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Subject: Carlos Whitlock Porters website

With his unique combination of charm, wit, and relentless ratiocination, Carlos Whitlock Porter has long been one of my favorite living writers.

His new website at is a very welcome addition to the Internet.

Not only are new articles and many Porter classics freely available there in great quantity, but an up-to-date chronology of the attempts to censor his works is featured.

For those who do not know, one of Porter's specialties is the (sometimes darkly hilarious) deconstruction of the largely phony "legal" documents used to imprison or execute the defeated at war's end.

(I do wonder if Porter's new publications, new website, and legal engagements will shame Internet confidence artist Harold Covington into admitting that he lied when he reported Porter's "death" a few years ago.)

Thank you, Mr. Porter.

Faithfully yours,


Kevin Alfred Strom.

This calls for some comment. In the spring of 1997, when I first acquired Internet access, I e-mailed Nizkor saying, “Do you suppose you could possibly include correct references in your attacks on me with regards to Swindler’s Mist, or is that too much to ask?”
I received an immediate e-mail reply from Mr. Ken Oi Veh (OBC) [?] of that illustrious academic body.

Is this really the Great One, or did they Photoshop his features onto a Bush Girl?

Note: The general gist of the above file, from McVay's own website, is that McVay is in charge of "Canadian operations" for NAMBLA, a homosexual paedophile "civil rights" organization, and that Yale Edeiken provides "legal assistance" to that same organization. McVay does not appear to deny this accusation, and is said to be quite proud of himself. The only denial of the truth of this charge that I can find on McVay's own website is signed by somebody named "Sara"; whether this is someone else, or simply McVay's feminine alter ego, is a bit of a mystery.
Note as well the Wiccan or "witchcraft" emblem in McVay's coat pocket. These are the people who set themselves up to combat "hate" on the Internet, no doubt on the correct assumption that any resurgence in National Socialism (or even just common decency), would put an end to their fun and games, perhaps on a permanent basis.
For further information, search for "Nizkor NAMBLA", "Nizkor money laundering", "Nizkor tax fraud", and "Ken McVay homosexual child molestor".
I have no idea whether this information is true or not, but if not, what is it doing there on McVay's own website, without a clear denial by McVay? Under the circumstances I am amazed that even the ADL has anything to do with him.

Note as well that the above file, like all things nizkoprophagic, is a masterpiece of confusion. What does NAMBLA have to do wi
th the Einsatzgruppen?
Warning: if you search for "Shofar Carlos Porter" on page 2, third item down, you get what appears to be a Nizkor file alleging that I run a worldwide "dating/escort service". If you click to open the site, you get a virus. Such is the level of seriousness of the enemies of revisionism.
McVay has more enemies than the revisionists. For what it is worth, see READ THIS
These are the people who believe that a few dirty personal stories about revisionists can refute revisionism.

He was very polite to me, and said that if I could identity any errors in their files on me, they would correct them immediately.
I then discovered that one of the most prominent items in the Nizkoprophagic spy and lie files on me, featured very prominently and still there, 2 ½ years later, is an alleged “letter” to Harold Covington dated 20 April 1997 which I did not write and had never before seen.
I complained to Nizkor immediately, denying that I wrote it, demanding a retraction and an apology. No answer. I complained repeatedly. No answer. I also pointed out certain errors in their other files on me. No answer.
I repeat: I did not write the letter in question, I complained about it repeatedly, and it is still there.
In 1998, less than one year later, Harold invented the lie that I had “died” over 3 years before writing the letter in question.  He repeated this hallucination many times, repeating the date of my death as 16 December 1994, for at least 3 months, on 6 March 1998, 8 March 1998, 9 March 1998, 27 March 1998, 1 April 1998, 3 April 1998, 7 April 1998, 15 May 1998, 16 May 1998, and other dates. He claimed that my death in 1994 had been confirmed by the clinic in which I died, by newspaper obituaries, and by my widow. Then, to prove I was alive, he demanded that I answer 4 extremely detailed questions about a trivial and totally fictional incident alleged to have occurred in Llewellyn Barracks, Bulawayo, Rhodesia, in 1976 [actually 1975; same difference]. I was in the United States in 1976. When I failed to answer, Harold claimed this “proved” I had died.
Oi Veh’s famous sidekick, Jamie McKosher, participated in all these Internet discussions.
I forwarded several of these claims by e-mail to Nizkor, saying, “Now that Harold claims I died 3 years before writing the letter in question, do you suppose you could possibly delete the file and post an apology?” No answer.
 I then said, “If you think you can run down my reputation by posting what I have written, why don’t you post something authentic?” No answer.
I e-mailed Mr. Oi Veh again, saying “This is why you have such a poor reputation for truth and honesty.” No answer.
The point is that the Nizkor will continue to post, knowingly and deliberately, false documents which amount to libel, even when they know full well that the documents are false. So far as I know, the file “Porter to Covington” is still there, 2 ½ almost 20 years later. I last retrieved it on 21 August 1999.
5 December 2016


NOTE: As of 17 June 2006 5 DECEMBER 2016, it is still there. That makes [you figure it out] years. So is the "Porter Deliberate Mistranslation" that admits that my translation is correct.