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From Catherine Colohen (with comments)

(Updated September 15, 2004)

[emphasis [!] added]

Your sad and pathetic attempts to refute the great evil perpetrated by the
National Socialists would be almost laughable if the filthy and dangerous
lies you promulgate were not so easily available to those who perhaps do not
possess the critical faculties or basic knowledge to see them as the twisted
garbage they are.  How ironic that the Internet, hailed as the future of
freedom of information, should also be open to spreading the kind of Fascist [!]
propaganda you have posted on your Holocaust website purporting as some kind
of fact.

Perhaps you think that the many Jews who did manage to survive [!] six years [!] of
German atrocities [!] are all lying or sadly deluded? [!]  The eyewitnesses

[COMMENT: What eyewitnesses? Jan Karski? Myklos Nyzsli? Filip Müller? Hendryk Tauber? - C.P.]

who lived day in and day out in the stench of burning bodies [!]

[COMMENT: Crematory ovens do not smell or emit smoke; cremation in ditches is impossible; how many times do I have to say this? - C.P.],

or watched lines of people disappear into "shower rooms" [!]

[COMMENT: Where is the proof of this? In any case, the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz were morgues. - C.P.]

and reappear as bodies that fellow Jews were forced to load into crematoria?

[COMMENT: What Jews? David Olčre? Filip Müller? Myklos Nyszli? - C.P.]

Maybe you even consider the presence of such crematoria in the death camps to indicate a Nazi
predilection for baking their own bread, [!] rather than burning bodies of
innocent victims? [!] [!]

[COMMENT: They were built to cremate the bodies of  innocent victims of epidemic disease, dying at a rate of 200 per day. By the way, if the “morgues” were used as “gas chambers”, what did they do for real morgues? Where did they store the bodies pending cremation, since the crematory capacity was far less than that alleged by Jews? - C.P.]

What possible motive do you think the Jews have to stage the disappearance of six million of their number? [!]

[COMMENT: How about creating a pretext for setting up the parasite state of Israel with hundreds of billions of dollars in goods, money, gold, etc. etc. extorted from a world rendered psychotic by propaganda? No doubt there are other motives as well, mostly financial. See THE JEWISH PARADOX by Nahum Goldmann.- C.P.]

Do you think these people actually went to sun themselves in Madagascar [!] for the duration of the war and were alive and well the whole time? Where do you think that the
hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of ghettos such as Warsaw and Cracow
went to? [!]


Have you not read the accounts not only of Jewish eye witnesses,
but also of that rare breed at the time, the morally outraged German such as
Oskar Schindler? [!] [!] [!]

[COMMENT: Swindler was a Jewish racketeer working for the Germans and who is buried in Israel. Is this really the best you can do? An admitted work of fiction? - C.P.]

This German provided intelligence on the treatment of
Cracow's Jews during the course of the war [!], long before the mass delusion of
Allied soldiers at the liberation of the camps that you implausibly attempt
to argue explains their "mistake" of labelling German behaviour deliberate
extermination.  Are all the Allied soldiers involved in the liberation of
the camps mistaken or lying?

[COMMENT: Mistaken, certainly. That they were capable of lying as well -- and torturing defendants and witnesses into signing false statements and confessions -- is proven by the evidence they fabricated in hundreds of trials. How about the Malmedy Trial? It’s not the only example. Why not read MASSACRE A MALMEDY? by Gerd. J. August Cuppens, CROSSROADS OF DEATH: THE STORY OF THE MALMEDY MASSACRE AND TRIAL by James J, Weingartner, INNOCENT AT DACHAU by Joseph Halow, or many other books?. One of the accusations dreamed up by the testicle-crushing Jewish-American interrogators at Malmedy was the homosexual rape of the bodies of American soldiers after the Malmedy Massacre; this charge was only dropped by American administrative decision. Otherwise that would probably be a “proven fact” as well.- C.P.]

Where are the owners of the mounds of art treasures, personal possessions,

[COMMENT: The personal possessions of incoming camp inmates were disinfested, registered, and stored, just as they would be if you entered prison or the armed forces anywhere in the world; as for the owners, see THE DISSOLUTION OF EUROPEAN JEWRY by Walter J. Sanning. Of course, many people died; the existence of their possessions does not prove that they were murdered, least of all in “gas chambers”.- C.P.]


