A perfect example of what I regard as the inherited, genetic, ineradicable insanity of the Jews. Olère, like the other kapos, did not merely serve the Germans in a purely administrative or even a police or military capacity; by his own account, David Olère willingly aided and abetted the Germans in the murder of thousands of his fellow Jews; yet for 50 years, he managed to fob himself off, upon academics and the Jewish community (or race) as a whole, as a victim and a martyr. Could a member of any other subject race who murdered thousands of his fellow countrymen in exchange for a few petty favours from a foreign occupier and oppressor pass himself off as a victim and martyr among his countrymen for 50 years after any war? To ask the question is to answer it: the Jews are mentally ill.

That Olère was indeed mentally ill -- even Pressac finally decided that Olère had "never seen" the inside of Auschwitz II -- changes nothing. What other race would tolerate somebody like Olère? Any other race would execute him immediately after the war as a traitor. But not the Jews. To the Jews, he is a saint and a martyr. No blame attaches to any Jew for anything.

If this is Auschwitz II, the "gas chamber" was in the basement, and the corpses were carried up to the oven room in a lift or freight elevator capable of carrying only two or three bodies at a time. There was no water-filled trough to facilitate dragging the bodies to the ovens, in any of the crematoria. Most crematory ovens work by exposing the corpse to extremely hot air: no flame touches the corpse; otherwise the brick work and chimney would be quickly destroyed. Crematory ovens must be pre-heated prior to cremation, then cooled down and cleaned afterwards. Nobody can insert a body into a crematory oven while it is still hot; any attempt to do so would probably burn down the building. No crematory oven can be filled with multiple corpses, because it would interfere with the combustion process (insufficient air circulation, insufficient exposure of the surface area on the corpse, etc.) and accomplish nothing.

The kapos shown here are wearing no protective clothing, no gas masks, and no gloves. First, they would be killed by the hydrocyanic acid gas in the air of the chamber and/or clinging to the bodies of the victims, either by inhalation or absorption through the skin. Then, if they were still alive, they would burn their hands off on those metal stretchers while attempting to insert the bodies in the oven; then, they would burn their faces off with all those flames exiting of the ovens (which are purely imaginary, as is the smoke billowing forth from the chimneys, as shown in Olère's other paintings and drawings); etc. etc.

Every race has its mental cases, its paranoid schizophrenics, its masochists, psychotics and con-men. But what other race would elevate someone like Olère to the status of victim and martyr? To me, this proves the Jews are nuts.

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- C.P.