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Part IV

As a "proven fact" protected by special laws not applicable to other "proven facts", the Holoco$t must be considered as something of an endangered species

All one needs to endanger the species a bit further.......... or perhaps even drive it into extinction..... is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it.

  1. These are "captured" "original" "certified genuine" "German" photographs. The Russian stamps mean that they have been "certified genuine" by the Soviet War Crimes Commission. The captions of these genuine German photos have been translated from the original Russian. -- The Russian rubber-stamp "certificate of authenticity" is usually edited out of this photo when it appears in anthologies. -- One of the greatest film producers of the 20th century was a Russian, Sergei Eisenstein. -- Eisenstein produced his 1st film (Strike) in 1924. -- Eisenstein visited Hollywood in 1930, returned to Russia and taught in the State Institute of Cinematography (Same woman as in photo -3- but with white wig). -- His films include Potemkin (1925)... 10 Days That Shook the World (1928)... Alexander Nevsky (1938), with its bold sweep of 13th century battles... Ivan the Terrible (1944), another nationalistic subject... and "documentary films" for the war effort during WWII. -- The Russians had hundreds of concentration camps with their own epidemics, famines and atrocities. Also available were props, sets, extras, and costumes. -- "Documentary proof" that the Nazis castrated people".
  2. More "evidence" from Hollywood. -- Is this real, or did they borrow it from a late-night movie? -- This is a crude photomontage. Just look at the "torso" or the soles of the feet or the leg floating in the air at the top, or the long-distance torso at the right, which first appears to be a vague shape. The perspective also appears to be wrong. In this picture truly everything is a botch. -- The pictures of the Warsaw uprising bear a PS document number and are theoretically covered by the one affidavit of Major Coogan of the US Army sown on November 2, 1945; BUT -- ... the fact that a document bears a PS number does not guarantee that it is not Russian in origin (see footnote). -- The soldier pointing the weapon at the child appears to be the same as the soldier with the sadistic smile in the next picture, possibly indicating they were shooting with a small cast.
  3. In a real trial it might be questioned whether the "probative value" of such photographs is not exceeded by their "prejudicial nature". -- Without the captions the evidence proves nothing... -- so that all that is required is a good caption writer. -- Horror-video "evidence" from Yugoslavia.
  4. Speer describes Mauthausen -- Another witness describes Dachau... -- Konrad Morgen describes Buchenwald and Dachau. -- Morgen was the SS judge who shot Koch for making human lampshades... -- Morgen lied himself blue in the face on other matters, so we are free to disregard all of his testimony.
  5. Scientifically the Holocaust is a farce. The prosecutors admitted that they lacked the technical expertise to judge the evidence... -- so they told the witnesses not to get too technical (!) -- Since victims of cyanide poisoning become unconscious and do not all die in the same period of time if at all, the "peepholes" would not have been much help... -- Cyanide is lighter than air and Zyklon cannot flow through pipes (At the Dachau Trial, this gas chamber didn't exist). -- ... an early "gassing" yarn with a "gas reservoir" instead of Zyklon. -- Here it says that the gas chamber was made out of wood. Cyanide gas can penetrate wooden walls... -- Here are 2000 people flopping down unconscious in the death chamber... -- Here are the SS men looking through a "peephole" at thousands of unconscious people... -- Here is Hoess/Broorkhar(d)t listening outside the door to thousands of unconscious people ("we knew when the people were dead because their screaming stopped")... -- Here are the SS men burning millions of bodies in holes dug in a swamp... -- What did they do when it was raining?
  6. These are the "funeral urns" which were filled with human ashes and then smashed, so that "every trace was wiped out" (IMT XXXIII 232) -- Note the small size of the ovens. An oven like this could probably burn 8 - 12 bodies per 24 hours using coal for fuel, or up to 16 using oil. -- Millions of bodies cannot be crudely cremated without leaving huge quantities of evidence. To burn a human body using wood can require up to 40 hours; in a crematory oven, at least 1 - 2 hours depending on the fuel. The ash, assuming complete combustion, weighs 5 - 9 pounds. -- The "crematory oven letters" turn out to be certified photocopies which the Russians forgot to bring to court... -- but the dimensions are only 18 x 24 inches. -- When we see factory smoke we know it is a crematorium... The crematory processes described are impossible... The chemical reactions described are wrong and all contradict each other...
  7. To accuse the Germans of killing millions of people with carbon monoxide generated by a Diesel motor... -- is so stupid that it is not worth discussing... -- A description of WWI gas chamber experiments. During WWI they were scientific, but 25 years later they "improvised" with Diesel engines and bug bombs... -- Hundreds of pages are dedicated to "animal heat" medical experiments. Are we supposed to believe the Germans intended to carry prostitutes around on their air-sea rescue operations? -- Typhus is an epidemic disease of prison camps spread by flea- or lice infested clothing. The clothing must be removed and sterilized. -- Delirium is a symptom of typhus.
  8. Holocaust accusations fall into three categories: the impossibly ridiculous, the ridiculously impossible, and the hopelessly insane...

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