[COMMENT: See Document R-135- C.P.],


[COMMENT: Are you referring to the 7 tons of hair mentioned in Soviet War Crimes Report USSR-8, or are you referring to Document USSR-511- C.P.]

that the fleeing Germans left behind? [!] [!] [!]

 If the crematoria were for less sinister purposes, why did the SS dynamite them before they left the camps?

[COMMENT: The fake “gas chamber” shown to tourists at Auschwitz I was not dynamited. The authorities at Auschwitz claim it is authentic, but that the "gas chambers" were blown up. So was the fake at Auschwitz I a "gas chamber" or wasn't it? They can't have it both ways. If any of these structures had been used as gas chambers using hydrocyanic acid, dynamiting the buildings would conceal nothing. The other crematoria were probably dynamited because of Soviet propaganda use of the German crematoria at Majdanek. Auschwitz I was a morgue converted into an air raid shelter at the end of the war, then converted into a "gas chamber" by the Poles and Soviets. The holes in the roof at Auschwitz II were pierced after the building was destroyed. No holes, no Hoaxoco$t. See the RUDOLF REPORT. The real question is why they did not destroy all their records and archives, which have survived intact. See the TECHNIQUE AND OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS by J.-C. Pressac, and the many refutations of that illustrious but unobtainable tome by Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno.- C.P.]

The list of damning questions you blatantly ignore is endless.

[COMMENT: So is the list of revisionist books you could read, written by persons much better qualified than myself. Why don’t you start with the RUDOLF REPORT? The longer version was long available only in German, but is now available in English from Start with the short one. The questions you raise are answered in hundreds if not literally thousands of books, and cannot be answered in the space available here- C.P.]

Matt Smith's poisonous rubbish

[COMMENT: Who is Matt Smith? - C.P.]

argues that it was not a deliberate policy of extermination that led to the millions of deaths, but German mismanagement
of the camps

[COMMENT: It was due to the Allied bombing of railways and pharmaceutical factories, bombings which included dropping phosphorous on school children, machine-gunning refugees, including women and children and farmers working in their fields. - C.P.].

Have you both failed to read the documents issued by Section D in Oraienenberg during the war on the treatment of Jewish prisoners and their intended fate

[COMMENT: Please be specific; in any case, Himmler issued an order that the death rate was to be reduced at all costs; for further information, please contact David Irving- C.P.] ,

or that initial declaration of Nazi policy, Mein Kampf itself? [!]

[COMMENT: Please be specific; which quotation are you referring to? Either the Hoaxoco$t was so secret that there are no documents to prove it, or it was public, and MEIN KAMPF and public speeches by Hitler can be used to “prove” it. So which is it? Was it secret, or was it carried on in public?- C.P.]

Do you not consider the Nazi's intentions to be writ large from the 1930s onwards, with the rapid increase in persecution and removal of civil rights for the Jewish population, Kristallnacht [!], the wearing of the star, segregation of schools, ghettoisation? [!]

[COMMENT: The wearing of the yellow star was an alternative to internment. National Socialist measures were largely copied from the Zionists, with the cooperation of the Zionists; the Nuremberg Laws were written in cooperation with the Chief Rabbi of Berlin, and similar laws exist in Israel today. The Jews have always “ghettoized” themselves; indeed, Judaism has very aptly been described as a “ghetto of the mind”. See THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT: THE DRAMATIC STORY OF THE PACT BETWEEN THE THIRD REICH AND JEWISH PALESTINE by Joseph Black, or Eine Geschichte der Auswanderung der Juden aus dem Dritten Reich by Ingrid Weckert.- C.P.]

What do you hope to gain by denying that the Holocaust occurred? [!]  It is not the first time nor, judging from events in Kosovo [!] and Rwanda [!]

[COMMENT: The refugee movements in Kosovo were caused by NATO bombing; the massacres in Rwanda were the inevitable result of the chaos caused by decolonization, i.e., a black population explosion and black rule. Note that Communist, Zionist, democratic and African atrocities against whites are not important. Why not mention the white farmers being necklaced in South Africa while we are at it?- C.P.]

all too recently, will it sadly be the last that human beings seek to murder each other on a grand scale. [!]  However, to attempt to deny that it did happen is not only insufferably insulting to those millions that either died or survived to carry the horrors of National Socialism and its death camps

[COMMENT: If they were “death camps” why did so many people survive?- C.P.]

to their graves - are you seriously accusing all these people of lying? [!]

