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ME: I'm sure all modern languages have about the same number of words, but in less modern cultures there are a lot of loan words from English. There are no easy languages, at least if they have a written culture.

I read about a nigger, an African, who saw an English missionary, with an English dictionary, or whatever, and he said, "What, don't you know all the words in your language?" "No", says the missionary. "I do", says the nigger. See? It wasn't a written language, so he thought he knew all the words!

The English invent words for these people that they never had. For example, niggers have no word for "promise" or "obligation". To them, the word "promise", invented by the English, means simply "to bind the arms and legs". That's why they don't understand why they should come to work on time or at all, just because they promised. They figure, unless you've got me tied up, I don't have to do it.


HIM: That’s really funny. Niggers are s-o-o-o-o-o... stupid.

ME: Another funny story. Niggers cannot imagine contingency, that something “might” happen. Try to sell him insurance if he's an employee, he'll say he doesn't need it. "Yes, but if you have an accident it pays for the accident". "But I haven't had an accident".

You think he's pretending to be stupid, but he's not. This is why a nigger can burn another nigger alive and enjoy it, just a good joke, without ever thinking, "God, what if that was me?" Obviously, if the problem is demography, the solution is mass extermination, which could be accomplished in a number of relatively humane ways. But who says they deserve even that?

HIM: Come on, we shouldn't be cruel to animals, they are our younger brothers after all. :-)) Anyway, they will die out of AIDS soon, at least in Africa.

ME: I don't like cruelty either, but if gophers are destroying your lawn, you kill them, by traps, gas, or drowning. What makes the niggers any different?

You set up a clinic, cure all their diseases for 30 years, one day they show up, destroy everything, rape all the nurses and nuns, and 2 days later, they are back again, as if nothing had happened, expecting to be treated and cured and vaccinated just like before!

I am beginning to think either AIDS is a fake or something else is wrong. Of course I've been waiting for a depression caused by too much debt for almost 50 years, and there are some signs of it, but nothing like what there should be. In the 50s the national debt in the US was about 55 billion dollars, by the 70s it was 3 trillion, and even then, it was obvious it could never be paid. “History”, said one writer, “affords no example of a debt that huge ever being paid. It will be repudiated.”

Well, now, it is probably 50 trillion, if you include everything, and they are still carrying on like a drunk at a party. "Am I not a man and a brother?" No, nigger, you are not. Sorry.

HIM: Sounds logical. And how about the mulattoes? What should we do with them? Forbid them to breed?

ME: You could sterilize the lot of them, why not? It's what the Jews wanted to do to the entire German nation, 60 million people, while America was still at peace, in 1940 or 41, before Pearl Harbor in 2 books.

Or you could simply classify them as "Negro" or "coloured" and exclude them from the white community! Under segregation, in the American South, depending on state law, "any person" with 1/8 or 1/16th Negro or even "any" Negro blood was considered "Negro" and was excluded, they had to live with the blacks. There was a large black middle class under segregation. Let the mulattoes go and live with them.

In South Africa, they were considered "coloured". They were protected from the full-blooded Africans (who would have murdered them), they could rent a modest but cheap bungalo built by the government for very little money, they got free medical care anywhere in the country, but they were prevented from living around whites, or intermarrying with whites or having sexual relations with them.

The mulattoes are not the most serious problem provided they are isolated from us, and this is all a pipe dream anyway, or you could exile them someplace and let them kill each other off. It's what happens whenever the whites leave anyplace anyway, the half-castes and niggers all slaughter each other and then they all starve and die of disease. Then the idiot Christians send in more medical care and we are back where we started.

Every non-white country has a rigid status system based on race, with all sorts of names for the various admixtures. It's our medicine that keeps them alive. They didn't multiply by thousands of percent in a century for no reason!

Or you could do what the Jews did with us, and convince them that birth control and abortion and sexual freedom are absolute rights and they would exterminate themselves.

As for the stratification of society based on race and/or colour, this is true everywhere I know of except the Arab world. It is certainly true in Japan, India, China, South-East Asia, South America, etc. I forget most of the vocabulary, which varies from country to country even in the same language, but in Colombia, I think, zambo means, I think, a mixture of Negro and Indian. There are dozens of these words. In Haiti, well, you know what happened.

