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[excerpts from many items of e-mail correspondence; EMPHASIS ADDED]

Dear Mr. Porter: I have enjoyed reading material on your site.
The word tremendous is definitely no exaggeration [!]. Currently I am  involved in short cross talks on the photo evidence site of Mr. John Ball. One of the  recent questions asked whether or not the fact that the total death  count at Auchwitz was lowered to 1 million from the original 4 million lower the  total Jewish estimated deaths in the war?

[COMMENT: To a sane person, yes. To the Simon Wiesenthal Center, no. I am unable to follow their reasoning.  They claim that 6 million Jews were killed, most of them at Auschwitz. Then, when 3 million are subtracted from the death figure at Auschwitz, they claim that the original 4 million figure was the result of exaggerations in the numbers of Polish and Soviet deaths, now properly subtracted, and that 6 million Jews died anyway, presumably somewhere else. Isn't it a little late to change the story now? This argument is presented in a very complicated manner so as to make it as difficult as possible to understand. In 1946, it was claimed that 7 million Jews had been gassed at Treblinka; presumably this claim will be resurrected. Plus ça change, plus la même chose.-C.P.]

The corresponding answer stated essentially no, since the 6 million figure was based upon other methodologies of calculation, such as railroad transport numbers.

[COMMENT: See below - C.P.]

Doesn't this response seem to be side-stepping the issue in order to maintain the 6 million figure?

[COMMENT: Yes. - C.P.]

It seems that Auschwitz was always considered the King Pin of the "Death Camps", and that its death numbers always contributed
heavily to the total Jewish death number. Also, how good are these railroad transport numbers in terms of being used to calculate total number of "exterminated" persons?

[COMMENT: The railway records have been discussed by Detlieb Felderer, Ernst Zündel, and others. The Germans never ran enough trains to account for the alleged numbers of Jews deported. German freight trains are much shorter than American freight trains; the sidings are shorter, the boxcars smaller, and the couplings are too weak to pull the numbers of cars necessary to transport the numbers of people alleged. This was discussed by Raoul Hilberg and others in the late 1970s. The conclusion of some authorities at that time was that the Germans ran the trains without manifests, an obvious impossibility. Another theory is that much traffic was directed to Auschwitz station, but not Auschwitz camp; this included German troop transports on their way east. - C.P.]



 Dear Carlos,

 I thank you very much for the responses you have given me. It is pleasure to talk to someone with much knowledge such as
 yourself. It is interesting to note, in view of your description of Roger Dommergue Polacco de


[Note: Dommergue is a French anti-Zionist Jew], [SEE EXCERPT TRANSLATION BELOW *]

that my own father, who was Jewish [!], did say distinctly one time at the dinner table, while reading some article in the newspaper, that he did not like the  Zionists because they caused too much trouble for his people. An interesting statement, wouldn't you say? The negativity expressed by my father in that statement has always stayed with me whenever I hear
 the term "Zionist", even when its expressed in more socially accepted terms.

[COMMENT: Perhaps this is unfair, but I never make any distinction between Jews and Zionists. Zionism is a modern political movement; anti-Semitism is 3,000 years old. Is the Talmud Zionist, or just Jewish? Was Robert Maxwell a Zionist, or just Jewish? What about the Maxwells of past centuries (or millennia?) Is Israel Shakak's JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION (Pluto Press) about Zionists, or just Jews? Even the National Socialists admitted that there were decent Jews who were loyal to Germany (for example, WWI German poison gas expert Fritz Haber, inventor of the Haber Scale of Toxicity), but as Hitler said: "They stick together like burrs, so I have been forced to proceed uniformly against all Jews". All nations intern enemy aliens in wartime. Did the British, Americans and Canadians worry about "good" Germans, Italians, and Japanese, or did they intern them all? Did we worry about the "good ones" when we bombed and killed them all from the air? If Zionism provides decent Jews with a pretext to criticize other Jews in the interests of simple justice, then it is unquestionably a good thing. - C.P.]

