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AUSTRALIAN: I checked your website the other day and noticed that you had added pictures to Chemistry of the Holocaust.  I disagree with Germar Rudolf, [see very end of letter, following judgement from Pohl Trial by Judge Musmanno.

Quote from Germar Rudolf:

"Your article is mainly nit-picking about incomplete or simply erroneous info given by Holocaust-"survivors" or historians who are all laymen in chemistry. As you might have noticed, I did not do that in my Report, because as a chemist I know that non-chemists cannot distinguish between all these compounds, features, properties, so errors must occur when they open their mouth. That does, however, not prove that their claims are necessarily wrong. Otherwise, every account of a non-chemist addressing chemical things would be a lie, as one simply cannot get it right as a layman.

This article of yours is thus a great example of revisionism attacking the other side for really unimportant inconsistencies and errors, and drawing much more general conclusions from it which aren't supported by it. I don't think that your article has many errors, if any [!]. It is an error as such… these errors/inconsistencies prove/disprove nothing."]

CONTINUATION OF REMARKS BY AUSTRALIAN: Your essay shows that holocaust survivors and propagandists do lie, and demonstrates it in an easy-to-follow format.  I have shown it to people who were sceptical of revisionists and gotten positive results.  I also read the email from RJ Copeland.  Did you get any more responses from him?

REPLY BY MYSELF: Thank you. I reformatted it with good pictures. In retrospect, I think it's better than I thought it was.

Yes, they concentrate on the "nit-picking" and forget about the cremation processes, and problems involved in determining:

a) how much Zyklon to use;
b) how much HCN is in the air;
c) how to know when to stop tossing all those cans through the hole;
d) how long to wait -- i.e., how to know when they're dead; -- and then
e) how to get the bodies out afterwards without poisoning yourself. 

Not to mention the problems involved in:

a) crematory oven cremation times and capacities (all German ovens were coke-fired, and relatively inefficient);
b) the problems involved in open-air cremation;
c) using wood for fuel.


d) in holes;

e) in swampy ground, with the water table one foot below the surface;
f) in mud, rain and snow;

g) tossing the bodies in first, and the fuel in later, on top (ever try this in the Boy Scouts?); or even
h) building the fire first, then approaching the fire afterwards, to toss the bodies in, etc., etc., etc.

i) (when there were no holes in the roof at that time, anyway; William L. Shirer and others describe infrastructures which never existed, and do not exist today: ("mushroom-shaped" Zyklon introduction ports, gigantically heavy "hermetically sealed doors", "powerful fans", "shower heads" in the gas chambers, etc. etc. etc.).
People go and visit all this junk and don't notice that half of it is missing.

So-called "hermetically sealed gas chamber door" according to William L. Shirer and others
(without "shower heads")

Exact quote:
“Once they were inside the shower room... the massive door was slid shut, locked and hermetically sealed... Up above, where the well-groomed lawn and flower beds almost concealed the mushroom-shaped lids of vents...The naked prisoners would be looking up at the showers from which no water spouted or perhaps at the floor wondering why there were no drains. It took some moments for the gas to have much effect. But soon the inmates became aware that it was issuing from the perforations in the vents...Twenty or thirty minutes later when the huge mass of naked flesh had ceased to writhe, pumps drew out the poisonous air, the large door was opened... Protected by gas masks and rubber boots and wielding hoses they went to work.”

(p. 970, Shirer, original hardcover, or p. 1154, Pan paperback, 1960.)  
Where is all this junk? Let's start with the doors, pumps and shower heads. There are drains.
Shirer is referring to Auschwitz. This is Auschwitz.
12 November 2012

Auschwitz oven allegedly capable of burning "thousands of bodies a day"

How stupid do the Hoaxoco$t con-artists think we are?

Ever try to burn anything in your back yard? OK, you've got your answer right there. Everybody is aware of the problems involved in burning trash; just imagine the problems involved in burning thousands of human bodies. Try it with a dead bird or animal and see what happens.

And I almost forgot:
a) crematory ovens do not smell or emit smoke;
b) the cremation of a human body requires at least an hour -- usually an hour and a quarter or a half -- even with the most modern technology, etc., etc., etc.

