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An Irishman Objects to Irish Republican Link

Hi . I am from Ireland and noticed you put a link to the Republicans at the bottom of the "Blood and Honour" interview.

The shinners are totally Red and very irritating. When David Irving tried to speak in Cork the Sinn Feiners were there with all the far left groups to protest against him. They are also a major obstacle against the setting up of an anti-immigration party in Ireland.

...The biggest problem is demoralisation. People will not stand up if even those who are supposed to be on their side are repeating enemy propaganda and not giving a defiant example. People will not make sacrifices, they will lose spirit. People need to be shown heroes: Wolfe Tones. People made incredible sacrifices in the past. The threat is much greater now, but they are no longer willing to make any sacrifices at all, because they have been corrupted by the Americanism of their media...

[C.P.: Again, this discussion went on for several weeks, and again, we became friends. Most recent message:]

... You meet these strange people in Ireland that tell us to all speak Irish, and never mind all the blacks arriving. The shinners' ideology is starting to fall apart, and I feel that they confuse their rackets and Mafia stuff with their country. I understand why you mention them, though. There is certainly a parallel with the Arabs, who  flounder about in ideological confusion in a similar way.

Some of them are actually nationalists in the real sense, just not too bright. I think there are a lot of mysteries about the movement…

25 OCTOBER 2005

Excerpts from my replies:

(note: the site http://www/ is down, but I saved it. It won't disappear forever.)

The most obvious answer to your message is that the link at the end of the Blood and Honour Interview is not to Sinn Fein, but to a site about Irish Republicanism generally. I don't believe that men like Thomas Ashe, Terence MacSwiney, Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, etc.. many of whom died before the Russian Revolution, can be called "reds" in the modern sense of the word. Modern Irish Republicans are probably Marxists without exception, but it is also true that they form part of a tradition which is centuries old, and which is uniquely Irish. What is most important to me is that they are the only white people in the world today with any courage. That is what is important. I have had no contact with Sinn Fein for at least 12 years for the reasons you mention. I could write an essay on their hypocrisy and lack of logic. Perhaps I will. I suspect that the Irish have derived their support and philosophical inspiration wherever they could get it; in past centuries from the French, in some cases  from the Germans, and later from the Marxists. I am anti-Marxist and anti-Communist. I am not necessarily opposed to moderate socialism. Please see also my reply to a person named Tony Cavanaugh (Letter 6), and another guy named Gerard M (Letter 17). What Sinn Fein knows about revisionism or niggers (since you mention immigration) would fit up an ant's ass. If they are out there protesting David Irving then they are stupider than I thought. I note that in Southern Ireland Sinn Fein only get about 1% of the vote.

For poem by Thomas Ashe, click here.

One of the defects in the Irish character is that, historically, they have always tended to think that as long as you can be heroic and poetic, you don't need to be intelligent. For example, the 1798 rebellion was a total disgrace and the Robert Emmett fiasco was not much better. The Irish often exhibit a level of incompetence and recklessness which defies belief. But they never give up. If other white people had 1% of the courage and determination of the Irish we would not be in the sewer the way we are. The Irish are an extraordinary race of people. They are superb cultural organizers: anywhere in the world, wherever you find the Irish, you find Irish folk dancing, music, political activities, everything, absolutely everything. I admire the Irish more than any other race of people except for the Japanese, with whom they have much in common: chiefly, courage.

To the Irish, 1920 is like yesterday, and a thousand years is still in memory. The Americans can't remember what happened last week. The Irish generally, and Sinn Fein in particular, are masters of every form of political activity and every form of propaganda: poetry, song, the graphic arts, you name it. The actual content of Sinn Fein propaganda is less important than the format. They get people to run for office at the risk of their lives, where you can't get whites to stand up against immigration elsewhere, where nothing can possibly happen to them. They say, “oh well, I don't want to get involved, I might get on a list or something, what would my neighbours say, etc. etc. blah blah blah”. Excuses for cowardice. Many people have been killed running for office on the Sinn Fein ticket. Adams himself was shot in the neck in 1982. Also, there is no alternative, it's the only game in town if you are a Republican. Too bad. Arthur Griffith, one of Sinn Fein's original founders, was consistently anti-Jewish. The idiots who followed him have absorbed all the Marxist crap. I suspect that Gerry Adams is insincere. I think Ireland will end up like Italy: the Mafia also started as a nationalist organization: the courts and police were controlled by foreigners, so no “real man” ever went to the police. Omertà = manliness. I think Adams thinks war is bad for business and there is more money to be made laundering the money from criminal activity ostensibly engaged in for idealistic purposes, but really, just for money. I don’t trust somebody who says he is a Marxist but wears shirts and suits that obviously cost hundreds of pounds.

