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Beginning of text by "Byron" with cartoon by A. Wyatt Mann:

Young White girls are gang raped by Muslim teenagers in France, and yet the media barely reports on it. Story after story of violent attacks against young girls, and yet French media largly ignores it and the courts barely punish the offenders.

In recent a “60 Minutes” episode, in an interview with a French-Algerian woman on the topic of Muslim gang rape, they never mention the White victims. The atrocities that are committed against Muslims are heinous enough; some girls report being raped by 50-80 men, one girl was burned alive. This kind of behavior is completely acceptable in Muslim society; in fact, girls who report their rape to their parents are told it was their fault. If a Muslim girl who dresses in Western fashion is considered a whore, what then do they think of White women?

In 2001, Hugue Lagrange, a sociologist at the National Center for Scientific research, reported that there were four times as many gang rapes in France that year as then there were in the 1980’s. The pattern is new as well: the rapists are generally teenagers, aged 14-19, and the victims are generally younger than the rapists. Unreported, of course, was that the fact it was chiefly done by young boys of North African or African descent, as well as, occasionally, a few white youths who were a minority in a black neighborhood and were trying to “fit in” (French wiggers).

Doctor Patrice Huerre, a psychologist for the appeals court of Paris, conducted a study of the rapists. He found that 52 % of the rapists were North African youths. 20 % were African youths and the remaining 30 % came from various French families.

A study conducted at the French juvenile tribunal of Grenoble by two researchers from the CNRS, Monique Dagnaud and Sebastian Roché, shows that, while in the French department of Isère, the immigrant population amounts to 6.1 % of the total population, 66.5 % of all juveniles had a foreign born father (49.8 % from North Africa) and 60 % a foreign born Mother. Here are your “various French families”. Sure, some rapists are White, but we can see that the so-called "French families" are in large part not really French. The study states that the majority of the crimes committed are of an inter-ethnic nature. Nationwide, 40 % of all inmates in French prison have a foreign born father. Muslims make up only 10% of the French population, yet they account for over 70% of all rapists.

Here are some of the tournante (take-your-turn) rapes that were reported in the French media:

"Sabrina" a young girl from Paris, was raped on two occasions, in 1994, by groups of 11 to 14 youths. She was described as a brunette in French tabloid "Le nouveau Detective". The rapists first names were: Djokre, Sekou, Bouzid, Bakari, Djamel, Boubou, Aziz, Ladji, Vergolino, Mostépha et Hacène. The trial took place and ended with the rapists getting light sentences and walking free from the court. No race was mentioned, but I think I can figure it out.

In May 2001, the weekly tabloid "Le nouveau Detective" and "Minute" reported the rape of Camille, a young white girl in Grigny, in the Paris suburbs. In 1999, She had been harassed by an Arab youth, Kader. He ended up raping her and making her available to his friend Lamine and many others. The French family went to the police but the harassment got so bad they had to move.

May 27 2001, French newspaper "Le Figaro" reported a 36 year old mentally handicapped woman was raped for several hours by a band of 15 Arab boys. After they raped her in a garbage storage room, they took her elsewhere, and called in another ten friends and raped her again. On May 12 2001, she was found wandering naked in the middle of the night in Aix en Provence, seeking help. Not only had she been raped, but her body was also covered with cigarette burns.

May 31 2001, Regional Newspaper “la Voix du Nord” revealed that another gang rape had taken place in broad daylight. Seven North African youths raped a female student on a train, during the half hour ride to the city. This one actually made national news.

On September 2001, Le Figaro reported that immigrants in northern France had sexually molested the daughter of a British citizen who had lived in there for twenty years. They went to the police but the matter was ignored and the public prosecutor of nearby Calais didn't even bother to answer registered letters sent to him.

In January 2001, people read about yet another gang rape victim. A 13-year-old girl had been raped 86 times by youths in Roubaix. They were also pimping her to other school kids at two euro. Her family was forced to move to escape harassment and she had to change school.