At Auschwitz-Birkenau, 2000 people are alleged to have been gassed and cremated per hour, every hour. One problem is the "gas chamber" is located in the cellar, while the crematory ovens are on the ground floor. The bodies would have to be transported up by means of freight elevator, without sides, carrying at most 3 bodies at a time. There are 5 coke-fired three-muffle ovens (equivalent to 15 ovens), designed for 4 or 5 cremations a day. So that after one hour, about 15 bodies would have been burned, and then not even completely, while about 40 or 50 might have been transported up in the freight elevator. Meanwhile, 2000 "new victims" are supposed to have been unsuspectingly waiting, to "take a shower", although the room is empty, and is obviously not a "shower bath".

Auschwitz I, the camp visited by the most tourists, is a reconstruction modified by the Soviets after the war, not according to the original plans. It is very easy to see that the chimney is not even connected to the building. None of these buildings had any holes in the roof (to be used as "Zyklon B introduction ports") at the time of the alleged "mass gassings". No holes, no Holocaust.

All doors opened inwards. So how did they get them open again with all those bodies slumped down dead inside?

And so on... and on, and on, and on...

Phony "gas chamber", Stammlager, Auschwitz
Maximum capacity: 2,000 persons.

Real gas chamber, United States of America.
Weight: 1/2 ton. Maximum capacity: 2 persons.


There's a sucker born every minute. A two-legged animal will believe anything, and the more preposterous the better.

Never heard from Copeland again. Like most educated people, he was more intent on showing off how much he knew, than on trying to understand what I was saying.

Best wishes,

Thrill to "Holo-Land"
Fun for the Entire Family




Fritz Berg says:

NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health, or Mass Murder!

Ever since 1983, I have insisted that the Germans had superb facilities for mass exterminations with cyanide gas—but those facilities have never been implicated anywhere in the holocaust story. Those facilities were large gas chambers in strategic places in eastern Europe which routinely employed cyanide from Zyklon-B to fumigate entire railroad trains. The fact that such superb facilities have never even been implicated shows there must be something seriously wrong with the generally accepted holocaust story. The accepted legend makes no sense technically because the gas chambers that supposedly were used for mass murder, especially those using diesel exhaust, would NOT have worked. 

I thought I had some killer arguments with my discovery of the railroad delousing gas chambers. I even showed pictures of several large gas chambers straddling railroad tracks and included German wartime technical essays describing the design and operation in some detail. I expected an uproar of criticism from the holocaust believers—but it never came from them. It came instead from a totally unexpected direction. It came from Robert Faurisson, a leading European holocaust revisionist, who insisted that I was completely wrong. For him, it would have been almost impossible to ventilate the corpses afterwards, and the corpses could not be touched, and the ventilation fans would have had to be impossibly huge. In 1994, at a convention held by the Institute for Historical Review, he even insisted that mass gassings with cyanide and Zyklon-B are categorically impossible. For good reason, I believe that wild speech by Faurisson is still not published, not even by the IHR. More recently Faurisson actually sent a letter to a mutual friend in which he insists that mass gassings in general were a “practical, technical impossiblity.”And yet, Faurisson is seen by many adoring, revisionist admirers as a crusader for “analytical exactitude in historiography” as the title of a recent Festschrift honoring Faurisson shows all too well. 

The following images appear in some of my essays with explanations. 



Note the large blower on the upper rear wall which, in effect, drove the warmed, cyanide-air mixture through the supply and return ducts and throughout the gas chamber during the fumigating phase--and then drove fresh, warmed-air throughout the chamber during the venting phase. For more details about how these superb gas chambers operated, see Appendices A & B of my essay “Typhus and the Jews”at:www.nazigassings. com/typhusandjew s.html



The above is from Rumania and is the largest RDT that I have ever seen anywhere in the German literature. It could have been a kind of Sistine Chapel for mass extermination. Just imagine all that ceiling space filled with murals by Marc Chagall! It even has a chimney! 

The above explains itself and was in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. 

From the captions, both of the tunnels immediately above as well as the Budapest gas chamber, all included the widely promoted Kreislaufsystem which was simply a common sense arrangement to warm the air before it was blown through the Zyklon-B granules before it was, in turn, all blown throughout the chamber. The fumigating phase was followed by a venting phase during which fresh, warmed-air was blown throughout the chamber to remove nearly every last trace of cyanide. Nonetheless, although it is not spelled out for railroad delousing, some additional fresh air venting might have been used as well since it was standard practice for much smaller Kreislauf units that fumigated primarily clothing. 

