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NOTE: It is possible that I was not fair to this person, but I was not certain that he was what he pretended to be. I rather suspected him of being a Jew trying to write like a "skinhead". He replied asking me what country I prefer. I considered the question provocative and did not answer.

> dear sir,
> i am a pure blooded aryan ,nordic young male actually born in australia
> now residing in tampa florida.
> i just want to say that i absoulty was interested in what you had to
> say,indeed the western allies did much wrong,but the russians were at
> another level of depravity,those hordes of slavic
> scumbags raped my blood,the poor defensless
> women were raped by these russian swine.
> more time needs to be addressed reporting on the crimes of the russians
> instead of pointing the finger at the U.S.A. or britian.
> what they[western allies] did was not even half a percent of what the
> russians did.
> gerard m.



The Russian-American-British-Polish-Czech atrocity score is fairly even all around, with the Americans bearing the greatest ultimate responsibility of all.

Bear in mind that the U.S.A. had sole possession of the A bomb in 1945 and could have kept the Russians out of Eastern Europe entirely if they had wished; they could have destroyed Communism and replaced it with any system they wanted. [In actual fact, if it weren't for the United States, there wouldn't have been any Communism to start with; see azx.htm.]

Instead they implemented personal agreements signed by Roosevelt and Truman without any Congressional authority, agreements which were totally illegal under all international law, not to mention American Constitutional law.

Nobody forced the Americans to dump millions of people in holes in the ground, without shelter or latrines, in violation of the Geneva and Hague Conventions, for 8 or 9 months AFTER THE WAR, while destroying uneaten GI rations and returning 13 million food packets to the Red Cross, each of them sufficient to enable an adult to live for 30 days. Bear in mind that it was the British and Roosevelt who provoked the war to start with; the Poles were simply pawns.

It is easy to bash the Russians because they have very poor credibility and are very poor forgers; they make an easy target; but ultimately it is the Americans and the British who brought about the situation and made it all possible from A to Z. This is true whether Americans like it or not.

I emphasized the Communist origin of the Hoaxoco$t tales partly because it is a very easy method of attack; but it is certainly not a complete explanation. The full story would be far too complex to fit on one website.

The so-called "Civil War" is another example ("Lincoln freed the slaves", etc.). The simple fact is that slavery was never abolished in the North until after Lincoln was killed. The issue was to strengthen the power of the Federal Government at the expense of the states, retain a captive market for Northern manufactured goods, and force Southerners to pay 90% of all national taxes. Sound familiar?

For example, the bombardment of Fort Sumter was deliberately provoked by Lincoln to cause a war; the Confederates had no choice. In the face of an approaching Federal fleet, they either had to take the fort and protect the city, or they had to wait for the fleet to reinforce the fort and destroy the city. This was in violation of all public promises made by both Lincoln and his Secretary of War, Steward. "Slavery" was only tossed in two years later.

All these "ideological crusades" are simply pretexts.

The sinking of the Lusitania in 1914; the deliberate provocation of mass civilian population bombing by the British in 1940, in which a million civilians were burnt to death, were both plots to get America into a war, just like the explosion of the USS Maine in 1898, which I personally believe to have been destroyed by an American time bomb (the wreckage was raised in 1908 and proven to have been caused by an internal explosion, after which it was towed out to sea and sunk in deep water so nobody could ask any more questions -- it's called "destruction of evidence").


The manufacture of these incidents is a consistent pattern. Winston Churchill was talking to Charles De Gaulle in the backyard of Chequers, Churchill's home; Churchill shook his fist at the sky and shouted, "So they won't come!", referring to German bombers! De Gaulle said, "Are you in such a hurry to see your towns smashed to bits?" Churchill said, "You see, the bombing of Oxford, Coventry, Canterbury, will cause such a wave of indignation in the United States they’ll come into the war".  It's in De Gaulle's autobiography. It’s quoted in ROOSEVELT’S ROAD TO RUSSIA by George N. Crocker, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, 1959, p. 166-8 (see innumerable footnotes in Chapter X). Crocker was a Law Professor, Law School Dean, a practitioner in the State and Federal courts, an Assistant United States Attorney, a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard Law School, a Member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Bar of California, and a former U.S. Army officer.  Crocker knew history, and he knew the Law.