I wanted to ask you whether there was any data with regard to the fact (?) that Jews brought into the camps were separated from their  family members, such as wives from their husbands and children. During the 1960's, I met about 3 Jewish men on separate occasions who had  survived the camps, but lost their entire families. If this pattern was very prevalent, and if it could be shown statistically, then it would play into the hands of the exterminationists. What do you know about these situations in regard to the women, and especially the children?

[COMMENT: I really don't think it can be proven that Jewish men were separated from their families. If you have any information on this, please let me know.
On the contrary, that was the reason for the deportation of women and children, so as not to break up the families. Many children were born at Auschwitz, and now claim to be "Holocaust survivors"! Vincent Reynouard has published a photograph of a Jew carrying a sign about "Holocaust Survivors Born in Auschwitz", in addition to much other information, available from B.P. 256, B-1050 BRUSSELS-5, BELGIUM. It is possible that the women and children had a lower resistance to certain diseases; for example, Ann Frank died of typhus at Belsen after being deported to Auschwitz and transferred to Belsen, both times with her entire family. Her father survived; about half the family died. They were not gassed or murdered. - C.P.]

  I would be interested in finding where I could get the tape you mentioned which includes Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce and Zundel.

[COMMENT: The Zundel interview of French anti-Zionist see Jew Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce is available from:


1339/18 rue Eugène Délacroix,
F-36000 Châteauroux FRANCE

Sinerely Yours,


 Dear Carlos,

Thank you very much for your most recent Email. I just heard that Israel has submitted the memoirs of Adolf Eichmann to the
ongoing Irving-Lipstadt trial in England. What's your opinion on the validity of his memoirs and its possible impact on the outcome of this trial? Was this a desperate move to a possible losing situation for the defense? Looks like this trial has made the press!!! My best wishes for David Irving. I hope that truth reigns!


Dear Carlos W. Porter,

          Thank you for your e-mail. You seem to know A lot about Holocaust/Holocaust Revisionism. Let me tell you where I am
at in terms of what I believe happened in the Holocaust: As for the 3 major tenants of the Holocaust which are (1) planned extermination of the European Jewish race, 6 million Jews died, and that gassings were the major killing device; I believe the following: I have very good confidence that no more than 1 million (a safe number) died in the Holocaust;

[COMMENT: I would accept that figure if I regarded it as proven, but it seems high to me; one problem is that there are probably 10 different definitions of what a “Jew” is; for this reason, Jewish population statistics are notoriously unreliable, and probably any figure will always remain a guess. Jews are also forbidden from cooperating with census-takers (I Chronicles 21, II Samuel 24 -- rather a wise idea in my view; I don’t cooperate with them either.)

that gassings could have been done, but they would have to very minimal from things that I have read (i.e. the huge numbers simply cannot be supported).

[COMMENT: I would not be surprised if the National Socialists used condemned criminals to test  combat gases for use in gas warfare;  I would in fact even regard this as humane and justifiable, since the only alternative is to use animals, as was done during WWI (see “DER GASKAMPF UND DIE CHEMISCHEN KAMPSTOFFE”, Julius Meyer, Leipzig, 1925.) But this is not the allegation made; in any case, there was certainly no need to “test” carbon monoxide or Zyklon B in 1943, the Germans were working on Tabun and Sarin. - C.P.]

As to the planned extermination program I am not entirely sure, but I sway to the possibility of limited "functionalism", meaning that some groups in the camps might have been "put away" because of encountered changes or conditions in the camps rather than a direct order from  Hitler.

[COMMENT: It is hard to imagine what these conditions could have been, since convict labour was badly needed until the end of the war, and all camps had hospitals; many children were born in these hospitals, even at Auschwitz. For documentation, see The Illustrated Auschwitz Lie, and many other works of revisionist literature. But that large numbers of people may have been hanged or shot for violations of discipline, attempted sabotage, etc. seems self-evident. Incidentally, my “Umsiedlung file” contains an order stating that, for repeated refusal to work, attempted sabotage, and thefts, camp inmates were to lose their postal privileges; the inmates would be confined to camp [Lagersperre], and there would be a curfew. I realize that an Umsiedlungslager was not a concentration camp, but the point, in my opinion, is that the Germans are not, and never were, arbitrarily cruel people; they do what they believe they have to, like anyone else; no more and no less. - C.P.]

