In late 1967 or very early 1968 I bought and read a 400-page book sold by the Conservative Book Club, entitled THE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR MYTH, or some similar title. I remember the title very well, because there were several other popular biographies of famous fakers with very similar titles, particularly, JFK: THE MAN AND THE MYTH, by Victor Lasky, and ROBERT F KENNEDY: THE MYTH AND THE MAN by Ralph de Toledano (implying that the myth was much bigger than the man, a situation which was true in both cases).

The book was withdrawn immediately after the Marching Looting Nigger's assassination, and I have been unable to find any trace of it ever since.

I contacted the Conservative Book Club; no answer.

I contacted the Library of Congress: no idea. They referred me to a pamphlet published in the 1980s.

It was not a pamphlet, it was a hard-cover book, with a black cover and white lettering (what else)?

Every book published in America is theoretically supposed to have a copy deposited in the Library of Congress; how is this possible?

The book made no mention of King's plagiarism (which had not been discovered at the time), his sexual affairs, or any of the usual (for example, his Communist ties). It was a devastating analysis of his political tactics.

The back cover predicted, very accurately, that whatever one thought of King's alleged aims, his legacy for the country would be one of LAWLESSNESS.

This point was developed at great length throughout the book. It pointed out the phoniness of King's alleged "pacifism"; it pointed out that his whole program consisted of making veiled threats of violence :

"I don't know how long I can keep my followers in check", and "Why We Can't Wait".

The author pointed out that Ghandi, a sincere pacifist, once called off a nationwide campaign of political protest because of a single trivial act of violence in some unimportant part of the country.

King's whole program consisted of threatening more violence. While Negroes (excuse me, African-Americans, anglice "niggers") were busy rioting, burning and looting all over the country -- 100 cities in a single summer, every summer, for about 5 years -- King was threatening even MORE. King's message was, essentially, that his "followers" had a perfect RIGHT to loot, to riot, to burn, to assault innocent people, unless his wholly unjustified "demands" were duly "met" -- a victory which destroyed the country.

Not only was his "non-violence" a huge fraud, so was his "willingness to go to jail for acts of civil disobedience". As I recall it, King never spent any significant amount of time in any jail. The whole point of his "civil disobedience" campaigns was to get himself arrested for violating some more or less trivial local ordinance or other -- such as by "integrating" some segregated facility -- then go to jail JUST LONG ENOUGH TO GET PHOTOGRAPHED HUNDREDS OF TIMES, after which his followers would bail him out with money raised from the liberal suckers, while he kept threatening more violence -- which he would never commit personally, of course! -- only his followers.

During the April 1968 riots that followed the Koon's plugging, the National Guard placed a FIFTY-CALIBRE TRIPOD MACHINE GUN ON THE STEPS OF THE CAPITOL BUILDING because thousands of niggers were rioting, looting and burning only 2 blocks away.

The National Guard's attitude was, "Not in here, you don't". How many people remember this? How many people have ever even heard of it?

(At the time, it was shown fully mounted, pointing straight at the street, manned by 3 or 4 Guardsmen, looking right down the sights, with ammunition boxes all around, combat ready.)

Many stories were published about the niggers arrested in these riots; one alleged that the niggers arrested were carrying an average of 100 dollars in cash; another was asked why he was rioting, and he replied, "because they shot what's-his-name".

(Everywhere, USA, 1960s)
Because they "couldn't wait", they looted or burned every shop within 5 miles of where they themselves lived!
Then they complained that they had to drive 5 miles to buy anything! They considered that a real injustice!
In Riverside, Calif, in 1968, 5 little Negro girls burned to death in an apartment house fire because of a nigger mob outside throwing rocks and bottles at the firemen!
So the fire chief announced that he intended to equip all fire trucks with "riot guns" --short-barrelled pump shot guns.
But the niggers screamed "racism!", and the plan was abandoned!
Problem solved!)


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the most interesting incident in the book -- the best proof of King's total hypocrisy -- is described in one part of the book where King led a series of protests against some slumlord (race not specified, probably black), who was allegedly exploiting his tenants and forcing them to live in squalor. Newspaper and TV reporters tracked down the landlord and located him. They found him living in exactly the same squalor as his tenants!

What's more, the landlord offered to GIVE KING THE BUILDING IF HE WOULD PAY THE TAXES AND REPAIRS. King wasn't interested.


The worst part of it is, that to my knowledge, this was the ONLY full-length biography or political study of King ever published in book form that reflected negatively upon his character.

I've seached high and low on all the used-book sites, and I guarantee, all you will ever find is hagiographies: tons of rubbish about the Noble "MLK" (even his name was a fake, not just his Ph.D) and his Communist-backed "Dream".

There are many short articles reflecting negatively upon him on the Internet, but not one book: a few pamphlets, nothing exceeeding 100 pages in length; not that I know of.


Can anyone explain this situation? Can anyone locate a copy of the book for me?

Truly, the Iron Curtain of Race has descended upon America, and anything that reflects even the slighest criticism of the noble Marching Looting Nigger will be flushed right down the Memory Hole, never to be heard of again.

Never lose hope, though; when it's too late, and nobody cares any more, the dam will burst and we will be treated to dozens of devasting studies of every aspect of this cheating, lying low-life, just as we are now treated to dozens of books about President Kennedy's sexual affairs: information known to the press and virtually everyone who had anything to do with him for 5 or more years, but which the American people were never allowed to know.

On JFK, see here

Carlos W. Porter

Thank you.

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