The problem with half-castes is sometimes they work for you and sometimes against you. When they turn against you they are very dangerous. So they have to be expelled and forced to live among other non-whites. In New Zealand, Australia and other countries, including to some extent the US, all the leaders of the various native insurrections were half-castes, people who spoke good English and knew the ways of the white man. They also acted as spies.

South Africa had the right idea. Whites here, Asians there, coloured over there, separately. No mixing. Everybody had his race classified, with different rights and obligations. Of course that didn't work, because of demography and idiot white liberalism.

OK, so they have to be encouraged to wipe themselves out in some way. This means complete segregation. You can't have them in your homes as servants if they are going to be carrying typhoid or dysentery or cholera into your home. In the American South, thousands of white children died every year for this reason [Cash,The Mind of the South, pp. 416-17]. So in South Africa, they built good clinics, far out in the bush, the jungle. So the niggers wrecked them, looted them, and there is nothing left now. They received good medical care, for free, for decades. But no more. Now they're wrecking the soil. They think they can survive for a bit longer by looting white farms. That won't last.

When they abolished apartheid, the public transport system fell apart immediately, you can’t use it at all, your chances of getting mugged are better than 50%. And mugged means maybe killed.

On the trains, of course they’re modern trains, they go 80 miles an hour, of course they’re full of niggers, cram-packed, tight together, nigger gangs come through the train, just pushing their way through, grab the first person they see and chuck him out the window, then tell everybody else, "OK, give us all your money". Then they get into the next carriage and mingle with the crowd, and the cops or train guards can’t tell one nigger from another.

It got to be such a serious problem that the train company started welding or bolting the windows shut, but it got so hot in the train carriages that the niggers started busting all the windows, so the company gave up. They find bodies beside the tracks every day in South Africa.

You have to travel by private car. You had to get your car fixed, regardless of whether you could pay. One garage owner had so many car owners owing him money he started impounding the cars, keeping them there on the lot, but there wasn’t room for them all, so he had to start threatening to have his customers murdered for failure to pay. You can have anybody murdered in South Africa for 500 dollars. But that didn’t work either, because the customers started saying, "Well, I’ll hire a hit man and hit you..."

I read an article by the former editor of the Rand Daily Mail, a Jew, a Jewish paper, very anti-apartheid, and he said the only time they ever leave any door unlocked is when they're in the garden, in case a gunman climbs over a wall. Democracy! Wonderful!

Then he went to Israel and saw the Israelis treating the Palestinians in ways that would have been unthinkable, impossible, under apartheid. The blacks were never treated that way. He admitted it.

In South Africa, coming back from a shopping trip is like a military expedition. Examine the house, anything different, notice every detail, send one person inside with a cell phone set to call an emergency number automatically, inspect the whole house, make sure nobody's hiding anyplace. And of course you can never go anyplace at night. Nigger heaven.

I remember the independence of the Congo. How could anybody forget that? We seriously thought you could hand over to the niggers and nothing would change. They immediately started slaughtering and eating each other in public. Cannibalism, mass rapes, everything.

This was all shown on TV. Huge headlines, mass sensation, for YEARS.

And this happened in every single country in which it was ever tried, from 1963-4 until today. It's happened in every single school, neighbourhood, everywhere, anywhere the niggers ever got a foothold.

And we say the niggers are stupid. Well, they've got the sense to be themselves. There was resistance in the 60s, people fought back, and it all went to hell, they became apathetic, because of our horseshit "leaders", people like John de Nugent. I've seen it all before. They fought and they fought, in all countries, against what was happening. Nobody paid any attention. It never changed anything. So they gave up.

A lot of third world countries are better ruled than our own. Botswana, OK, Kalahari Desert, miserable place, niggers living in tin shacks, but it's a fairly decent place. You never hear anything about it. It's run by foreign mining concerns. But the niggers know they can't afford to allow drugs to destroy their country, they can't afford it in any sense.

[On drugs, see The War We Never Fought, by Peter Hitchens.]

So if you travel there with prescription meds, you better have the prescription with you, otherwise.... Smuggling of hard drugs is punished by death, hanging or shooting, I forget. Like Malaysia, Thailand, a lot of these countries.

The niggers don't f--- around. Economic problems in Nigeria? They gave all their foreign workers 2 weeks to get out of the country. A lot of them drowned trying to board boats illegally in desperate attempts to get out before the deadline. They have the sense and the nerve to be themselves.