But knowing the German command system, which was very strict, this sort of thing seems questionable in light of the fact that a number of concentration camp military personnel were punished for unauthorized harsh treatment of camp inmates (See Hoffman site on the IHR site?). From my statements above, technically I am considered a Holocaust Denier, however I get around this by stating that I do believe in the Holocaust, but my definition is different and more egalitarian. (The Holocaust is everybody, and everybody is involved, it is the entire 20th century).

[COMMENT: One should be very careful with definitions. For example, an “unidentified flying object” is not the same thing as a “flying saucer”, not the same thing at all; the existence of the first is unquestionable; the existence of the second is unproven. - C.P.]

No one can call me an anti-Semite since I come from a Jewish family [!]. Although my late father was Jewish [!], I was raised Catholic (from my mother's side, who is Dutch; the irony now is that she has converted to Judaism: this sort of makes me in a way a “Christian Jew” in a secret way).

Let me tell you an interesting story. Last spring I attended the hospital bed of my uncle who was dying from brain cancer. He was Jewish. Along side the bed I met his brother-in-law Michael (a Jew) who was an outcast of the family because of his views on the Holocaust, which were this: The Holocaust is everybody and everybody is involved. He pulled me aside during a break in this vigil and said to me that I seemed like an intelligent man, and that he has to get something off his chest. I learned that his first wife, now dead, who was Jewish, was an inmate at the Austrian camp Mauthausen. At this camp she had been raped by a Dutch SS officer who was immediately punished for his crime by the German SS [!]. She had become pregnant. The camp commander had called her into his office sometime later and through his direct order had released her from the camp [!] and had guaranteed her safety and freedom to one of the borders [!]. She had always acknowledged that many of the camp German officers and aids were always kind to her and never forgot this [!]. Michael had also told me that she was witness (somehow) to at least one pretty bad execution that occurred in the camp, since it was a political prisoner camp with walls.

[COMMENT: Mauthausen was intended for professional criminals, with smaller numbers of political prisoners, and was certainly one of the toughest of all German concentration camps. Dachau was intended for political prisoners and was relatively soft by comparison, yet there were 2 executions a week even at Dachau. These were not arbitrary executions; most of them were of persons condemned to death outside the camp, and brought to Dachau for execution, the most common offences being desertion, looting during air raids, listening to enemy radio broadcasts, falling asleep on guard duty, sabotage, etc. My source for this information is the defence evidence in the Trial of Martin Gottfried Weiss, discussed elsewhere on this site. These executions were not pretty affairs (i.e., usually hanging without a drop). I would not be surprised if the National Socialists killed a lot of people during the war, on the grounds of discipline or military necessity, but I would be very surprised if they did so for no reason at all, for the sheer fun of sadistic brutality.  I don’t believe they did anything without a reason; those who indulged in arbitrary criminal behaviour were punished. I should imagine that in cases of rape, the punishment would always be hanging or shooting. - C.P.]

She also witnessed the bombing of the camp area by the Allies who had actually killed a number of the inmates. She did witness the strafing and killing of at least one young child by an allied fighter. The bombing of the road areas leading to the camp blocking necessary supplies for the camp people was also inferred.

After the war she met Michael (who is a world photographer) and they set up a photography studio, I believe in Amsterdam. He made it very clear to me that whenever anyone in this studio bad-mouthed the German race she immediately threw them out [!]. An interesting story, don't you think?

          Faithfully Yours,

Dear Carlos,
                 I received information on the web site that David Irving might have admitted or agreed to at least some gassings in vans at the trial. Is this true? What is your opinion on them?

[COMMENT: For tactical reasons, David Irving did not contest the gassings in gas vans. But he does not believe in them. He is rather inconsistent, and did not want to antagonize the judge, who believed in the gas vans. Personally I think this kind of thing is suicide; it is called opportunism. - C.P.]

                 I have read somewhere that no mention of the 6 million, gas chambers or planned extermination of the Jews is mentioned in three large works: Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe, Churchill's WWII, and DeGaulle's Memoirs de Guerre. Is this true?