Human life means no more to our “democratic” leaders today it did to Genghis Kahn. In fact, the system is even more corrupt, because to be leader of a Mongol horde, one had to be a man of proven ability, and, presumably, look after the interests of the Mongols. So please don’t tell me we wouldn’t fake a few “terrorist attacks” to start a war for Israel.

The Communists didn't give THEMSELVES half of Europe and Asia, they were PROMISED those areas by American Presidents WITHOUT ANY CONSTITUTIONAL OR LEGAL AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER.

If the Russians raped 1.2 million women in Germany after the war, it was the Americans who made it possible. 9 million Germans lost their lives AFTER THE WAR. Why? Not because of the Russians, but because the Americans PERMITTED it.

You might as well say Ariel Sharon bears no responsibility for the 2000 murders committed in the Palestinians refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in 1982, etc; just because he didn't do it himself, personally. The area was fenced off by the Israeli Army and floodlit night and day for 36 hours with exclusive entry permitted to armed members of the the Lebanese Phalange (a Christian militia group paid, armed, and uniformed by the Israelis), in the knowledge that the Phalange would murder everyone in the camps, which they immediately did -- for 36 hours, under Israeli floodlights, protected by Israeli roadblocks.

Ultimate responsibility is ultimate responsibility, even if other parties are involved with intermediate or instrumental responsibility.

I am a little bit surprised that you accuse me of America-bashing, since the title of the website is MADE IN RUSSIA – THE HOLOCAUST, simply because most of the evidence is Communist propaganda.

I don't suppose it is remotely possible that Americans now consider themselves entirely above criticism because of the self-inflicted and/or at any event well-deserved events of September 11, do they?

"Remember Pearl Harbor" – not because the Japs did it, but because the Americans wanted them to, knew they would, and gave them no choice.
See japanwas.htm.

Another example is the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, blown up by Federal agents to destroy the militia movement and gain the passage of emergency legislation. The Feds have no respect for the lives of ordinary Americans or anyone else (just as one example, people were allowed to bleed to death while Federal agents removed explosives illegally stored in the building, etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah, how much do you want to hear?)

Fuel-oil nitrate ammonium is a blast explosive, not a demolition explosive. Believing that McVeigh's crude truck bomb could cause that much damage is like believing that 19 ignorant Arabs with plastic knives (Arabs who got kicked out of flying school, had no professional flying experience, and were not qualified to fly a Cessna or Piper Cub) could fly 4 different commercial airliners as if they were fighter planes, with all sorts of evasive manoeuvres, after which much of the wreckage mysteriously disappeared (particularly, at the Pentagon), or that F.D.R. was innocently preparing to fiddle with his stamp collection when "surprised" by the news of the "infamous" "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor. [See also letter 19.htm.]

These are complex matters, and I hope that you will have find the time to do some of the research required to verify the statements made above. The links are available on this website, featured as prominently as I could make them. I particularly recommend the FINAL REPORT OF THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE (most particularly, the technical reports of the various demolitions experts) available from the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee, PO BOX 75697, Oklahoma City, OK 73147, Library of Congress Catalogue No. 2001117318, ISBN 0-9710513-0-5 (paperback). *

Perhaps part of the answer is what David L. Hoggan has called "The Messianic Ideal In American Education", or what Charles A. Beard called "The Devil Theory of War". Americans can do no wrong, because we are the avenging angels of a jealous Yahway - except where Communists, Jews, or Israelis are concerned, of course.

A few years ago, if you claimed it was even possible to win in Viet Nam, people treated you like you were crazy! Now we go around booting half the world in the groin from one moment to the next, without so much has a by-your-leave from anyone, and think nothing of it! The only thing that's happened is that the Jews have changed sides, that's all.

This is an anti-Nuremberg revisionist website, not a Russian-Communist atrocity website. Why don’t you start a website of your own, assuming you possess the literacy to do so?  


APRIL 8, 2002


* The Report contains a very important disclaimer on p. 320: “We have never claimed that the federal government bombed their own building.  That’s merely a propaganda campaign meant to discredit anyone who tries to bring the facts to light”. Unfortunately, that is precisely what the Report proves whether The Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee likes it or not. Don’t get your information second hand off the Internet. Buy it and read it.