There's a youtube video of some guy making predictions about the future of South Africa in 1990s, and he said the typical reaction was, "Oh, well, we hear a lot of stories, but we've never had any trouble". Typical. They see everything falling apart under nigger rule and they can only say, "Oh, I've always gotten along very well with the blacks". So, f--- 'em. They only had 35 years of warning. They didn't listen to me, that's for sure, or not much.

HIM: Very interesting thoughts. What will happen in the future, how do you think? Will the White race survive or not?

ME: Voltaire said, "Un homme est libre quand il veut l'être". You're free when you want to be. The prison in your mind. Let's face it, we're on Death Row, in super-max, scheduled to die. But the prison is in our own minds. At the same time we are the world's greatest sadists and killers. The real problem is nationalism, idiot nationalism. Obviously, I believe in nation states, there is no alternative, the smaller the better, the more decentralized the better, insofar as compatible with military security. But we've got to get rid of the idea that killing people thousands of miles away over a couple of rocks (the Falklands) or some useless desert or jungle is glorious, no matter how we do it, while we let people walk all over us at home.

Demographically, there is no hope unless we eliminate our enemies physically, or unless they die out by some miracle. There is a tremendous reservoir of sadism wherever you look. So by what miracle of idiocy does the victim of some home invasion, say "Sob, sob, why did the niggers, or Mexicans, or chinks, or some other load of scum immigrants have to bust in and rape and kill my family? Why couldn't the victims have been the white family next door?"

In South Africa they had almost 40 years of experience with what happens when the niggers get their independence, since the Congo in 1960. I told them, in the 70s, "Look! Look at what's happening in every country to the north of you! It can happen here!" I never met one person who would listen (except for one Afrikaans speaker, but most of them don't understand English). They all said, "Oh no, we've got to change our attitudes", then when they surrendered, because they couldn't play World Cup Football if they didn't, they went to the games cheering with both flags. The old flag, with the 3 flags on it, Orange Free State, Transvaal and Union Jack, and the new Nigger Flag, Black, Red, and Green, one in each hand.

Now they're being slaughtered by the thousands and they're starving. Well, I hate to say, "I told you so", but well, I told them so. So what can they do? For starters, face reality. We could wipe them out by the millions if we decided to do so. Look what we did in Irak, in Japan, in Germany, during the Boer War, for Christ's sake. Maybe the aggressiveness of the Israelis will help people see sense.

It's beyond our power now. Solzhenytsin said, “Complacency has built an iron cocoon around their minds” (the Americans) “that nothing can penetrate. It will be shattered only by the pitiless crowbar of events”.

Reason is useless. Experience is ignored. Only instinct can take over. The demography of it is like the public debt. It's hopeless, unless it's repudiated, which it must be and will be.

How long are we going to be backed into a corner? The Brits gave their whole country to the niggers and pakis on a silver platter, then went to war over 2 rocks. And so on. But you mention the niggers, "Oh no, sob sob, boo hoo, how could you be so heartless?"

Only one thing is for sure: when the Jew goes, this whole mentality goes, so let's hope the Jews really discredit themselves. Maybe a collapse will make people desperate. But they will never listen to us, that's for sure. AIDS appears to have been a false hope. I'm beginning to wonder if that guy Duesberg is right.

I hate nationalists who talk about countries like Brazil or Belgium as if they were really important, I know a guy who did that, a German by birth, living in Brazil, oh, he's against racism, etc. etc. "No race but the human race", etc.

So the answer is: "No, we won't survive", unless we have the guts simply to break out of our jail, which we could do very easily if we decided to.

There is no precedent for any of this, it is in violation of human nature. We have to follow the policies of almost any Third World country you can think of, we can learn from almost any and all of them, even Mugabe in Zimbabwe. We ARE Third World now, so let's admit it and act accordingly.

Logically, it appears inevitable that this would be done eventually, but there are no signs of it yet. The real danger is the Mexicans. We have to return to the mentality of the Western outlaws who didn't even count the Mexicans they killed as human beings. "I've killed 6 men, not counting Mexicans", etc. This is the traditional mentality of our people.

HIM: You’re saying some pretty shocking (but true) things.

ME: Whites are wankers. We're like a guy who beats off so much that when he gets a chance to screw a good woman he can't do it. About 15 years ago there was a huge reaction against immigration in Belgium, there were 2 anti-immigrant parties, and together they got about 25 percent of the vote. There was supposed to be run-off election. Everybody thought the total would go up. Instead it almost disappeared, collapsed.