As to the behaviour of cyanide, it is slightly less dense than air and, therefore, tended to rise and NOT accumulate near the ground. This helped in venting and was one reason why it was not very useful as a military combat gas. 

The reason I am arguing about this is because it is damned important as a means to break through the hoax. Walter Lüfl understood the importance of these gas chambers as a way to unravel the hoax in people's minds--but Germar Rudolf, who understand the importance also, had at a conference in Germany in 1993 quietly suppressed the subject rather than get Faurisson too excited.

From Robert Faurisson: “A practical, total impossibility. ...the mass gassings are technically impossible”

What follows is a letter from Robert Faurisson written to condemn my claims that railroad delousing gas chambers would have been ideal for mass murder, and that the total absence of even a mention of such gas chambers anywhere in the holocaust gassing literature is a monumental flaw in the holocaust story

[Quite true. -C.P.]

Railroad delousing gas chambers
 would have worked extremely well as devices for mass murder.

[Murder yes; removing the bodies without risk to oneself afterwards, perhaps not. But murder, yes. -C.P.]

I apologize for the defective appearance (with typos) of the original French text that was available to me. I only present it here so that those who understand French can at least be confident that the English translation is reasonably accurate.


ROBERT FAURISSON SAYS: The argument of Fritz Berg has no value at all. I have told him that to his face. But maybe you are familiar with this unfortunate man's temper and zeal.

The existence of these hangars for the disinfection of trains was known for a long time, and I recall having talked about this during my first visit to the United States in 1979. Among my photo slides, in particular, I had some about a shed for the disinfection of trains (in Budapest?). I have repeated a hundred times, that gassing of inanimate objects, such as clothing, boats, trains, or facilities as sheds, churches, silos, libraries, rooms, etc. would truly be a delicate and dangerous, but not an impossible, operation. It would suffice to take a certain number of precautions (for example, in order to avoid the spreading of the gas to the outside, explosions, etc.) and to proceed with the aeration, the ventilation of the inanimate objects at the gassing site wherein the gas could still remain. I have written of these procedures.

On the other hand, when the subject is alive, the problem becomes formidable, because the body is entirely impregnated and permeated with a virulent poison. It is for this reason that an execution gas chamber is so complicated, and that is why the doctor and his two assistants have to multiply the precautions. I will not reiterate about all they have to do and which does not guarantee much because even after all that, the corpse to be removed from the chamber, can still be hazardous. One can well imagine the formidable dangers which the piles of corpses would constitute, be they inside a shed, a house, or a so-called Nazi “gas chamber.” There is the rub. Here lies the danger and nowhere else. One ends up with a practical, total impossibility. As to my question of 1978: For me, the mass gassings are technically impossible, yet you, if you think, that this is technically possible, show it to me. You know the answer which you gave me on February 21, 1979: A jest and an admission of incapacity? And since that date I am still waiting for an answer, be it from any practical jokers, or be it from Mr. Berg.

That which the latter could never stand, that a Frenchman, imbued in the culture of classical literature, had made a kind of scientific discovery, which a German or, better yet, especially, an American chemist or engineer should have attained, because, in the United States, gas chamber facilities were present right there within their penitentiaries.

As to that, I remember that in 1917 American humanitarians had the idea that it would be easier and more humane to execute the condemned persons with gas, than with the electric chair, or hanging, or by firing squad. That's when in the course of the construction of a gas chamber the technical difficulties were discovered. After seven years of effort, the first execution took place in Carson City, Nevada, which turned out to be all but a complete catastrophe.

What would Mr. F. Berg have done had it been demanded of him to enter his shed, immediately, or some hours later after an execution in order to remove thousands of corpses, highly permeated with cyanide, and therefore untouchable? I had put this question to him in public, and he remained silent. I have told him, “study a subject that you have never studied: about the execution gas chambers in your own country.” I remember that an American, who had followed our conversation had then made the remark, “Well, there, at least this is clear!”

FRITZ BERG SAYS: Where did Robert Faurisson get the insane idea that “a train would take f-o-r-e-v-e- r to ventilate?” [I don't see the word "forever". - C.P.] Where? Any idea? There is absolutely no serious evidence to support that kind of nonsense. All of the large railroad delousing chambers were equipped with powerful circulation fans and ductwork, and more, to achieve total ventilation within about one hour. 

