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Hello, in a recent search for Baba Yar I encountered your web page and read

"I have always wondered how the pressure buildup would be handled in a
vehicle of this kind; now we know: the gassing victims, or gassing
overpressure, simply broke the windows, and that took care of the
overpressure! "

The documented [!?] trucks that killed their occupants simply rerouted the exhaust
of the truck into the cargo area and flooded it w/CO.

[COMMENT: You mean Diesel exhaust].

Vents were placed in the upper rear of the truck [!] to reduce pressure in the cargo area and insure
a steady flow of exhaust through the rear of the vehicle. At least one was
captured [!] and photographed by US/UK forces near the end of the war.

[COMMENT: Could we have a source for these statements?]

[UPDATE 2005: The source appears to be the "Just Vermerk", reproduced below.]

There is no nifty art work, just a Wehrmacht (not SS) insignia and serial #, no
masterful design, just an additional piece of tailpipe.

A second quote also caught my attention,

"Indeed, one of my worst errors as a revisionist was to over-estimate
the capacity of crematory ovens; ovens I thought capable of 16 cremations a
day (as compared to hundreds or even thousands per day,
according to the Jews) were, in reality, capable of merely 3 or 4".

Your comparison to a modern crematorium is not completely valid. No one was
to be neatly transferred to an urn

[COMMENT: Which has nothing to do with cremation times],

and the purpose is just to reduce the volume of a corpse by removing
water and fats.

[COMMENT: The purpose is to burn them.]

Once this is done, bones are brittle enough to be easily ground, and the
body requires only a tiny fraction as much space for burial

[COMMENT: OK, so where are the buried remains
of the 6 million/12 million/22 million/ x million bodies? In the Soviet Union, there are thousands of mass graves, containing millions of bodies of persons shot by the Stalinists in the 1930s; new mass graves are being discovered all the time (see chapter 8 of STALINS VERNICHTUNGSKRIEG, by Joachim Hoffmann); so where are the x million Jews we keep hearing about?].

The architects' plans for the ovens show that they
were designed to conserve heat and once they reached an optimum temperature,
cremation of a single body took only 20-40 minutes [!!!], thus a single oven could
reduce approximately 50 bodies a day.

[COMMENT: Could we have a source for
these statements? I suspect we are being treated to a
Hendryck Tauber re-hash, courtesy of J.-C. Pressac]

Thank you for your attention, J. M. BEARD.

[COMMENT: These matters have been "exhaustively" discussed by Ingrid Weckert in GRUNDLAGEN ZUR ZEITGESCHICHTE; by Pierre Marais in LES CAMIONS A GAS EN QUESTION (Marais is an expert on vehicle construction); by the witness LAGACE in the Barbara Kulaska-annoted version of DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? (Lagace was a crematory operator who had supervised the cremation of 10,000 bodies), in a number of books and articles by Fritz Berg, Jürgen Graf, Fred Leuchter , Germar Rudolf, and Carlo Mattogno, and, from the exterminationist point of view, by Christopher Browning in FATEFUL MONTHS.

Note: It has become fashionable of late to talk about "errors" in the Leuchter Report; most of these "errors" are either very minor, or are apparent fabrications, such as the allegation that hydrocyanic acid will only form ferric-ferrocyanide compounds in masonry to a depth of several microns; no one has ever provided any references for this assertion. In fact, these compounds penetrate walls and continue to migrate, colouring the exterior walls blue, even 50 years later. This lie appears to have originated with the chemist Roth, seeking to ingratiate himself with the Jews) but without any references; see various articles by Germar Rudolf on

To the best of my knowledge, NO "GAS VAN" WAS EVER CAPTURED, ANYWHERE, EVER. The Vad Yeshem has ONE photograph of a "gas van", and it is not even the right kind of vehicle. No one claims that the make of vehicle shown in the photograph was ever used as a "gas van". The evidence for their existence is "proven" by TWO German wartime documents only: 501-PS, and another document called the "Just Vermerk", which is not even in correct German (it begins with "Einzigste Ausfertigung", "onlyiest copy" [line 2]. It also says "weitgehendst" (another non-existent German word) instead of "weitestgehend", numerous typograhical and spelling errors, and several more or less unknown technical terms "Lampenfenster", Siphonkrümmer", etc. etc.: 

Photocopy stolen from
Their translation leaves something to be desired. "Einzigste" (onliest) is translated simply as "only", and the word "beispielsweise" (for example) is simply deleted. What does the "for example" refer to in the first sentence?
A more exact translation would be:

"Onliest copy

Top Secret!

I. Note:

Conc. : Technical adjustments to special vans at present in service and to those that are in production.

Since December 1941, for example, ninety-seven thousand have been processed, using three vans, without any defects showing up in the vehicles."

A few questions:

a) Where did they get the positive photocopy?

b) Where is the original?

c) Where is the whole file of which this document forms a part, if authentic, since the first sentence begins with "for example"?

d) In any case, one cannot produce large numbers of technically modified vehicles and kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with only a couple of documents, so where are the others? Thousands of tons of German documents were confiscated after the war.

I note further that they have taken a few paragraphs out of the Himmler Secret Speech and claim to have reproduced the "compete text" (go to and enter "Himmler Secret Speech" in the search window). Not only is that a lie, but nobody knew what the complete text even said in English until I translated it all.