[COMMENT: None of the volumes mentioned, as far as I know, ever mention gas chambers in so much as a single sentence. I have not read them personally, but it does not surprise me, because you can read many, many books written anytime before the 1970s, and the gas chambers will not be mentioned (for example, ‘TWAS A FAMOUS VICTORY, Deception and Propaganda in the War with Germany, by Benjamin Colby, Arlington House, 1974; the back cover is entitled “THE FALSEHOODS EMPLOYED TO WIN THE WAR: THEY LOST THE PEACE, “FRD preaches neutrality, but Harry the Hop tells Churchill we’ll fight”, and 25 other items of deliciousness, but no mention of the gas chambers one way or the other) -- not necessarily because the authors believed them to be a lie, but because they were, quite simply, as Jean-Marie Le Pen called them, a footnote, or detail, of the war. I think this is quite true, even if they existed (which I do not believe). What are 6 million Jews compared to 50 million other people? I see why the Jews value the lives of their own people more than anyone else, but why should Ukrainians or Chinese feel the same way? To the Ukrainians or Chinese, the Ukrainians or Chinese should be more important. That's quite natural. - C.P.]

  Sorry again to plague you with questions. I do appreciate your e-mails. If I come up with more interesting new photos on any of the Holocaust or revisionist sites you'll be the first to know.
Best wishes for the weekend!


[COMMENT: Of course, the Hoaxoco$t is not just a historical event, true or false; it is literally a new religion, a form of secular religious psychosis, replacing and destroying Christianity, European civilization, the White Race, and everything else -- everything, including the environment.
Having killed 50 million (mostly white) children through abortion in the past 25 years (see "ABORTION: THE SURVIVORS", by William Jaspers, THE NEW AMERICAN, January 17, 2000, Vol. 16, No. 2 pp. 12-17, available from; see also,,, the enemies of the White Race and Civilization (the terms are synonymous) now say we need 50 million, 150 million, 650 million African, Asian, etc. etc. immigrants in Europe over the next 50 years, to create “economic growth”, or “to pay the pensions of an ‘ageing population’" [!!!]. If that's not "genocide", what is? If the Jews opposed this kind of thing, could it still happen? Or is it happening because the Jews want it?

If the Ugandans or Congolese can't live in Uganda or the Congo without slaughtering each other and wrecking everything, how are they going to live in Europe with millions (or billions) of Chinese, Koreans, Cambodians, etc. etc. who have fought each other for thousands of years? Do we really need Asian-style population densities in Europe? If that is so, why are we told that we need Zero Population Growth, and that over-population is something negative? Conversely, if we really need 650 million more people, then why not fill the world with beautiful White children? At least White people can run the civilizations created by White people; other races cannot. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t the slightest concern for the survival or well-being of my own people, since that constitutes the Jewish-invented "crime" of "racial hatred”; my only concern is, when the White Race has been rendered extinct, who will take care of the blacks? They can’t take care of themselves, you know.
MARCH 20, 2000]

 Dear Carlos,
Thank you for the photos you sent. Although I can't read the
 captions I take them to be fake.

[COMMENT: The blue photos at the bottom are authentic, and show Germans shot by the Americans, Russians or Poles. I will translate the red-coloured article from DIE WELT AM SONNTAG ("Die Spitze eines Eisbergs", 24 October 1999) about the Reemstra Wehrmacht photo exhibit, which was withdrawn when it was that 10% of the documents bore fake captions, and showed Poles shot by the NKVD. The following is my translation of the article:


Die Welt am Sonntag NEWS BACKGROUND

Sunday, 24. October 1999.

General Field Marshal Keitel, Chief of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht

[9 photographs with fake captions]

Captions: Boryslaw, Tarnopol, Lemberg, Zlocwow: the victims shown in the photos were allegedly murdered by members of the German Wehrmacht. In reality, they were killed by the Soviet secret police, or NKVD.


Bogdan Musial: Proves Nine Fakes


The Polish historian Bogdan Musial considers the Wehrmachts [photo] exposition in its present form to be “not very professional”.