The same criticism applies to Faurisson's claim that “the corpses would be poisonous to the touch.” Don't they have rubber gloves in France? They certainly had rubber gloves in Nazi Germany if they ever had to touch corpses. They need have only touched the corpses many hours, or even days, later for unloading the cattle cars in some remote location after a lengthy trip. During such trips the slotted cattle cars (cattle cars always have lots of openings for ventilation) would have undergone additional ventilation if that would have even been needed. After executions of prisoners in America, the corpse is also thoroughly rinsed with running water from a hose. Hoses with running water would have also been available to the Nazis.

Any pile of bodies of people killed with cyanide gas is, to a great extent, self-ventilating because of the body temperatures of the corpses.  Cyanide boils at 79.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but corpses will remain at more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit for many hours after death.  The body temperature of a corpse declines slowly after death at a rate of roughly one degree per hour.  The exact rate will vary with the temperature of the surrounding environment, of course--but, any pile of corpses will retain its heat for a long time, even in a cold environment.  In general, the rate of decline is such a well-established fact that forensic pathologists have for many decades used charts for rates of decline in body temperature to determine time of death. 


Images (above) with captions from: Francis E. Camps, editor, Gradwohl's Legal Medicine, 3d ed., (Great Britain: Year Book Medical Publishers Inc., 1976), page 87.

So,  there will be NO liquid cyanide accumulating or condensing on the skin, for example, because the corpses and the immediate environments surrounding the corpses will be above the boiling point of cyanide. There may be some small

[You better hope they are small. -C.P.]

accumulations of liquid cyanide condensing and adhering to the hair of corpses at the cooler exterior edges of a pile of corpses, but the quantities involved here will inevitably be quite small and easily removed with the ventilation inside the delousing gas chamber.  In any event, rubber gloves and gas masks are still easy enough to use to handle corpses.  Water hoses are certainly going to be used as well to clean the railroad cars.  So, disposal of the corpses is NOT some monumental technical problem.

The Germans and their Allies fumigated many thousands of trains with Zyklon-B without Jews in them. Technically, it would have been almost as easy to fumigate the same trains with Jews in them. That some people fail to grasp this is pathetic. But, the homicidal possibilities of this technology would have been obvious to anyone with any railroad expertise in Nazi Germany. Zyklon-B advertisements, such as the one above, showing trains being fumigated with Zyklon-B appeared in many technical journals. The railroaders would have appreciated it if there had been any kind of extermination program. Railroads were an essential element of the alleged extermination program. Just imagine all those railroad cars packed with dirty Jews from the ghettoes of Europe, half-starved supposedly, crammed together without toilets and even dying along the way to Treblinka, or wherever. The railroad cars had to be cleaned and fumigated anyway for the return trips. So, why not combine steps?

Several months ago, I sent the following “sanity” test question around to a number of prominent revisionist activists who shall be unnamed here: “Please let me know whether or not you agree with me that railroad delousing gas chambers as used in Budapest before and during WW2 could have been have been e-a-s-i-l-y used to commit mass murder by the Nazis.” With few exceptions, I received evasive answers or no answers at all, and several loud protests that I even dared to ask such a question. As a species, we are in big trouble, folks.

Rather than resembling in any way “the complex mass-production methods of a modern [industrial] plant” as Raul Hilberg alleges on page 555 of The Destruction of European Jewry, 1961, where people were supposedly “killed on an ‘assembly line’ basis”—what we have been given instead is a process that could have only been imagined by the most technically retarded and blind people imaginable. The gassing tales are too absurd to be believed except by people who are technically retarded and wilfully blind themselves. Unfortunately, many “revisionists” are just as retarded and wilfully blind.

 No Lockdown for Nazi Mass Gassings

In the US, where gas executions are rather common, American prisoners are persuaded to assist in their own executions. If the prisoners do not assist in their own executions, they must endure a horrible slow death instead of a quicker death,. Sometimes there seems to be a loss of consciousness within less than five minutes but it still takes as long as 18 minutes to cause actual death of a single prisoner in the US with cyanide gas. The usual time to death is between 12 and 15 minutes. Prisoners are coached to breathe deeply upon a signal from the executioner and inhale the cyanide gas vapors as soon as the vapors have risen to the nostrils of the prisoner. They must not take that deep breath too soon. They must not inhale as soon as the cyanide salt egg is dropped into the sulfuric acid pail—but only many seconds later when the cyanide vapors reach the prisoner's nostrils at which time the executioner gives them a signal. Otherwise, the prisoner will breathe too early, or too late, and fill his lungs with clean air and prolong the agony of his own demise.

