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[Note, below, the manner in which the single sentence, "I am told that James Sanchez of Aristarchus is on our side, and lives and breathes our cause", has been taken out of context, deleting the first four words, by Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center to prove that Sanchez is a "Nazi". The full context is below.]

Hi Carlos,

Do you know if the CD-ROM (of Nuremberg Trial documents and transcripts) of Aristarchus Knowledge Industries is available in a French official version?

Do you if there is a french version anyway available by another publisher?

Finally, do you know if the "Aristarchus Knowledge Industries" has a web site?

Thank you in advance,

Armand Dru


Carlos Porter replies:

I am certain that Aristarchus has nothing in French. They have only the Nuremberg documents and trials and, they allege, the Tokyo Trial (which I am certain cannot be complete, since the transcript is largely illegible and cannot possibly scan; I have it, all 52,000 pages of it).  Aristarchus changed the name of the company several years ago. I have been unable to find any website for them, and the producer of the CD-ROM, James Sanchez, does not answer his phone or fax. I consider his Nuremberg CD-ROM totally, absolutely worthless, and his technology, also, totally, absolutely worthless. I do not believe that James Sanchez deserves to be paid for his CD-ROM, for reasons which I will explain.

The Aristarchus CD-ROM is an example of the manner in which information can be manipulated in the so-called “information society” (which should really be called: the “disinformation society”).  It appears to be designed solely that the enemies of revisionism can find “proof” of Nazi atrocities and cruelty; it is not designed so that you can read the text or find just anything. There is a very short list of key “search words” which are actually SUGGESTED to you in the instructions. It cannot find anything which is not on that list. Anything else you enter comes up with the message “bad operator”.

For example, the Nuremberg Trial transcript states that five million Jews were killed. So if you enter 50, you get all the references starting with 50 -- 50, 500, 5000, 50000, 500000, 5000000, etc. But if you enter 840 -- to find the 840,000 Russian prisoners of war killed with the pedal-driven brain bashing machine at Sachsenhausen -- it says “bad operator”. If you enter the name of pedal-driven brain-bashing machine operator Paul Waldmann, it says “bad operator” again. You can find it, but you have to enter the name of the document, USSR-52 (with dash).

But you don’t get a photographic reproduction of the page, and it doesn’t recognize or use the IMT pagination.  Instead, you get about 5 lines of Aristarchus advertising, 5 lines of Aristarchus data processing gobbledygook, about 20 lines of text, with a pagination which is unique to Aristarchus, another 5 lines of Aristarchus advertising, another 5 lines of Aristarchus data processing gobbledygook, and so on and so forth.

I didn’t find any deletions, but there are mistakes in the punctuation which do not appear in the Nuremberg Trial transcript, showing that the CD-ROM has been edited by hand. The print looks like something you would print off the Internet. Presumably you could save the text to disk (although the two copies I had would not save to disk) and edit the text to read 840,000 Girl Scouts if you wanted to.

Another example: I KNOW that the words “large alarm clocks” appear in volume 13 of the Nuremberg Trial transcript. But if you enter “large alarm clocks”, all you get is “bad operator”. OK. So you enter “clock”; words like “clock” “table”, chair”, door”, etc. appear in many anti-German atrocity stories. The CD-ROM takes you through EVERY reference to the word “clock”, starting with volume I, until you get to volume 13; it takes about 5 minutes. You can’t go straight there. There it is: “large alarm clocks”. But if you enter “large alarm clocks”, you get “bad operator”.  


The Aristarchus advertising says that the CD-ROM contains 130,000 pages of Nuremberg documents. That is a lie. For example, I know that the word “doormats” appears in the judgement to the Pohl Trial, green series, between pages 1119 and 1152. But if you enter “doormats” on the CD-ROM, it says “bad operator”. OK. So you enter “door”, it takes through EVERY reference to the word “door” for 10 minutes, and there it is: “door mats”, two words, on page 8 THOUSAND and something according to their goofy Aristarchus pagination, with 5 lines of Aristarchus advertising, 5 lines of Aristarchus data processing gobbledygook, 20 lines of text, 5 lines of Aristarchus advertising, another 5 lines of Aristarchus data processing gobbledygook, ad infinitum, etc. But if you enter “door mats”, two words, just as it appears in their crazy text, it says “bad operator”.  There is no way in hell you can go directly TO anything.