They were all wanked out. "Golly! We might win! Can't allow that to happen!" So they voted for the usual s---. Then in a few months they managed to convince themselves that they loved the niggers, and in a couple of years all those parties went out of existence.

We're like a circus strong man who's been hypnotized to think he's paralyzed, a weakling. So he can't lift an apple. But it's all in the mind. I could tell you so many stories. We have to quit caring what people think of us. The left took advantage of our tolerance and filled the universities with subversives who wouldn't have been allowed to graduate a few decades before.

I don't believe in tolerance. The leftists should have been told, "Don't bother showing up for your exams, because we'll see to it that you never graduate, and if you do graduate, we'll see to it you never get a good job, anywhere in the country. You can play your guitar or your fiddle all you want, but don't do anything in politics or we'll make sure you regret it". In fact it's STILL this way, but the other way around, it's the LEFT destroying US if we don't agree with THEM.

HIM: Well, hopefully we'll solve all those problems as peacefully as possible. I received a letter today from an acquaintance of mine, a Russian. He had emigrated to America about a year ago. He says he became a racist in the US and bitterly hates Jews and niggers. He also says that things that take place in Russia now are being done by Jews, mainly.

ME: What they do, whenever there's an anti-immigrant revolt, is trot out all their Hoaxoco$t propaganda, and say, if you're against the immigrants we're going to get KZs and gas chambers and Gestapo, so people say, "Better off with the immigrants". But we've got all that s--- anyway! The Jews want to start 10 wars to support Israel, and if you're against it, you're a terr-ur-rist. We've got secret police and concentration camps and torture and mass murder anyway!

Sooner or later we have to say, "OK, if that's the choice, we didn't make it, the Jews presented us with it, so let's have the other horn of the dilemma. These immigrant problems could have been solved quite humanely at one time, but the Jews wouldn't let us, OK, so let them take the consequences".

A sane person would have said, "I don't care about what happened to the Jews, what's that got to do with us?" Now it's too late. So if that's what it takes, well, you know what they said about omelettes and breaking eggs! This is the way the Jews act every day of the week. Why is that unacceptable?

HIM: Yes, it's a shame what happened to America. Hope that the Americans will awake someday and realize what has been done to them. It was quite unbelievable for me to find that even in the 1960s Negroes were not tolerated, and look where we arrived. Tolerance kills.

ME: I've been waiting all my life for a revolution, in the 60s there was a lot of resentment, "dat mean ole white backlash", but it never came. Instead of exploding with rage, they decided to eat the s--- of the nigger, and allow themselves to get f---ed in the ass till it came out their eyes. If a revolution was coming, it would have come in the late 60s. I always thought the Reds would conquer the world, and they did. Just like Lenin said. "There will be astonishing concessions... and just when their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist".

There are only 2 things you can do with a Communist, you can kill him, or you can let him go. You jail them, and they're martyrs, they convert half the other inmates. So kill them.

As for the non-whites, look at it from their point of view. Why did Negroes want integration? To get away from each other! As soon as thousands of others do the same thing, they're right back where they started. It's like moving to the countryside, "Ah, unspoilt countryside". 20 million other people do the same thing, and you've destroyed what you came to find.

In the 60s my mother told me, "The problem isn't that there aren't any decent Negroes, the problem is that all the others hate them".

OK, they've got to police their own people, and if they won't do it, then they can f--- off.

The advantage to segregation is, it's the law. The law is the same for everybody. You don't have to argue endlessly about who's a good Negro and who isn't. It's the law. For example, the pianist Oscar Peterson got into a legal altercation in the South because his manager, Norman Granz, wanted to ride with him in a taxi for whites only.

Why did they have these laws? Because whites are more likely to be mugged or killed by blacks than by whites. If only blacks are allowed to pick up blacks, first, there are more jobs for blacks, second, if they get robbed, they're less likely to get killed. Nobody ever claimed Peterson was going to mug anybody. As soon as you have to justify everything you do, you're finished. Segregation created thousands of jobs and businesses for blacks, a large black middle class, thousands of Negro-owned bars and nightclubs all over the South -- the so-called "Chitlin Circuit". This was all destroyed because the blacks decided they'd rather go where they're not wanted than support their own businesses.