Q: Mr. Musial, you are a scholar at the German Historical Institute in Warsaw and the most acute critic of the controversial travelling photo exposition “War of Extermination. Crimes of the Wehrmacht” of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. How did you become so critical?

A: BOGDAN MUSIAL: When I visited the exposition, with its frightful photographs of shootings and other atrocities, with a group of Ph.D. candidates, in Bremen, two years ago, some of the photos shown there attracted my attention. They showed German soldiers looking at bodies laid out in rows. Upon closer examination, I noticed bloated faces and limbs. This led me to suspect that the corpses may possibly have been exhumed. But why should German soldiers first shoot people, then bury the bodies, and then dig them up again? This seemed improbable to me. I knew from my research that the Germans, in the first weeks of the Eastern campaign, often exhumed  the bodies of victims killed by the Soviet state security service -- the NKVD -- and, in so doing, took many photos -- partly for propaganda purposes, but in some cases for private use as well -- so it was possible to assume that the organizers of the exposition had mis-captioned the photos.

Q: As an historian, did you examine the matter more closely?

A: Yes. The result of my very exhaustive research, partly at the locations of the cruel atrocities, was devastating. Although I have not examined all the photos in the exposition by far, I found a whole series of incorrect attributions. To put it plainly: victims of the Soviets had been turned into victims of the Wehrmacht. I documented nine of these cases of “confusion of identity” in the Quarterly for Contemporary History.

Q: Why didn’t you examine them all?

A: Because I had only twenty pages at my disposal, and the proof is very complicated. I am however convinced that the errors found by me are only the tip of the iceberg.

Q: Did you talk to the exposition organizers about the errors?

A: Yes, several times, directly, and indirectly, through historian colleagues, who have attempted to mediate. Hannes Heer, who is responsible for the exposition, later took legal proceedings against me, but in no way relevant to the pertinent facts. Rather, he opened up a secondary theatre of war by having me barred from saying that he had not reacted to my comments. At the same time, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research introduced a regular campaign against me, with the simultaneous aim of smearing me as frivolous. I obtained an injunction and am now working on a rebuttal.

Q: How do you explain such a drastic reaction?

A: The reputation of the Hamburg Institute, which has become known to a more general public only through this exposition, stands and falls with this exposition; I think that is why they are fighting so doggedly.

Q: Must your research findings have consequences for the exposition?

A: The strength of their exposition lies in the weakness of its critics. I think that the exposition is no longer tenable in its present form. What the exposition organizers, who call themselves scholars, have dished out as their research results, in my opinion, has little to do with scholarship. If I worked like that, I could just as easily prove that the Wehrmacht never committed any crimes at all, without even having to manipulate any sources -- simply by leaving out incriminating material.

Q: Was the Wehrmacht a criminal organization as a whole? After all, this is the impression given by the exposition to its visitors.

A: It is known that crimes were committed in the Wehrmacht. It is not possible that no crimes were committed among millions of soldiers -- above all, under the conditions of the war. But there are also the uncounted millions of decent soldiers. These things must be considered in a differentiated manner. Sweeping judgements are not applicable in this regard.

Q: A year ago, had Martin Waiser warned of an "instrumentalization of the Holocaust". Are the exposition organizers instrumentalizing the exposition?

A: Yes, obviously. The method is not unknown to me. That is how things were done in Communist Poland.

Q: How do you explain that broad parts of the political classes in Germany have reacted so positively to the exposition?

A: I have the impression the Germans have difficulties in dealing with certain realities. There is a prevalent climate of victimization; precisely this is favourable to people like Hannes Heer or Daniel Goldhagen. No one dares to examine their arguments according to scholarly criteria. Anyone who, like myself, dares to take an unprejudiced look at things, runs the risk of being condemned as a revisionist. On the other side the great response to my work gives me the hope that it will finally be possible to begin to discuss this period of contemporary history, objectively and without prejudice, in Germany.