What’s more, it appears almost impossible to go beyond volume 22 of the Nuremberg Trial transcript
. I only found “door mats” in the Pohl Trial ONCE. You can enter ANY search word you can think of, it won’t take you to the Pohl Trial, National Military Tribunal, NMT, anything, nothing. It is impossible to scroll. The second you touch any key, the whole system hops into outer space, and you have lost your text. It is not made so that you can just read anything all the way through.

Thus it is manufactured only so that ADL supporters can print out ready-made pablum on the discussion groups attacking revisionism. For example, on any given day, you can find 35-40 Nuremberg trial documents posted on soc.history by Ken Oi Vey of the nizkoprophagists (a.k.a. Nizkor). Where do you think he gets them?

I had two copies of the Aristarchus CD-ROM. I returned the first because I thought it was defective. I was told it was absolutely perfect, nothing wrong with it. It still wouldn’t work. In the end, it made me so angry I broke it. Quite difficult to break actually; it cut me in four places. I assume that Aristarchus are very proud of their CD-ROM and do not design it so as to be broken by just any fool. They ought to have them made in China so that they break easier.

Incidentally, what you get in the CR-ROM is not the full text of the NMT trials. What you get is the “green series”, excerpts printed by the US government. The full text of the Pohl Trial is available on 35 rolls of microfilm (write for NATIONAL ARCHIVES MICROFILM PUBLICATIONS, pamphlet describing M890) from the National Archives. Rolls 2-8 are the English transcript, rolls 19 - 25 are the German transcript, and the rest is all documents (clemency petitions, etc.). The rolls are available separately, at 39 dollars a roll. If anyone wants to contribute the money, I would like to do some research on the Pohl trial. I have a microfilm reader, but will probably not be set up to use it until next summer; it is in storage. 7 x 39 =  273 dollars.

The statement in NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG that the NMT trials are only available in English is an error; but you have to buy the microfilm. The NMT “green series” volumes are largely useless, because there is no indication whether a document bears a signature or not; it just says “signed Keitel”. You have to order the photocopies to see whether Keitel signed it, or whether the “signature” is typewritten.

The IMT volumes are much better; if a signature is actually signed, it appears in italics. Typewritten “signatures” appear in normal print.

When Aristarchus say they have the Tokyo Trial on CD-ROM, I believe that is another lie. There are 1000 totally illegible pages; how could they scan it? You can’t even get the Tokyo Trial documents from the National Archives. For example, I ordered a copy of one of the “cannibalism confessions” from the National Archives in the mid-1980s, and they sent me a letter saying “This document concerns confessions of cannibalism on the part of Japanese soldiers. Are you sure you want it?” I replied saying “Yes, and one part is in English and the other part is in Japanese, send both parts”. I never received it.

I telephoned repeatedly, and spoke to Harry Reilly (pronounced “Rilly”) who was then in charge, and his assistant, they said they would look into it, etc. etc. More delays. Never received it. 6 weeks later I received a letter stating that the National Archives were CLOSING MY ACCOUNT FOR INACTIVITY IN THE ACCOUNT (you have a credit account with them just like a bank). I complained repeatedly, saying “My account isn’t the only thing that’s inactive, I can’t get the stuff I order”. No answer. They really don’t want you to get the stuff. And Aristarchus claim they are going to give all this junk on CD-ROM for 200 bucks? Pull the other one. The transcript in book form costs 2,000 dollars, and it is good value.

What we need is a CD-ROM with a graphic of every page, retaining and recognizing the IMT and NMT pagination, so that it cannot be manipulated. That is what we are trying to on this site: show you the documents, they way they actually look.

UPDATE: A couple of years ago somebody sent me another copy of the thing, this time the search machine almost worked, I found the 840,000 Russian prisoners of war, but everything else was totally unworkable and again it wouldn’t go beyond vol. 22 of the First Nuremberg Trial. I never saw ANY of the other volumes or trials. I threw it away.