Another thing. Gunnar Myrdal, in AN AMERICAN DILEMMA, says segregationists defend themselves from the top down, no interracial marriage, etc., while the leftwing radicals attack them from the bottom up, integration of lunch counters. So by the time we get around to manning the battlements they've already taken over the whole fortress. We've got to do what they do: prohibit everything, from the bottom up.

In French, this is called “Ah, vous savez où cela mène... pas de tolérance pour les intolérants" ["Oh, you know where that leads, no tolerance for the enemies of tolerance"].

In German, it's called , "Wehet den Anfang" ["Stop it at the beginning"].

That's their excuse for destroying your life for expressing an opinion! But if you do the same thing to THEM for 10 seconds, they say, "We must be Tolerant".

That’s their excuse to prohibit the slightest display of opinion. We should have kicked the leftists out of the universities and told them, "Look, there's no future in this country for subversives, why don't you emigrate?"

It used to be that way, even in the US. That's the way it was under Franco, Mussolini, Salazar, etc. not to mention Hitler. No problem with them, because they were all in jail or in exile. Good riddance.

John de Nugent fooled me at first because he had a big story about how Mao Tse Dung wiped out 10 million opium addicts. The pushers were shot, the addicts were sent to work camps in the mountains and were never heard from again, etc. I thought, "Wow, here's a real hard-nose guy". Of course, it was all an act.

The very next day, every time, it's a completely different story, some wishy-washy love-everybody horseshit. Plus he plagiarizes most of his writing. I thought, "Hey, how can he be doing all this esoteric research every day? It would take me a month or a year to write that". Enter it into Google and he's stolen it.

John Henry “de” (“Bring ‘em Back Alive”) Nugent
and the Never-Ending Quest for “One Good Negro”
The Holy Grail of Modern Liberalism --
(but will it breed in captivity?)
JdN, mid-August 2014
"So WNs like being raped and killed by Blacks..."
JdN, mid-August 2013


 It's a marketing idea, inherent in democracy, we've got to get over 50%, regardless of the cost. Let's say you've got a bar. You've got 100 loyal customers. They like your place. They wouldn't go anywhere else. It's different. You talk to a marketing expert. He says, "There are 200 million people in America who go to bars. Make your bar like everybody else's, and you can draw on a bar-going population of 200 million people".

So you do it. Do you get 200 million people in your bar? No. You just lose the 100 you've got. They think, if your bar is like everybody else's bar, why should we go there?

This happens every time, with every political group I've ever been involved with or had any interest in. They never learn.

I've seen it all before. In Rhodesia or South Africa and other colonies generally, Algeria, everywhere, probably 80% of the non-whites supported white rule. 10% were undecided or indifferent, and 10% were hostile. Yes, you can get non-white support for white survival, yes, they'll support you -- right up to the moment they cut your throat.

In the end they'll do it, because some other non-white will tell them, "You will kill your white master tonight. If you do not do it, we will burn you alive. Do not think you can escape us".

When does this happen? The moment they understand that you're weak -- that you're going to lose the war -- the moment you deal with your enemies from anything but the vantage point of absolute and determined power.

John "de" Nugent is obsessed with obtaining "non-white support for white survival". Do non-whites worry about obtaining "white support" for THEIR survival? No, of course, not. They take their survival for granted. They intend to survive with us or without us -- and at our expense if possible.

The truth is that we don't need them for anything. They need us. But they don't care. We must understand that. To the very last, probably every colonialist -- in Algeria, in Rhodesia, the Portuguese colonies, the French and Belgian Congos, South and South-West Africa -- thought, "It's five to twelve. In five minutes, they'll realize they need us".

We should put that on our tombstone as a race: "It's five to twelve".

Why should they make a deal with you, when your own weakness makes it clear they can have everything they want -- for nothing in return -- while their leaders are telling them, "Kill your master tonight, or we'll burn you alive"?

How can you compete with an argument like that?

There's only one way: fight fire with fire. I'm speaking of the leaders. They are very few in number, and basically most of them are cowards. But they must be dealt with.

The Jews, liberals and Marxists took nice countries -- a nice world -- and turned it all into a filthy hell hole in only 45 years. "Death to Red Scum", is what I say. People deserve to be shot just for putting up with it. Liberalism has done more harm to civilization than the atomic bomb. That's a hard act to follow.

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"...and his name that sat on him was Death...

...and Hell followed with him"... (Revelations, 6:8)

Mandela in hell.
Burn, baby, burn.

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