[COMMENT: Many of them, yes. See, for example, the quotations from the BLACK BOOK. Others, no. Hysteria was believed by Freud to be a racial characteristic of Jews; hallucinations are a symptom of typhus. Most of the “evidence” I consider simply Communist propaganda; just look at the references in any standard work on the Hoaxoco$t, for example, THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS by Hilberg. - C.P.]

- but leads to incidents such as the shootings at Columbine High School where young men

[COMMENT: One of whom, KLEBOLD, was a racial and religious Jew, the grandson of a wealthy Jewish philanthropist],

addicted to sick Fascist web sites such as your own [!] [!] [!],

[COMMENT: They were addicted to a video of  NATURAL BORN KILLERS by the Jew Oliver Stone, which they watched over and over. They were also addicted to a video game called DOOM. Violence is as addictive as pornography; both are produced and marketed by Jews for billion-dollar profits.- C.P.]

decided to mow down thirteen innocent people. [!]

[COMMENT: When the story first appeared, it was stated that twenty five people had been killed. Now the figure has been reduced to thirteen. What could be simpler than counting bodies in an American High School? This is an example of the inaccuracy of media reporting. - C.P.]

Perhaps you applaud their actions [!]

[COMMENT: Of course not; I think it is a shame they committed suicide. Hanging would have been far too good for them, and the same goes for the rap-music addicted 13 and 11 year-old killers at Jonesboro Arkansas, who fantasized that they were members of the Crips and Bloods, a violent black youth gang in Chicago. I blame the Jewish-controlled media for these events; but I believe that the idiots who commit these crimes should be punished; perhaps by necklacing -- a punishment popular among blacks. Poetic justice! It is time for rap-maddened, black-worshipping white people and video violence-worshipping racial and religious Jews like Klebold  to learn the difference between fantasy and reality, even if they are so-called “children”.- C.P.]

and see no moral responsibility on the part of people such as yourself [!],

[COMMENT: I do not control the American news media, advertising, and entertainment; I do not control video pornography and violent video games; I do not make hundreds of billions of dollars by force-feeding the American public with unmitigated, endless filth, most of it of Jewish origin.- C.P.]

but then you are the one who seeks to defend and exonerate the disgusting and barbaric actions of the Third Reich [!]

[COMMENT: How about the disgusting and barbaric actions of Israel while we are at it?- C.P.],

so you obviously exist in some kind of moral void. Laughably, you think that pointing out the incredible methods of murder alleged at Nuremberg somehow makes them untenable  [!] [?]

[COMMENT: Makes what untenable? Do you really believe that the “steam chambers”, “electrical chambers”, “vacuum chambers” and all the other obvious lies, most of them of Soviet origin, do not rather tend to discredit the Nuremberg evidence and judgement, even just a little bit?- C.P.]

- unfortunately, this is precisely why the Holocaust will continue to live on in human memory [!],

[COMMENT: No doubt, because Jews will produce thousands of books, comic books, movies, and television shows about their “suffering”, often in admitted works of fiction. You can turn on the television any hour of the day or night in any country on the face of the earth, and there will always be at least one show about “poor persecuted Jews” and their endless “suffering” and “sensitivity”. Don’t you think this has gone far enough?- C.P.]

I believe because the scale of their evil and the suffering they inflicted was quite beyond anything ever witnessed before [!]

[COMMENT: Why? The Bible contains 137 descriptions of mass murder committed by Jews on God’s orders; Stalin killed 10 times as many people as Hitler even if the Hoaxoco$t is a fact; not to mention Communist atrocities committed since Stalin’s death (see THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM by Stephane Courtois et al). Will you join with me in denouncing Communism? Or is that further evidence of my anti-Semitism?- C.P.]

leaving us wondering how these could really be men, not monsters.

[COMMENT: The same question could be asked with regards to the Soviet secret police, which were always dominated by racial Jews, for example, Yagoda; was he a human being? See, for example, THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO. How about Menachem Begin while we are at it?- C.P.]

Attempting to mock these facts is not to make them suddenly untrue. [!]

[COMMENT: What do YOU think of the “steam chambers”? Note that the technical installations were described in great detail; it was not a “rumour” that Jews were being steamed to death, it was a deliberate LIE.- C.P.]

I would suggest that not only are you an extremely poor historian, you are also a rather sick and flawed human being. [!]

[COMMENT: As one sick and flawed human being to another, I am glad to meet you; by the way, is Colohen a Jewish name, or am I mistaken? To what do I owe this great honour?- C.P.]

