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I don't know much about Libertarianism, but isn't it largely overlooked as a cause in our decline? Is this what frustrates you about it so much?

I just realized that I always see criticism of 'liberalism' but no one ever attributes the permissiveness of a load of degenerate garbage to libertarianism, it seems.

Doesn't libertarianism basically value individual freedom over the moral considerations of the society as a whole, basically without exception?

How is that not the same thing, or just as destructive as, liberalism, or cultural Marxism? By that philosophy you can't suppress pornography, because it would infringe on the "individual freedom" of those who want to use it, same with homosexuality, and other perversions, and so on, right?

Same goes for promoting extreme violence on TV and in music, etc. Don't they say stupid crap like "people are capable of making their own decisions, and they should be free to pick and choose what they want to do or watch"?

If so, this is clearly as anti-nature and anti-common sense as any far left ideology, and hence a recipe for the destruction of society all the same.



"Libertarianism" is not a word I use very much, for reasons I have explained here and here

The only real common denominator is some Ayn Rand influence.

Rand was one of the most irrational human beings that ever survived life outside of an insane asylum. Where did she get off talking about "reason"?

How is it possible that people are still buying her books 45 years later? Who the hell do people think was responsible for the mess we're in?

I considered her completely discredited 45 years ago -- in August 1968, to be exact. I thought she'd been forgotten.

It's truly incredible that one so-called "Intellectual" (virtually always a Jew) can destroy an entire civilization with just a few stupid books, and the stupider the better.

Truly, "homo sapiens" is the most irrational of all animals.

Or as another person put it:

"Animals are superior to people, because they know what to do."


I'm doing a series of articles on the irrationality and illogic of the Objectivist philosophy.

The index page for a new series of articles is here

For other articles on so-called "Libertarianism" and Ayn Rand, search the "Articles" page for "Rand" or "Libertarianism".


"If I meet a philospher upon the road, I shun him as I would a mad dog."
- Lucian, Greek satirist

-- What do you read, my lord?
-- Words, words, words....

Hamlet, Act II, scene 2

11 September 2015