Interview conducted by Ralf Georg Reuth

[end of translation by C. Porter]

See also The Anti-Wehrmacht Exhibition (translated by C.W. Porter)

There is not enough magnification or  resolution for me to finally conclude on them. I feel I have enough scientific background  (Ph.D. in biochemistry) [!] to at least make an educated objective determination of clear fakery on many if not most photographic  fakes. The one photo that I referred you to involving a ravine of supposedly machine-gunned females [from a Hoaxoco$t shlock site] would no doubt catch the emotions of visitors to a Holocaust museum, especially if this photograph is included with many other photos (some good and some bad) where there is little time to analyse them individually objectively; or not considering to analyze them since they are presented in an official book or museum setting.
         What is your opinion about current holocaust revisionism in terms of its chance to really upset the current HoaxCo$t story? I myself feel that it will be a tough and long undertaking, especially when one considers the one-sideness of the mainstream media. I FEEL THAT THE HoaxCo$t WILL FIGHT BOTH TOOTH AND NAIL AT ALL LEVELS TO COMBAT REVISIONIST HISTORY FOR AT LEAST SEVERAL REASONS.
(2) Any world-wide rejection of the Holocaust story will no doubt effect negatively the future survival of Israel.
(3) World-wide rejection may also lead to possible attempts at call back of monies sent to Jewish groups and Israel. (4) World-wide rejection may also lead to a backlash against Jewish groups, people, and Israel.
         These reasons may lead a number of people (both Jewish and Gentile), that may secretly believe in the revisionist story, to openly maintain the Holocaust story. But I FEEL THAT THIS CONTINUED “BLACKMAIL” CANNOT GO ON, AS IT IS AN INJUSTICE [emphasis added]. Perhaps the only way out for the Holocaust, in light of a possible worldwide rejection of it, is to slowly withdraw and play down the larger elements of the holocaust story in a phase-out program which will alleviate the brunt of future possible antagonism. But somehow I FEEL IT WILL GO ON AND ON, AS THE MONEY IS SIMPLY TOO GOOD [emphasis added]  [!!!]

[COMMENT: Dr. Willam L. Pierce once said that “if the past is any guide to the future, one day the Jews will overstep themselves and do something which will lead to their ultimate ruin”. I believe that is very true. The only question is whether there will be anything left by then.
MARCH 25, 2000

 Dear Carlos,
Thank you for the e-mail. Some of the photos remind me of a description given to me of bodies piled up during the latter part of WW II as seen by a friend of mine who was in the American Army. I had befriended an elevator operator in the University during 1975-1979 when I was going for my PhD. During the course of a number of conversations I had with him he described to me two important events that have always been with me. He was an engineer in one of the U.S. divisions. He told me that many individuals in his division never took German prisoners; meaning they shot them all [!]. It got so bad that a general (I believe he said general Dean?) from an adjoining division approached his division and indicated that his
 division needed to bring in some live prisoners so that they could find out what was happening behind enemy lines [!].
                 The other thing I remembered was his description of large piles of dead German soldiers piled into heaps like pyramids [!]. He found this disgusting. I believe from what he was telling me that many if not most of them were murdered as prisoners rather than in battle [!]. I guess these bodies were taken into account as being killed in battle so that the statistics could even the score with the American casualties.
                 I have always struck up conversations with former military personnel in my interest to finding out what really happened in the wars. I have no time here but I do have a few short stories that even include individuals (some Jewish) actually that fought in the Austro-Hungarian army in the First World War [!]. These stories were retrieved by me during the very late 1950's to early 1970's. Interestingly my grandfather served in the Czar's Army about 1900 [!] and my aunt's father (who has just passed away) served in the German 6th Army [!!!] and was captured and, very interestingly, survived the war (very few did) [!!!].
                 Best wishes for the weekend.
                                         Sincerely, [NAME DELETED; INCLUDED IN E-MAIL]