In the American Civil War the Irish fought on both sides. An extraordinary race of people, as I say. I have admired them for 20 years and more. Most of the people I speak to agree with me. Please see for some good Civil War art, including specifically Irish Civil War Art. Of course, I prefer the term War Between the States or Secession War; a civil war is a struggle for control of a common government. The 1861-65 conflict in the US was a war of independence: another proof of American (or Northern) hypocrisy: America can declare its independence from the British Empire, but the Southern States can't do the same. Sinn Fein is just as bad: Ireland can declare its independence from Britain, but the Six Counties can't declare their independence from Ireland. Sinn Fein even say, "self-determination does not mean secession". Rubbish. Of course, the story is all very different where ETA and the Basque Countries are concerned, they can declare their independence from Spain, even though they have never been treated anything like the Irish. The Spanish government has even refused to hold a REFERENDUM on Basque independence, saying "there's no need for a referendum, because the country is a democracy". Isn't that just typical? I think they could hold it and win.

... Personally, I think it is time for the loyalists to admit that they are Irish and live in Ireland; if the overwhelmingly Protestant areas of Ireland wanted to retain their independence, fine, but they would have had to import all their food from Britain. So they had to hog as much farmland as they could possibly control through gerrymandering. They're all immigrants, what gives them the right to hog everything? For 400 years, all of Ireland's problems have been caused by immigration. And they think they need niggers, chinks, and Arabs?
Also, I am sick of hearing the Brits tell us they need Belfast because it helped them "fight Hitler" etc, via American convoys to Belfast to Britain.

...The British and the Americans have destroyed the world. Britain can interfere in Ireland because a few loyalists might be mistreated in a united Ireland, but Germany can't intervene in Poland because of verified, proven atrocities, repeated provocations, threats to declare war, partial and full mobilization and repeated refusals to negotiate (Letter 13). All the Germans wanted was a highway and railway across the Corridor, and a return of Danzig to the Reich. They didn't even want a plebiscite in the Corridor at first. It is also rubbish to think that Britain entered the First World War to save Belgium or to prevent the port of Antwerp from falling into the hands of the Germans. The British are always talking about ports. They set up Kuwait to prevent the Germans from having an outlet to the sea via Baghdad (the Berlin to Baghdad Railway, originally a British idea; the British only opposed it when the Germans started to build it); I think Kuwait is a perfect parallel to Ulster and Belfast: Kuwait is part of Irak.

Expecting niggers to learn Irish is the height of insanity. You notice, niggers almost never settle in the Basque countries because they are afraid they might get killed, plus Basque is too difficult. In Spain, the Catalans hate the Spanish and want their independence but any illegal immigrant who climbs down out of a tree long enough to learn Catalan (and they get 16,000 of them a month) gets everything for nothing. Same in Luxembourg. They are obsessed with making everybody speak Luxembourgish. It's because they're too cowardly to admit that there is an ethnic or racial component to nationality. It's the result of Jewish propaganda...

... In my German court case I mentioned Bobby Sands at least three times, Parts VI, VII, and XI.
That's the reason for the link. I particularly admire Thomas Ashe and Terence MacSwiney. My conscience is clear and my mind is at ease. We'll see what happens...

The 1916 Easter Uprising was the most spectacularly successful “failure” in history. The Irish were indifferent to the Uprising, but were incensed at the executions of 16 of its leaders, as a result of which the entire country became ungovernable. We need a few more “failures” like that...

The only good thing is that Bush has proven that the unexpected is still possible...  

The Americans are what the French call "pompiers pyromanes": firemen who set fires. They want to be worshipped and loved for solving all the world's problems, but they CAUSE most of the world's problems: for example, Communism. America has not been threatened by a foreign enemy not of its own making since the War of 1812, when the British burnt Washington. We ought to invite them back for a return performance, maybe put Bush's head on a pike.

Communism was, and is, a Frankenstein Monster "Made in the USA". Same with Islamic “terrorism”, to the extent that it has any reality at all (it is real, but only as a result of immigration; click here). The present generation of Americans has brought shame upon America that can never be effaced. But it is my fault for being surprised. Americans have always acted that way. The last Americans with any sense of honour were the Confederates...  

To get a better understanding of my views on these matters, please see
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The real question is, why is Marxism the only philosophy that motivates people to action? What about Eoin O'Duffy and the Blue Shirts? They had 200,000 members out of a population of 5 million. How could all that support simply disappear? What about the normal instincts of ordinary people?...

Notice how this guy looks like Gerry Adams? Maybe somebody in his family will get mugged.
See also:

Aimee Willard, murder victim, obviously of Irish or Scottish ancestry.
Her killer, a parole violator with a prior murder conviction, says he is being "framed because he is black".
How many black criminals is this one young life worth? 100? 1,000? A million? Ten billion?

When I look into the eyes of this beautiful, smiling, dead young girl, I feel that no sacrifice is too great if it helps save even one young life like this. At any rate, a great deal more than just one young life is at stake.

20 NOVEMBER 2005


"Life springs from death, and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations."

- Padraig Pearse, shot 3 May 1916