In Massy, in 2000, "Esthèle", 13 years old White girl, was raped for two months; she went to the police and her family had to flee.

In Trappes, 15 year old "Sonia" was raped on 4 occasions by seven youths in 1996.

In Bobigny, "Claire", around 2000 / 2001, was raped, beaten up, suffered a broken nose and broken ribs. In "Le nouveau Detective", a participant testified about Claire’s rape: "Everybody in the housing project knew what was happening. One was going downstairs, one was drinking, one was encouraging the rapist, and one was applauding the most performing..."

Sylvie Lotteau, a jurist from Bobigny's tribunal, explains the origins of this kind of rape in French society. She says that in the late eighties: "These gang rapes were part of a rite of initiation in young black gangs: "it was the time of the "requins vicieux" (vicious sharks) and "requins juniors" (junior sharks) young Africans whose technique consisted in flirting with a girl, a White one, once she had become one of the member's girlfriend, he let his friend have a use of her". Bobigny is in a suburb of Paris densely populated with immigrants from Africa and North Africa.

On the one hand, that's what these twits get for dating niggers. On the other hand, if they knew what was going on, I doubt they would go out with muds. Of course, if the parents of these impressionable young girls, we're talking 13 years old here, paid any attention or had any sense, they would not sacrifice their daughters on the altar of multiculturalism. The media is also at fault; they tend to gloss over “little” things like the races of victims and perpetrators, and under-report crime committed by non-Whites, even in cases of "women’s rights" that are usually in the fore-front of the liberal media’s agenda. I guess race is “more equal”, as Orwell would say, than gender. The media also tends to vilify anyone who would not want their daughter miscegenating and glorifies race-mixing as being "enlightened." Even so these parents should know better, even the Muslims have been known to kill their daughters for dating White boys. And Whites are not standing in line to rape and sodomize young Muslim girls.

Zair Kedadouche, of Arab descent, when asked why there seems to be so much violence in the ghettos, the slums and the project areas, where most of the immigrants live, replied “It's not because we are Arabic that we are delinquent. It’s because we are poor, and we live in very bad conditions,” says Kedadouche.

That’s the same line American niggers use. How the fuck is rape related to poverty? If you’re poor, steal food and clothes, don’t take turns raping young girls.

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For more info, look up the names of the researchers (Hugue Lagrange, Patrice Huerre, Monique Dagnaud and Sebastian Roché, etc.) on and get even more horror stories.

See also:

(Robert Spencer, despite his name, is allegedly of Islamic background).

(alternatively, simply search for "moslems" (or "muslims"), "gang rape", and the name of any European country, particularly, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Italy, Britain, Australia, etc.)

Many of these stories contain something along the lines of the following:

"Miss G. and fellow victim H. G. met the four sons of a Pakistani national doctor about July 20, 2002, in George Street, Sydney. The boys were unfailingly polite, respectful and courteous. When the girls visited their home, they behaved like gentlemen. 'They just seemed like really decent people who enjoyed themselves on weekends and couldn't do enough for you,' Miss G. said... Throughout the final trial, last October, the two elder brothers winked at the police who had arrested them, flashed offensive notes at journalists and spent time in court buckled over in laughter. The accused claimed they were the victims of an anti-Muslim conspiracy... 'They stared, [one of the brothers] winked at me three times [during the trial!!!], blew kisses at me...[in court!!!]'"
For source, click here

So much for "unfailingly polite, respectful and courteous" muds "who just can't do enough for you"... (or to you)...



Iggernus domesticus in natural habitat. Prière de ne pas nourrir les animaux s.v.p.