[COMMENT: That reminds me of the Malmedy Massacre. According to a Belgian who investigated for 11 years, interviewing hundreds of survivors of the units involved, 135 Americans were headed east along a road in jeeps armed with light weapons. They were attacked by German tanks and 50 of them were killed. The rest all surrendered and were being guarded in a field near 2 German tanks by 2 soldiers with pistols. Two Americans in the crowd tried to escape, another American in the crowd shouted "Stay where you are"! The Germans fired 2 warning shots with their pistols, the Americans thought they were being shot at -- most of them couldn't see anything at all, because they were in the middle of the crowd -- and then they ALL tried to escape. The Germans machine-gunned the escaping prisoners, killing 22 of them. The rest all escaped, although many were seriously wounded. Thus the total number of men killed in the Malmedy Massacre is 22.
There are 86 names on the monument. This total was arrived at by including the 50 killed in the fire fight along the road, and other Americans killed in other parts of Belgium on different days. The woman who runs the cafe at the crossroads where the shootings occurred, which was there at the time, says she has heard 1000 different versions of what happened, all of them different. The
truth will never be known.
This is from a book called MASSACRE A MALMEDY? [with question mark]
Author: Gerd. J. August Cuppens
Copyright 1989. 160 pages, numerous photographs, diagrams, maps, very extensive bibliography consisting of Belgian, German and Luxembourgish books, newspaper articles, and magazine sources, and numerous interviews with German and American survivors and Belgian eyewitnesses.
Published in French and English by:
F-14404 Bayeux Cedex FRANCE (apparently now defunct)
Published in German by
Grenz Echo Verlag (Eupen) BELGIUM
Published in Dutch by
Standarard Uitgeverij (Antwerp) BELGIUM
Occasionally available second-hand on the Internet
Available used from (March 4, 2005) for 65 dollars.
The author lived in Eupen, Belgium. The monument to the “Malmedy Massacre” was defaced twice during the Gulf War.
31 MARCH 2000]

Dear Carlos: Thank you for the latest Emails. Again, I said that you can post on the internet the information that you sent me. This of course includes the removal of the Shakespeare quote that you volunteered to remove before my agreement sent to you. (I guess that the Jews aren't the greatest fans of this great author). The only comment or suggestion that I can make is in regard to an element in the paragraph that is in response to my letter"Sorry again to plague you with questions". First I must say that THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THE WORLD GLOBALIZATION INCLUDES THIS FORCED RACIAL INTERMIXING IN AN ATTEMPT TO QUICKLY SPEED UP THE "HOMOGENEITY" OF THE PLANET IN WHAT SOME PEOPLE SAY WILL BE THE "GLOBAL PLANTATION" [emphasis added].

[COMMENT: Except that this time there won’t be any "kine'ly ole Massa" to feed, house, and clothe us from the cradle to the grave, and the Simon Legrees will all be Asiatic, Jewish or half-caste. - C.P.]


[COMMENT: Why should it occur at all? Why should millions of years of evolution be destroyed for a mass-media-promoted Jewish fad, manufactured solely for export? - C.P.]

I have a black friend who doesn't even believe in interracial mixing. I also have an Austrian friend who is concerned about the increased immigration of entirely different cultures and races into his country and the effects this has on the job markets, stability of their country, as most of all the distinguished Austrian culture that took centuries to build which has influenced most positively all of Western civilization.               
The element in this paragraph that I am referring to would be a modification of the statement for reasons of diplomacy that "they can't take care of themselves", referring to the black race. I know that you believe this, since you said it. [!] I guess I am a diplomat or politician to a certain extent. For instance, as you know, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE STANDARD HOLOCAUST STORY. IN MY TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT IT, I NEVER SAY "THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED" (ALTHOUGH I FEEL FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES IT NEVER DID) [emphasis added]  [!]. This turns off many people, especially Jews, since THE GENERAL POPULATION HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED WITH THE HOLOCAUST STORY TO THE EXTENT THAT IT IS IN THE PSYCHE [emphasis added]. The emotions run so high to the point of

                                Most sincerely,

Dear Carlos,
Thank you for the latest Email. The proposed text seems O.K. All my entries are fine as they are. Just about all of your comments are fine. Although for diplomatic reasons I would tone down or modify slightly some comments regarding blacks. (This is up to you since you, and not me, are the speaker in the comments). One statement is "they can't take care of themselves you know".  (Personally I would modify this to "they have had great difficulties in attempting to take care of themselves" [!]. You may want to tone down (this is up to you, as these are your own comments) elements relating to "millions of years of evolution", and "who will take care of the blacks". I sway this way since the overall majority of my entries are really related to the injustice of the Holocaust as portrayed in the mass media and the injustice of the continual pounding of the German people with
the guilt of something that may [?] never have occurred.

