station and broadcasting a message, heard by American diplomats, declaring: "This is Fidel Castro. This is a Communist revolution", triggering 10 years of violence in Colombia, with an estimated 100,000 deaths.)

The Kennedys were "Limousine Liberals", the kind of people who destroy one country after another, reinvest their money and move. "Useful Idiots" for Marxism, wearing their pity on their sleeve, they live in luxury all their lives, almost never give away one penny of their own money, never surrender one iota of their own privileges, but work unceasingly to destroy their country, culture, race and class, and are almost never made to pay for their crimes.



P.S.: It is interesting to note the similarity in media treatment accorded Oswald and other accused Communist sympathizers such as Robert Oppenheimer, the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss. According to the Soviet spymaster who recruited them, Pavel Sudoplatov, all three were guilty as charged. Yet for over 60 years, the liberals claimed they were innocent! Sudoplatov claims they obtained more information from Robert Oppenheimer than they did from the Rosenbergs, who were minor figures by comparison. Oppenheimer -- an atomic scientist -- was refused a security clearance because his wife, brother and mistress were all Communist Party members, and because he personally had donated 1000 dollars a year to the Party for many years. To the liberals, this was "guilt by association", so he was reinstated in government employment, was awarded the prestigious government "Enrico Fermi Prize" (Fermi was also a Soviet agent), and held government positions until the end of his life! Sudoplatov was an unrepentant believer in the Communist dream, living in Moscow after the fall of Communism. Oppenheimer's innocence -- and, to a lesser extent, that of Alger Hiss -- is still an article of faith among American liberals. The guilt of the Rosenbergs has since been admitted by Morton Sobell, another spy. Sudoplatov also says that 90% of his agents and spies were Jews.

31 October 2008
(updated 16 December 2008)
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