But also, for American executions of a single prisoner, there is always a "lockdown" of the entire prison for eight hours, or more, prior to any execution and for several hours after the execution as well. This is done to prevent riots and to allow the execution procedure with a limited number of prison personnel to proceed without interruption. All prisoners are kept locked within their cells. Executions are just one more excuse for prisoners to riot against the system because of real or imagined grievances. Prison riots occur often enough without any executions. This is spelled out in a number of books by American executioners and prison wardens. One recent reference is Death at Midnight: the confession of an executioner by Donald A. Cabana (Northeastern University Press, 1996), page 158. There is even a 5-part BBC TV series of videos (look on youtube) with Cabana and other American executioners explaining, in person, the problems they encountered. The linked video is only part 2 in the 5-part series with an audio German translation of the English text.

The above collage uses photos taken on or about August 25, 1944 when the mass murder process was supposedly in full swing at Auschwitz. The photos are from easy-to-find and verifiable sources such as the USHMM, and the CIA for the aerial reconnaissance photo. The captions on the aerial photo were put there by CIA specialists. The Germans are marked in these photos with blue ink and are either totally unarmed, or lightly armed (no machine guns or even helmets anywhere—and not many rifles either, if any). The red circles show guard towers. Among the newly arrived prisoners and German soldiers there are also many prisoners in striped-uniforms who seem to be serving as baggage handlers. There are many anecdotes saying that this last group included many Jews who told the new arrivals that their fate was to be turned into crematory chimney smoke.

Please note the chimneys of Kremas 2 and 3 at the extreme right side of the larger image. But, but, but—where is the smoke? The chimneys supposedly poured forth smoke and flame 24 hours per day which could be seen for miles according to numerous holocaust “eyewitness” accounts including Olga Lemyel's Five Chimneys. But, lo and behold, the real photos that we have NEVER show any smoke at all. Could it be that the Krema fires had all stopped burning Jews from the previous batch of thousands of Jews? In fact, ALL of the photos of Kremas—ground photos (such as the photo lower left looking toward the Krema chimney in the distance) as well as ALL of the more than fifty aerial photos taken by USAAF over many months fail to show the slightest trace of smoke from any of the Krema chimneys.

Where is the tight security for such fiendish acts of mass murder? Where is the evidence of any kind of “lockdown?” There is nothing even remotely comparable to what is normal in the US for the execution of a single prisoner. No Nazi "lockdown" has even been suggested for the alleged, almost daily, mass gassings of thousands of Jews by the Nazis. On the contrary, the Jews marked for gassing casually strolled to the gas chambers (as in the above aerial photo) in full view of tens of thousands of other prisoners and with almost no security to restrain them. There are no handcuffs or shackles, or anything even remotely comparable to what is routinely used in American prisons for those on death row or in the Guantánamo prison.


The image in the above BBC story has gone around the world many times. It is so sad to see a mother and her children “on their way to the gas chambers”— but, the story is also rubbish. This picture and others of intended victims near the Kremas fail to show any physical restraint of the intended victims. Nothing is evident other than a casual walk amidst dreary surroundings with a barbed wire fence in the background..

Can one really believe that thousands of Jews, of all people, would simply stroll en masse to their own executions? But, that is essentially what we are told in the holocaust propaganda. That is what hundreds of millions of people believe because of the vast, all-powerful jewish holocaust industry. And, it supposedly happened ever day, year after year. Parents about to enter a gas chamber even lied to their children, supposedly, so that they would all die together, bravely, stoically, without any resistance. Such fairytales make great melodrama for Hollywood and TV soap operas about the poor suffering Jews. If one stops to think about it, how can anyone believe such insane nonsense? But generally, people do not stop to think. They have been brainwashed—and, they are afraid to think. One must still face imprisonment in Germany and Austria and elsewhere for the merest expression of doubt about this obscene fairytale. Orwell's1984 is here—and the Jews are firmly in control.

