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Part III

As a "proven fact" protected by special laws not applicable to other "proven facts", the Holoco$t must be considered as something of an endangered species

All one needs to endanger the species a bit further.......... or perhaps even drive it into extinction..... is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it.

  1. In December 1945 there were no "gas chambers" at Treblinka.. only "steam chambers". -- By February 1946 this had all been forgotten and there were always10 "gas chambers" at Treblinka.
  2. Anyone who purports to be a survivor is automatically believed.... -- Any accusation is automatically believed... -- Every atrocity committed by the Russians or other Allies is parodied in some accusation against the Germans. In this case it is mass rape... -- Food confiscation Kulak-style... -- Here it is Soviet persecution of religion... -- (Notice that he says he took an oath to take the truth all his life in 1917) -- Since one reason the Russians are believed guilty for Katyn is because small trees grew over the graves, the Germans are constantly accused of planting them. -- Almost every Holocaust witness claimed to have worked as a "interpreter" or in an "office" or "laboratory". -- (He was an interpreter and photographer at Mauthausen) -- (She was an office worker at Auschwitz, that's why she survived.)
  3. Anyone who does a bit of research can find dozens of photographs of healthy, well-fed inmates from any German concentration camp. -- Everyone has seen pictures like this...-- while photographs like this one have simply been ignored by the mass media. -- These pictures were taken after the liberation of Ebensee (Mauthausen) on May 6, 1945. -- This picture shows the same people posing in the background with some "living skeletons". -- A close up. --Note three wrist watches, sprinkler system, and swimming pool. A close up of the high-dive. -- These people have just returned from being "umgesiedelt" (euphemism for extermination)... -- More exterminated people. -- A Dachau inmate. -- Healthy inmates leaving Buchenwald... -- Buchenwald inmates on April 14, 1945. The man with the glasses lost weight after his release. -- If the "living skeletons" were not in fact the victims of epidemic disease, then why was it necessary to burn down Bergen-Belsen? -- Typical midget-sized (non-portable) oven, Dachau.
  4. Legally, Nuremberg was a fiasco. Witnesses were interrogated under the laws of the Soviet Union... -- Judicial notice was taken of the findings of Soviet courts... -- Documents or exhibits were introduced into evidence under the laws of Communist countries... The defendants were not allowed to question the credibility of any prosecution witness at any time... -- Any "report" written by the prosecutor was considered "proof" of the defendants' guilt and was not considered subject to argument... -- Any groundless assertion made by the prosecution was considered "proven" unless the defendants could disprove it... -- Effective cross-examination was simply not allowed. -- The defendants were not allowed to take the stand to contradict the prosecution witnesses...
  5. Testimony was curtailed whenever it was feared someone might contradict a favourite prosecution witness... -- Defence attorneys were reprimand for "confusing" the witnesses on cross-examination... -- Defence attorneys were not given copies of documents introduced into evidence by the prosecution by the prosecution... -- Newspapermen were given 250 copies of every document, but the defence were not even given one each.-- Defence attorneys were given piles of documents every morning which were all out of order... -- Defence attorneys were not advised as to the order of proceedings... -- The Jack-in-the-Box Witness Technique. -- They were given virtually all of their documents in English translation instead of the German original... Or they were given 2 copies of a document for 25 lawyers at 10:30 A.M., when trial started at 10... Defence attorneys were snowed under with documents which they were not given time to read... -- Defendants were expected to comment on documents which they were not given time to read... -- (The transcript is full of promises to quit cheating, but the abuses continued)...
  6. More examples of flagrant prosecutorial bad faith. -- Defence attorneys were given documents when it was weeks too late to be any good to them... -- Defence attorneys had no way of knowing what was even in the document book; what kind of "trial" is this? -- The "true and correct copies" were not the same as the originals... -- The prosecutors did not know which document was original and which was the copy... -- Page numbers were incorrectly translated... -- of course, it was all in different languages so the page numbers could not be the same anyway; endless confusion.
  7. Endless confusion over documents... -- and translations... -- yet objections were considered "improper"... -- How can such a "trial" be said to have "proven" anything? -- Documents were introduced into evidence which were known to be false... -- "German" documents were written by foreigners... -- Another "German" document forged in Yugoslavia...
  8. "Confessions" and "statements" were presented ready made for signature or else... -- (Was this the only case or was this the tip of the iceberg? -- Another "voluntary statement". -- "Witnesses" were allowed to read their "testimony" off scraps of paper.. -- The "witnesses" were allowed to repeat any kind of hearsay and rumour; the prosecutors were allowed to lead the witnesses in any manner they like... -- here the "witness" says "I personally wasn't a witness" and the prosecutor says "Never mind"... -- here we learn that concentration camp inmates have extrasensory perception.
  9. 311,982 notarized defence affidavits were never translated and have been forgotten.
  10. The typical piece of Holocaust "evidence" consists of a Communist "report" originally written in Russian. -- Over half of the Soviet documents are "photocopies" of German documents which have been "certified genuine" by the Russians. -- Another photocopy certified genuine by the Soviet War Crimes Commission... -- A certified photocopy of a mimeographed document which the Russians say is genuine... -- More Communist "evidence"... -- More Russian "evidence"...
  11. One affidavit from an army officer or political commissar was enough to certify any document as genuine at any time... -- the affidavit or certificate simply states where the document was "found", and that it is "genuine". -- All PS documents, are covered by one affidavit sworn by Major Coogan on Nov. 22, 1945. -- Documents which have been "found" are not individually "certified" "genuine". ONE affidavit makes them ALL genuine and that is that. -- "Copies" were prepared on a mimeograph, so the only thing appearing on the "copy" was what they typed onto the stencil. -- "The man without a signature".

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