Latest news is that sotmebody has created a pirate copy, running on Word, with a search engine that really works, and which will copy to hard disk. I can’t tell you where it can be obtained, but if some hobbyist can do this in the privacy of his own home, why can’t James Sanchez do it at Aristarchus? He is the one asking for the 200 dollars. Our Jolly Roger also eliminated all the Aristarchus advertising and Aristarchus data processing gobbledygook, none of which appears in the Nuremberg Trial transcripts and which do nothing but fill up the CD by another 30% or so (I am not exaggerating). What remains are the innumerable Aristarchus misprints which sometimes totally obscure the meaning. It is obvious that Aristarchus did not even proof-read the texts after scanning them! Ask around for the pirate version, it is fairly useful, but forget about the Aristarchus production, it is a total rip-off.



FEB 18, 2002

Update February 1, 2005:

Since the above was written, I have had 3 other versions of the same CD-ROM, and my opinion has not changed. I threw one away, broke the second one, and never opened the third, since I consider it a waste of time. The pirate version is supposed to be available on the Internet someplace, in zip form. I am told that James Sanchez of Aristarchus is on our side, and lives and breathes our cause. [Emphasis added solely because of Morris Dees' smear of Sanchez. -C.P., August 2007] If that is so, he can produce a CD that works. What we need is something like the scanned version of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica: scanned in graphic form, but also in HTML, properly proof-read, unlike the HTML version of the 1911. We need the ORIGINAL PAGINATION and Sanchez needs to get rid of all the data processing gobblydygook mentioned above, which accomplishes nothing. Even our Jolly Roger had a hard time getting rid of it, and only barely succeeded.

The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica is available on CD-ROM with 1922 and 1926 supplements, graphically scanned at 300 dpi, for about 130 jewbuckniks, from:
2020 UPDATE:
And another one bites the dust. Search e-Bay instead.

The OCR-scanned HML version of the E.B., available free on-line at

is not reliable (innumerable typographical errors rendering the text incomprehensible in places; texts incomplete; many articles missing (for example, "Infanticide"; the article on "Cannibalism" is not only incomplete, but is mixed up with another article halfway through); a thoroughly sloppy job.

Even the OCR version of the 1911, the second one described above, has a table of contents, so that you can find things, instead of a search engine that doesn't work. Maybe Sanchez can get his act together and produce something truly useful. Let's hope so.


P.S. Aristarchus does seem to have a website, where they sell all kinds of junk about the "Pacific Rim Countries".

The Nuremberg Trial transcripts and documents are in the public domain. Instead of simply threatening legal action against pirates for producing something that almost works, but not quite, why not produce just ONE product that actually works? It's like Microsoft. I repeat: Sanchez is the one asking for the money.

FEB 5, 2005

UPDATE 2006:

The real problem is that Microsoft has accustomed the public to accepting software which simply doesn't work, and that's not just my opinion. For several hours of astonishment and endless horror stories, just search google com for "Anti-Microsoft", "Say No to Microsoft", "Microsoft must die", "Microsoft sucks", "Fuck Microsoft", "Fuck Bill Gates", "Microsoft is a piece of shit", "Microsux", "Microshit", "Microcrap", "Microstink", "Microsod", "Microshit Exploder", "Microsoft Exterminator", "Microsoft Turd", "Microsuck", "Microturd 98", "Internerd Exploiter", etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum (think up a few more variations and I guarantee you'll find them).

I could write a book on it myself.

The difference is that Sanchez isn't a Jew, and he doesn't have a government-created monopoly.

One reason Microsoft is such a piece of shit is because almost all the Microsoft operating systems (if they can be called that) were developed (or, in reality, bought up or stolen) by Microsoft-Israel. What do people expect but a pile of shit?

For videos of typical Microshit users trying to survive with all this horrendous excremental garbage, search for "computer rage", "office rage", "smash computer", "kill PC", "laptop smashing", etc., etc.

For one of the best, click here.

At the same time, Photoshop and Dreamweaver are good products, even if 3/4 of the functions are completely useless. The difference is, that with Photoshop or Dreamweaver, if something doesn't work, you don't have to use it.

The useless functions don't continually intrude into everything else.

Plus, the functions that do work, work well.


See also: LE HOLD-UP PLANÉTAIRE: LA FACE CACHÉE DE MICROSOFT by Roberto de Cosmi and Dominique Norma, Calmann-Levy, France

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