(click on image to view full-size)

Cyanide Gas Chambers to keep Jews ALIVE in Auschwitz-Birkenau – Only 200 feet from the center of the infamous unloading ramp, where Mengele supposedly made “selections,” are two T-shaped delousing stations. They are also clearly visible in the aerial view within the collage shown above. Here new arrivals entered the “dirty” side and undressed before being examined medically and showering. Their clothing and personal articles were fumigated with Zyklon-B (which released cyanide) in gas chambers in the meantime. There was no secret about these “gas chambers"– they are clearly marked as such on all relevant German construction drawings for example. Eventually, (after about an hour) all fumigated articles and clothing were returned to the new arrivals who would dress and leave from the “clean” side, and enter the camp proper.

Nowhere is it even claimed that the delousing stations, directly across the tracks from the center of the loading ramp, or their gas chambers were ever used for murder. Those real, life-saving gas chambers gave rise, no doubt, to false claims long afterwards about non-existent, “genocidal” gas chambers in the crematorium buildings at the extreme end of the ramp as shown. “Selections” were routinely made because of the limited capacity of the delousing stations, and people were “sent to the gas chambers” but not to be gassed themselves; – they were sent there ONLY to have their clothing and personal effects fumigated so that they would stay healthy and alive in the camp, and wherever they were eventually sent, afterwards. The poorly-dressed old lady with her children was probably on her way along a path that took her past Kremas 2 and 3 to the sauna building where she could be given a far more leisurely cleaning, with all of her laundry and possessions.

Please note in the aerial photo above that the gate around the courtyard for Krema 2 is open whereas the gate for Krema 3 is closed. One can clearly see that in the photo, especially if one enlarges the image somewhat. But no German guards or guides, with or without whips, are present anywhere near those gates, or even inside the courtyards.

Now just imagine Dr. Josef Mengele at the ramp, or one of his henchman, instructing a group of Jews marked for “extermination” on how they should get to the gas chamber.

“Just walk about a hundred yards, and go through that open gate—over there, see that gate in the distance, folks—and then go to the end of the partially-buried structure, and down the stairway to the undressing room.”

“Oh, and by the way, just ignore any shouts of advice from the thousands of residents in those barracks along the way.”

Surely, those directions would have been a bit confusing for almost anyone. So, where are the guides or the armed guards with submachine guns that would have been needed to coax the victims to their tragic destiny? They are not there, anywhere, because the story we have been given is a hoax. Real objective evidence such as photos taken at the time totally refute the lies which were confabulated by people like Rudolf Vrba. What might be called “snapshots of the mass murder process” totally fail to show anything like what should have been occurring. The mass gassings simply never happened!

In any event, railroad delousing tunnels would have avoided many of the likely problems connected with any conceivable mass murder program since the Jews would have already been securely locked inside cattle cars, and the execution procedures would have been entirely hidden from view. [All perfectly true. -C.P.]

Friedrich Paul Berg

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My Two-Cents' Worth -C.P.
ME: It could be done but you would still have to ventilate for at least a day, probably 2 days, and I think it would still be very dangerous, for the reasons mentioned by Robert Faurisson. In an American gas chamber, there is only one victim. The chamber is filled with ammonia, which is able to circulate all around the body and penetrate all parts of his clothing, skin, hair, etc. This would never be true of thousands of bodies in railway cars.  I think Faurisson is right about this. Every time you removed a body, gas would escape from the body below, even days later, even if you squirted ammonia over the top layer.

BERG: Carlos Porter has flunked the SANITY Test. Bye-bye, Carlos.

ME: May I say something? Faurisson is certainly mistaken, if this is what he thinks, that if mass executions with railway cars would not work, then they should not be mentioned. They are very important. But I am very skeptical about theoretical discussions of things which have never been attempted in practice. There has never been a mass gassing with HCN, and no one knows what would happen. Every time something is actually done with HCN, there are unexpected surprises, sometimes fatal ones. In 1914 the British and the French imagined that they could kill millions of German soldiers with HCN gas on the battlefield. It was a total failure. It used to be imagined that 1000 ppm would kill instantly. Now it is 3500-7000 or something like that, in up to 19 minutes. There are many more examples. We still know relatively little about what would be involved in a "mass gassing" because it has never been experimented with.
I think the bitter tone of yours is a mistake. What matters is that the mass gassings as described were impossible. The rest of it is of purely intellectual interest only.
Of course, if the Germans had wanted to gas the Jews, they would have used the railway cars. There is no question of that.
But I don't think it would be so easy afterwards. Of course you could abandon the carriages afterwards, come back and get them a year later, that might work. But who knows? The only way to know is to do it. Trial and error. Like with everything else.   