Bodies cannot be cremated in less than 50 minutes, even with the most modern equipment. Crematory ovens cannot be operated continuously. Most crematory ovens are designed to cremate 3-4 corpses per day. They must be preheated, cooled, cleaned, repaired, etc. The refractory brick in a crematory oven is designed to last 3,000 cremations, after which it must be replaced. There is no evidence of any such replacement ever having been performed, for example, at Auschwitz, where the total number of cremations performed in the ovens at Auschwitz was probably no more than about 100,000 (source: Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana).

I have noted elsewhere that "window" is probably a mistranslation. It is not clear whether the translation should be "windows" or "shutters"  (Fensterle or Fensterläden). The only document which proves the existence of these vehicles - Document 501-PS - has been altered, and there are several different versions of the document. It has been translated both ways. Pierre Marais states that ALL testimony relating to these vehicles claims that they were hermetically sealed, which would have caused engine cut-off sooner or later.

The "Just Vermerk" reproduced above, despite appearances, does not prove the contrary, since it claims that 97,000 people have already been gassed ("processed") in vehicles which were NOT vented, without any problems occurring in the vehicles -- except that one of them blew up, but that was just due to incorrect handling, etc. etc. No problem!

Then it goes on to demand all sorts of technically ridiculous and/or incomprehensible modifications to the vehicle, but without attaching a diagram! Pierre Marais is a specialist in vehicle manufacture and design. His discussion of this document is lengthy and very complex. I could translate it but I cannot summarize it.

In either case, what is the point of "gassing" people in areas which cannot be hermetically sealed? The people would have died sooner in a hermetically sealed space without the introduction of any Diesel exhaust whatsoever. Diesel exhaust contains little CO at idle; in fact, it contains more oxygen than CO; the victims would actually LIVE LONGER as a result of being "gassed" with Diesel exhaust than if they had simply been locked into a hermetically sealed compartment! So now they tell us the compartments were vented! What is the point of driving endlessly about the countryside, wasting fuel and getting stuck in the mud, just to "gas" people with Diesel exhaust? Why not just shoot them, like the Communists?

ALL the other evidence as to the existence and physical features of the "gas vans" comes from post-war trials. It is to be expected that these trials would "prove" their existence. If you give people the choice between a lengthy term of imprisonment and saying that the moon is made of green cheese, you will soon "prove" that the moon is made of green cheese. Of course, the evidence will be somewhat contradictory; some defendants will describe it as Gorgonzola dolce, Roquefort, or Danish blue, while others will insist that it is mouldy Gouda. You can do this millions of times over. I am not surprised that somebody claimed there was a vent (if that is true).

If the Eiffel Tower disappeared without a trace (perhaps vaporized into the Third Dimension by aliens) there would be two ways to prove that it once existed: contemporary newspaper accounts, postcards from tourists claiming to have seen it, etc., and original French archive sources (blueprints, cost and feasibility studies, draft design proposals, budgets, construction reports, etc.). One would expect both sources to be voluminous. One would not expect thousands of tourists to claim that they had seen it, but find only TWO French archive sources for their existence, both of them obvious forgeries, one of them in bad French. Furthermore, one would not expect an alteration in one of the documents to make it impossible to determine whether or not the tower possessed some physical feature, such as an observation platform at some particular height (i.e, the equivalent of the "Fensterle-Fensterläden" problem).

There should be thousands of original documents, vehicles, plans, and the whole story should be technically possible and plausible. This is not the case.

I have pointed out elsewhere that the Stadtarchiv Nürnberg and the Bundesarchiv Koblenz have no original documents, and that both say the original documents are in Washington. Washington says they are in the Peace Palace at The Hague. But the originals are not there. Nobody knows where they are. The Stadtarchiv Nürnberg and the Bundesarchiv Koblenz are now microfilming their "copies", perhaps photographically altering them to turn their "negative photostats" into "positives". I know that somebody is doing this, because positive photostats from the Hague or National Archives are rather unusual.

See also: Discovery of Sensational New Document Proves Gassing of Six Million Jews

See PIERRE MARAIS, LES CAMIONS A GAZ EN QUESTION, Polemiques, Paris, 1994 (318 pages, numerous diagrams, etc.).
The book is presumably available second hand, either through or

In retrospect, what strikes me most about the Just Vermerk on the "gas vans" is that it appears to anticipate some of the arguments made by the revisionists with regards to the "gas chambers".

Remember, they've already gassed 97,000 people in three of these contraptions successfully, no problem! (except one of the trucks blew up), then they say, uh-oh, the victims might smash the lights, smash the door, pile up against the door, etc. etc., so we need all kinds of technical alterations, including ten vents near the top of the van, alterations to the pipe used to introduce the homicidal gas, etc..

Then you're supposed to go to Auschwitz and look at a "gas chamber" equipped with ordinary lighting, flimsy wooden doors with panes of glass, keyholes, etc., etc., opening INWARDS, into the chamber, with only two air vents in the chamber, practically at floor level, despite the fact that cyanide gas is lighter than air, and that there are no original openings for the introduction of the fatal product (in this case, Zyklon).

This is double-think.

Is this a "gas chamber in which millions d ied", or a cellar storeroom?

APRIL 26, 2000
REVISED NOV 24, 2005 and 15 JANUARY 2006

See also 501.html.
For another interesting forgery, see Document 1650-PS

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