Best Wishes. Sincerely, [DELETED]

[COMMENT: This person, although a Christian and Jewish on his father's side only, makes many statements similar to those made by so-called "anti-Zionist Jews", which, in turn, do not differ greatly from those of so-called "anti-Semites" and "racists" (although this person is far more circumspect). The following is my translation of a few excerpts from a leaflet by Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a well-known French anti-Zionist Jew.

   By Prof. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce

…Lies, if they are Jewish lies, must be protected from examination by
law, regardless of the racial hatred engendered against
Germans by those same lies…

The objective of Zionism is to destroy the racial identity of all other peoples in the world (naturally, with the exception of the Jewish people), an identity which is the most vital element of an independent nation.

…Zionists frighten and reduce to silence all opposition to Zionist power and to the progressive destruction of the national ideal! There can be no doubt as to the success of this sinister tactic: millions of "Gentiles" are too terrified to express patriotic or racial sentiments for fear of being stigmatized (by their own legal systems, at that!!!) as the advocates of a new Holocaust.

The tortuous logic ruling us today insists that if one wishes to protect one's nation or race (unless one is a Jew!!!) one must necessarily aim at the hatred and extermination of others!

…It is unfortunately true that the reasoning powers of the "Gentiles" have been largely atrophied by the impact of Holocaust propaganda.

This explains the catastrophic acquiescence of so many Europeans in the loss of sovereignty of their homelands and the invasion of their countries by non-white immigration.

It is therefore URGENT, in the present context, in which ALL RACISM IS CONDEMNED, to examine THE RACIST JEWISH MYTH OF THE HOLOCAUST, publicly and openly, so that we may think and see clearly the problems affecting our own national and racial future, without the handicap of a sense of guilt by association of ideas, a sense of guilt carefully inculcated by the ONLY RACISM WHICH IS ACCEPTED IN THE WORLD!!!

If it is ANTI-SEMITIC to suggest that the Holocaust is a fraud, isn't is DICTATORIALLY RACIST to insist on forbidding all free discussion about it?

It is necessary to say another word about the ultimate motive in suppressing the search for the truth, which has perhaps become the principal motive of the more lucid among the Zionists, who are already experiencing  a sensation of fear: IF THE LIE WERE GENERALLY SEEN FOR WHAT IT IS, THE RESULT WOULD BE A WAVE OF HOSTILITY, likely sooner or later to engender a true Holocaust. To prevent such a reaction, the wound must be cleansed without delay, while there is still a basis for civilization in Europe! A Europe which, despite its losses and its ruin, would be content to free itself from the Jewish yoke, in politics, in the media, in economics, a yoke which is"de-culturizing" us, but from which the Europeans would still be content simply to denounce as a lie in the face of the world.

The "multi-racial" societies engendered by Zionism could later turn against the Zionists, and deal even more ferociously with the sorcerer's apprentices of Zionism, as well as with their racial brethren who believed this devastating myth in good faith!

Judaism declared war, in 1933 and 1939 -- a war which cost 50 million real deaths -- against a Germany which was the only rampart against both international capitalism and bolshevism… the two jaws of the pincers "made in Zion" which have crushed EUROPE!

[end of excerpt translation]

Note: Prof. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, an anti-Zionist Jew, is well-known in France. A video interview with him, in English, is available from Ernst Zundel, 3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109, PIGEON FORGE, TN 37863 USA Prof. Dommergue Polacco de Menasce also has an Internet site, in French, to sell his books. The URL is not known to me at the present time.

His books are available from:

L'Institut Dr. Alexis Carrel,
18 rue Eugène Délacrox 36000 Châteauroux

 Note: I cannot find the site in question, but seaching, there are over 90 references to the Institut Alexis Carrel, and 13 or 14 references to Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce himself. Dommergue is a doctor of medicine who believes that what I would regard as the inherited mental illness of Jews is caused by circumcision "on the eighth day". I do not understand his medical theories.

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- C.P.