FINAL COMMENT BY C. PORTER: Regardless of the above, there is another side to this whole equation. Theoretically, Africans, North Africans, Arabs and Moslems are not synonymous; blacks have never proved themselves capable of managing anything and have destroyed everything ever entrusted to them, sometimes in a matter of days, while it must be admitted that many Moslem countries are in many respects better managed than our own, because they are administered by nationalists, men with some concern for their own people. In pre-war Irak, there were Christians and Kurds in the government, women had nearly equal rights and were protected, food was subsidized, and even ordinary high school teachers could afford to visit Europe every year; the entire country was rebuilt after the first Gulf War in a matter of months, using strictly local resources and engineers and technicians. Tunisia, Morocco and Malaysia are another example. I have pointed out elsewhere that Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the world, yet women can walk home alone at 2 in the morning and feel safe. Moslems have extended families, so if there is a problem, such as financing the education of a gifted child, there are 15 people to help out; they do not practice abortion or birth control; they realize that population is the key to world power; they do not tolerate "open borders" or illegal immigration; legal immigration is almost impossible; they have their own industries, which are protected with very heavy tariffs; they grow their own food, and eat what is in season; food is subsidized; much of the nation's oil revenues is invested in infrastructures benefiting the population as a whole, i.e., education, irrigation, bridges, etc.; the criminal law is rigidly enforced and women are safe on the streets; drug dealers and rapists are hanged or beheaded; their women are kept under control, in the sane realization that a nation unable or unwilling to do so will be destroyed through irresponsible mating with outsiders. Other Moslem nations, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, are governed by selfish elites rather resembling those in charge of our so-called "democracies". Be that as it may, does anyone imagine for an instant that millions of Americans or Frenchmen could enter any Moslem country, legally or illegally, get everything for nothing, live off the government, deal drugs, shoplift, pick pockets, riot, beg, steal cars, burn cars, rape girls, or even marry Moslem women? Of couse not. We'd be imprisoned, expelled, hanged, beheaded or shot. I am not certain to what extent the situation in Algeria (a country in chronic chaos and civil war, rather like post-war Irak) can be generalized to Arab countries generally; there is a great deal of anti-Moslem propaganda, the truth of which I do not pretend to be able to judge; I do not believe that gang rape is a common phenomenon in Moslem countries, because most of them are dictatorships run by men who understand their own people; but it is my belief that Africans, North Africans, Arabs and Moslems do not belong in Europe.


The real question is: why can we torture them and poison them and burn them alive in Irak, when we're supposed to kiss their halal asses in Europe? With 1% of the violence, cruelty and money, we could enforce our own laws and expel them. They've got their own countries.

Putting it more crudely, if we can build concentration camps and secret prisons; if we can torture people all over the world with sexually perverted methods of torture that the National Socialists and Japanese were never even accused of in 10,000 trials; if we can drop atomic bombs, napalm and white phosphorous on women and children; if we can drop cluster bombs on millions of people who never did us any harm; if we can poison our own soldiers (to say nothing of enemy troops and non-combatants) with illegal weapons like Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium, we can do ANYTHING WE WANT. 

It's about time we remembered that simple fact, and it's about time a few other people remembered it, too.
What's to stop us? Christianity? Human decency? We threw those overboard centuries ago, if they ever existed. I don't think they ever did

- C.P.


Rape victim, Australia.

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The same criticisms probably apply to Christianity and Judaism as well, since all 3 religions are related.

The "" site is run by an offshoot of the Lebanese Falange, responsible for 2000 deaths in Sabra and Shatila.

So much for religion and the fanatacism and intolerance of Islam.

The "" site has some interesting files on some surprising subjects, including Huey Long of Louisiana. Much of what they say one can agree with. Yet the same people are pro-Israel and favour freedom for Jonathon Pollard (see banner on home page). At the same time, they pretend to be "loyal Americans"!

In my view, the only way around all this endless confusion is an all-white Europe and an all-white America. That includes Australia and New Zealand.What foreigners do in their own countries is their own goddamn business.

"Beware the risen people."
-Padraig Pearse

"This is the cup that White Men drink
When they go to right a wrong.
This is the cup of the old world's hate,
Cruel and strained and strong.

We drank that cup, a bitter, bitter cup,
And we threw the dregs away.
Well to the world when White Men drink
To the dawn of the White Man's Day."

-Rudyard Kipling

Lyndie England for President.
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