I would advise you to look deep within yourself to discover why you seek to deny these events

[COMMENT: The answer is very simple. It is called a love of truth -- combined with anger at the destruction of my race, nation, civilization, culture, history, and my children’s future, not to mention sheer disgust at the exclusive and obsessive focus upon Jewish “suffering”, real or imagined. I have nothing against former concentration camp inmates, I think many of them were decent people, but they weren’t the only people who had a hard time. Nobody was dropping phosphorous or jellied gasoline on them (except when the Americans bombed them at the end of the war, more or less by accident). German concentration camp inmates were well-fed, and enjoyed sanitary facilities, heating, and health care; they lived relatively well until the end of the war, although of course they had to work very hard (10 or 11 hours a day). Perhaps you can explain why some of them were actually OVERWEIGHT even at the end of the war? In short, although I have nothing but respect for many former concentration camp inmates personally, I am sick of their horror stories, hallucinations, and self-pity. I once asked a Japanese-American how he felt about spending the war in a “concentration camp”, and he said, “Well, if I hadn’t gone in the camp, I would probably have had to go in the army, and then maybe I wouldn’t have come back”. Do you see the difference? The Japanese have dignity.- C.P.]

- perhaps, as for most others, the sheer scale of the horror overwhelms you so you choose to live in denial rather than confront man's gross inhumanity [!].

[COMMENT: I am quite aware of man’s gross inhumanity, are you? Why don’t you read THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN, GRUESOME HARVEST, EXECUTION BY HUNGER, THE GREAT TERROR, THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM, or TA TA, TAN TAN: The Inside Story of Communist China by Valentin Chu?, etc. etc., not to mention many more recent books, like EYE FOR AN EYE by John Sack, OTHER LOSSES or CRIMES AND MERCIES by James Bacque? There are thousands of them, why don’t you learn something about the twentieth century before writing this sort of thing?- C.P.]

However, if you will persist in continuing to trumpet abroad these grave lies,

[COMMENT: The website consists mostly of graphics: are you saying I fabricated the pages I reproduced from the Nuremberg Trial transcript? Please be specific. - C.P.]

I would be interested to see this letter and your response to it on your web site in the near future - you deluded Fascist. [!]

[COMMENT: This is the third time you have called me a Fascist, a word used almost exclusively by Marxists. Does that make you a Communist? A pinko? How about “Communist sympathizer”? Name calling is a game two can play, and it is a game that Jews are notoriously good at. In any case, the National Socialists were not Fascists. If you like, I will write an article on Fascism to help you perceive the differences. One thing the Fascists and National Socialists had in common was a love of country; a love of tradition, religion, and the family; a desire for social reform, and opposition to Marxism

This is a revisionist website. Revisionism is a factual matter, not an ideology. Most revisionists are technicians: engineers or chemists, etc. Everyone has something to contribute, precisely because it is not an ideology. Many revisionists are Christians who believe that it is a sin to lie about any nation or people. Others are patriots who believe that a false sense of guilt is destroying their nation, their people, their culture, and their religion. Others are traditionalists who believe that an exclusive focus on Jews is destroying all nations, all peoples, all cultures, and all religions. Revisionists include Catholics, Protestants, atheists, Jews, Moslems, leftists, socialists, and, somewhat surprisingly, very many former Communist sympathizers. A few others (very few) are National Socialists. Facts are facts. 2 + 2 = 4 even if it's a "Nazi" who says so. Nobody calls you an "atheist" or "anti-Christian" if you point out that the "Shroud of Turin" is only 700 years old. Do you really want answers to these questions, or do you just want to argue?

If you want the answers, the principal publishers of revisionist material are:

Castle Hill Publishers, PO BOX 118, Hastings, TN22 1ZY, UK
Historical Review Press, PO BOX 62, Uckfield, TN22 1QL UK
Institute for Historical Review, PO BOX 2739, Newport Beach CA 92659 USA
B.P. 256, B-1050 BRUSSELS-5, BELGIUM
ERNST ZÜNDEL, 3152 PARKWAY, SUITE 13, PMB 109, PIGEON FORGE, TN 37863 USA, [email protected]
Focal Point Publishing, 81 Duke St., London W1M 5DJ UK.