BERG: Yes, it would have been e-a-s-y !
I wish you well but I do not have time or patience for endless blah-blah-blah.
Good-bye forever.

["Does not play well with others". -C.P.]

ME: I have posted this under Letter 37. I don't care. But how can you know it would be easy? This is all theory.

BERG: In the picture showing the interior view of the Budapest delousing gas chamber there is a huge blower at the rear connected to duct work  to force ventilate the entire gas chamber.  [No ammonia. No thousands of human bodies in heaps, etc. etc. -- C.P.] That was a standard feature on all of the railroad tunnels and a standard feature on the smaller 10-cubic-meter gas chambers as well.  What all that meant was that one did NOT have to wait 24-hours to ventilate the chamber contents--everything including the gassing itself was completed within one hour.

Just read my essays on the subject.  I cannot regurgitate everything just for your benefit.  Mass murder with railroad delousing tunnels would have been E-A-S-Y.  Although there might have been some trace amounts of cyanide residue left as when fumigates anything with cyanide, the amounts are so minimal that there really is NO DANGER unless one is sleeping next to the corpses. People slept under freshly fumigated blankets and wore freshly fumigated clothing also.
[With the window open. -C.P.]

I believe that Fritz is theoretically correct, provided that especially designed railroad execution cars are utilized. A conventional freight car filled with people would not permit circulation within the interior of the car despite the circulation fans outside.  So one would of necessity have to design a car with a large cage through which HCN could circulate. One could indeed perhaps "knock off" everyone inside the cage in short order. But, the problem then would entail disposal of the "Chosen Ones". The bottom of the cage on one side could be hydraulically moved out away from the car, then the railroad car bed elevated hydraulically to dump the chosen out at the nearest elevated crossing, untouched by human hands! The intrepid engineer backs down, through the "gas chamber", loads up with a new batch, and repeats the process. They might experience some difficulty in convincing the next batch of chosen to enter the caged car, but such is life. This would be theoretically possible, but the word would get around like wildfire!!! One load, maybe two, and there would be a scarcity of chosen gassees, regardless of the amount of lox [or cute children of both sexes - C.P.] used as bait...

Here in California, a major producer of tomato paste uses large truck/trailers to move machine-harvested tomatoes to the processing plant. The trailer is built like a large bathtub, which is tilted to the side to dump the tomatoes into a conveyer system for processing, (along with mice and... ???) [Answer: About 5 tons of drunken Mexicans, 500 wine bottles, and a ton of shit. - C.P] So, to Fritz, have you seen any evidence of especially designed execution rail cars?

Fritz points out that cattle cars are slatted structures and could be vented fairly well, whether well enough to enable our convict-coolies to drag the hundreds of bodies out after a  mass killing with HCN without killing themselves and forcing us to recruit more coolies, I don't pretend to know.
Just use cattle cars, which are quite common, with lots of openings and slats to allow fresh air to easily get to cattle so that they do not suffocate before they are slaughtered.

The Jews on such cars would be killed quickly enough by the cyanide inside the railroad delousing tunnel..  Then the venting phase could begin, using only the fan and circulation ducts outside of the cattle cars.  No specially designed execution cars would be needed at all --and it would be e-a-s-y.  The ventilation and gassing would take no more than about one hour within the delousing tunnel...


American Cattle Car
(Actually, I've ridden in these things, a bit more modern, but essentially the same design, and they are drafty as hell, but since they are full of shit, you don't mind.
Unloading the hundreds of bodies would still be dangerous, in my view, but considerably less so in the open air, particularly if you avoided overcrowding. But on the other hand, who needs gas? Polish winters being what they are, why not just push the heebies outside for the night, in a state of undress, and let them freeze to death? No fuss, no muss. -C.P.)

American Live Poultry Car

American so-called "Pig Palace"

Note that the mass gassings as described in Hoaxoco$t literature are impossible anyway, so this whole discussion makes little real difference. That is what matters.
It is obvious that IF the Germans had wished to "gas" the Jews, THEN they would have used the railway carriage installations, which could have killed them very efficiently.
ONCE. The problem is getting the bodies out = a recipe for suicide.
Why use a dangerous gas when you can use something like argon, which simply replaces the oxygen?



P.S. While we're at it, why not demolish the Haxoco$t "tattoo myth" at the same time?
Please see:
Show Me or Draw Me a Nazi "Tattooing Machine" by C.W. Porter