I also recommend THE TRUTH AT LAST, PO Box 1211, Marietta, GA 30061 USA. While not primarily a revisionist publication, it reproduces the source material, with underlining, in much the same manner as we attempt to do, and moreover possesses the ability to express complex relationships in a few very simple words. The following example is taken from issue 410, p. 7:

"The mastermind behind the plot to disarm every American citizen is Joshua Horowitz, a Jew. He heads the 'Firearms Litigation Clearing House' in Washington. Horowitz said: 'We believe that at some point a jury will one day find that the gun industry is intentionally marketing guns to criminals. We will then break them financially.'

"Horowitz was chairman of the Anti-Gun Conference in Chicago. The second most important player in this conspiracy is Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School. It is of interest that he is also a Jew. Jews constitute the most powerful single group working to ban guns in America. This is ironic because at the very same time, Israel is the most heavily armed country in the world, with nearly every citizen owning a firearm!"

Sample copies are one dollar. Subscriptions are 18 dollars a year, even if you live overseas. Website:

13 NOVEMBER 1999


Strictly speaking, the only "fascists" are the followers of Mussolini.

(click to enlarge)

Loosely, the difference is that the National Socialists believed in the primacy of racial factors and deficit spending.  The "Fascists" (and their various foreign imitators) placed little or no emphasis on race, were often hostile to racial doctrines generally and National Socialism in particular, and usually believed in a balanced budget.

When Mussolini was appointed Head of State by the King of Italy in 1922, Italy had suffered 1.5 million people killed or wounded in the First World War; a politically-imposed bread subsidy threatened to destroy the Italian Lira as completely as reparations were destroying the German Mark, but could not be abolished because it was politically unacceptable; 180,000 politically-appointed railway employees could not be made to work but could not be dismissed; production was impossible because the Marxist-dominated labour unions had occupied all the factories and refused to work or leave; large parts of Italy were almost totally uninhabitable because of yellow fever or rocky, infertile soil and insufficient irrigation; irrigation and swamp-clearing projects had lain unfinished since the days of the ancient Romans. Mussolini balanced his very first budget, and solved all these problems in a very few short years, raising the birth rate of the Italian people and providing them with employment. These are significant accomplishments, which made "Fascism" very popular, at least initially.

Similar examples could be adduced from nearly all other nationalist systems. Salazar of Portugal balanced his first budget after decades of "democratic" chaos (3 revolutions, 18 military revolts, 40 governments established and overthrown, uprisings, invasions, assassinations, insurrections in all the colonies, persecution of the Church, confiscation of all Church property, the expulsion of the religious orders which performed all the functions of a modern welfare state [in a country which was 90% Catholic], etc, etc.: "...on May 14, [1915] the sailors mutinied, shot the captains of the 'Almirante Reis' and 'Vasco de Gama' and bombarded Lisbon...the revolutionary committees nominated Senhor Chagas as Premier, but on May 16 he was shot at and [fatally] wounded in the train, on his way to Lisbon, by Senator João de Freitas, who was killed... On December 5, 1917 a revolution... broke out at Lisbon... the rebels entrenched themselves in the Parque Eduardo VII and their artillery opened fire on the fleet... radical sailors mutinied on January 8, [1918] and bombarded Lisbon...on December 14 [1917] President Paes was shot at the Rocio Station by José Julio da Costa, and died a few minutes later...At Lisbon, the marines and Carbonarios [armed left-wing extremists, similar to the "checas" of Civil-War Spain], in February [1919] demanded government by 'soviets' and the abolition of the official police. Severe street fighting and serious outrages occurred, including the burning down of a block of government offices October 1921, the barbarities culminated in the murder in cold blood of the Premier, Dr. Granjo, the founder of the Republic, Admiral Machado Santos, and other prominent persons. The appearance of foreign battleships in the Tagus made an impression, and brought the assassins to their senses for a time... successive governments seemed to lose control over the finances. No government was strong enough to raise an internal loan, to revise the system of taxation or levy a war-profits tax... taxes were paid in worthless paper money, [while] the Government had to buy wheat and pay the service on the national debt in gold... the roads... deteriorated... the state railways [fell] into a serious state of disrepair, and, consequently, it [was] found cheaper to import wheat directly from the Argentine than to send supplies to the north of Portugal from the Alemtejo [Central Portugal, east of Lisbon]...".

Salazar reformed the economy, balanced the budget, ran the country at a surplus for 42 years, invested the balance in national industries, public works, public housing, schools, near-free housing for university students, national industries, bridges, transport, and other internal improvements, without a penny of foreign debt. Salazar's system was based on the encyclicals of Pope Leopold XIII. One of his greatest accomplishments was to keep the country neutral in two wars which would have destroyed the country: the Spanish Civil War and WWII.

"While Lisbon isn't as affluent as, for example, New York City, one could see it lacked, in 1968 anyway, skid rows and wino habitats."
-- James Earl Ray, Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner, St. Andrews's Press, 1987, p. 86.


In Spain, under Franco, it is still something of a mystery where the money came from to run the country: as long as he was alive the Spanish paid almost no taxes. Yet it was the Franco regime which carried out all the public works schemes which modernized the country. It was Franco who created the nation's first industrial courts, social and labour protection systems *, unemployment benefits, widow's pensions, etc.. The real so-called "fascists" of Spain and Portugal (the National Syndicalists) never considered Franco or Salazar "fascists" at all, plotted against them, and even attempted to assassinate or overthrow them on several occasions, for which several were imprisoned or banished (Manuel Hedilla in Spain, Rolão Preto in Portugal). Franco distrusted both Hitler and the Americans; Salazar was pro-British and believed in racial integration.

* The following is only a sample of "franquista" social legislation intended to protect workers and apprentices. All this legislation is still in effect, but its origins are never acknowledged. Note the dates. "Frente de Juventudes" = "Youth Front". Even today, apprentices are permitted to participate in paid camping trips, etc. as members of the "Youth Front" (presumably stripped of any "franquista" patriotic content). The original intention, like that of the Hitler Youth, was to get the youth out of the slums and villages and into the countryside, eliminate class prejudice, show underprivileged young people other regions of Spain, reduce infant mortality by teaching girls how to sterilize baby bottles, etc. etc. and so on.

D. = Decree, i.e., D. 6-8-38 = Decree of 6 August, 1938 (the Spanish Civil War only ended on March 28, 1939, with the occupation of Madrid)

Date in middle column = date of official publication in the Official State Bulletin (compendium of laws)

D. 4-8-38


Requires registration and signature of apprenticeship contracts in the Placement Offices

D 23-9-39


Establishes compulsory apprenticeship in industries

D 23-2-40


Establishes the creation of apprenticeship schools in private industries



Grants permits to masters and workshop bosses to encourage apprenticeship



On relations between apprentices, Placement Office and Frente de Juventudes, in application of Decree 6-21-41



On the concept of apprentices



On institutions dedicated to vocational teaching or apprenticeships



On Apprenticeship Contracts, Title III, Book II of the Law of Labour Contracts



Grants twenty working days holiday for minors



On facilitating [the purchase of] overalls for workers below the age of twenty one.



Prohibits night work for minors below the age of eighteen.

It is a mistake to believe that these regimes were never popular; Juan Perón of Argentina was overthrown twice: in October 1945, 200,000 of his followers descended upon Buenos Aires and made the country ungovernable. Perón was released from prison, held elections, and won on overwhelming victory. Ten years later, he was overthrown again. From exile, he instructed his followers to cast blank ballots in the upcoming elections, with the result that blank ballots outnumbered all others. Pinochet has one of the largest political parties in Chile, even today; Pinochet held elections, lost, negotiated a return to democracy, and voluntarily left power -- a feat of diplomacy unique in history. These are facts which can be verified by anyone.
Update August 2007: Anybody who doubts that Pinochet enjoyed (and probably still enjoys) considerable support can just go on and search for "homenaje a pinochet", "gracias pinochet", or "pinochet discurso"; and you'll find a ton of stuff, most of it pro-Pinochet. On the other hand, if you search for "homage to bush", "thanks bush", or "bush speech", most of it is anti-Bush. OK, so where is Pinochet now that we need him? I admire Pinochet for overthrowing the government, not a bad idea at times, not necessarily for anything he did later.
The Bible [Eccl. 3:3] says "There is a time to kill and a time to heal "; it doesn't say:
"There is a time to privatize everything and a time to torture people". -C.P.

It used to be considered self-evident that any nation requires its own industries and employment for its own people. It takes the genius of the Jews to "prove" that a nation can be dependent upon its enemies to manufacture everything it needs, while simultaneously flooding the country with unproductive foreigners.

[Sources: 1922 and 1928 editions, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1966 Collier's Encyclopedia; miscellaneous other books and periodicals; privately translated contracts and legal texts]

See also fascism.htm

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